Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 08


When these ambitious teens came to America, all with the overwhelming approval and support of their families, who wanted their daughters to advance themselves beyond the lifestyle they were living, they would anxiously fuck the wealthy businessman whenever he called. Even though they instantly established themselves in America, going to clubs, dating, even having a steady boyfriend, they each hungered a night or a weekend of fucking the huge 14 inch cock of Bob Sterling.

No matter what plans they had, even if he called last second, they were instantly broken to be with him. Based on what he wanted, it would sometimes be with one of them or at times two, three or even all four of them. When it was all four, it was generally on his luxury yacht for a long weekend. Even though they all loved fucking him even as a group, they each loved when it was just one-on-one with him. They each secretly wanted to be the one pleasing his massive cock, and pleasing him. It was always a hidden competition when there was more than one teen in his bed, he knew this and it was one of many amusements for him. He loved having the ability to control. It was his passion in business and in fucking a young teen.


Through the stories my husband told of his ruthless conquests and through hours on the internet of endless research of the wealthy businessman I learned about his ruthless business reputation, and the thousands of innocent people along his callous-and greedy path that were terminated and displaced after he ruthlessly took-over their companies. It was his ruthless nature in business that turned me on even more.

Knowing that he could be so heartless, as to fire thousands of people who had invested their lives and pensions into a company had me so turned on. I saw him in hundreds of pictures on the internet, with many prominent businessmen, and political figures. In the pictures he was always dressed impeccably, in expensive $5000 Italian suits, but in one picture he was wearing a bathing suit, that showed he had an amazing physique, especially for his age.

He was on his 180 foot yacht, celebrating his 80 birthday, two years ago. It was a publicity picture for a fortune 100 magazine that was doing a feature on the wealthiest most, powerful, and very aggressive businessmen in 70's and, 80's,and 90's that were more active now than ever, running their multi-billion dollar enterprises. The pictured showed him without a shirt on and reviled his amazing tall, slender physique. It also revealed how woman, especially young teens found him incredibly sexy, enamored with his wealth, and especially his power.

In the picture, were two, very sexy, teenage girls (one very busty Black and one White with breasts that defied her tiny frame) that were dressed in very skimpy bikinis and black high heel pumps. He was holding a glass of champagne, with a smug look on his face, while the girls were leaning in, with their hands on his tight, tanned chest, and shoulders, while kissing his cheek. The pictured listed the girls as his interns, that were both seniors in High School, with collage plans to go into business themselves.

Mr. Sterling hired a lot of High School interns, all of which were sexy 18 year old girls that wanted to be involved in fashion as a career. Most of the young teens were daughters or granddaughters of employees that worked for him. Every one of these eager, aggressive teenage girls knew about his ruthless business reputation and his attention to sexy teens, and they all wanted was an opportunity to be with the wealthy business magnet.

As I was getting dressed for dinner, I rolled up my sheer nylons, and then clasped them to the garter. I was getting turned on, and couldn't wait to meet the powerful businessman I had heard so much about from my husband and modeling friends. I knew my father would have been outraged, if he knew his sweet, innocent wife was imagining herself being fucked in every different fuck position by the ruthless, 82 year old boss, but that didn't matter to me in the least.

What mattered was that I secretly hungered for the opportunity to be with him, and to fuck him, because he was so wealthy and so powerful, and so very sexy, and very hung.

The opportunity to fuck him was all that mattered to me, so it was really important that my sexy outfit advertised this fact to him. I was like so many others that fucked him. I was drawn to his power and wealth. Mr. Sterling was so different than my husband. I was absolutely intoxicated and even aroused by his ruthless power, and ability to control people.

During the dinner I was so enamored and captivated by him, and could not stop thinking about being in his bed, and fucking him. I was absolutely drawn to him like a magnet. His power and wealth, combined with his distinguished, older looks was making my pussy so horny and so hungry to fuck. The fact that he was 82 turned me on even more. As he talked to my husband I began to have devious feelings, as I wanted to get my tight pussy wrapped around his huge cock I had heard so many stories about

As he spoke to my husband about joining his business I saw myself stripped of my tight pencil skirt, and sheer bra, standing in my stockings, garter belt and high heels, being bent over the dinner table, while the older, distinguished, ruthless businessman, fucked me from behind like a wild man with his 14 inch cock, as he kissed her, and pulled on my achingly hard nipples.

