Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 12


"Fuck it baby, fuck it the way you want and need."

Grunting like crazy he told me that my pussy was driving his big cock crazy. Suddenly he put one foot up on the railing, and began fucking me in this new position. As he held me by my narrow waist he began pounding his massive cock into me like a man possessed by the devil.

"Oh fuck- I feel that huge-assed cock everywhere," I shrieked as he thrust way up into the back of my pussy.

The giant hook in his cock seemed to make a new tunnel in her pussy, and caused me to erupt like a volcano. As he fucked me like a man with a jack-hammer, his huge hanging balls slapped against the bottom of my exposed clit. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions to go-off, deep inside my sex starved teenage pussy as I clung to the yachts railing.

Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was that I knew I was driving his huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his giant cock disappeared all the way up into the back of my smoking pussy.

As I continued to cover his giant shaft in my own burning clear liquid, he began pinching my hot inch long nipples while he pounded that huge angry cock into me, menacingly. He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled my inch long nipples through his well, manicured fingers.

As he fucked and played with the sexy, married Asian teens turned on nipples, she moaned in a low dark voice and telling him how much she loved the way he was playing with her big, nipples, and the way he fucked. He then thrilled her by saying he had fucked thousands of different pussies and she had one of the sexiest one he'd ever fucked.

He told me he loved the way my pussy felt wrapped around his big cock, and that it was the most incredible cunt he'd ever been inside. Hearing that caused me to fuck back on his monster, harder then I already was. Slamming my ass back to meet his every thrust caused the sounds of his giant balls, hitting my clit, to fill the air around us in the naughtiest sounds.

The feeling of his huge 14 inch cock stuffing every inch of my tight 19 year old pussy while he played with my turned on, inch long nipples, telling me about how hot my sexy pussy felt wrapped around his big cock, caused me to look back at him with my lip curled up, as I came in a flood real hard all over his giant shaft. At one point he could not believe what my pussy was doing to his cock.

Suddenly, he stopped fucking me for a few seconds, because he could actually feel my steaming cunt lips pull his huge cock way up into the back of my smoking cunt. He had never experienced this action before, and said it drove him wild.

As his huge cock was being sucked in by the sexy, Asian teens puss he thought of the thousands of young teenage cunts he fucked that could never take more than half of him, who always shrieked and even passed out, from being so over-stuffed. The thrill of this married, Asian teen was in the way she lusted for his giant cock when she was passionately stroking it and licking, and sucking it, and now the way she was excitedly fucking it. The way she spiraled her sexy ass along the maze of thick, protruding veins, while her vacuum-like pussy sucked him inside her was unlike any other fucking experience he ever had.

Stroking him, she had the most amazing touch, with long, slender fingers that seemed to glide over his giant shaft, causing his long, protruding veins to electrify, as they glided over the wild maze, as she stroked all 14 inches of his massive shaft teasingly.

It was the way she pressed his towering shaft against his chest, in her outstretched palm, while she licked his huge, hanging balls for long periods of time, before running the tip of her tongue, in a swirling pattern up the length of his endless shaft, tracing over the rows of protruding veins then reaching the top and groaning as she flicked her tongue wildly over his enormous cock-head, while she looked up at him with her exotic Asian eyes, was what made her so special, and drove him insane.

She lusted to hold and pump his cock, unlike any other teen. It was looking at her big, round tits and her incredibly tapered legs, which always made him cum so hard.

This hot, Asian teen, had a pussy that actually could grip his massive shaft and milk it, while drawing it way inside her burning cunt, and take the incredible girth with an intense lust. The way her magical pussy gripped and milked his cock caused him to fuck with a deeper, more depraved intensity, which was met by her cumming repeatedly over his massive shaft, as she looked back and snarled with clenched teeth, about how fucking huge he was, and how much she loved his freakish cock.

As I came, I began pushing, and spiraling my turned on ass onto his giant, sexy cock, going crazy from the overstuffed feeling it gave me, as it went way-up inside the back of her boiling cunt.

He was groaning wildly as he fucked into me like a mad-man, and began saying,

"Oh fuck, that's perfect baby....Yeah, fuck back onto my big cock...Use that wild ass to jack off my big horny cock baby."

