tagInterracial LoveConfrontation Ch. 02

Confrontation Ch. 02


So I didn't intend to take this story longer than one submission, but I've expanded it due to popular demand. Hope you like the second chapter. Voting and feedbacks are appreciated**L.S

Dear Lynn,

By the time you read this, I would have been long gone. I can't say where to in this letter, but far away from Denton County, and out of Texas even.'


I did a very bad thing, something really shameful. I can't say it to your face, but I really do hope you can forgive me.

Remember the day you came to my place and told me you dumped Mitch? Well, I went to confront him while you were asleep and somehow, we had sex. Please don't stop reading yet, there's more.

Last month, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I can't stay in Denton and have this baby, and you of all people know how I feel about abortion. I really wish things didn't turn out this way. I still want to be your best friend if you'll let me.

When I get to my destination, I'll call you. Please answer Lynn, your friendship means a lot to me. I know I've wronged you, but that was never my intention, and I want you to understand that.

Be good Lynn, and find yourself a deserving man (not Mitch)

All the Best,


Lynn could still remember every word of that letter, hell! She still had it in her possession. She remembered how bitter she had been, vowing never to speak to Rhea ever again and even going as far as burning some of their pictures. Suffice it to say, she hadn't answered the phone when Rhea called. A whole week passed with Rhea calling and leaving voicemails and her not bothering to call back or even listen to those voicemails, after two weeks of the same routine, Rhea had gotten the message and the calls had stopped. She remembered how Rhea had sounded on her last voicemail; regretful, alone- depressed. She had apologized again and never called back.

For three months Mitch had harassed her and damn near stalked her in his mission to find Rhea. It had been hell seeing the man she thought she loved going on about her best friend like she was the love of his life. He didn't even seem the least bit phased that he was more worried about a fling than getting his girlfriend back, and it registered to her that Mitch didn't want her back this time.

She remembered a certain altercation between them once while she was leaving the grocery store.

Mitch had jumped out of his truck and grabbed her arm, "Hey, I need to talk to you Lynn"

"If it's about Rhea, I don't know where she is"

"Come on Lynn, she must have contacted you" he urged. The whole Mitch Montgomery charm seemed to be on full alert waiting to pop out if and when necessary.

Lynn folded her arms across her chest and looked him over, "What makes you think that Mitchell?" she asked, her voice dripping with contempt when she said his name.

"She's YOUR best friend..."

"Who fucked my boyfriend...."

"Ex- boyfriend..."

"Barely an hour after we broke up! Do you really think I would be interested in keeping contact with such a friend?" she damn near screamed at him, her frustration and anger evident.

He looked her over, apparently now lost for words. She didn't wait to hear his reply as she rushed towards her car, apparently off to cry her eyes out.

He had kept up wit hhis pushing two or three more times until he finally realized she wasn't just playing him for all the wrongs he did her. After that, it was a downward spiral for the player that was Mitch. He became withdrawn, he stopped being a regular at the golf clubs and high-end restaurants he used to frequent. He became cold and unapproachable, he had even dismissed his harem of women rather unceremoniously.

For a couple of years, Lynn had really been glad to see Mitchell was getting a healthy dose of his own medicine, sure she wasn't thrilled that it was Rhea who broke him, but she was content with the fact that he was broken.

He had bounced back briefly after two years, even going into the dating scene. He had been with Noreen, an auburn-haired pretty little thing who used to be a pageant queen, Lynn had never bothered finding out about her, she was just going to end up like all of Mitch's play-things anyway. She had almost swallowed her words after they got engaged, but Mitch proved her right once he broke off the engaged, but Mitch proved her right once he broke off the engagement barely a month before their wedding. No one in the county ever found out why especially as Noreen didn't seem as put off as Mitch's other women were.

Did Lynn care? Of course not. She had her own life, dating Ronald Fletcher. He had taken up Rhea's post as manager at the timber factory, and by extension, her post as a friend and confidant. She couldn't exactly say how she and ron started, but his sense of humor and intelligence roped her in. he was no Mitchell as far as his looks went, but he wasn't far behind.

It was Ron who finally convinced Lynn to speak to Rhea two years ago, some months before she gave birth to their daughter. It had been a teary conversation between both women with Rhea repeatedly apologizing and Lynn updating her about her new life as Ron's wife.

