tagErotic HorrorConfronting an Alp

Confronting an Alp


From across the bar, I spotted him. Well, I spotted his goofy bowler cap firstly to be honest, but it was not long before his gorgeously chiseled face came into view as he drew nearer to me. I did not want to be so happy to see him, but I felt the corners of my mouth betray me ever so slightly when he spotted me in return. He had been scanning the crowd with a hungry look in his eyes, as though he were hunting, looking for a specific person, but when he saw me, he froze. He seemed confused by my presence, rattled further by my small smile, and then all at once his whole demeanor changed; all of his dark features became alight with a kind of giddy, boyish charm. He stopped his search, and strode confidently straight for me.

I reached for my drink to move it to one side of me and make room for him, but my forearm brushed across my chest, and made me pause. I tried to focus more on my jagged breathing than the ache and swell torturing my tender nipples still. When I had first looked in a mirror this morning, I stood in a terrified awe at the sight of my poor breasts. I swore they looked fuller—they certainly felt more bulbous—and they were riddled with crimson, lilac, and yellow ocher bruises across both of my normally rosy areolae. The areolae themselves, like my breasts, seemed larger than usual, and my nipples stood proudly erect without any stimulation while I looked over my chest.

I had cupped my hands around my breasts, and felt how tender the flesh was. I watched my mirror image gingerly push my breasts together to observe the long line of cleavage they now provided, but I could not hold my breasts for long. The very tissue under the skin flared in pain, and any time one of my fingers accidentally brushed one of my nipples, crippling shocks coursed down my spine. At first, the surprising volts of pain were unimaginable, but as I felt the moisture between my legs confirm that my staggered breathing and pounding heartbeat were signs of my body enjoying the sensation, I could not fathom wanting the experience to stop. I am not sure how he did that, but I am sure that somehow, he had done that to me.

"I didn't expect to see you here." His deep voice sang the words softly into my ear as he leaned over my shoulder from behind me.

I felt my body beg to push back against him, but with me sitting in a high-back chair in front of him standing, the task was not possible. Thinking about my body's betrayal, I shook my head to snap myself out of the day-dream like state I felt myself slipping into. "I wasn't here for you." I lied to him with a rather unconvincing smirk.

He laughed while he sat in the chair beside me, and turned to look at me. "Oh no?" His words teased me playfully, but his eyes were undressing me. They settled on my ample cleavage, and he smiled darkly to himself.

I swallowed hard. "I'm actually very mad at you."

He tilted his whole face sideways, and his dark eyes slowly traced the length of my neck, across my chin, and then found my own eyes to stare at. "Why are you mad at me, Katerina?"

My name sounded sweeter being spoken from his full lips. Names...fuck, had he told me his name last night? I could not remember him ever giving me his name, and yet, I felt my own lips part while I thought to kiss him. Mentally condemning my own actions, my breath caught in my throat, and I froze. He raised one of his massive hands, and tenderly brushed my highlighted brown hair from my tanned face as if to reassure me. Surely he could not know that I was fighting my own urges to try to re-seduce a bed-mate who was still a stranger to me. And yet, as if to reaffirm my actions, he purposely portrayed an expression that seemed caring, and loving in a way; so unlike what I expected to see on the man I had thought had just used me for some one night stand.

"You left before I woke this morning." I finally choked out.

He smiled, and joked. "You wouldn't like me in the morning."

"But I woke from such an awful nightmare, and you weren't there."

His expression sank. His hand playing with my hair dropped to his side, and his eyes filled with sadness. "I was there."

I shook my head. "No you weren't. You weren't in bed, I didn't see you at all in my room, and when I called to you, you never answered."

His body did not move while he studied me carefully, but his eyes kept changing. It was as if there was some kind of back-light behind his eyes that keep dimming and relighting every few seconds. Perhaps I should have been unnerved by the sight, but I found myself entranced by it instead.

"But I was there, and I bet that I could name your nightmare to prove it." His spoke softly, but his voice betrayed a kind of frustration.

Remembering the contents of my dream, and remembering our surroundings, I shook my head. "I don't want to talk about it here." I finished my drink, and started to stand; hoping he would follow me if I started to leave.

