Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 04



It happened when she and her husband hired him to speak to the troubled youths at one of the retreats. He took the call thinking it would be a good way to get some new pussy, but once he met the incredible 58 year old wife he had an entirely different agenda.

He himself had been to prison at age 13 for stealing and then again at 14 for armed robbery. At age 15 he was the leader of a violent gang that was accused of gunning down another rival gang which he went to prison for again. At 18 he had already father 12 children with 12 different women. While in prison he began rapping and writing lyrics.

His lyrics were all based on killing whites and how whites owned the system and had all the money, and fucking the white bitches of the white men. After being released from prison he began performing and recording and became an overnight sensation in the Hip-Hop community.

When he met the couple at his LA office he immediately was turned onto the husband's wife. She came dressed to the meeting in a short, tight mini dress that clung to her incredible body. She wore a pair of black pumps to highlight her well tapered legs and a pair of tan thigh high stockings to accent her flawless skin. She purposely dressed for the meeting knowing she wanted to get his attention and hopefully to fuck him.

After reading about him and seeing his photos she and her husband talked openly that if the opportunity presented itself to fuck him she would absolutely love to. She had had a few black lovers and always loved the way they fucked her and made her cum. knowing his background and his lecherous past only turned her on even more.

Although he was very short, standing only 5'3" and weighing about 120 pounds his ruthless personality and the guttural language he used could inflict fear into groups of men, ten times his size. In his office he was drooling over her and her nipples were instantly pushing out of her sheer, lace bra and through the material of her mini dress, knowing he was hungry for her.

Seeing the knock-out wife he instantly knew the deal he was going to make with the husband that he would bargain if they wanted him to speak at the seminar. He saw the way she was dressed and instantly knew she came to the meeting to turn him and , and when he saw the way she looked at him, and when she purposely ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip, he knew she came there to fuck.

"Yo. This is the way it's gonna work Bro," he said in a dark voice as he walked behind the sexy 58 year old wife.

"This sexy white bitch of yours comes home with me for the weekend today and at that bullshit seminar I want her all to himself for a few days when it's over," maybe even a fucking week," he said as his hands ran over her amazing ass then up to cup her huge tits without any resistance on her part.

Although she and her husband had talked about her fucking the back Rap Star he didn't think it was going to be this forceful. As the Rapper cupped her tit with one hand and squeeze it he ran his other hand under her mini dress across her full, round ass he saw his wife's eyes roll into her head as she let out a soft groan. What he didn't see was her hand reaching behind and message the Rap Stars cock.

"Ahhh, are you ok with this honey," her husband said in a sheepish voice.

"Oh God,fuck yes," she groaned as he thought his wife actually had a mini orgasm from the way he was playing with her.

"Ok cracker-it's settled," he said in his gangster voice.

"You're mine now bitch. Gonna reshape that fine, white pussy with a real big dick," he said as ran his finger under her thong feeling her soaked pussy.

"Oh fuck, so fucking big," she groaned as she tried to run her hand to the point where his cockhead had to be, but that was another 8 inches from there.

So hot for each other he spun her around and they started kissing right in front of her husband who watched very uncomfortably as the short, 18 year old thug Rapper and his sexy 58 year old wife really get into it. In her pumps she towered over him by 6 inches, but the way he took her made him seem like a giant.

Seeing the husband stand there watching like a total loser instantly irritated the Rapper. Going to his desk he pulled out a gun that had a very menacing look to it.

"Now mutha fucka,get the fuck outa here while I work this sexy bitch of yours before I cap your ass and make you watch me fuck her with my big black dick as you bleed out muta fucka," he told the husband before he started playing with her enormous tits and lifting the mini dress over her incredible ass.

"Give him ya' cell bitch," he said in a demanding way.

"When I'm fuckin you I don't take any call and you ain't getting any calls either.

After the husband shot out of the room, almost fearing for his life the black Rap Star went back to kissing her hard as he told her how sexy she was and how bad he wanted to fuck her.

"Where you going to really shot him," she said with a curious grin as he held the gun in his hand.

"Fuck yeah-right in the leg," he said putting the gun down and going back to kissing her again.

"That turn you on bitch, knowing Id cap him for you," he said in a heated voice as he ran his hands up her thigh high stockings to the lace tops.

