It hung there in the darkness, a bright spark floating gently on the currents of dark lightless fluids. I sensed its presence and knew that as it drew closer to the center my time grew shorter. I needed seed the other half to this puzzle and yet the means to get that seed were as repugnant to me as death. Cassy leaned over towards me and whispered “its happening isn’t it?” I gave her a look out of the corner of my eye and raised one eyebrow at her. She knew and she was right how could she fail to miss the same signs her own body was producing, in me. The instructor sitting at his desk gave us a dirty look; it was supposed to be quiet study time. As if studying was important any more, it was the last week of school and as seniors our grades were already in and our diplomas printed, who cared what some musty textbook said. There were more important things to think about, such as college and the upcoming conjunction and the baby to be conceived.

I gave Cassy a nudge with my elbow and giggled silently at the instructor. Then adjusting my jacket so that it hung over the desk hiding my legs. I reached below the desk and with trembling fingers caressed my aching pussy through the thin material of my dress. Cassy was trying not laugh at my audacity, masturbating in the middle of class was by far the boldest thing I had done that year. But I didn’t care, my need was growing as I was sure was Cassy’s.

Class ended just before I lost control, I held onto the desk and hid my orgasmic shuddering in the general shuffle of the other students leaving. Cassy stayed by me and helped me out of the room. I knew I had left a wet spot on the chair but I didn’t care, class was over as was school and next week was graduation but tonight. Tonight was the true test, a test of both my commitment and fortitude.

The sun sank below the horizon as for the fifth time in two hours I rolled off the bed gagging and choking. My body felt slimed and fouled by the presence of the man who even now rolled over in disgust. Cassy who was sitting in the corner sighed and got up to help me back onto the bed. Cassy’s brother Chris sighed in disgust his hugely erect penis pointing towards the ceiling like an accusation. Cassy whispered soft words in my ear and comforted me with smooth soothing hands. She gave her brother a sympathetic look over my breasts as he slowly fisted his large cock. “I have an idea.” She said “it will take cooperation but I think it will work.” I opened my eyes and looked down at her “anything, the conjunction is only two days away it has to be tonight.” “Ok, Chris, come over here.” With that she stood and guided her brother into a corner out of my sight. I lay on the bed and listed to them talking. “Dam it Cassandra what the hell do you think you are doing I can feel a thing with that many on there!” I heard Chris exclaim. “Quit your complaining Christian it’s the only way and don’t call my Cassandra I hate that name” I heard Cassy respond.

I had closed my eyes and turned my head away from where they were. Cassy came up on my side and began kissing my lips. I started to open my eyes only to have her gently place her hand over my eyes. “Keep your eyes closed love let me handle everything. Trust me no mater what I wont let anything hurt you.” We had played this game before it was therefore very easy to surrender to her guidance. Gently she guided me into a spread eagle position and then softly covered my eyes with a blindfold.

I felt her propping my butt up with pillows and tensed, as I was sure the next thing I would feel would be his weight pressing down on me. But nothing happened, in the darkness I heard her whisper “Relax Katie, nothing will hurt you here.” It was the familiar game I knew I had to submit to her. Whimpering silently I forced myself to relax and was taken completely by surprise when cool liquid began dribbling onto my hot pussy. Startled I laughed, my laughter turned to a moan of pleasure as I felt our favorite dildo slip its cool hard length into my body.

Her lips, and teeth caressed my nipples as her arm slid against my thigh moving the massive latex covered phallus in and out of my pussy. Its ribbed and knobbed sections sparking vortexes of pleasure that swarmed through my body filling my breasts and belly and brain with slow fire. Her teeth bit gently on the painfully erect tips of my nipples her tongue teased my areola until it felt as if my breast had swollen to twice their normal size. My brain was on fire and I cried out in protest when she pulled the toy from my body. “Patience” she whispered “I have something better.” Turning my head towards the sound of her voice I begged “Cassy please!” “Please what, lover?” she whispered back her teeth nibbling at my earlobe “Please don’t stop now I’m, I’m so close!” “Are you sure you don’t want me to stop?” she asked. I nodded my head, I was starting to come down and it felt terrible.

