tagMatureConfident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 12

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 12


In this final chapter the married 19 year old Asian model is in extravagance and ecstasy with her husband's endowed, 84 year old boss.


After hearing the story's about my husband's boss I was more excited than ever to fuck him. Instead of being turned-off after hearing the story's thinking that I'd be just another one-time fuck to him like these two wives I knew it would be a lot different between Mr. Sterling and me. Even though they both wives were sexy, I knew he wanted me in a way that haunted him, and I knew that I had something that all these other wives didn't, which was a pussy that could message every inch of his massive shaft and make him cum better the all these young wives combined.

I knew it because I have been with a number of older men who were considered well hung and when I fucked them they were always amazed by the way my pussy could virtually suck them as if it was a vacuum. I had the type of pussy all these older, wealthy men wanted again and again. My pussy did not have that same effect on my husband or all the other average guys I ever fucked. It only had that sucking action with guys that were considered huge, over 10 inches.

The next day I received a call from my husband's boss. Seeing his number come up had me instantly turned on and the second I heard his voice my big, one inch nipples turned to stone and I felt myself get instantly wet.

"You were all I could think about last night Doreen," he said right after saying hello, in a deep voice that had me groaning.

"Oh god, you had me so turned on," I groaned hotly. "Just the way you made me cum was all I could think about last night," I groaned.

"Well this weekend I plan on making you cum a lot Doreen," he said in a confident tone.

"God I can't wait to have that great, big cock all to myself," I groaned.

As we talked about the weekend I teased him about the stories I heard at the party.

"So am I going to be your newest one-weekend-stand?"

"Doreen. I'll admit, there are always girls in my bed, a few of whom you met last night, but you are in an entirely different class. Trust me when I say that you are going to be a lot more than a weekend fling."

Even though I knew that I had an amazing body that he and all men and a lot of women wanted I was very turned on to hear him say it.

Before we hung up he said he couldn't wait for the weekend and I moaned saying I was going crazy now. In the background I heard the sounds of young voices and the sounds of kissing.

"It's nice to see a powerful boss of a company take a 'personal' interest in training his interns," I teased, knowing the two sexy teens at the party were in his bed.

"Well Doreen, after next weekend I may never have to 'personally' train again.

" Umm- I like the sound of that Mr. Sterling," I said hotly, then teased, " Now get back to those two horny High School girls I hear in your bed and think of me when you're fucking them with that huge-assed cock of yours," I groaned before we hung up.

What Doreen didn't know was that she was in his mind all night as he pounded his massive, tireless 14 inch cock into the two sexy interns. All he could think about was her seductive Asian face and her seductive eyes, which seemed to hypnotize him instantly and make his huge cock throb.

Her amazing Asian body with her incredibly round, perfect tits with the biggest pair of suckable nipples he had ever seen and the most amazing, tapered legs was like no other young teenage girl he had ever fucked. He could also not get the image of her beautiful, dark pussy and the taste of it out of her mind.

As the High School interns were getting pounded in every position by their bosses massive cock all he could think about was his new employees young Asian wife, and how she haunted him.

As he talked to the sexy Asian, the two High School interns were greedily worshiping their 80 year old boss's massive shaft. As their tongue ran up and down the dizzying maze of veins that canvased his enormous cock their tongues would meet in a sexy kiss. They were in a spell, a spell that every young teen got into from the experience of seeing such an enormous cock.

As he talked to the sexy Asian wife both interns were groaning over and over about his enormous size and how hard it was. These two High School teenagers were indeed sexy, he thought to himself, as he watched them dressed in stockings and high heels as they enthusiastically licked, pumped and kissed all over his throbbing cock. Right after hanging up the phone he led them to the dresser where he fucked one mercilessly from behind while he kissed the other.

After filling her stretched-out pussy with a massive load of cum that continued to drip to the floor a minute after he pulled out, he lined up is still throbbing cock with the other teens cunt and pounded into her like a mad man as her girlfriend looked at her contorted face and shouted at her boss to fuck her hard with his huge, assed cock. Again the image of the incredibly sexy, Asian 19 year old wife filled his mind, and drove him to the point of insanity. This triggered a flood of cum as he erupted in the High School teenager's pussy, so hard that she herself exploded with him.