Since then, Lynn had repeatedly tried to convince Rhea to come back, especially when she began divulging to her how rough she was having it in Kansas. It was a bit difficult juggling two jobs as a black woman, and raising her son- their son.

She stopped the thought as soon as it surfaced. There was no need for bitterness. She was now on her way to the airport, her two-year old daughter, Amy, was strapped to the baby-seat behind. Rhea was finally back home and she was going to pick her up. She was going to welcome her best friend with open arms- betrayal or not.

Within ten minutes, she was waiting outside the airport with Amy in her arms, searching for Rhea among the steady filter of travelers. Soon she sighted a female who looked like Rhea, she debated with herself if that was her Rhea, she seemed slightly...different.

It was only when the woman came closer that she was able to identify her. For a moment she just stood there, staring. She had changed, this Rhea's hair had grown out, she couldn't say the length of it because the ringlets were packed up in a messy bun. She had lost a few pounds but that definitely did her some good from what she could see.

But what shocked her the most was that this Rhea was actually wearing a dress, not just any type of dress but a floral print thin-strapped, sun dress. Rhea hated dresses, even more anything with a floral print. What had she been drinking in Kansas?

A bright smile grew on Rhea's face as Lynn waved to her an approached her. A sense of ease shadowed her seeing the warm smile Lynn sported. She had been so scared Lynn would still be holding grudges, she did miss Texas and Denton county, but returning and having to live without being on the good side of her best friend hadn't seemed worth it. Knowing that Lynn cared enough to come pick her up really made her feel good for the first time in years.

The first thing both women did as they got o each other was share a warm hug, moving as close as they coul get with the children in their arms.

"I've missed you so much pumpkin" Rhea muttered to Lynn as she felt unwanted tears well up in her eyes.

"Missed you too Rhe" Lynn replied. This time she was as genuine as she hadn't been able to be with herself in years. She really did miss her friend and the only one that acted as her backbone for years. With Rhea back, she felt like a vital part of her was back in it's rightful position.

Rhea's eyes fell on the cute little, blonde-haired, grey-eyed girl in Lynn's arms, "And who's this little cutie?" she asked. The toddler smiled shyly and tucked her head in the crook of her mother's neck.

Lynn and Rhea smiled, "This is Amy, my little peach. Amy say hello to Aunty Rhea"

"Hello" Amy replied in a tiny voice, her plump cheeks now rosy.

Lynn noticed the rather big boy in Rhea's arms move, he raised his head off her shoulders and turned with a yawn. The first thing Lynn saw was a pair of startling green eyes that looked confused and tired. He was a few shades shy of being white, he had a mass of thick, curly, dark brown hair on his head, his brows were also thick, but well defined, those emerald eyes were shadowed by lashes that were a bit too feminine, his nose was tiny, but aquiline, another feminine feature, and his lips were a much smaller version of Rhea's. He was by far the cutest little boy she had EVER seen, and by the doe-eyed look on Amy's face, she thought so too.

"Mama, are we there yet?" he asked in a tired voice as he rubbed the sleep away from his eyes.

"Yes sweetie. This is aunty Lynn and her daughter Amy, say hi"

"Hi" he was apparently not as timid as Amy was.

"Hey cutie. Did you have a nice trip?" Lynn asked.

"I don't know, I slept through most of it" he replied with a quirky smile.

Lynn smiled, "Where's the rest of your luggage?"

"Oh, Jared's bringing it along" Rhea replied.

"Who's Jared?" Lynn asked with a raised brow.

Rhea didn't have to reply as the object of the discussion emerged from behind Rhea, "You move pretty fast don't you Rhe?" he asked as he stood by her side, he had a medium-sized bag hung on his shoulders and a larger one was wheeled behind him.

Lynn looked up at the tall, lean man, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Rhea really did know how to pick her men...or maybe she was just lucky as opposed to her. She guessed his height to be somewhere around 6ft.2", she figured he should be somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties, but he looked much younger, like some frat boy, especially in those torn jeans and yellow polo.

