Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 03


"So you're not upset with me," he said, still using his pretend innocent voice for maximum effect.

"How could I be upset, after you picked out the sexiest things for me," she said then leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

As their lips met he felt her tongue come out and touch his lips. He instantly responded and brother and sister kissed like this for a few minutes. At that point he was 99.9 percent sure they were going to fuck, and just as he was about to reach for her huge tits she sat back and went to open the last box.

In that box was a pair of size 10 high heel pumps.

I know you are size 9.5 sis, but the sales girl told me to get a half size bigger, especially if never wore heels before," he said as he watched his sister take off her flat leather sandals and slip one of the pumps on.

"Wow you really know what you like, don't you big brother," she said as she slipped the other pump on and stood up and began walking in them.

"I got them because all the models on the site I saw were wearing them," he said but did know she'd look real hot wearing them with the different outfits.

As her heels clicked on the floor, it took her a few minutes to feel comfortable in them. It was the first time she ever wore high heels, and it was a big adjustment for her. She knew her girlfriends wore heels especially when they went on dates or wanted to look sexy for their boyfriends. Now it was her who wanted to look sexy for her brother.

"How do they feel? They look great on you."

"I really like them. I feel a lot taller that's for sure," she said with a little laugh.

"They don't exactly go with this long skirt though," she said as she looked down at her feet.

Taking his camera and getting on his knees he said, "Take off the skirt sis. Let's see how they look on your sexy legs," he said in a more commanding voice as she instantly did as instructed and unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Clicking away while her long skirt was bunched up at her ankles he shot frame after frame as she lifted each of her new pumps and stepped over it.

Even with her conservative panties on her legs she looked amazing and her killer ass took on a whole new look. There was something about wearing the classic high heel pumps that made her confidence go up to a whole new level. Walking around the room her brother clicked away as he told her how sexy she looked and that she had an amazing body and the most incredible legs.

After he shot about 50 pictures, lying on his side and getting different shots that included just the black pumps and her ankles and the pumps with her long legs and her backside with her stunning ass, legs and pumps he made her sit on the sofa so that she could see how hot she looked.

In a few pictures he had her put one of her pumps right on his chest as she grinned down at him. In one shot she teasingly put her heel right to his mouth and made him kiss it while he took a few shots. In those pictures he told her to give him a real serious look as if she was the 'boss.'

As she sat beside him she crossed her legs and he even took a few pictures in that pose. Seeing the pictures of her without a skirt in just her pumps and sweater made her feel so uninhibited.

"Wow, you really have a way with the camera," she said really impressed by her brothers photography skills.

"It's all you sis. You're a fucking knock-out," he said without realizing he said the 'F' word.

"Look how sexy you look sis. You blow-away all those bikini models I saw on the sight," he said which made her kiss his cheek then turn her head to meet his lips.

Kissing, like lovers, their tongues searched each other's out passionately, his big cock was already to explode as her nipples were aching, and pushing out of her conservative bra begging to be sucked by him. As she felt her brother's hands travel up her exposed thighs she began to pant and moan. Just as she was about to reach out to touch his big cock the phone rang and broke her out of the trance she was in.

Hearing her father's voice startled them, but mostly her as she immediately broke off their sexy kiss and reached for the phone and picked it up.

She knew her parents were at the retreat giving seminars or entertaining famous guest. Their parent had built a religious empire over the past decade and made millions of dollars each month appealing to those weak individuals who thought they needed a religious organization just to get out of bed in the morning.

The sexy, older couple gave out the impression that they were the embodiment of the most devoted, faithful and loving couple. Their two children even gave them even more credibility, as the couple was talked about and praised by a number of large conservative television and radio talk show hosts and other right wing religious communities.

What their own children and their devoted followers didn't know was that they were using their success and power of persuasion along with their handsome and stunning looks to seduce the sexiest and most stud-like teenagers who were starving for attention and praise.

The father immediately asked her what her and her brother were doing, and she instantly felt as if they were caught red-handed. While she talked to her father her brother was trying to calm her as he ran his hand in a soothing way up and down the naked flesh of her thigh.

After a few minutes she felt a lot more relaxed knowing her father called to let them know they would be staying an extra day. Hearing that, she put her hand on the receiver and met her brother's tongue for a brief kiss that had their tongues flicking across each other's as if they both sex-starved, which they absolutely were. Her and her brother would be shocked beyond words if they knew what their parents were really doing at the religious retreat.

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