Minutes passed seeming like hours, her hands moved over my body and I felt her weight on the bed, or at least I though it was her weight. More lubrication was applied to my already sopping pussy and a thicker but strangely textured dildo was slipped into my pussy. It was smooth and rubbery, flexible but seemingly very hard at the same time, it was also hot almost uncomfortably hot pressing its way into me stretching my pussy until it felt as if I would tear in two. I shifted my butt to get into a more comfortable position but the strange dildo didn’t move with me, I felt it press up against the walls of my pussy, I thrust my hips forward and felt its tip press against the entrance to my womb. That was when it went all wrong.

I heard a grunt and Cassy’s gasp and then his balls touched my ass, just a light tap but it was enough. My body jumped as if electrocuted, his hands grabbed my hips, I tried to scream but Cassy had her hand over my mouth in an instant. I heaved against him trying to break his hold, Cassy wrapped her other arm around me and began whispering into my ear trying desperately to calm me. I felt his cock pressing deeper into me, my gore rose in response; I had to get him out of me. Panic filled me even as his cock filled my pussy, stretching and violating me. Logic was beyond me it didn’t matter that I had allowed Cassy to do the same thing with dozens of rubber and latex cocks this was different. I couldn’t allow his seed to foul my body. Then my orgasm rose over me like a wall of light it flooded me washing my terror away in a firestorm of overloaded nerves and contracting muscles. I felt my pussy flood with fluid, my own personal lubrication; I felt Cassy’s desperate words meld with the white noise that filled my brain. My back arched pressing my hips forward, thrusting my breasts high and nearly dislodging Cassy’s restraining arms. In the distance almost as if from another world I heard Chris cry out his cry matching the one muffled by Cassy’s hand. I felt his hands tighten almost painfully on my hips, felt the thrust of his massive cock deep into me and the explosive jet of his seed as he emptied his balls into my body.

It was like his ejaculation was a switch that turned me off. My body went limp, tears streamed from my eyes, my breath roared in and out of my lungs like an engine on overload. The muscles of my pussy continued to contract rhythmically milking the massive invader, but my mind was in a different world. Split in two for what seemed an eternity I argued with myself each side taking both the logic and the illogic of the situation. I felt Cassy kissing my lips and caressing my breasts as reality slowly returned. I shuddered as Chris’s dick slipped limply from my pussy.

Pillows shifted and I felt my butt being forced higher but it didn’t matter it was over, the requirement met and something changed. Not because of the conjunction, that was still two days away, but within me as if a part of me that had been missing was now in place. Adrenaline still surged through my blood, my brain and breasts and belly still burned with orgasmic fire that was slowly kindling towards the long coals of post orgasmic bliss. Cassy’s arms relaxed her gentle hands slipped the blindfold from my eyes and I looked up into her face and smiled. A few minutes later after having shared a deep passionate kiss with my lover I looked down at my body and surveyed the damage. Surprisingly there was little evidence that I had just allowed my body to be violated by a man. Deep red finger marks dotted my hips and my shaved crotch glistened in the subdued light. I let my fingers probe my aching pussy and was surprised to find only the clean fluids of my own body and the lubrication that we used. Elevated, as my hips were I found it easy to slip my fingers deeper but something told me that I should leave well enough alone and I leaned back against the pillow and relaxed.

Looking around the room I located Chris and was surprised to find him curled up on the floor. It looked to me as if he was massaging his massive member until I realized that he was slowly stripping layer after layer of condoms from his now limp cock. Each condom had, had its tip neatly cut leaving a clear passage from the tip of his dick. Cloudy fluid leaked from its tip and with horrified realization I knew it was his seed the same seed that was now pooled over the entrance to my womb.

Cassy must have seen something of my thoughts because instantly she was at my side comforting me soothing and caressing me back into that almost comatose state that follows the most powerful of orgasms.