He grabbed my wrist closest to him to stop me. "An Alp." He stated matter-of-factually.

"A what?"

"Your nightmare creature," he breathed just loud enough that I had to strain my ears still to hear him over the noise of the bar, "it is called an Alp."

Confusion flooded my mind while I stared at my companion who looked all too serious. His demeanor suggested he had just offered some damning confession, but I could not understand how that could be. Thinking maybe he was joking with me, an uneasy laughter escaped me while I finished standing next to him. His face followed mine as I stood, never breaking eye contact with me, so that his head was tilted back at an uncomfortable angle. I raised my wrist that still had his hand gently wrapped around it, and he quickly released my arm, but only to grab a hold of my waist with both of his hands when I tried to turn.

I almost fell into him when he pulled my hips closer to him, but I caught myself on his shoulders. My enlarged breasts hung low, just inches from his face, and though he did not turn to stare at them again, he smiled devilishly.

"Meine Liebchen, you enjoyed it." He accused me with a raised eyebrow, and that dark grin. I tried to push off from him, but he held me in place, so I gave in. His expression grew softer the longer I stood there without struggling, and when he continued, it was his warm, loving voice that he used. "I thought I had imagined that."

"Please, can we talk somewhere else?" I felt my body tremble in his hands, and maybe it should have been from fear, but fear was not the reason for the sudden weakness in my muscles.

The warmth of his massive hands made the rest of my body feel so much colder than my hips, and chills rippled through me. There was a kind of euphoric numbness where his hands held me, and a kind of prickling sensation radiated from those points and covered all of my skin. Blood rushed to my head, and I felt faint a moment, but none of that stemmed from fear.

When I had woken that morning, I still felt the impressions of his lips on my neck and shoulders from where he had kissed me. My body still felt warmer than usual, as though another body were still wrapped around mine in sleep. The most powerful sensation though, because he had stretched out all of inner muscles while filling me completely, was the feeling that he was still inside of me when I rose. I had felt all of him for hours, and when those sensations started to leave my body, I found myself making a conscience effort to try to retrieve the sensations. I tried to hold on to each for as long as I could, and when each finally subsided, my body expressed every symptom of withdrawal.

I trembled then while he held me, but it was not in fear. To me, he was a newly discovered drug, better than any other previously tried, and I wanted more. I went back to that bar in search of more, and though his touch was not at all provocative, the contact promised what I craved.

He laughed at me, and pulled me closer still to kiss me. Not a lot of force on his part was needed really; I eagerly fell into him, and met his lips in desperation for more. I wanted to melt into him, to give in and surrender myself to him right there, but the knowledge of where I was kept my body at bay.

"Katerina," he whispered across my lips, allowing his lips to tease mine, "my mischievous little imp, if your nightmare creature returned to you tonight, All Hallow's Eve, would your body welcome it as wholly as you did your Mischief Night of last?"

It was him that my body wanted, not the nightmare I had envisioned. Confused, I pulled away from him to shake my head. "That was just a dream."

Deepening my confused state, he laughed again. "Perhaps we should go somewhere else to talk then."

He released his hold on my hips, and after a moment, I felt the familiar signs of withdrawal. Mentally, I felt my mind stumble and crash, but unlike that morning, I was able to recover. When I felt well enough to move again, I straightened myself, turned, and started to make my way to the door. My companion followed after me, and once we were free of the bar, he gently put an arm around my waist as he walked beside me.

"So..." he cleared his throat, "about this nightmare of yours...what do you remember?"

I looked around us, but found no signs of any other people in sight. He led me toward the town park across the street from the bar, and while it was not completely secluded, all of the trick-or-treaters were long since put to bed, and all of their parents had followed after them. It was only the lonely individuals, and those up to no good, that were still awake at this witching hour, but my companion and I had just left them behind in the bar.

I still remained silent for some time while we walked deeper into one of the more forested trails of the park. "We were completely naked, well except you were still wearing that funny hat of yours. You were sitting upright, and I was in your lap, facing you..."

"Doing what?" He chuckled at my brief pause.

I swallowed my embarrassment to utter the words circling my head of the images that had plagued me throughout the day. "I, uh...I was riding you." I finally spat out, and he chuckled again with a knowing nod.