"Oh fuck, that really did turn me on," she said as she bent down to meet his long, pink tongue.

Taking her by the hand he led her to his private limo. Of course his 'ride' as he called it was a 30 foot black Hummer with black tinted windows that blocked out the outside world. The second they got into his limo he had her stripped to her stockings and high heels.

"I likes the way you come to fuck baby," he said as he took in the sight of her sexy stockings and garter straps.

"I dressed for you baby," she said meeting his flicking tongue then turning to the side as he unclasped her sheer white bra.

Seeing her huge, firm tits and nipples caused him to groan approvingly and smile slyly.

"Fuck bitch," those are the sexiest pair of tits I ever saw. Biggest fuckin' nipples too," he said as he instantly began sucking her huge tits and her long, wide nipples while he ripped her tiny thong off and finger fucking her amazing pussy as he made her cum 10 times before he wanted her to see his cock.

He commanded her to take off his pants which by this point she was so horny and anxious to see it and especially to fuck it. After his pants were off he grinned in a smug way that showed all of his gold teeth as she glared at the biggest cock she ever saw.

"14 inches bitch. All for you sexy," he said in a confident tone as he sat way- back in the leather seat, wanting to watch every move of the sexy, older, white wife.

"Oh God, now that's what I call a cock," she said in a sluty voice as she lifted it in both hands and sucked all over it all the way to his hotel room where they spent the weekend and two more days together.

The night of the retreat they went right to his hotel where they fucked for three days straight. The 18 year old black rap star couldn't get enough of her; especially her huge 44DD tits which he loved to fuck with his 13 inch cock. Although he had tons of young teenage girls at his disposal it was her amazing pussy he wanted her the most. He even flew her to a London and Australia concert where they spent a week at a time together, never once leaving the hotel room.


Kissing the blond, 18 year old stud, she assured him that they would sneak away for weekends, using the religious retreats as an excuse to fuck each other. She wanted him to think he would be the only one besides her husband that she would fuck. She didn't want him to know she had the black Rap Star and the five other young lovers she had that she loved fucking, and wouldn't give up for anything in the world, especially the black Rapper.

While he lay on the sofa in the living room area talking to his daughter, checking up on her and her brother and telling her how inspirational the religious retreat was, his thick 8 inch cock was being licked, kissed and stroked by the 18 year old studs' twin sister who was on the bed on her knees dressed devilishly in a pair of platform glass high heels with nude crotch less stockings and a white 34A bra.


With her braces and freckles all over her pale skin, she looked like she could pass for an 12 year old, but her incredible body, with perky, tits and beautiful legs and a gorgeous, kissable ass and the way she fucked and sucked his big cock made her every- bit the sexy, mature 18 year old she was.

Occasionally she would look up at him with a sly grin that showed her naughty, silvery braces when he talked about how stimulating the retreat was. Every time he had come home from a night out with his wife and their best friends he pounded his cock into her as images of the sexy teenage daughter filled his perverted mind. As they fucked, his horny wife was cumming hard at the thought of her twin brother.

The devilish and cunning sister always felt the hunger in their parent's best friend's husband's eyes as she purposely dressed teasingly in a mini skirt and high heels with the sheerest tops, being noticeably braless underneath. She found the 60 year old husband to be very handsome, and when she learned he was going to be at the retreat with his wife she called him on his cell.

He was surprised to hear her voice and even more surprised when she told him she wanted to spend her 18th birthday with him in his bed. This came right after she told him that she always fantasized about him and that she always thought he was really handsome.

After he thanked her for the compliment he brazenly told her that he always thought she was incredibly hot and admitted to checking her out every time he and his wife were at her parent's home. When she told him that her twin brother was hot for his wife, the wheels were in motion, as he always knew her feelings about fucking the young stud twin brother.

Her and her brother had both turned 18 the first day of the religious retreat, and after celebrating their birthday with the entire religious community they ended the night with the attractive older couple in their hotel room, kissing and fucking like wild animals, going all night long and into the next afternoon. During the entire retreat they were in separate rooms as the mother and the young stud fucked in hundreds of positions while the husband and the sexy 18 year old sister fucked like sex starved animals.

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