I slept I don’t know how long but it was still dark when I woke. Chris was in the corner covered with a blanket, Cassy was snuggled up to my side one hand cupping one of my breasts. My back ached and I pushed the pillows out from under my butt. I instantly felt better as muscles relaxed allowing other sensations to present themselves. Easing myself from Cassy I barely made it to the bathroom as first my bladder and them my stomach voided themselves. I showered and was not surprised when I felt a hand on my shoulder and wet breasts pressed into my back. Cassy silently soaped my back and with gentle hands caressed my breasts and belly. Turning I kissed her lips reveling in the feel of her body pressed to mine, taking the soap I turned her and returned the favor letting my fingers linger on her butt and breasts. We still did not say a word as we dried each other and returned to bed where the early morning sun streaming through the window found us soundly sleeping in each other’s arms.

Chris woke us with lunch at noon, even as groggy as I was I knew that we had been successful and that by the conjunction I would be ready. Cassy sat up beside me and as we began eating I asked her the obvious question. Cassy smiled and pointed at her brother. Shock froze me; she had allowed her own brother to screw her to shoot his seed into her. It would have been bad enough to allow a stranger to do it but for her to have her own brothers seed swimming inside her. “How could you?” I exclaimed. Chris sat at his desk saying nothing. With a smug look on her face she asked “Would you rather I had let a stranger do it or one of those walking fuck machines at school? We both know that the seed doesn’t matter, after the conjunction only our genes will be left, the male seed is only needed to start the process.” I smiled ruefully, she was right the conjunction was purely a female thing requiring only that a fertilized egg be present and nothing more. “We did it the night before last while you were at your aunts house.” She said. “I wasn’t looking forward to it and I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone else. If its any consolation I finally had to tell Chris to take me forcibly, it was almost as bad for me as it was for you.”

After lunch we dressed and after a pair of short phone calls made our way over to the apartment of our friend Alyssa. Alyssa had emancipated herself from her over zealous and greedy parents at a young age and with the trust money from her grandparents and the stipend she received from the commercials she did. She modeled for some of the biggest clothes designers in the nation; she set her self up in a medium sized penthouse apartment in the hills just outside of town. This was not to say that anything inappropriate had ever happened at her place. Until two month previously she had a court appointed adviser checking her and her apartment every day. We had all known the consequences of breaking the rules the court had laid down. But now it didn’t mater, we were all 18 and the adults of the world and their rules could gladly go to hell.

Arriving at her apartment we were just in time to walk in the door with our other friend Melanie. Lanie as she liked to be called was as devout an anti-catholic as her parents were catholic and like the rest of us was committed to pleasure and power. I didn’t even want to ask were, how, or if she had collected the requisite seed as she was if anything more anti-male than I was. Alyssa greeted us at the door and showed us into her living room. A few minutes later she escorted a dazed looking man out of the apartment. When she returned to us she had a sly smile, and looked more like a cat in to the cream than the girl we had all known for so long, as she curled up on the couch.

“Ladies” she said smiling “let us not dwell on how much we all dislike men and how useless they really are, let us discuss how or if each of us had achieved our goals and if each of us are ready for the ceremony tomorrow night.” There was a general nod of assent from everyone. Alyssa straightened on the couch and flashed a stunning smile. “Ok then let us all fess up, Kate since you were so worried about what you were going to do last time we met why don’t you tell us.” I felt myself blushing but cleared my throat and sat up strait on the overstuffed chair I had claimed. “Alight” I said “with Cassy’s help I was able to obtain the necessary seed from her twin brother Chris.” There were grins and sounds of approval from all around. Alyssa turned next to Cassy and raised an elegant eyebrow. Cassy blushed deep red but she also straightened and with a shy smile said “I also was able to obtain the necessary seed from my brother, if I have read the text correctly it doesn’t matter where the male seed comes from in the end.” We all nodded it was very clear in several of the pages of text that the male genetic contribution was of little concern once the conjunction had taken place.