As I fucked him with the lust of knowing I was pleasing every inch of his monster cock I was going wild from the guttural words that came out of the sophisticated, wealthy businessman's mouth. Our 65 year age difference and the way he was speaking to me while he fucked into me added to the excitement.

At that point I thought she was going to pass out from how hard he was fucking into me. I looked back and saw this glazed look in his eyes that I hadn't seen in any man before. I knew that he was just getting started, and for the next hour he fucked me with an almost insane rage.

As his skilled hands ran up and down my sheer thigh high stockings then up to my huge swollen inch long nipples, his unrelenting cock fucked into me relentlessly, reshaping my pussy into a mold around his massive girth.

His pinching, and twisting on my inch long nipples caused me to cum again and again. He was going wild, as he felt his giant cock get ready to explode again. As he reached the bursting point, he was talking out loud like a man possessed,

"So fucking sexy...incredible body...... I should have fucked you the night I met you baby....Should have got rid of your husband that night and fucked the shit out of this amazing pussy," he snarled as he hammered into me at a blinding speed.

"Oh fuck, I wished you did baby," I said biting my lower lip as stars shot across me from the pummeling force of his massive cock.

" Big sexy tits...Huge fucking nipples...A gorgeous ass...Stockings and high heels, driving this big cock crazy...A pussy so tight and deep, it can handle and take every inch of my great big cock...Fuck your good baby....Real good," he said through clenched teeth, as he pounded her pussy, right through the yachts railing.

I could not begin to explain how sexy it felt to know that I could turn on such a huge cock. I knew every guy and lots of women look at me and instantly want to fuck me, but guys with giant cocks like her husband's older boss fuck all the time. Because of his mammoth size Mr. Sterling gets all the pussy he wants; anytime he wants it and always on his terms.

As I thrust back onto his monster shaft, I felt so empowered, knowing that his huge cock couldn't get enough of my pussy, and that I was one of the best fucks he'd ever had. Even though I couldn't stop cumming over his enormous cock, it felt so sexy to be driving him crazy for me.

As he continued to pummel my stretched-out pussy, with one long vicious stroke after another, I turned her head to the side and our tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each other's for a few minutes of twisted kissing. As we kissed my pussy kept exploding from each powerful thrust of his huge cock, as the giant, protruding veins below the crown of his shaft hit my sensitive, hanging clit, and caused me to explode like dynamite going off, as it bottomed out inside me again and again.

Feeling his giant cock expand even more in my gripping cunt, I knew he was ready to cum again.

"Oh fuck baby, I gotta feed this sexy pussy. Its driving my big cock crazy baby, he snarled out loud.

I then looked back and with a crazed lust on her face, and snarled,

"Fill it baby...Fill your newest teen pussy with your big hot load...Cum in it baby...Ohhh fuck yeah baby, fill it up with one of your great- big pussy filling loads.

Suddenly I shuddered and came as I felt burst after burst of the hottest cum explode inside my sex-starved pussy. As his giant cock filled every inch of my stretched-out fuck hole, I began using my ass to fuck harder onto his huge exploding shaft.

All action on the luxury yacht seemed to come to a screeching halt, as all eyes of the crew watched their older employer fuck wildly, and cum into the pussy of a sexy teen, more than 60 years younger than him. As huge drips of cum flowed out of her pussy, pooling around her high heel pumps, they heard her lust-filled voice drive him wild.

"Ohhh yeah baby, keep fucking that monster into me baby...Keep pumping that hot cum into me baby...... Oh fuck, my pussy loves that great- big sexy cock...Keep it fucking inside your brand new pussy baby....Oh yeah fuck it all day and night baby...Show me what that great big cock of yours can do to a sexy pussy baby."

The crew all looked on in disbelief as cum flowed onto the deck like a running faucet, and he continued to fuck, without any sign of letting up, or stopping. As he came, her pussy exploded like crazy, as if dynamite was exploding inside her, as she felt burst after burst of scorching hot cum fill every pocket inside her pussy.

As his hot cum shot way up inside her, she was delirious from the feeling of his enormous pulsating cock and from the hot cum that coated her clinching velvet fuck- walls of her aching cunt. As his hot cum exploded inside her, she wildly fucked back onto his giant cock, moaning every time her ass came back and met his tight, fit body.

