Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 09


"Umm, I'll be here anytime you want me baby. Anytime," she said as she spit on his shaft and pumped him with both stretched out hands.

Licking and stroking him and kissing his huge cock with the thought of his sexy granddaughter Kelsey resulted in him cumming so hard that he shot ropes of cum into the pool. After cumming he led her to the couch-like futon near the pool and fucked her for three straight hours. Like her friends Heather and Crystal her pussy was off-limits for a week. After that day all she could think about was his enormous cock and how he fucked her so hard and so much better than any boy or boyfriend she had, and how she came so hard and so good.

After Kelsey heard the story of her grandfather she was determined to fuck him, especially after hearing that he had an enormous cock and the way he fucked. She knew that this was going to be her birthday weekend with him, and the thought of them finally fucking had her pussy burning.

As soon as Clare finished the story she and Kelsey were locked in a very sexy 69 position, both imagining fucking the distinguished 78 year old. Once the story circulated to all the girls that went on the Spring Break trip each would find themselves with their pussy's wrapped around his huge cock, getting the fuck of their lives.

When Kelsey woke up on her 18th birthday there was a $70,000 Mercedes in her driveway with a note that read, "To my sexy, 18 year old granddaughter."

Seeing the car and reading the note ignited her pussy, and the thought of finally being with her grandfather like all the hundreds of teens she saw with him, and Heather and Crystal had her body in sexy sparks.

Through the years she had fantasized about him a million times, wishing she was the one on his arm every time he was with a sexy, young girl not much older than herself. When he took her shopping she would always take his arm and pretend that she was his girl. Where ever they walked she saw every teenage girl and mature women smile at him with a look of wishing it was them on his side. She immediately called her grandfather and told him how much she loved her new car.

"God I can't wait to be with you this weekend," she said in a hot, moaning voice.

"Yes Kelsey, the wait for you to turn 18 has finally arrived," he said in a deep, resonant voice.

They made arrangements for her to be at his house in at noon. She told him that she was going crazy and that she didn't know if she could wait those few hours. Getting her meaning he said in a low, throaty voice that made her pussy almost cum,

"We have all weekend Kelsey. All weekend, just you and I baby.

While she talked to her sexy granddaughter, lying beside him from an all-night, punishing fuck-session was Kelsey's friend Katarina who was also a cheerleader who had gone on the Spring Break trip who had heard all the stories about the wealthy, huge 76 year old grandfather and couldn't wait to fuck him.

Katarina was an exchange student from Prague. She just oozed pure sex, with an angelic face, blond hair and a body that was designed for fucking and absolutely loved to fuck, especially with older and distinguished men. She stood 5'7" tall and weighed 105 pounds. Her measurements were a drooling 36D-22-31. On the floor by the bed were the sinful cloths she came to the door in: a mesh mini dress along with a string-like thong, black lace bra and tan thigh high stockings and a pair of classic, black high heel pumps.

Having just turned 18 herself, Katarina already knew what she wanted in life and that was a man of wealth and power, exactly like her friend Kelsey's grandfather. Leaving Prague she knew her body would be the ticket to securing that dream. Her boyfriend at school was the High School class President. Katarina had him wrapped around her finger, as he worshiped the ground she walked on.

Knowing this was a fact she knew very well. When she decided to fuck her friend's grandfather she made the call to him telling him she wanted to be with him, especially after hearing all about him. During the call her boyfriend was in her bedroom sitting on the bed beside her. He wasn't happy about this, but knew if he said anything she would drop him instantly.

To further humiliate him she made him drive her to his house the next night and told him to pick her up before school the next day. She had a bag with her when she left and was dressed in her school cloths, but when they got to the entrance of the long driveway she had her boyfriend pull over and she went into the back seat and changed. When he saw what she had put on he got really upset.

Although he knew she was going to fuck him, her outfit of a black, mesh see-through mini bodysuit with a sheer black bra and black thong with tan thigh high stocks and black pumps made him noticeably upset.