That week I had two modeling assignments, but all I could think about was being with my husband's boss. During the shoots I confessed to a few of the girls that I was going on his yacht for the weekend. They of course were so jealous and envious, because they had either fucked him or heard all of the amazing stories about his giant cock and how he fucked.

My husband left for Europe that Monday on the project Mr. Sterling arranged so that he and I could be together. That whole week I was so horny, and was so anxious, to fuck my husband's bosses giant cock that I shopped for the most exciting outfits to turn him on. I wanted to highlight every inch of my 34D-22-33 body in the most sinful outfit I could find.

I dressed in the most sinful outfit the day he came in his limo for me. Crazy to fuck the 80 year old business magnet, I wore a sinful black slingshot mini dress.

The two, thin one-inch straps were attached to the ultra-short skirt, coming straight up my chest, barely covering my huge, dark nipples. Being braless, with my inch long nipples poking through the material added to naughty look. The straps went over my shoulders, then down my back, revealing my flawless, dark, Asian skin.

As soon as my cell rang and I heard his voice, and my body instantly got turned on.

"I'm here sexy," he said in a deep, resonant voice.

"I'll be right out baby," I said in a real hot voice.

With the door of the limo open and his driver holding the handle my high heels clicking on the driveway were sending a tapping code in the air that it was going to be a very sexy night.

Without looking at the driver my eyes were fixed on the wealthy Mr. Sterling who had my heart racing as he hungrily watched my every step. God, he is so distinguished, I thought to myself as I approached the door.

As soon as I got into the limo, the driver shut the door as Mr. Sterling he just sat there, grinning slyly, without saying a word, just taking in the sight of my body, teasingly dressed to fuck in my tight-fitting, sling shot mini.

"Very sexy Doreen," he said in a deep, resonant voice.

After his eyes roamed all over her body we started kissing hungrily. His hands were all over me causing me to groan instantly. As our tongues flicked wildly across each other's he pinched my throbbing nipples through the thin straps. I was so hot from the way he was rolling my nipples through his skilled fingers that I felt a mini-orgasm flow right through me.

"I can't wait to fuck you," he whispered into my ear as he kissed my neck and pushed my tiny thong to the side and sent two fingers into my already soaked pussy, which caused me to cum instantly.

"Oh god, I've been going crazy for days thinking about you," I groaned, as his fingers worked in and around my soaked pussy as his thumb massaged my throbbing clit.

"Wet already sexy?" he said with a sense of confidence.

"Oh fuck yeah, I've been wet for you since the party, and was going crazy as I got dressed for you baby," I said in a deep groan as his fingers fucked into my burning cunt.

"Oh fuck, "I said letting out another wild cum from the way his thumb was circling my extended clit while his two fingers were working the inside walls of my pussy

As soon as my pussy calmed, I began messaging his giant bulge, shocked that anything could be so huge.

"Oh God, you really are so fucking huge," I said in a startled voice. "God, I've never felt anything so big," I groaned in disbelief and shock. "Oh God, I've got to suck it, before I go crazy," I said in a voice that sounded desperate.

Within seconds his pants were down to his ankles and I was introduced once again to what I knew was going to be the biggest cock I would ever fuck in my entire life. Out of his pants it looked like a giant log as it flopped onto his chest then went to the left side and hung over his thigh, touching the leather seat.

"Oh fuck," I uttered over and over, in shock, as I took it in my hand, watching it tower in front of me angrily, and as I tried to wrap my hand around the giant girth.

His cock was so wide around that I estimated there was more than six inches of shaft-flesh between my thumb and index finger. His cock was staggering in size. There was a giant hook in his cock, which started at the middle of his huge shaft, that added to how menacing, and potentially damaging such a frightening monster could be, as the thought of his giant cock taking her pussy the way it wanted, and needed, would do to her. The thought caused her to cum again, right there.