The feeling of his hot cum exploding inside of her, kept her body in a state of orgasmic heaven, as her boiling pussy spasmed all over his huge cock, mixing her cum with his.

The more he came, the crazier we kissed, and the harder he fucked. After he finished cumming I instinctively began to slow my ass and pussy down. Suddenly, with a very forceful nature, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled his enormous cock out of my pussy, which made a huge popping sound, that caused me to shudder. He grabbed his shaft and pulled me by the hair and made her look at his cock, which I couldn't believe was just as huge as when he was fucking me.

"Does this fucking cock look like it's through fucking you baby," he said in an angered voice that set chills down my spine, and everyone else that was watching. "Don't you ever stop fucking, when I explode, he said in a commanding voice that showed his ruthless side. "I'll fucking let you know when I'm through baby, and I was far from being done with your sexy cunt," he said in a dark-angered voice.

"Oh god, I had no idea you were still able to keep fucking after you came so hard. I'm so used to my husband and every guy I fuck losing their hard-on right after they cum.," I said in disbelief as I steered at his pulsing cock, in its enormous state, even after shooting a huge load into my cunt.

"Don't ever compare me to your husband or one of your boyfriends he said, as he grabbed my hair and drew me into a hot kiss.

After kissing me hard he spun me around forcefully which caused me to groan as he lined up his now angered cock with my gaping fuck hole. Showing zero mercy, he began slamming his tireless cock into my pussy as if he hadn't fucked in ten years. For the next half hour he fucked into my sex-starved pussy with every ounce of strength he had, causing me to almost black-out.

As he fucked into her like a deranged animal, the crew, including the captain watched in amazement as they marveled the staggering size of their boss's enormous cock, and his incredible endless stamina to fuck, as his giant cock tore apart the pussy of the big-titted Asian teen.

The well-paid crew had watched this sight a million times with hundreds of different teenage girls and as if seeing it for the first time were amazed at his ability to fuck in the most punishing way and recover so quickly after having an explosive orgasm. Their employer was a man feared by all in the business world and his aggressive manner and the way he fucked made him seem even more terrifying.

At one point he lifted her under my thighs, and with his monster cock lodged in my pussy, lifted me and spun me around with his back against the railing.

"Now fuck me baby, he snarled just as her high heel pumps hit the deck. " Fuck this great big cock," he ragged in a voice that sent a chill up my spine.

As soon as my size 10 pumps were secure on the deck, I began thrusting my pussy down onto his 14 inch cock, desperate to please very fat inch of it. I was instantly lost in the mind-blowing feeling of impaling myself onto something beyond enormous. I was so turned on, using my pussy to please every inch of the enormous cock of my husband's older boss.

"Oh god, I've never felt anything this fucking big in my life," I groaned as I drove my scorching, stretched out pussy up and down his massive shaft.

"Let me fuck it for you baby," I said as I began slowly pushing my over-stretched pussy down the endless length of his steel - hard shaft.

Once I bottomed out I began twisting my ass in a spiral motion, as I cork- screwed the length of his entire shaft.

"Oh fuck, I like that sexy," he wailed out loud.

I continued to twist my ass teasingly over his huge shaft for more than 15 minutes, with him clearly enjoying the feeling my hot, 19 year old pussy was giving his huge cock. After a while he took over, telling me he loved the way I fucked, then grabbed my narrow hips and began controlling the action, by pulling me against his tight stomach and slowly pushing me away from him.

When he felt his giant crown reach the edge of my fuck lips he pulled on my garters like using the reins of a horse and drew her pussy back down onto his oversized cock. He began pulling my garters harder and faster causing them to stretch wide apart, to the point of almost ripping from the lace tops. I knew he was going to cum, but could not believe it after just exploding minutes before. I was amazed at how quickly he could recover from such long draining cums. He was one of a kind, a man fuck and cum for days.

Suddenly, he took me by the hips and began slamming into me with so much force it caused her to scream. I almost blacked out as I felt his massive shaft expand and pulse wildly, as it sent a tremor of vibrations through my pussy and up into my body.