Sensing this she kissed him while she messaged his 5 inch erection through his pants and told him that it would only be this one time. Of course it was her goal to see to it that it happened a lot of times. She told her boyfriend that she would call him in the morning to pick her up for school, and that she would walk to the door from there.

Overcome with jealously he pretended to leave but after backing down the driveway parked the car and snuck up to the mansion-like house through the large trees along the edge of the driveway. Camouflaged behind the tree he saw his girlfriend walk up the driveway to the door. Her high heels filled the air with sex which really upset him.

When the door opened she was greeted by the 76 year old wealthy businessman. He was shocked to see a man in great shape and a very youthful, distinguished appearance appear at the door. He then got really distraught when he saw the older man take his girlfriend in his arms and kiss her hard. Seeing his girlfriend put her arms around the older man and kiss him back gave him a lump in his stomach. He then saw the businessman run his hands all over his girlfriend's ass while she was messaging his pants which had his guts in knots.

His girlfriend and the older man stayed in the open doorway kissing and running their hands over each other for 10 minutes before he took her by the hand and closed the door. He saw them through the large window go into a room that looked like a bar area. Driven by rage and jealously he snuck around the house hid behind another tree. From there he could see the two of them kissing.

He then watched the old man take his girlfriend to the bar and leaned her over one of the high-back stools as he kneeled down and began kissing her ass for almost half an hour before he pulled her tiny thong over her high heels. For the next hour he watched his girlfriend being eaten-out and get finger fucked by the old man. He could not believe the look of ecstasy on his girlfriend's face as her body trembled and came over and over, time after time all over his mouth.

After he finally stopped eating her he stood and they kissed hotly for a real-long time. It was what happened next that made him think he was seeing things. He watched, eyes wide open as his sexy girlfriend squatted on her high heels and unzipped the older man's pants. When he saw the size of the old man's cock he nearly died, as did his girlfriend.

What he saw was the biggest cock he had ever seen, including being in the shower with all the guys on the baseball and basketball and football team. He watched as his girlfriend went wild, licking it, kissing it and jerking it. He saw a look of lust on his girlfriend's face that he had never seen before as she worshiped the old man's cock while she looked up at him with a sly grin from time to time.

For the next hour he watched his girlfriend lose herself in the huge cock, as she played with it in ways she never did for him. He watched her twist her hands all over his massive shaft as spit all over it. Eventually he saw the older man make a groaning sound and watched the enormous cock explode all over the room as his girlfriend kept jerking it.

He had never seen so much cum before and the look of shock on his girlfriend's face told him that she was just as stunned. It was also the longest cum he had ever seen, as the old man seemed to shoot for almost a minute. When he finally stopped cumming his girlfriend continued to jack the massive shaft and lick it all over. To his and his girlfriend's surprise the old man stayed rock hard.

He then saw the old man strip his girlfriend of her mesh bodysuit and her black, lace bra. As he sucked her hard, pink nipples that came right off the ends of her big 36D tits he watched his girlfriend throw her head back and could tell she was cumming hard. He could tell that the old man knew what he was doing and that his girlfriend was totally turned on to him.

After kissing hard he watched the old man spin his girlfriend around and had her put her right knee on the barstool while her left high heel pump was anchored to the floor. He watched with his mouth wide open as the old man began inserting his giant cock into his girlfriend's pussy. He watched the contorted look on his girlfriend's face as he inched his huge cock into her, and he even saw her reach back a bunch of times with her hand and push against his tight chest as if to tell him to take it slow. Seeing his girlfriend might be in pain made him gloat in a sadistic way, because of her cheating on him.

He could not believe the sight from seeing what looked like a giant log go inside his girlfriend's tight pussy. As the old man inched into her she turned her head to the side and they kissed hard as their tongues flew across each other's. What he couldn't hear was his girlfriend telling the old man that she loved his huge cock and wanted every inch of it inside her pussy.

After an hour he saw the old man finally bottom-out deep inside his girlfriend. He watched him play with her hanging tits as he kissed her neck. What he didn't hear was the old men tell his girlfriend how sexy she was and how incredible her pussy felt wrapped around his big cock, and her tell him that he had the biggest cock she ever fucked and that she loved the way it felt inside her.

