tagSci-Fi & FantasyConfirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 03

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 03


Cisco learns that there are benefits to his new job while Ronin goes back to Sateda. Carter has an encounter with the leader of the Genii, and invites him to dinner...


Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes

Chapter Three


0620 Hours

"Samuels to Cisco."

"Go ahead." He said quietly as he tapped his headset.

"Can you meet me in the colonel's suite?" She asked.

"Five minutes?"

"That's fine, I'll have coffee ready."

He stood up, and saw that Tammy was looking at him.

"You're a light sleeper." He said. "How are you feeling?"

"Better." She smiled. "Who was that?"

"Samuels. She wants to talk to me."

She nodded, her eyes closing.

"Go back to sleep. I'll be back later."

She smiled, but didn't say anything.


0630 Hours

"Get some coffee, and have a seat, they need a few more minutes to finish getting your suite ready." Andi said, not turning around.

He noticed that she had a tablet on the table in front of her, and there were pictures of the living room and kitchen on it. He waved his arm, and saw himself doing it on the tablet.

"It's a live feed, we use it to monitor Sam. Or we used to, we don't need it that much anymore." Samuels said. "They both wear a bracelet that we monitor them with too."

"Could those bracelets be modified to send out a distress signal, or to track them?" He asked as he sat down across the table from her.

She shook her head. "The range on them is only about two hundred feet. It's a medical device. Sam has a subcutaneous transponder, I guess we could get Tammy one."

"Since she's already in the infirmary, could we do that today?" He asked.

"It might be a little soon for that." She said. "She may not be up to it."

"She's feeling better. I just came from there."

"When did you go down there?"

"I was there all night."

She looked at him, then nodded.

"I check the video system here in the suite, the conference room, and anywhere they go that has a video feed." She said. "I use it to track Sam's progress as my patient, and also to make a historical record as foreign minister."

She got up and refilled her coffee cup, then came back and sat down.

"They withhold information from both Jennifer and I, but they know that we check the video. They don't object, or else Tammy would have shut it down. She set the system up."

He nodded, and waited for her to continue.

"I understand that your first loyalty is going to be to them, and that you're going to have to withhold information from me at their request. But I need you to share information about their state of mind, and their health with us. We can talk to Sam about that later, I doubt if she'll object."

"My job is to protect the royal family, and that means more than just keeping them alive." He said. "Would you agree with that?"

She nodded.

"I'll need to speak to Ronin and the queens to see what that includes. But I agree, I doubt if they'll object to us sharing medical information with you."

She nodded again, looking at him.

"Let's go down and take a look at your suite." She said as she stood up. "I gave you the one I used to live in. It's got a rustic decor, I think you'll like it.


0745 Hours

"Carter to Cisco."

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Where are you?"

"Right here." He said as he stepped into the kitchen.

"Neat trick." She laughed. "I like the outfit."

He was wearing a light brown Atlantian style suit with a soft, cream-colored shirt.

"I don't like the cut of the jacket. No collar."

"Take it off." She said. "I want to see what you have on under there."

He slipped the jacket off, revealing twin shoulder holsters, each with a large automatic pistol.

"Turn around."

He turned, and she could see the two small pistols clipped inside the waistband of his pants.

"Now lift the pants legs."

He drew up the legs of his pants. He had another pistol strapped to one ankle, and his bowie knife strapped to the other.

"What else do you have? I know there's more." She said.

He pulled a small knife from one sleeve, then held his other arm out, and a small pistol appeared in his hand.

Ronin smiled. "What about the knife under your collar, and the one strapped inside your left leg?"

"Those are carved bone, won't show up on a metal detector." Cisco said.

"So another knife, or a bomb isn't going to pop out of your shoe? We've seen it all?"

"You never see it all." He said as he reached up and slipped a thin piece of wire from under the collar of his shirt.

"What's that for?" She asked.


"And you're going to pack all that hardware around all the time?" She asked.

"No. But at least one guard per team will carry most of it. The other one will have a small automatic weapon." He said. "I like the Mac10. But if we can find more of Ronin's gun, we can use those."

"That's why we called you." She said as he sat down next to Ronin.

"I want you to go to Sateda today. I'll send the Apollo with you." She told them. "Ronin can tell them where to look, and they can scan before they send you down."