"Jared, this is my best friend Lynn, Lynn, meet Jared, my boss, or should I say, ex-boss" Rhea introduced.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Jared said in a thick Southern accent as he extended his hand out to Lynn who accepted it.

"Nice to meet you too." Lynn replied.

The confused look on Lynn's face was not lost on Rhea, who gave further explanation, "Jared's from Austin, he's here for a family get-together. We met him at the airport before boarding, he offered to help once we landed."

Lynn nodded, taking in the explanation, but still not convinced. Well, she would be forgiven, it wasn't everyday she met an ex-employee and her ex-boss who referred to each other by their first names...and Jared seemed a little too young to be an employer, but she didn't voice out any of this.

"That's really nice of you Jared. I came with my SUV." she mentioned.

"I guess I'll have to relinquish this then." Jared said with a bright smile, exposing a pair of gleaming white teeth, he had a charming smile- quite boyish too. He was apparently speaking of the bag he was wheeling along, "Where are you parked?" he asked.

"Oh, just a few feet away."

"Lead the way then."

As they made their way to Lynn's car, she got the feeling that Jared was no predator like Mitch. He seemed easy-going, and that smile was constant, she thought he would have made a good member of Disney's Imagination Movers if he didn't look too much of a jock. Listening to his little chat with Jonas, it sounded more like two kids than a four year old and an adult.

"We're here." she announced. She opened the door and strapped Amy in, Rhea sat Jonas next to her as Jared lifted the bag into the trunk of the car with little effort.

"Aren't you coming along? We could drop you off somewhere" Rhea suggested.

"Oh no, thanks. My brother's coming to pick me up, he should be here in a while, he tends to run late." He replied, that ever-present smile lighting up his handsome face.

"Okay then, thanks again."

"You're welcome." he replied. He stopped her just as she was half-way into the passenger's seat, "Hey, if you're in Austin the next two weeks, I could take you to some place nice...with Jonas." he added, almost as a side-note.

"Sure, that would be nice. Thanks Jared." She replied with a warm smile

"Bye Jared." Jonas called.

Jared waved to him, "See you soon soldier." he gave a mock salute that made Jonas grin as the car drove away.

Jared gave a deep sigh watching them go. He had been doing this for the past three years so that it seemed like a routine, coming so close, than backing out. He swore he had to grow some balls already, and her quitting the job hadn't exactly made things any easier.

"Same ole Jared, always pussy-footing." a male voice spoke from behind him.

He let out another deep, calming breath. Some people would never grow up.


The content of the cup danced, the dim lights from the bar reflecting against the clear liquid. The drink in the cup in turn reflecting the soul of the consumer...clear, blank, plain. It soothed him, making the ache he felt an hour ago non-existent, making his entire person numb- gaining the desired effect.

Mitch watched the drink, his eyes were trained on it, but he wasn't looking at it. All he saw was a man reaching his breaking point, a man just hanging on the tethers of what used to be a bubbling personality, a man who wanted nothing but solitude and went on to build the barriers to ensure that.

"Do I get you something else sweety?" the shrill voice of the bartender invaded his thoughts. He looked up at her, the busty brunette smiled flirtatiously at him, he had to give it to her, she was one determined chic. One would think you would give up after unleashing an arsenal of subtle come-ons on a man who seemed less interested at every meeting, without results. She never let-up though, disturbing his sight with her large, artificial breasts by wearing shirts that were two sizes too small; his ears with her unnecessary chattering and tales he never bothered to actually listen to; and his nostrils with that god awful smell of whatever cheap perfume she drowned herself in before coming to work.

He had been with her kind of women and was sick of them, not to mention he could bet he was at least ten years her senior. Five years ago, he would have taken her for a nice fuck in the backroom the second she signified interest, not anymore though. He was through with flings, the last time he had acted with directions from his cock had led to his present state.

He grunted, damn that woman! He would never have believed he'd be in such a situation, where he'd be totally distraught because of a common female, worse still, a female he hadn't even known well enough to make such an impact, how the fuck did a one-time fuck screw him up so?

"No thanks." he muttered under his breath.

Shelly wanted to urge him on a little, he could tell she was going to try and start up a conversation, but he shot her a look that told her he wasn't having none of it and thankfully, she got the message and scurried off to bother some other customer.

