tagMind ControlConfidence Ch. 05

Confidence Ch. 05


When I woke up I was feeling like my old self again. Better actually. That confidence suggestion I gave myself seemed to be holding. I lay there spooning Sunita who was still asleep. My morning hard-on pressed up against her ass. As I shifted she unconsciously wiggled back against me.

Damn that feels good.

I gently squeezed her breast and shifted again until my cock was at the entrance of her cunt. The head dipped in but met with friction. She wasn't wet yet. I pulled out and push back, circling a bit. I felt myself enter just a bit farther. Hugging her body to me, I repeated the actions, getting a little deeper into her and feeling her get a little wetter with each attempt. When I only had an inch to go I slammed my cock in.

Her eyes shot open. "Master?"

I slid slowly in and out of her pussy.

"Oh ... Master ..." she moaned as she started pushing back into me.

I fucked her slowly, savouring her moans and movements. I squeezed her tits and increased the pressure when I pinched her nipples.

"Oh god, Master," she said. "I love how you use me."

That got me pumping faster. She didn't miss that fact.

"Yes, Master, fuck your slut harder."

I didn't miss what she was up to.

I reached up and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her head back. "Are you trying to give me orders, slut?"

"No Master!"

"I think you are. If you want to get fucked hard you ask, you don't tell. You want me to pull my cock out now and take my pleasure with one of the other two sluts?"

"No Master! Please don't do that!"

"Then ask. Beg."

"Please fuck me, Master. I'm begging you to use my body."

I rolled over on her so that my legs straddled her sides but my cock was still in her. My god, it made her feel so tight. I didn't let go of her hair. As I fucked her I pulled back on it.

"Keep begging," I ordered.

"Please fuck me, Master!" she moaned. "Please use me."

I pumped harder. This wasn't going to take long.

"Oh god, Master, I'm so close!"

It was a shame that I was closer. I came hard in her cunt then pulled out.

"No Master!" she squealed. "Not yet!"

Getting off the bed I walked over so her face was near my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her mouth on my cock.

"Next time don't try to control your Master, slut." I said as made her clean me off.

I was thinking about taking a shower when I heard a commotion from the other room. Looks like my guest is up. I threw on a robe and went to see how he was doing.

When I entered, Allison was holding the glass of water with the sleeping pills ground in it while Tina held his head up by the hair and had a knife under his throat.

"He won't take his medicine, Master," said Allison.

"You fucker," Sanjit yelled. "You won't get away with this. This is kidnapping. This is assault!"

"Assault?" I yelled back. "Look at my fucking jaw! You were trying to kill me! If we let you go, you're just going to try again."

He went quiet for a moment hearing that. I could see him going over his options. "What the fuck is going on here?" he asked finally. "If you were really just worried about me killing you, you would have called the cops. Why are you keeping me here?"

As if the situation suddenly became clear to Allison and Tina, they both turned to me. "Why are we keeping him here, Master?" Tina asked.

"Not your concern, pet," I answered. "When do you two have to leave?"

"In about twenty minutes," Allison answered.

"I'm going to grab a quick shower. If he tries to struggle, hit him with the frying pan again."

"You're not going to fuck us before we leave?" asked Tina.

"We heard you fucking Sunita," Allison added.

"I didn't let her cum," I said. "Do you want to leave for work in the same condition?"

"No Master," they said in unison.

"I didn't think so. I'll fuck you both tonight."

"Yes Master," they said with big smiles.

I showered quickly then ordered Sunita to do the same. The girls had showered and gotten ready while we slept. I kissed them good-bye then had Sunita prepare breakfast while I called in sick. We ate and then sat on the couch in front of my guest. Sunita was still naked.

"Drink?" I asked, holding up the water.

"Fuck you," he replied.

"You're going to get thirsty in the next nine hours."

"What's happening in the next nine hours?"

"Nothing, but after that I'm letting you go."

"What? You're just going to hold me here for nine hours and let me go? What fucking game are you playing?"

"Let's just say after nine hours, I'll consider this situation repayment for you attacking both me and your wife last night. Then I'll let you go."


"No, serious shit."

I could see him trying to figure out what my real intentions were, but there was no way he'd ever guess it.

"What did you do to my wife?" he asked.

"I fucked her of course," I answered.

He struggled against the chair, so I grabbed the frying pan and held it up. He stopped.