Cisco shook his head. "Ronin can do this. I'll be staying here." He said. "One of us will be in the city, with you, at all times."

"He's right." Ronin said. "And I want to sit down with you and Tammy when she gets home. We need to talk about ground rules."

Cisco slid a piece of paper with ancient symbols on it over to him. Ronin slid his own back to him. They both nodded as they looked at each others lists.

"So you're going to lock us down." She said.

"Only as much as we have to." Cisco said. "Once we get the security systems up, you'll have free run of this building, the conference center, and the formal dining room. Those areas are going to be kept locked down. If you go anywhere else, we'll do a pre-sweep of the area first."

He paused, glancing over at Ronin, then back at her.

"But the most important thing we're going to need you to understand, is what your job is in an emergency. It's going to be hard for you, because it goes against all the training you've ever had. You have to let our people protect you, and that means not resisting them if they try to move you out of an area, or try to cover you. You do not fight. If they go down, you run, you only fight as a last resort."

She looked at Ronin, and saw the same stony expression on his face that Cisco had.

"I don't know if I can do that." She said quietly.

"You'll learn. We're going to practice it." Cisco said. "We don't expect you to get it right the first time, or every time. We just want you to be ready."

"Do you really think something will happen that often?"

"No, but it will happen. People will just lose it, and try to take it out on you because you're symbols. We have enemies, and will make more, things change."


0930 Hours

"Hi sweetie." Tammy smiled as they came up to the bed.

"Hi, how are you feeling?" Sam asked as she took her hand in hers.

"Better, I'm still a little weak though." Tammy said. "Jenn says I have an infection, and she wants to keep me here for a couple days."

"Oh." Sam said, her face going pale. "I haven't talked to her."

"She just left. She let me feed Jacob. Just the bottle though."

She glanced over at Cisco.

"Did he tell you that he stayed here with me last night?" She asked Sam.

"No, Andi did." Sam smiled. "I don't think he was going to. He doesn't give up much."

"As long as he gives up the good stuff." Tammy said, wincing as she started to laugh. "Oh shit, it hurts to laugh." She grunted.

"Then don't laugh." Jennifer said as she walked up and stood on the other side of the bed. She looked over at Sam.

"She's got a minor infection and a low grade fever. We've got her on a wide spectrum antibiotic." She said. "I'm going to keep her here today, and we'll see how she's doing tomorrow. There's no more internal bleeding, we got everything when we went back in."

Sam nodded, but didn't say anything.

"I'm really sorry, Sam. We thought we had gotten everything." Keller said. "I went back over the video, and still didn't see the bleeders, even though I knew they were there. That's why the second surgery took so long."

"Tell her about the STID." Tammy said.

Jennifer looked at Tammy, then back at Sam.

"Andi called down and asked if we could put a subcutaneous transponder like yours in Tammy. We talked about it, and Tammy agreed."

Carter looked over at Cisco. "This was your idea I guess."

He nodded. "Dr. Samuels was telling me about the video system, and your bracelets." He said. "And I asked about the transponder after she said that your bracelets are medical devices, and only have a short range."

"He's locking us down too." Sam told Tammy. "They want to sit down with us when you get home. Ronin says we're going to have ground rules."

Tammy nodded. "Good, we should have done it before now." She said, looking at Cisco. "I just didn't think we'd need it so soon."

"Neither did I." Sam said.

"I don't want either of you to think about it after we get everything setup." Cisco said. "You won't even notice it most of the time. Just live your lives, and let us worry about the rest."

Tammy looked at Sam, then over at Jennifer.

"Can we have a minute Jenn?" She asked.

"Sure, I want to look in on Jacob, then I think I'll go try to figure out how my chair got out here." Jennifer said, looking at Cisco. "No one seems to know."

When she was safely out of earshot. Tammy looked over at Cisco.

"Will you take Sam home and make love to her for me?" She said softly.

"Tammy, not yet. You're hur..."

"No, Sam. I want this for you."

She looked back at Cisco. "Three times. Once for her, once for me, and once for us."

Sam was blushing as she looked at Cisco, then quickly away.

"Come here, baby." Tammy laughed. "Give me a kiss, and get out of here. I'm tired, and I really do need to rest."