He gulped a little more of the whisky in his cup just as two burly men walked into the bar. It was a few minutes past seven on a Saturday evening, so the bar was slowly filling up. This place usually got rowdy after eight, Mitch usually took that as his cue to leave. He hated being in bar fights and somehow, there was always an asshole begging to get his ass kicked in this place.

The men, apparently lumberjacks, sat a few meters away from Mitch. He scowled, noisy customers, he hated that bunch too. Making a mental note to ignore them, he concentrated on his drink..that was until he heard something that interested him.

It came about ten minutes after the two men had sat, they were already on their second tumbler of beer when one of them- Bob, brought up the conversation.

"You hear the lil Madam is back?" he asked.

"You mean Miss Myers?" his friend asked, "Yeah, I heard. Heard she even got herself a little soldier." he added.

Mitch sat up and turned his head sideways to get a better listen without calling attention to himself.

"Heard that too, I wonder what man got the nerve to even screw that fire-spitting dragon..."

"Wasn't even aware she had a vagina." Bob chipped in. both men broke out in laughter.

Oh she had a vagina alright, a nice, tight, cock-squeezing vagina neither of those slobs would ever get the opportunity to even sniff. He called the attention of Shelly, she seemed a bit too excited as she came running toward him, before she could get a word out though he crushed whatever ideas she was nursing by raising a twenty and ten dollar notes to signify that he was dropping his pay.

He stood up and left without a word. He had definitely heard enough. As he walked out into the cold, dark night he wondered whose place he would go first. There was no doubt in his mind that Lynn was aware of this, more importantly though, he kept remembering what Bob had said about her having a kid, if Rhea had a child, then that meant she was married, or had a man somewhere. That thought infuriated him, he had been here being a total pity-whore the past five years and she had gone into the world to fuck some dude and give him a kid? Even the thought that some other man had touched what he had long ago branded as his property set off a vile side of him.

He turned the ignition of his truck now certain of his destination from here, spouse or no spouse; he was going to get what belonged to him.


"So the wolf never came back?" Jonas asked skeptically. Rhea had just finished reading him the story of the three pigs and the wolf, his face was contorted as though he was trying to make sense of the story.

"No, the wolf never came back." Rhea replied. This wasn't the first time she was telling him this story, but every time he was told, he never went to sleep like she would prefer, rather he preferred to stay up and examine the story. It was the same for every bedtime story she told, he always had that Sherlock Holes mode, wanting to know more and even laughing at the ridiculousness of the stories some times. It was hard reading these stories to him especially as he had proved one too many times that he wasn't as naïve as kids his age, sometimes she considered reading biographies to him as opposed to fairytales.

"Hmm" he began tilting his head to the side, his eyes remaining on her as it formed those tiny slits; his own way of showing her that he was attempting to understand the story, "So why did it have to go after the three piggies? Weren't there other animals in the forest?"

Rhea sighed deeply as she thought 'here we go again', "I assume there weren't."

He drew his head back like she had just said a bad word, "What kind of forest only has three piggies and a wolf?"

She closed her eyes, "I'm not the writer of the story Jonas, the writer decides what to put in the story."

"What kind of dumb writer doesn't know there are more than four animals in a forest?"

"Jonas! You said a bad word." Rhea scolded

"I'm sorry mum, but I don't understand. Can you get me another book next time?"

'Gladly' she thought 'preferably something written by Dan Brown', "Sure sweety, we'll go get one tomorrow. You have to sleep now, so you can wake up bright and early." she said, her own way of telling him the conversation was over. She was too tired for this, she needed to have a nice sleep after to get herself back, but not before a nice, long, relaxing bath. The longer she remained here, the more time was removed from her relaxing period.

He gave a toothy grin, bringing to her memory a certain face she really couldn't stand to remember, but had to.

"Thanks mama. Good night." he said cheerfully.

"Good night dear" she replied as she leaned in and gave him a light peck on his cheek. His green eyes gleamed as he turned to his side. It was time to sleep.

Rhea dragged herself off the bed and walked to the door, after turning off the lamp by the side of his bed, she walked out, making sure to leave the door slightly open to let the light from the hallway stream into his bedroom. He liked to have some illumination in his room.

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