I knew that there was no way I could ever stretch my mouth wide enough to fit much more than his huge cockhead and maybe half an inch past the enormous rim, so I knew that my hands and tongue were going to be what would turn him on and bring him off. I knew it was all going to be about how good I pumped and jacked his huge monster that was really going to bring him off.

As I desperately and shockingly pumped up and down his freakish shaft, I began to shudder at the thought of what it was going to do to my tight pussy once he was fucking it. My pussy was fucked before, by some big cocks, but all of them combined, didn't equal half, of what his huge cock looked like. The thought of fucking it, and having it in my pussy, made me so hot, I almost came.

"Spit on it and suck all over it baby," he commanded, in a deep voice that caused me to shudder.

I immediately did what he wanted, out of pure desperation to please him, and his monstrous cock. I, like every young teen, would do anything to please him. As I spit my hot saliva over and over his enormous shaft, I ran the tip of her tongue up one side to spread it all over his protruding veins and against his tight skin.

"That's it baby," he groaned, as he sat back in the plush leather seat of his limo, sipping his champagne while he took in the sight of the newest young teen that was going to get fucked by his enormous cock.

"Ummmmmmmmm....soooooo fucking huge......sooooo fucking huge," I moaned repeatedly as I felt the finger- sized veins that weaved like a wild maze up his enormous shaft against the tip of her tongue.

I lustfully ran my tongue all the way up his endless shaft to his great big cock head. I could not believe the huge string of veins that stuck-out from the sides of his shaft. The sight of his veins gave his massive cock an even more powerful and more menacing look. Just tracing my tongue over the ridge of thick veins had my pussy jumping wildly.

Once I reached the top of his pulsing crown I lovingly flicked my tongue over it, while looking into his penetrating eyes, with a sly grin on my face. It sent a clear message that I was going to be a real naughty fuck, which from what I heard was exactly the kind he loved fucking.

Within minutes of my hot teasing a steady flow of clear pre-cum began to pour out of his wide open slit. I began groaning as I thought how incredible it was to have more pre-cum than most men have in an actual orgasm. As it flowed out steadily, I licked it off the endless length of his shaft with a depraved lust. I used his pre-cum as a lubricant to pump his cock, while I licked away at it. I was delirious, loving the taste of his pre-cum, and knew that I was going to absolutely love the taste of his cum. As I teasingly kissed his huge cock head, it filled the limo with sexy popping sounds. I then teasingly looked up at him with lust in her eyes.

"Oh God, I love this fucking huge cock," I said lustfully, before licking the other side of his huge shaft and repeating the naughty act. I did this over and over as his eyes were riveted to my body. I was absolutely loving the excitement I was giving him, each time I kissed his cock head then flicked my burning tongue wildly over the huge head, while I sinfully smiled at him.

This was my way of silently letting my husband's 80 year old boss know how much I worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After 10 minutes of running my hot tongue all over his huge shaft, I lifted the giant cock against his tight, firm chest and began sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and as I meticulously licked and kissed them with my mouth, he moaned in ecstasy.

"That's it baby, work those big, hanging balls," he snarled.

As I sucked his huge balls, I began to wonder about how much cum he had stored up. His balls were huge, matching his enormous cock, which made it staggering, almost frightening.

As I took each of his massive, hanging balls into my mouth he was looking down at me as he took in the hot sight. The sight of me squatting in my high heel pumps as the backs of her feet came out of her shoes and her sexy black thigh high stockings that accented the incredible tapper of her long, Asian legs and the way they were attached to the sexy garter, with her big, dark nipples sticking out, long and hard, was turning him on like crazy.

The way he looked at me excited me beyond words. I was lust-crazed, waiting to please the giant cock that hundreds of teens had. Listening to his groans of approval made me so excited that I was turning him on. As I lovingly blew every inch of my husband's powerful boss's giant cock I began to think about how amazing it was that I was finally with him.