"Well that doesn't sound so bad." I teased to calm me.

I found myself rolling my eyes, and I giggled while I thought about it. "Well no, that wasn't bad at all." My cheeks blushed, and I felt the temperature of my body raise steadily while I replayed the scene in my mind. I realized that my thighs trembled as my reminiscing forced excited secretions to coat my panties while we walked, and though I felt I should be ashamed of my oblivious display of lust, I instead, secretly wanted him to notice. "I kept trying to touch you, to run my nails across your shoulders, and down your chest, and to run my fingers through your hair while I thrusted against you, but you keep grabbing my wrists, and forcing them behind my back. To be denied like that...it drove me crazy, and I kept fucking you harder each time you did that."

I refused to look at my companion, even though I wanted to; I keep my eyes straight forward to look at the trees along the path. "The sex kept getting...almost...violent. Me trying to fuck you as hard as I could while I kept pulling my hands away from you, flailing to avoid your hands so that I could touch you, and you constantly grabbing my arms and forcing them back behind me."

"And then?" He asked softly. His voice sounded more melancholy than curious.

"I seceded, and was able to run my fingers through your hair. I had smiled, and laughed, and rode you faster, like I had really won something. I knocked your hat off your head when I did."

My companion stopped walking, and I halted with him. I still did not want to look at him. After a moment, he removed his arm from my waist, and walked to stand in front of me. He gently put a hand under my chin, and carefully lifted my chin so that I was forced to confront his stoic gaze.

"And when that hat fell free from my head, it was no longer me that you were fucking anymore," he started to continue my retelling of my dream, "it was a demon of a thing that you found yourself riding. You screamed, and tried to throw yourself backwards, away from it, but it wrapped its arms around you, and held you there against its coarse, leathery chest." My eyes went wide in awe at his guess, and fear finally replaced all of my emotions while he continued. "You tried to fight your way off of it, but it just held you until you stopped resisting. There was a change in the look in your eyes. The creature questioned the meaning of that look, but when his cock throbbed inside of you, the muscles of your dripping wet pussy pulsed back. You moaned ever so lightly, and even smiled to yourself when your hips, consciously or not, started to circle around that monster's cock to feel every bit of it explore your body.

"The creature took that as a sign, and stopped hesitating. It had waited to see if you would surrender to it, or keep fighting. Had you kept fighting, it would have left," my eyes narrowed, and I glared at him accusingly, but his expression never changed while he spoke, "but your body begged for more, and more is what you received. Finish the dream for me? I know what happened, but I want to hear your side of it."

"How could you know what happened when it was my dream." I gasped, but he stood so still and unchanging; unhinging my nerves further.

"What happened next, Katerina?" His voice was still warm, and loving, but his stoic stance crippled me.

"It threw me down, so that I was laying on my back against the bed, and it followed, crashing down on top of me. It kept itself inside of me, and never left me while it repositioned us and began to fuck me harder than anyone has ever fucked me before. The power of its thrusts were so unreal, there was so much pain, and yet there was so much pleasure too, that I didn't care. I never tried to fight it off, even when it started to suck on my breasts. It didn't just play with my tits, it ravaged them. Like a babe trying to suck milk from a suborn nipple, the creature's mouth seemed to try to force my breasts into lactation, it sucked on them so roughly."

"That must have been painful." He mused, finally breaking our stare to look at my engorged cleavage, luminescent in the moonlight.

I nodded, remembering the feeling of fire tearing through my skin. I had half expected to find my breasts blackened, and bleeding after such an attack. Sure, my breasts were swollen in size, and there were faint bruises present that morning, but he had sucked and nibbled my breasts before I had had my nightmare. His actions were nowhere near as aggressive as in my nightmare, and so I had no problem convincing myself that he was responsible and not the creature in my dream.

"They do look fuller," he smiled deviously, "perhaps another good sucking or two would trick them into producing milk after all."

He licked his lips, and I panicked. I started to back away from him, but he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me into him. The smell of his cologne was overpowering, and like an animal in heat responding to the right pheromone, I felt my body go limp in surrender to him. He lowered his head to kiss the exposed skin of each of my breasts in turn, chuckled to himself, and then kissed my lips.