"She came here wanting me to," I said. "I didn't go over to your place and seduce her. So don't get fucking mad at me."

He looked over at Sunita. "Is that true?"

She nodded.

He struggled again but I raised the pan and he settled down, well, physically.

"You fucking bitch!" he yelled. "How could you do that to me?"

Sunita shuffled closer to me for protection.

"Tell him why you came over, slut," I said.

She looked at me with fear in her eyes. As she opened her mouth to protest, I said, "Tell him," firmly.

She nodded and lowered her head.

"I ... I heard noises outside, so I went onto the balcony. Jeff was there fucking Allison."

Sanjit cocked his head a bit.

"The blonde," I explained.

Forgive me, Master, but I thought of you as Jeff at that point." Sunita added before turning back to Sanjit. "You had to see it. He was fucking her from behind. Her tits hung out for the world to see and there were people on the street watching her get fucked. She was moaning and writhing like, well, like I never had. Sanjit, I enjoyed when we made love, but I never felt anything like what she was feeling. Until I fucked Jeff, or rather Jeff fucked me ..." She paused with a smile as she remembered that first time. "I'd never orgasmed before. I didn't realize it because what we did felt good, but oh my god, what Master does to me..."

"Play with yourself while you tell him the story, slut," I ordered.

Her fingers went quickly to her clit. Sanjit's eyes bulged.

"She's not this open at home is she?" I said.

He slowly shook his head.

"Continue, slut," I said. "And tell the whole truth."

"Yes Master. They saw me watching them. And Allison suggested I join. I wanted to, but I knew it was wrong. I ran back inside and lay in bed, thinking about what I just saw. But then I heard them fucking again inside. The noises drove me crazy. How could that girl be getting that much pleasure from fucking? It didn't seem possible to me. I knew I should have turned on the TV and tried to drown out the sound, or just left the apartment, but I couldn't help listening to the sounds. I didn't realized there were three of them in there at first.

"Finally I couldn't take it. I started playing with myself. I tried to be loud like Allison. I tried to imagine what she was feeling, but it was all just show. And, despite that, Jeff began to bang on the wall and tell me to keep it quiet.

"I told myself I was angry at what he did. I told myself I'd go over and give him a piece of my mind, but that was a lie. I went over to his place pretending to be angry and hoping to get fucked. When Jeff answered the door he figured that out with just a look. He pulled me in the apartment and called my bluff. He wrapped my hand around his cock and I let him. I wanted to feel the thing that gave Allison so much pleasure. I started jacking him off. But that's not he wanted, and before I knew it, because I'd do anything to experience the pleasure I saw, I was on my knees and sucking his cock."

Sanjit's jaw dropped open. Having never received a blow job from his wife he could not believe what he was hearing. Sunita's mouth was open too, but for other reasons. She was close and she was holding it in.

"Master may I cum?" she asked.

Sanjit looked over to me. I smiled and nodded.

"Oh yeah," I said. "She only cums when I give her permission now. I'd say that you'd have to send her over to ask my permission so she can cum when you fuck her, but you've never made her cum, have you? What was the problem, Sanjit? Your dick not good enough? Or did you just get yours and not care about hers?"

His eyes dilated when I said that last part. That was it. He'd just fucked her to get off. He didn't give a shit about her pleasure. Poor girl.

"Cum pet," I said. She was a sight to behold as she came on my couch. I noticed a bulge in Sanjit's pants as he watched her.

Then anger welled up inside him. "You fucking whore! You just come over her and suck the dick of our neighbour like that? I'm so glad I fucked those girls on my business trips. They knew how to fuck. They knew how to suck dick."

Woah. This was unexpected. Sunita's expression went from bliss to spite. "You've been cheating on me?"

"You've been cheating on me!" he countered.

"This weekend was the first time! How long have you bee fucking other girls?"

He laughed. "I've always been fucking other girls. You're the wife. You take care of the house and eventually the kids. That's your role. The others were for pleasure."

She leapt off the couch and began pounding his chest with her fists. I ordered her to stop, but she was oblivious. I had to wrestle her off him, and she got a good right cross to his eye as she struggled.

"You didn't want to suck me," Sanjit said. "You didn't want to try different things. What was I supposed to do?"

"Marry someone else?" I suggested.

He looked at me and grinned. "The adventurous ones aren't as docile."

