tagBDSMConfronting the Maid

Confronting the Maid


"Are you ready? No, don't say anything, I'll come and check. Goodness, you've hardly started. At least you've managed to put the corset and stockings on. Heaven knows why it's taking you so long. What's that? Yes, I know it's embarrassing but that's the point, isn't it? Let me look... Why haven't you put the padding in the bra cups? Yes, you do have to, otherwise the dress won't fit, will it? No, of course it won't.

"Right, at least you've understood that. That's better. Hardly convincing but good enough for what I want. Yes, of course the corset is tight. That's the idea. No, you can't loosen it off. Now the panties. Yes, over your cock-cage, of course. I shouldn't have to explain - the cage is so you can't fiddle with that silly little thing, the panties are because that's what a sissy boy that can't get a proper erection wears.

"Yes, I know you can't get an erection because of the cage. Look at me. Do I look for a moment like I give a flying fuck what you think? No. I didn't think I did. Do get on with it. I really don't want to have to spend a lot of time supervising you dressing when there is so much else to do. There's your uniform over there. Yes, that black dress with the white collar and the short sleeves. On the hanger.

"What's that look for? Not what you expected? Well, I'm sorry, being my maid is going to be hard work. You won't have time to mince around looking feminine in something frilly. Just put it on. No, for heaven's sake, don't be stupid. The zip goes at the back. That's better. There, it's a reasonable fit. I'm a good judge aren't I? Now the apron. Yes you do. Don't even think about arguing. Do you want me to get the ball gag again? And the paddle? No? I didn't think you would. So, put it on. It's part of the uniform, isn't it?

"That's better. Now the wig. Oh, hadn't you seen it? It's over there. Or did you think that was mine? Silly boy! Put the cap on too. Make sure it's straight. Good. Well, you're starting to look the part at least. I think shoulder length hair and bangs suits you. Did you bring some shoes like I asked? Oh heavens, those are quite wrong. You won't want to be teetering around on those heels! You'll ruin the carpet and you'll spend more time worrying about standing up than cleaning. There, use those ones over there. A two inch heel is quite high enough. They're a bit small? Well that will remind you to bring something more appropriate next time.

"All right. That was far too much effort. Still you look presentable, I suppose. Let's see you curtsy. No, do not defy me! This may be your fantasy but we are going to do it my way. That's better. Quite respectfully done. Just as you should for your betters. I suppose that's good enough considering you haven't started your training yet. No don't look like that. You are going to be taught how to do things properly. We don't want a repeat of last week's mistakes do we? No, or the consequences, either, I suspect. No? I thought not. You're probably still sore, aren't you? Yes, I thought you might be.

‟Now do you remember about signals? One ring of the bell? What do you do for that? That's right, you come and stand and wait for instructions, hands behind, head bowed, just like that. Very good but stand still. Do not fidget!

"Do you remember about the other command? Display! ... No, we are not going to have an argument about this. You are going to do what you are told. Or do I have to send you to get the cane? Display! That's better. Lift your skirt higher. There should be a clear view of your panties, stocking tops and that silly cock of yours in its nice, secure cage. Lower your skirt now. Good. Hands back behind you. Good.

"Now, this evening's tasks. You can tidy up in here and make sure everythings is dusted, clean and tidy. At seven, I have one of my girlfriends coming over and we will want cocktails. You will be needed to serve them. I don't think she's seen anything like you before, so that will be fun won't it?

"Well, it will be for me, so take that sulky look off your face. Anyway you don't have to worry. I will ring for you. With the little bell on the table in there. You had better keep an ear open for it - don't go off into some sissy day dream. Just keep your mind on what you are supposed to be doing and be ready if I need you.

"I think we are nearly ready. Wait a minute. Just turn around. Ah, that's better. I see you have finally learned to get your stocking seams straight. I hope that isn't something I am going to have to correct you on again in the future.

"So just a last few points for tonight. As I said, I'll ring for cocktails. Later on, I am rather hopeful that my visitor will succumb to my charms. Assuming she does so, then I will ring for my toys. Two rings will indicate that. At that point I expect you to arrive with the tray carrying the handcuffs, gags, vibrators and other implements of amusement that is on the table in the back room. I shall expect you to wait in attendance while I put those things to use. It will be most amusing to have you watch. I'm not sure what she will think about that but we will find out, won't we. Oh, I wonder, will she recognise you? Probably not,now you've got that wig on, but you never know.

"Excellent. Well, I am sure you must be very anxious to get on with your work while I go off and slip into something more suitable to greet my guest.. Now please do try to cheer up. A maid should be happy in her work."

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by Anonymous

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by freddie_clegg01/13/18


Thanks, Anonymous, glad you liked it.

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by Anonymous01/12/18


Short n sweet, interesting one sided dialogue style. Great job!

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