After licking and kissing his huge, angry cock in a lust crazed state, I went back to stroking and pumping it as I lustfully kissed it and talked to it, saying that I loved his enormous cock, and could suck it all day. This was really turning him on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled at him and said urgently,

"Come on baby, I want to watch your great big, sexy cock pop off. All I could think about this week was your great big cock and the huge load you shot for me. "Pop for me baby," I pleaded in a wicked voice as I pumped up and down on his massive shaft.

Determined to make his huge cock giant cum I began spitting on his enormous shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled,

"Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen. Pop for me baby."

"Fuck, you're good baby," he snarled as his massive shaft began to throb uncontrollably.

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably, causing me to almost lose my grip. I began to pump up and down his huge shaft faster and faster as the pre-cum lubricated my hands making a loud squishing sound. I said in a pleading voice I didn't recognize,

"Ohhhh baby, cum real hard for me baby. I want to watch that huge, fucking built up load explode from your giant cock... Just lie back and let my hands jack that great big load out of you baby," I said in a hot voice that caused him to groan, and tense up.

Her hot stroking and nasty talk did it. My husband's boss tensed and snarled,

"Fuck, you're incredible. Here it cums baby," he snarled, and for the next two minutes, long thick ropes of scorching cum flew everywhere, as I continued to vigorously pump his huge hard on, fisting it insanely, and telling him how sexy it looked.

I could not believe the amount of cum as cum flew out of his giant cock, and sprayed across the tinted glass windows and sunroof.

"Rub your fucking clit baby," he said sensing I was going insane at the unbelievable sight.

Obeying his command, I instantly reached down and began massaging my hanging clit. The sight of his enormous cock, shooting burst after burst of hot cum, caused me to cum just from watching it.

As he lay back on the leather seat his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another, each blast long and powerful, over two feet in length! You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass windows loudly.

"Oh fuck ....I've never seen so much fucking cum.....sooooo much fucking cum baby, I uttered over and over as I continued to pump his massive shaft, determined to pump out every last drop.

"Don't fucking stop baby ....Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby," I moaned as I came with him.

As I pumped him with one hand, I used the other to cup and squeeze his balls, which had tightened and almost disappeared up into his shaft. I could not believe that a man could cum so hard and for so long, as he shoot wad after wad of hot cum everywhere in the spacious limo. I was so turned on by the sight that I came, just from watching it explode.

When he finally stopped, his huge cock turned rubbery in my hands as I continued to eagerly lick it and kiss it in an almost trance-like state while I moaned over and over about how huge his cock was and how much I loved sucking it. As I continued to suck it passionately, it began to grow again. I was in disbelief that an 80 year old man could recover so quickly.

As his huge cock ballooned out to another raging hard-on, the limo had just pulled up to the helicopter. He barely managed to pull his pants up over his bulging hard-on, as I smoothed out her mini dress, and put the slingshot straps back, over my big aching tits and throbbing nipples. We exited the limo and as soon as we reached the helicopter we stopped to kiss hungrily. It was so sexy and I was so turned on to be a part of his wealth and power.

"God I can't believe this cock. So fucking huge," I said as I ran my hand down to his knee, feeling the giant hook wanting to be released again.

He was once again playing with my body, running his hands over my ass then across my big, aching nipples.

"I've got to suck these sexy tits," he said hungrily, as he moved the straps of the slingshot dress off my tits and began biting and sucking my huge nipples right there, in front of the open helicopter door.

I was going crazy from the deliberate way he was taking me, with no concern for anyone around him. I was so turned on by his power. He knew that there would never be any of his employees that would say or do anything out of fear of being fired and never being able to work again for anyone.

I knew that this was a man who fucked young teens constantly and that his personal staff must see this all the time. I was so turned on that I was going to be added to the list.

Because his private helicopter was designed for corporate use, and private conferencing, there were two private compartments each having two cushioned seats and a long, wide sofa. There were numerous times when the wealthy businessman was fucking the young wife, daughter, or granddaughter, of one of his employees, or business associates, while his legal team or staff was in the front compartment, conducting business for him.

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