There was no anger in his face any more. The more I looked at him the more I realized I knew that grin. The drug was working. He already thought he was in control of the situation or that he could get it. I had to watch it now. The next eight hours would be dangerous.

"You're an idiot," I said. "This slut is very adventurous and completely docile."

My statement would have had more impact if she wasn't struggling in my arms. I shrugged. "When she needs to be." I threw her back against the couch. Before she could get up I yelled, "Slut! Stay!"

She stopped moving.

"Who owns you?" I said angrily.

"You do, Master?"

"Who do you obey?"

"You, Master."

"You will not attack him, no matter what he says. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master."


She did.

I turned back to Sanjit. "You just have to know how to stimulate her." I turned sideways so that he could get a good view and then open my robe. "Cum suck my cock, slut."

Sunita shuffled on her knees eagerly and swallowed up my cock. I watched her eyes dart over to her husband and I could see a smirk on her face during the moments when her mouth slid off my cock. She wasn't just trying to please me. She was showing her husband what he was missing. She was flaunting it.

"I'll admit," I said. "The first time she was pretty sloppy about it, but she's improving with each attempt." I petted her head. "You can play with your pussy while you do that, slut."

As Sunita's fingers went to work, I looked over at Sanjit. His eyes held a hungry look in them. Still no anger. If I had to guess, he was planning how he was going to use her mouth when he got out of this situation.

"Damn, that's good, slut," I said. I wasn't lying either. "It's a shame Sanjit has never experienced your mouth. Maybe he should know what he's missing."

Her mouth slipped from my cock as she looked at me curiously. "Master?"

"Go suck his cock."

"But, Master, I hate him."

"Don't worry, pet, we're going to punish him for cheating on you, but that begins with showing him what he'll never get to experience again."

She smiled. "Yes Master."

Still on her knees, she made her way over to him and undid his pants. His cocked popped into view, a bit bigger than mine.

"Start slow," I ordered. "Make it build."

She began to put on quite the show. Obviously, trying things she'd seen the other girls do, she licked his shaft, slowly sucked him. She gently sucked his balls as she jacked him off.

"I've had better," he said.

"Oh I'm sure you have," I replied. "But look at her skill after only two days. Your wife is a born cocksucker and I'm going to teach her to suck like a porn star. Besides, that hard cock of yours sure thinks she's doing a good job."

He refused to look at her. He just kept staring me down. It was a battle of wills. The problem was, I knew he'd win if I played fairly. He was juiced up. So I decided not to play fairly.

"Stop sucking, slut. Kneel." I ordered. Sunita kneeled in front of Sanjit and looked up to me for instructions. "Care to play a game?" I asked her husband.

"What kind of game?" he asked.

"A battle of wills. Whoever cums first loses."

"You want to see who she can suck off the fastest?"

"Not quite." I grabbed another chair and placed it behind Sunita then sat in it. "Come sit on my cock, slut."

She moved like a child being offered candy. Soon my cock was embedded snuggly in her cunt. "Bounce on my cock and lean forward and suck his. Do your best to get us both off. Cum whenever you need to."

The contest began. Neither of us seemed to acknowledge the slut connecting us. We just stared at each other confidently. Sunita soon began to moan as my cock slid in and out of her. I surprised Sanjit by grabbed his wife's hips and slamming her onto my cock, an action that would make me cum faster. But I held that confident grin, making him think something was up. He did his best to control himself, and I knew with the drug that he wasn't going to cum until he wanted to, but still the pleasure was building up.

Sunita was in heaven with her first threesome with two guys. Watching her head bobbing up and down I realized that she loved sucking cock. Even though I was her Master she didn't care who won as long as we both lasted a long time. Her back arched as an orgasm ripped through her. As I felt her cunt tighten on my cock, I could see her mouth suck in Sanjit's dick more forcefully. He close his eyes momentarily to get control back.

Eventually I felt my orgasm building. I started to grunt, which made Sanjit's smile grow. Finally I erupted into Sunita's pussy. It felt fucking amazing.

"I win," Sanjit said with a smirk.

"Yup," I said as I yanked Sunita off his cock. It took him a moment to realize what I'd done. He needed to cum, but his source of stimulation was gone. I grabbed my phone out and started filming him. "Go ahead and cum like the horny pervert you are. I'm sure the internet would love a video of the spontaneous squirter."