All of the yachts crew looked on in amazement, as they watched the incredible lust filled scene take place. The sound of their bosses his huge, hanging ball sack hitting the bottom of her stomach, filled the air around the deck with a thunderous noise. She had finally reached the place of least resistance, and he fucked her even harder and with so much ferocity it caused everyone on the yacht to gasp to themselves.

Suddenly burst after burst went into my burring fuck hole, like a fire hydrant had been opened. We fucked through the massive cum kissing each other, as our tongues went flying across each other's in a desperate need to connect. After he came he lifted me again and spun me to the railing. With his huge cock still pounding into me, I took hold of the railing just before losing my balance. I looked back and snarled,

"Oh God.... You fuck so hard baby. No one's ever fucked me this hard, "I snarled as I looked back at him with while biting my lower lip.

After he came the second time I knew better than to stop, in fact I looked back and snarled,

"Oh fuck, keep that huge cock going baby. Don't ever stop. Use this hot 19 year old pussy for everything that huge cock of yours needs baby. EVERTHING IT NEEDS," I said biting my lower lip from the thrilling torture of his 14 inch cock.

After pounding through that cum he made me grab onto the railing and actually lifted me by the hips, lifting me off the deck as he trusted his massive cock into the back of my pussy. I nearly blacked out from the enormity of something so huge inside me as I felt weightless in this fuck position.

I could feel the sweat dripping from his face onto my ass which made me cum. After another 15 minutes of this torturous pounding he threw his head back and groaned that he was going to cum again. As he said it, he put me back onto the deck and pounded into me, pulling his huge cock way back to the crown, then slamming it back into my gaping fuck hole. He was pounding my young, teen pussy so hard; my high heel pumps actually skidded forward with every punishing thrust.

"Give it to me baby," I said as I threw my head back in lust-filled state, from being fucked by such an enormous cock.

"Drop every ounce of cum from that huge- assed cock of yours in your newest pussy baby," I snarled, urging him to explode.

Looking at the twisted expression on his face caused me to grin at him slyly. Suddenly I heard him rasp at he about my cunt being too good and that it was going to make him explode. Throwing my head back from the feeling of a fire-hose exploding inside me I felt his giant cock bursting in volcanic blast inside my scorching pussy. The explosive force of his cum made me respond by fucking back on his huge shaft with the hardest thrust from my slender hips.

As I slammed my ass back at his tight body, I pressed her feet down into my high heel pumps to help anchor them in order that I could please his giant cock that had made me cum hundreds of times already. For the next two minutes my pussy was treated to an earthquake like explosion that sent me into a wild orgasm that lasted over a minute.

Finally, when he was through fucking, he began pulling out of my incredibly tight pussy, as my over-stretched cunt tried desperately to cling to it, which was a feeling he absolutely loved.

"Such an amazing cunt," he groaned as my pussy kept milking his huge cock.

"Oh god. I love this huge cock," I groaned, as my pussy was in a series of spasm's.

When he popped out, his still huge, but flaccid cock made a loud popping sound that filled the air. With his enormous monster hanging down and pulsing, we turned and began kissing wildly as his hands freely roamed over my nylons and aching tits. We kissed obscenely for almost five minutes, as my hands continued pumping his surprisingly huge cock. His mouth was busily sucking on one of my big one inch nipples which had me on the edge of another sinful orgasm. As we kissed I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my out stretched hands which caused me to squat on my pumps and suck it clean.

At that point, he put his arm around my waist, and walked me to his stateroom where we spent the next four hours fucking like lovers. That weekend we fucked non-stop in every fuck position imaginable. Throughout the weekend I'd always be dressed in something really sexy. From sinful slingshot bikinis and high heels to stockings and heels to see-through mesh mini dresses with stockings and pumps on. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life and I was happy when he said I fucked him better than any one else.

With his enormous cock he fucked me in positions I never knew existed, as each one got me off harder and better than I ever have in my life. In one position, he was lying on a big futon on the yacht deck and had me fuck him as my ass went over his left thigh.

With my pumps anchored to the deck his monster cock fucked way up inside me as I rolled my ass to meet his every thrust. If this was my husband or any average-size guy I could have never fucked this was because their cocks would have never even met the mouth of my pussy from this angle.

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