Sam leaned closer, bringing her lips to Tammy's. They kissed lightly, and Tammy ran her hand over her breast, pinching her nipple.

"Your nipple is hard, is your little pussy wet too? That's why you're blushing, isn't it?" She whispered.

Sam nodded, smiling against Tammy's lips.

"Go Sam, just forget everything else for a few hours and have a good time." Tammy whispered. "I want you to."

Sam nodded again and kissed her lightly. "I will, and I love you."

"I love you too." Tammy said, closing her eyes.

Sam stood up and took Cisco's hand, leading him away from the bed. She stopped by Jennifer's office on the way out, and stuck her head in the door.

"Will you tell the senior staff that I'm taking the day off?" She said lightly. "I'll be available for dinner, if anyone wants to join me. I just won't be taking calls till after say...sixteen hundred?"

"I think that's a good idea Sam. I'll let everyone know." Jennifer said. "But let's make it eighteen hundred. And I'd like you to stay with me tonight, or have Teyla come over and stay with you. I don't think you should be alone."

Sam just nodded. "How about both of you come over? We can make it a girl's night in."

Interior-Living room

1015 Hours

"You don't really have to..."

Cisco held his finger to her lips, smiling when he saw the soft green glow of her shield.

"I want to. I have for a while." He said gently. "Turn your shield off, but don't undress, I want to do that."

"I need a minute." He said as they stepped off the porter. He turned to the marine standing there and signaled for him to follow. He walked down the hall with him, then watched as he stepped onto the elevator. He stood for a moment, speaking quietly into his headset.

"We can't be queen and subject when we do this." He said as he came up to her, putting his arms around her waist, holding her comfortably. "Can you do that?"

Sam nodded, but didn't speak.

"Do you want me to make love to you?"

She shook her head, then smiled slowly. "With me."

Interior-Apollo Bridge

1020 Hours

"This was another storage area." Ronin said, pointing at a section of the map on the monitor. "Very few people knew about it. I was a guard there for a while."

They had already been over the two main continents, and had only found a few weapons, and two small ammunition caches.

"I'm getting energy and life sign readings from the west side of the city." Wilkins said. He enlarged the map, highlighting a cluster of buildings. Small red symbols dotted the area. "The X's are life signs, the yellow areas are buildings that I think are powered. At least two of them are underground."

"What do you want to do?" Lorne asked. "This is your show. And they might be your people."

"I'm with my people." Ronin said quietly. He looked over at Wilkins. "How many life signs do you see? And can you put us into one of those underground buildings?"

Wilkins shook his head. "They're both too deep to put you down in them safely. I can put you in the buildings directly above them, they look unoccupied. There's only about twenty life signs all together, and those are all around the perimeter."

"Let's beam one of them up, and ask them what they're doing there." Lorne said. "These are the first life signs we've found so far, so I think we may be on to something."

Ronin nodded, and Lorne looked over at Wilkins.

"Pick one that's alone, and beam him into the brig. Let's see what he has to say."


1020 Hours

"I like your hair short like this." Cisco said as he opened the buttons on her vest slowly. When he reached the bottom, he put his hands on her waist and ran them slowly up her sides.

Sam sucked in her breath at his gentle touch, arching her back to force her breasts toward him as his fingers stroked lightly over her skin.

He moved around her slowly, pressing himself against her as he drew her vest off over her shoulders and slid his hands around, cupping her tits and squeezing them.

"I've always liked your body." He whispered. "From the first time I saw you. I never thought I'd be doing this with you."

"When was that?" She gasped as he pinched her nipples between his fingers.

"At the SGC, I used to watch you in the gym, and I was on the security teams for a while before I got moved to SG-14." He said, moving his hands down to her waist. "Turn around."

His fingers opened the button on her slacks, then slid the zipper down slowly. Her pants fell around her feet, and she stepped out of them, kicking them aside and taking a step back, smiling at him.

"You like?" She asked posing like Andi had had her do on the first day they'd met.

"You're beautiful." He said, taking a step toward her.

"Huh uh." She laughed. "My turn."

Her hands came up and she jerked the front of his shirt open, sending buttons flying across the room. Her hands moved to his belt, opening the buckle quickly, then pulling it off and tossing it on the bed. "We're going to need that later." She muttered.