For the next two hours he watched the old man pound his girlfriend like a mad man all over the bar area in every position. He watched the old man torture his girlfriend with his enormous cock as he watched her throw her head from side to side, biting her lower lip as she came over all over his huge shaft over and over again. He could not believe the stamina of the old man as he pounded his girlfriend like a non-stop jack hammer. For such an older guy and could not believe that he could fuck for so long without stopping.

At times he saw large puddles of cum flow out of his girlfriend from the old man cumming inside her, but then watched the old man continue fucking her as his huge cock stayed rock hard. He even saw his girlfriend shriek as her pussy exploded like a waterfall, squirting out of her pussy as the old man walked her around the room, holding her with his hands under her ass as his huge cock pounded way up inside her.

After two hours they went to a large futon-like chair in the room where they got into a 69 position with her on top. He watched as his girlfriend worshiped the enormous cock that eclipsed her face. He watched her go wild on it, and every few minutes throw her head back from cumming herself. He watched another huge cum shoot out of the old man's cock one more time and after that he watched him take his girlfriend out of the room and walk up the marble staircase.

What he didn't see, for the next three hours was his girlfriend getting the fuck of her life in the bedroom of the old man. After seeing his girlfriend and the old man with such a huge cock he went home and got plastered thinking all night about his girlfriend fucking the older man.

Before she left, her and Kelsey's grandfather fucked in the shower for an hour. As he pounded into her tight 18 year old pussy with his 12 inch cock her face was pushed against the glass wall. She was delirious from being fucked so hard and by such a huge cock. As he fucked into her she shouted that she loved his huge cock and that she wanted to be his. Kissing hotly while his 12 inch cock fucked way up into the back of her teenage cunt all he could think about was his sexy granddaughter and how he couldn't wait to have her pussy wrapped around his huge, fat shaft.

After dressing in her school cloths she called her boyfriend on the cell, who was already waiting for her in the driveway. When the door opened he watched as his girlfriend and the old man kissed hotly for a few minutes. He couldn't hear his girlfriend tell the man that she loved fucking him and his huge cock and that she would be his in a minute if he wanted her. Looking at her boyfriend sitting in the car he asked her about him and she told him that she'd drop him in a heart-beat to be with him. Grinning slyly he waved at the boyfriend, and then kissed her hard one more time before closing the door.

On the drive to school her boyfriend tried to get her to talk about her night but she lied and told him that all they did was kiss. The whole day all she could think about was his huge cock and how he fucked her better than her boyfriend or any other guy, and she hoped he would call her again real soon.

Kelsey & Grandfather

Leaving the house dressed in a pair of tight, frayed jean shorts with the front button undone like all the young girls wore and a while sheer blouse tied at the waist without a bra on and a pair of black high heel pumps Kelsey was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. The stories of Heather and Crystal played over in her mind a million times as images of her grandfather huge cock caused her to pinch her throbbing nipples and rub her pussy as she drove. The half hour ride to her grandfathers seemed to take forever.

Opening the door dressed in a $6000 Italian suit and seeing him caused her to melt. Her trendy, young look without a bra and seeing her swollen. Pink nipples caused his massive cock to balloon out in his pants an make a prominent impression.

"So sexy Kelsey. Happy birthday baby," he said taking in the sight of her incredible long legs and the frayed shorts that showed the bottoms of her wild ass cheeks.

"Oh god, and look how handsome you are grandfather," she said as her eyes immediately drifted to the bulge that ran along his thigh almost to his knee.

Within seconds they were kissing like lovers instead of grandfather and granddaughter, and as they kissed his skilled hands were cupping her ass and spreading her cheeks apart.

"Oh fuck," she groaned from the thrill of her grandfather playing with her ass.

As their tongues continued to explore each other's he reached up into her frayed shorts and pushed her thin thong to the side and ran a finger through her pussy lips.

"Umm very wet Kelsey," he said kissing her neck.

"Oh god I've been wet for you for so long," she said as her pussy exploded onto his probing finger.