I knew he could do it too. The stuff gave you a lot of control over your body. But would he stop just because of what I said?

Anger returned as he forced himself to settle down.

"Awwww," I said. "Can't keep it up?"

I lifted Sunita off my dick and made her kneel next to my chair. "Did you enjoy that, slut?"

"Very much, Master. Thank you."

I petted her as I looked at Sanjit. "See? Docile and adventurous."

The venom in his eyes was palpable.

I went into the kitchen and poured myself and Sunita some water. I made sure we drank in front of Sanjit. "A good fuck builds up a thirst," I said. "Don't you agree."

He just growled.

I went back and pretended to pour another glass behind his back. I stuck a straw in his sleeping pill laced water and made Sunita offer it to him. He drank it. I could see him calculating as he did. If it was me I would have drank it so I could make the excuse to pee later and try to break free then. Twenty minutes later he began to nod off. He fought it for almost an hour. Then he was out.

When he came too Sunita had her hands on the chair that I had been sitting in as she bent over so I could lube her ass. It wasn't a coincidence that he saw this. When we saw the first signs of him stirring, we got in position.

I looked over at him. "Oh good. You're awake. And just in time. Want to see just how adventurous your wife is?"

I finished applying the lube before making her kneel and suck me off.

"Do you like sucking my cock, slut?" I asked her.

She nodded and answered without removing her mouth from my cock. It vibrated a little. Cool.

"Could you suck it all day?" I asked.

Another nod. She seemed to smile around my cock as well.

"Wouldn't you rather suck your husband's cock?"

She shook her head.

"What about your pussy? Would you rather have your husband's cock in it?"

She shook her head again.

"No, you want the cock that makes you cum, don't you?"

And enthusiastic nod.

"Now, what about that big beautiful ass of yours? Do you want to see how it feels to have a cock shoved up there?"

She nodded.

"His cock?" I asked pointing.

Head shake.

"Master's cock?"

Vigorous nodding.

"Get in position."

She jumped up and assumed the position Sanjit first saw her in. I got behind her and lined up my cock. "Put your head on the chair and reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart for me." As she quickly complied, I looked over and Sanjit. "You could have been doing this at home the whole time. That's the sad part."

I pushed my cock in a bit. She squirmed, uncomfortable with the sensation.

"Relax, slut. Loosen up those muscles and let Master in."

I pushed in farther then pumped in and out that short distance. She relaxed a bit more and I shove another couple inches in. She moaned. Her legs shook a little.

I sawed in and out some more and then pushed all the way in. Her hands slammed on the chair and her head snapped back.

"Here we go, slut," I said as I started fucking her.

"Oh god, Master," she moaned. "It's so different but so good."

"Beg for more, slut."

"Please fuck me, Master. Fuck my big ass. Oh god it hurts so good."

"Whose cock do you love, slut?"

"Yours, Master!"

"And who owns your slut ass?" I spanked her a few times to emphasize the point. The flesh jiggled about.

"You do, Master!"

Shudders went through her body.

"Oh god, Master. I need to cum already. May I cum please?"

"In a moment."

I reached under and played with her clit.

She began to convulse. "Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! Master please!"


"OOOOOHHHhhhhh G-g-goddddddd!"

She actually squirted cum from her pussy. That was new. Her legs gave out and I hid the pain as my cock bent down low before slipping from her ass.

"Thank you, Master," she murmured from a fetal position. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

It was then that Sanjit broke free. I'd been so focussed on fucking Sunita that I didn't see him twisted at his bonds. He kicked me in the balls and I crumpled to the floor, only to have his knee connect with my face. He broke my nose.

Sunita screamed and scurried away.

Sanjit picked me up by the shirt and held me in front of his face. "You know what I'm going to do to you now, you fucker?"

"You can't kill me. They'll find out. I emailed the video of you to the other girls."

I was lying but he didn't know that.

"No, I don't want the cops involved," he said. His eyes shifted. "I don't want to go to jail. The things that go on in the prisons..."

"So what then?" I asked.

He hesitated. He had it all figured out a little while ago, but now he wasn't so sure.

"Let me go, divorce your wife and we can all forget this ever happened," I suggested.

To my surprise he let me go.

"Divorce her?" he asked. "But I love her."

"You love her but treat her like shit?" I asked.

"I never treated her like shit. I just didn't fuck her like other sluts."

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