"Get rid of the shoes." She said as she opened his pants and moved the zipper down. As his pants dropped down his legs, she pushed him backwards. His legs hit the side of the bed, and he fell back onto it. Sam dropped to her knees, pulling at his pants legs as he tried to kick off his shoes.

"I don't have alot of experience with men, or with sex in general, if you want the truth." She said as she ran her hands up the insides of his thighs. She wrapped her fingers around the soft, warm shaft of his cock, looking up at him. "There's something that I always wanted to try, but was afraid to. Is it okay if..."

Cisco smiled down at her as he rested on his elbows, watching her. "Go ahead. I'll tell you what feels good, and what I like."

She was smiling as she pressed her lips to the side of his cock, then started rubbing it all over her face.

Interior-Apollo Brig

1030 Hours

The glare of an Asgard beam flared and faded, and a man appeared behind the bars in the brig. He looked surprised, then reached for his weapon, stopping when he saw six marines pointing weapons at him. He drew his sidearm slowly, then sat it on the floor, and stood up, facing them.

"Genii." Ronin said with disgust, then stepped up to the bars. "What are you doing here?"

The Genii looked at him, not saying anything.

Ronin turned to Lorne.

"Tell Wilkins to beam them out, and spread them around the island." He said as he turned toward the door. "Beam this one down too."

"You're not going to question him?" Lorne asked.

"No, let's go look for ourselves."


1040 Hours

"You smell different than Tammy does." She said softly as she inhaled his musky scent. Her tongue came out, and she dragged it slowly around the head of his cock, making him moan.

"You liked that." She giggled. "You like what I'm doing, your thing is getting bigger."

"It's a cock, or a dick, not a thing." He laughed. "Say cock. And tell me that you like mine."

"I like your cock." She said, running her hand slowly up and down over the shaft. "You're not circumcised, and I really like that. One of Boris's cocks is like that, and it feels really good inside me."

"Who's Boris." He asked, a puzzled expression on his face. "And how many..."

"We'll have to show you." She laughed. "He's in the shop right now."

Pulling the skin on his cock up and down, she watched as the foreskin came up and almost completely covered the head, then retreated when she pulled down on it. She picked up the pace of her stroking, smiling as his cock stiffened in her hand, getting longer and thicker as she watched.

"That is so kewl." She whispered. She looked up at him, blushing slightly. "Ca...can I put it in my mouth?"

"Don't ask, do." He said. "Do you want me to tell you what to do?"

"No." She said as she kissed the tip of his cock. "I think I can figure it out."

Her lips parted slowly, and she let the thick knob of his cock slip into her mouth.


1040 Hours

"You should be able to access the first underground area from the building in front of you." Wilkins told Ronin. "I'm not getting any life sign readings, but that doesn't mean no one is home, so be careful."

"Copy." Ronin said, then waved the first squad of marines into the building. One of the marines stepped out a moment later, signaling that it was clear, and Ronin waved the second squad forward. Waving for the third squad to set up a perimeter, he stepped into the building.

"Got a staircase going down over here, sir." A marine said.

Ronin went over and looked down the stairs, then started down. The marine put his hand on his shoulder, and Ronin looked back at him.

"That's my job, sir" he said, waving his squad forward. "Let us clear it. We'll tell you when to come down."

Ronin looked at him and nodded, then stepped back out of the way.

The marines went down the stairs quietly, disappearing as they fanned out at the bottom. One appeared a moment later, signaling that it was clear. Ronin went down the stairs, and the sergeant came up to him.

"Seven rooms, most of them look like labs." He said. "No one has been down here in days, but it looks like they use it regularly. You should see this."

He led Ronin down a hall and into a large room, stopping him just inside the door.

"Those are nukes, sir. So we don't want to hang around here too long." He said. "I think we found one of the Genii's research labs."

Ronin nodded. "Check the rest of the floor. Is this the only level?"

The sergeant nodded. "There's a door at the end of this hall leading to a connecting tunnel, probably to the other building." He said. "I'd like to send second squad up and have them access the other complex from above, while we go in through there."

"Send half of the other squad with them for support." Ronin said. "But have them stay topside unless we need them."

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