After she came they continued kissing until they broke off and he called his limo driver to pick them up. In the limo he popped a bottle of champagne and made a toast.

"To my sexy granddaughter, who I can't wait to spoil," he said taking in the sight of her braless nipples then her long, sexy crossed legs and her black pumps that showed her high arches in her feet.

After toasting they kissed hotly as he ran his hands up her legs and across her braless tits.

"Oh god, you're driving me crazy," she groaned, loving her grandfather's touch.

As they drove to a very upscale and very private boutique they kissed softly.

"I heard all about you and Heather and Crystal," she said taking in the sight of his massive bulge.

Kissing him, and then running her tongue over his lips she said," I was jealous you know. Especially when I heard about this." As she said it she traced a finger across his huge hard-on.

"Oh fuck, you're so huge," she groaned as they kissed hard and she rubbed her palm across the biggest cock she had ever felt.

"God I can't wait to have this huge cock inside of me," she groaned hotly. "I heard how you fucked them and I've been going out of my mind ever since.

"Baby this entire year has been a long wait to fuck you," he said kissing her hard.

Arriving at the boutique they kissed for another 10 minutes before leaving the limo. Inside the boutique the manager, a sexy woman in her mid-40's brought them to a private room where there was a rack of cloths that he had selected for her. The cloths ranged from mini dresses to bikinis, to very sexy and very naughty lingerie. There was a bottle of champagne on ice and as he poured himself a glass his sexy granddaughter went into the dressing room to try on an outfit.

Her first outfit was a sexy micro mini dress the clung to her body like as it were painted on. It had a plunging front that went to her navel and a deep cut back that showed the tops of her ass cheeks. Standing in her black pumps she walked to him with lust in her eyes, as he sipped his champagne and took in her amazing body.

"Very sexy Kelsey," he said in a deep voice as she came to him.

Without saying a word she bent forward and met his tongue in a very naughty kiss. Naughty because just the tips of their tongues flicked across each other's. It was the type of kiss that made her feel so devilish and so sexy, especially in the outfit she was wearing. She knew her grandfather had hundreds of young girls, including her best friends, and now she was one of them. After their kiss she went in and tried on another mini dress. Coming out and modeling it for him she kissed him again, this time tracing her manicured finger across his massive bulge, then bending over to run her tongue across it.

Hearing her grandfather groan at the sight of her thrilled her beyond words. She walked away and went in to model another sinful dress that he selected for her. This went on for an hour, modeling a sinful dress then kissing while she massaged his giant cock through his strained pants. She continued this until she came out in a devilish slingshot bikini. The ultra-sexy bikini was transparent white. It was so sheer that the outline of her nipples could be seen from across the room.

"Incredible Kelsey," he said in a low, deliberate voice as he took in the sight of her.

Coming out in the sinful bikini with her black pumps on told him a lot about his sexy granddaughter. The bikini was the perfect choice for her amazing body. The string disappeared between her beautiful ass-crack then came straight up off her narrow back then over her shoulder barely covering her throbbing nipples. The bikini along with the black pumps made her look more nude.

"So sexy," he said in a deep voice as his eyes ran up and down her flawless body.

"I love this suit. Love everything you picked out for me," she said walking to him as their eyes locked onto each other's lustfully.

Reaching him, he stood and they kissed hotly for 15 minutes. She was on fire, as every part of her body ached for her grandfather.

"Let's see these sexy tits," he said as he starred at the tiny string that barely covered each nipple.

Pushing the tiny string off of her tits he gazed at her aching nipples for a few minutes before he said a word. She was going insane as her grandfather looked at her exposed tits.

"Beautiful tits Kelsey, and beautiful nipples too," he said as he pursed his lips and kissed each one, making a loud popping sound that almost made her cum.

He kissed each nipple then met her tongue for a hot flick. It was pure torture for her, as her sexy grandfather was driving her insane with lust.

Oh god. He really knows how to turn a girl on, she thought to herself as her grandfather put the strings back over her excited, throbbing nipples then sat back in his chair.

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