Alyssa turned to Liana who was blushing if anything a deeper red than Cassy had. But she knew she was among friends and did not hesitate. “I screwed the math teacher last week. He guarantied me a passing grade if I did. As it was I was getting a D-. Now I’m getting a B and a baby. It wasn’t that hard to convince myself to do it I just thought of him as a large and slightly noisy dildo. It worked and I was able to get a double dose of his seed into the bargain.” Everyone was broken up with laughter at this; Liana had nearly sterilized two members of the football team at the prom when they hadn’t taken her less than subtle hits to back off. After everyone had, had a good laugh we all turned to Alyssa. She leaned back on the couch looking more like a satisfied cat than before. “I seduced my chief photographer, poor boy was so innocent I couldn’t help it. That was him who you saw me escort out. I've had him here for the last week I took care of my needs nearly five days ago.”

For the rest of the day we divided our time between enjoying each other’s company and final preparations for the ceremony. The ancient focusing lens was already finished but there were purifications and mediation to be preformed to ready ourselves. Cassy and I were discussing Liana’s accomplishment with Liana when Alyssa walked in. It was late afternoon and the sun shone redly on the near horizon. In her arms she bore the thick focusing lens that would be the final stage for the energies that would bathe our bodies during the final conjunction ceremony. “It is time for us to begin.” She said simply and with that we all rose and followed her to her observatory on the roof.

Alyssa had put up the observatory ostensibly to further her interest in the solar system and its planets. The real reason was her insatiable interest in astrology and the mysteries of the ancients and the powers they gained though taping universal energy. Many nights we had sat in the den like comfort of the observatory charting the planets in their houses and drawing upon the energies of the universe to empower ourselves.

It was to this building that we went. The comfortable den was gone in its place was the altar. Not your ordinary squared off block of wood or cloth but an altar built with comfort and pleasure in mind. Six couches as mandated by the texts, centered around the elevated frame that would hold the crystal lens. We followed Alyssa in procession, spreading out only as we approached the altar. Stepping up to the frame we supported the crystal lens and lowered it into the frame as the sun set and night began to blanket the world. The lens clicked into place and as we backed away it began to glow softly in the gathering darkness. Outside silent feet crossed the roof and with noiseless skill slipped into the rear portion of the observatories storeroom. Night deepened, each of us lay on our couches under the glowing crystal. Each of us meditated and concentrated our energies inward upon our bodies and upon the babies as yet unformed in our bellies. In the storage room the intruder also meditated and prepared.

The ceremony was as ancient as the world, perhaps even older. Brought to earth with the first settlers. It had survived the disaster that had destroyed the ancient’s technology it had survived their downfall and through countless generations had preserved. Alyssa had found the texts in a used bookshop hidden inside a container that looked like a gigantic tome of runes. The container was the last technological gasp of the ancient settlers; their legacy would be our new beginning.

The sun rose and with it the light from the crystal. It bathed our naked bodies in pure light, it flowed through us taking with it all impurities and bringing us into sync with the universe. Noon came and went and we slept under the influence of the crystal, as the sun began to set we woke. For the ceremony Alyssa had moved her large telescope to one side and as the sun touched the horizon she opened the observatory roof and let the last light of day and the first strands of night in. High above our heads the conjunction had already begun.

I guess I should take a moment to discuss what the conjunction was. Most scientists and sci-fi freaks will agree that conjunctions come in many forms. In fact during any given month there are several conjunctions of various types taking place in the solar system and the galaxy at large. The settler’s conjunction was not one of planets in alignment that would have been useless to us and to them. Our conjunction was the alignment of gravity. Now again most scientists and sci-fi freaks will agree that gravity bends light, well it also bends energy. The energy that we are talking about in this case had left proximal-centaury nearly 5000 years ago.

As the moon rose over the valley the planets moved into their final alignment. Three days prior the energy had reached and passed through the gravity lens of Uranus. Magnified and bent it hurled inward towards Pluto and a day later magnified by Pluto’s gravity it shot through and was amplified by the massive lensing effect of Saturn. Jupiter was next and again the energy received a massive boost from the gas giant’s gravity and irradiative out put. For a day and a half it traveled unimpeded by anything. Mars gave it the final boost and refined its course to a straight shot at where earth would be less and a day later. At this point the sun took over and its massive gravity well drew the energy inward at almost light speed. It began to glow as it passed the moon and lanced inward towards earth and us.

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