I began to imagine what his older cock would look like, what it would taste like, and especially what it would fuck like. By his intense confidence and distinguished looks, I had little doubt that Mr. Sterling was skilled at fucking, because of all the stories I heard I had a good idea he fucked constantly. Thinking of him in the picture on his yacht with the two young teens, dressed in sinful bikinis and high heels made her think of fucking him even more.

During dinner I found myself conscientiously sliding my hand up my stocking covered leg, above the garter, as I imagined him pounding his cock into my boiling pussy.

This act was not lost on the 'sharp, eye for detail' on the powerful, older businessman, as he noticed my hand wandering up my crossed, stocking, cover leg and over my garter strap. By the grin he shot m we both exchanged a knowing grin as I licked my upper lip seductively, and instantly knew the scene was set for us to fuck.

Mr. Sterling invited my husband and I to a party he was having that would be a great way for my husband to meet his management staff. My husband was excited, but not nearly as excites as I was to be in his home.

At the party I came dressed to impress him, and to turn him on, wearing a form fitting white mini dress that highlighted every curve of my slender body and my 34D breasts. My long, slender legs were encased in a pair of black thigh high stockings, which brought out the tapper in them and I wore a pair of black high heel pumps to further accent the eye-catching sexiness of my spectacular legs.

As soon she walked in the door the wealthy business magnet had the image of the sexy Asian bride in his bed, fucking her in every position, all through the night and well into the next day. Of all the sexy, young teens he fucked on a regular basis, her magnificent Asian body drove him wild with rage and lust.

As soon as my husband and I came in Mr. Sterling handed me a glass of champagne and took me by the hand to give me a personal tour of the spectacular home. As my husband conversed with the other men at the party, Mr. Sterling took me from room to room showing me his lavish home. Each room had to be worth millions of dollars with the furniture, and art work in it.

"God it's amazing," I said out loud as I took in the wealth that went into each room.

My body was on fire, so thrilled to be alone with him. As I took in the amazing display of wealth in each room, he began kissing my neck and telling me how sexy I was. I felt so devilish as I turned my head to the side and we stole some soft kisses that filled the room with soft, popping sounds that had me groaning. Our kissing always ended with our tongues flicking across each other's sinfully for a few seconds.

"You've been on my mind all week," he said as he kissed my neck driving me insane with lust.

"Oh God, you're all I could think about too," I groaned as his hands came up behind me and began palming my aching tits, and my rock-hard nipples, as my tongue came out to meet his.

"Such a perfect body Doreen," he said as he kissed my neck and played with my aching tits.

"Oh God," I groaned, "Your hands are driving me crazy," I groaned as they traveled all over me, with the skill of a man who has fucked hundreds of girls.

I was so happy to see him looking at me with lust every time we passed a mirror.

As they went from room to room he couldn't take his eyes off her amazing body. Her long tapered legs, her tiny waist and her big, round tits were making him enraged to fuck.

Each room had a unique style to it, from expensive art to lavish furniture, to rooms with large Jacuzzi's and saunas. It was a palace, by anyone's standards, a symbol of his vast wealth and power. As we went into each room, I began to get more and more turned on and by the time they got to his master bedroom, I was dripping wet.

Sensing what I was thinking he said," This could all be yours Doreen."

Kissing me neck while he cupped my aching tits he said, in a deep, resonant voice," All yours baby."

"Oh god," I moaned at the thought of being his.

"This and a lot more," he said in a deep voice as he continued to kiss my neck.

"Umm, I like the sound of that," I groaned, as I wondered if he was truly serious. "So many girls though," I groaned, knowing he fucked constantly.

"None like you Doreen," he groaned as he kissed my neck and pinched my throbbing nipples through my sheer dress. "None as sexy. None I want more," he said which had me climbing the walls.

Doreen was right. There were so many teens. Downstairs were two High School Seniors, both 18 who were at the party acting as hostesses. They were both daughters of two of his office administrators who he hired as summer interns.

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