tagSci-Fi & FantasyConjuresses Ch. 02

Conjuresses Ch. 02


Editor's note: This chapter contains scenes involving incest.


Lucia hadn't specified to Mark when she would be dropping in on his poker game, because she told him she wanted it to be a surprise. There were other things, however, she also hadn't told him that he hadn't thought to ask; for instance, how she was going to get in. Mark was going to be surprised, all right. More than he could have ever known.

Dressed in one of her shortest, most revealing dresses, Lucia stealthily approached Mark's front door and put her ear to it, listening for the sounds inside. It was hard to tell, but she was fairly certain she heard the sounds of male voices inside. She shut her eyes and concentrated, and said, "Eilukan jeodas."

In the next moment, Lucia was a ghost, invisible to the eye and unimpeded by solid walls. She passed through the wood of the door and drifted into the house, heading toward the room where she found four men seated around the poker table, picking up cards, laying down chips, open bottles of beer in front of each of them.

Lucia paused a moment, considering how she was going to announce her arrival, and it didn't take long for her to come up with an approach that brought a naughty smile to her face. She decided to wait a while and watch the game until she could get an idea of who was going to win. It quickly became pretty clear who wasn't going to win. One of the guys at the table, a thin guy with a rather neurotic air about him, couldn't bluff to save his life. Mark was a decent player, but several times she watched him give up on a hand too early.

Finally, once the game was winding to its end and Mark and the skinny man, Dewey, had dropped out, leaving the two remaining guys, Cal and Jeff, on their last hand, Lucia crouched down, passing through a pair of legs and crawling under the table. Away from their eyes, she made herself solid again, and waited. She waited and listened to the voices above her, until she heard the whooping announcement from Cal that the game was his. And now he deserved his prize.

Needless to say, Cal was surprised at having his pants suddenly unzipped and his dick being sucked on. "Whoa, wha... oh! What th... whoa!"

Lucia became instantly quite aware of the heads that turned to look under the table and were seeing her now. "Lucia?"

"Hi Mark," she grinned.

"How did you get in here?"

She grinned even wider. "Magic."

She crawled out from under the table, never letting go of Cal's dick, and reached to unzip Mark's pants with her other hand. "What's going on here?" Dewey said.

"Well if you're wondering," Lucia replied, taking hold of Mark's cock and starting to pump both cocks she held, "Cal here got the first suck as his prize for winning the game, but that doesn't mean the rest of you big, hunky testosterone factories have to feel left out, 'cause I can share. Now would one of you boys be a sweetie and come help a girl out of her dress? My hands are a little full."


Meagan was a bit struck by how excited Isabelle seemed when she announced that Mom was out again tonight, "probably humping another random guy she met on the street" as Isabelle put it. "Now's our chance!"

"Our chance for what?"

"For what we talked about last night. Come on."

That was the first mention either of them had made of what happened last night. Even when they woke up in the morning in each other's arms, they'd hardly said a word. Meagan wasn't sure whether that was because they didn't need to or because it was just too weird. Probably both.

Meagan was hesitant as she followed her sister; Isabelle hadn't really explained what was going to happen. When Meagan had expressed her desire to lose her virginity, Isabelle had said she had an idea and basically left it at that without telling her what it was. And she certainly hadn't expected whatever Isabelle was planning to happen so soon.

She also certainly hadn't expected Isabelle to lead her to those mysterious double doors that Meagan had made a point of not letting herself wonder about. "Izzy, what are we doing here? That's Mom's study! She doesn't let us in there ever!"

"And you're about to find out why," Isabelle said. She reached into the flower vase next to the doors and produced a key that she held up for Meagan's eyes with a smile, and proceeded to unlock the forbidden doors, causing Meagan's heart to leap into her throat. Meagan stood in stunned silence for a moment while Isabelle stepped inside, and didn't follow her in until Isabelle adamantly beckoned her to.

The only things Meagan saw that she expected to see were the sofa and the bookshelf. The rest was just bizarre. The windows were covered by thick curtains, and the walls, floor and ceiling were all a shade of brown so dark they were almost black, decorated everywhere by strange patterns of circles and triangles drawn in white. The room was only just barely lit by the many candles dotted around it. There were some tables and alters with some various knickknacks and doodads: feathers, stones, woodchips, crystals, a few small ceramic plates and such.

Isabelle approached the table with the open book in front of the big circle in the middle of the floor, and picked up the little stone that rested on it. Then she paused. "Are you really sure? You want your virginity gone? You're sure?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm sure," Meagan said, still looking around the room, but growing quite nervous.

Isabelle stepped up to her and placed the stone in Meagan's hand. "I want you to think about that. Think about all your friends who've done it, and how much you envy them. Think about how good you felt last night, and how much you want to find out how it feels to have a man inside you."

Meagan did think about that. It wasn't making her any less nervous, but she was definitely excited now.

Isabelle pointed to a section on the open page of the book. "Now with that in mind, I want you to read these words out loud."

Meagan looked down at the words on the page, and spoke them out loud:

"Tauri escelei, Otaur a kajei bo, Tauri escelei, Otaur da kajar en, Tauri escelei."

Meagan jumped back when a ball of bright light shot out of the stone in her hand, and fell right on her ass when that light changed into an incredibly attractive nude man. "Hello, Meagan," he said. Her eyes were frozen open, torn between her shock at his sudden appearance and her eyeful of that bit of male anatomy she was seeing for the first time. And it was huge.