"You're not wearing a bra, you mischievous little imp."

"My nipples hurt too much for me to think to wear one." I answered honestly. "Plus, I don't think that any of mine would fit right now."

He laughed again before kissing me harder, his tongue pushed past my lips and circled my own tongue, causing me to moan into his mouth. "And then," he sighed lovingly, "with the creature fucking you with all of its might, and with it trying desperately to suck milk from your unyielding breasts...you came for it."

I blushed so hard my cheeks actually hurt. "I didn't...I didn't want to..."

"But you came." He reasserted the horrible truth for me to face. I shook my head, and he laughed. "You begged it to make you cum, you plead with it to fuck you harder. When you came, you screamed for it. Your body writhed and flailed beneath it, your hips thrusted up into the creature, and your legs were wrapped so tightly around its scaly hips that it worried the skin of your calves and feet would be sliced on the sharp bristles down its spine. You didn't just cum once." His eyes darkened in lust while he watched be hyperventilate in front of him. "You came the first time just from its cock alone, but you fingered yourself until you came again...and again...and--"

"Stop it! Shut up!" I finally found enough oxygen in my lungs to scream.

His laugh was menacing. "But you must have enjoyed yourself to have found release so many times."

I shook my head, but I knew my denial was futile. "I don't know that I did. I kept feeling this awful weight on my chest. It kept pushing into me; heavier and more constricting after every orgasm. I felt paralyzed at times. It felt like I couldn't breathe or move in the dream, and yet I kept screaming, and moaning, and...and--"

"And playing with yourself."

I suddenly felt like I wanted to cry. How could he have possibly known what I had dreamt, and how dare he judge me for the actions taken during a nightmare. No man had asked me to be so candid with any kind of sexual topic, and yet he kept insisting on answers I was ashamed to give.

As if sensing he had forced me far beyond my comfort zone, he gently took the side of face in one of his large palms, and he began to gingerly stroke my cheek. His sweetly loving voice returned. "What else do you remember?"

I sank forward into his broad chest, and he held me there without complaint. I turned my face against his shirt and listened to his heartbeat. His pulse was so calm, it angered me. He was not nervous, or ashamed, or even phased in the slightest by our conversation. Whereas I, in comparison, could feel my heart throbbing painfully in my chest amid the chaos of my emotions.

"It didn't cum inside of me...I remember it stopped itself." I paused, waiting for the man holding me to interject, but he remained silent. I tried to focus on his warm body wound around mine, and the confident way that his strong arms supported me, allowed me to assign him a more protectorate role. I realized that I felt safe and secure in his arms, and I reminded myself that it had all just been a bad dream. "It kissed me...the way any lover would to thank another for such a passionate evening. It stumbled around, looking for something, and then it found the hat that you had been wearing; the one that I had knocked off. It put the hat on its head, over its spiked looking hair, and then it simply disappeared. The weight against my chest remained though, and it was so oppressive, but I somehow found sleep. When I awoke from my dream, the weight was gone...and so were you."

He bent his head to nestle his face in my hair, and then he kissed the top of my head softly. "Katerina," he whispered, "my question from before still needs an answer. If your nightmare creature returned to you, would you so wholly accept it again?"

I tried to protest his ridiculous query. "It was just a night--"

"An Alptraum? A Nachtmahr? Nein, meine Liebe...that was no nightmare. None of what you remember, awful or pleasant, terrifying or sensual, was any dream. Could you love such a despicable thing?"

"Are you fucking crazy?!" I cried, pushing away from him, angrily. I thought he was somehow making fun of me; that he was using my nightmare to torment me in some kind of Halloween prank, and I did not appreciate such a cruel joke. "My nightmare was a fucking monster! No one could love that!" I spat at him, and my words cut deeply across his face.

He bowed his head, and his shoulders slumped forward while he seemed to shrink in size before me. When he finally lifted his head to look at me again, tears swelled in his bloodshot eyes, and his skin was flushed of all color. He had been teasing me all night, and yet now, it was he that stood devastated. "I thought you were different." He whimpered as a tear forced its way down his cheek.

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