"What... wh... what is... what the hell..."

"This is our mother's dirty little secret," Isabelle said. "His name is Six."


"Because I am the—"

"—Sixth conjured lover our mother has created," Isabelle said with him. "I found out yesterday; Mom's a witch, and this stud here is a spell she likes to cast when we're away and she's in the mood."

Meagan found words difficult to form.

"Just relax and watch," Isabelle said. "Come here, Six."

Meagan's heart increased its nervous pace as Six drew nearer. Isabelle stepped up to him and dropped to her knees, and her hand took hold of his huge thing, and the instant she did it began growing to its full intimidating stiffness. Meagan watched with gaping eyes as Isabelle took the huge thing into her mouth without a second's hesitation and began sucking away at it.

Meagan continued sitting, transfixed and intently watching every detail of what Isabelle was doing, bobbing her head around as she sucked on him and stroking her hand along the shaft. But then Isabelle turned to look at her and said, "Come on, you try now."

Meagan gulped hard, and shaking, she arose to her knees and walked on them towards her sister. She paused, staring at the thing Isabelle held offering her, her pulse racing. Her hand shook as she raised it to touch his thing, and when her first finger made the slightest contact it recoiled back as if from a shock before she bit her lip and just put her hand around it, sending a shiver through her body.

"Don't be scared, Meg," Isabelle said. "Just think of it like a big popsicle."

"Popsicle. Right. Popsicle." With that, Meagan blew out a nervous breath, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and dove in. The next thing she knew, it was in her mouth, her lips were wrapped around it, and she was sucking. And her head was moving.

"That's it girl!" Isabelle cheered her on. "You're doing great!"

Meagan turned her head to look at her sister with a bashful smile, and saw that Isabelle had stripped down to her lingerie. This produced a different kind of smile, as she realized that her sister looked sexy as hell. Realizing she was getting more aroused looking at her, Meagan turned and resumed sucking on Six's dick. She was still nervous, but found that she wasn't hesitating anymore. She began focusing on emulating the technique she had seen Isabelle using, bobbing her head around and stroking her hand back and forth along the shaft.

She felt Isabelle's hands reach around from behind her and begin sliding her shirt up. Meagan stopped what she was doing just long enough to let Isabelle get the shirt off her head and toss it aside. Then as she resumed, Isabelle unhooked her bra for her and pressed herself to Meagan's back, reaching around to play with Meagan's breasts and kissed the side of her face. Meagan felt the warm, soft cushion of Isabelle's breasts on her back as well as the little points of her nipples, and realized Isabelle had stripped down the rest of the way and was completely naked now.

And she also realized she was envious of that.

All at once Meagan stopped what she was doing and stood up, and slid her pants off, followed then by her panties. "I want it," she said. "I want to do it now."


Lucia had long since lost track of which cock belonged to which guy. It was taking enough of her attention just juggling them all, standing bent over with one in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in each hand. She was at least pretty sure she'd been fucked by all four of them at least once, but she'd also lost track of how many times they'd rotated, so it was hard to tell for certain. What she did know for certain was that she'd gotten off twice already tonight.

They rotated about her a few more times, before one of them decided to change things up a bit. For a minute she thought they were simply rotating again, and was puzzled when she didn't feel the cock she awaited entering her, but then she looked down, and saw Jeff getting down flat on the floor beneath her. She grinned wide, and eagerly descended to her knees and lowered herself on his cock with a happy purr. Then she looked up and took hold of the two cocks in front of her... wait a minute, there's only two! Where's the last one?

She got her answer when she felt a pair of hands on her buttocks and the pressing of that missing cock along the crack of her ass. She grinned a new kind of grin; she hadn't even thought of this. She bent forward to allow entry, and the cock that had already been moistened both from her mouth and her cunt didn't receive much resistance as it slid into her back entrance. She took a moment to grunt with the pleasure of being plugged in both holes at once, and started coming again almost immediately, before taking one of the cocks she held in her hands into her mouth, moaning around it.

She proceeded like this, continuously stroking both cocks in her hands and alternating between sucking each of them. At last one of them grunted the announcement, "Oh fuck, here it comes!" She looked up to see that it was Cal, and then let her mouth drop open and her tongue roll out as she started pumping his dick harder. He clenched his teeth and grunted repeatedly before the finally threw his head back and exploded across her face. She lapped up and swallowed what part of the salty mess had landed in her mouth, just before she heard similar grunting coming from the other one, whom she looked up to see was Dewey. She gave the same treatment to him and let him shoot his mess across her in the same way.

It didn't take much longer before the guy fucking her ass, who by process of elimination had to be Mark, pulled out and stood over her, stroking himself. Jeff announced that he was close too, and she rolled off of him, allowing him to get up and do similarly, while she knelt on her knees, holding up her breasts to make a target for them. Mark sprayed his goop across her tits a few seconds first.

When she had four loads of cum on her, Lucia relaxed on the floor while the guys picked up their beers, giving little hoots and high-fives and some of them crashing on the couch; none of them bothering to pick up their pants. They all looked more-or-less satisfied.

And Lucia was surprised to find she wasn't. God help her, she wanted more.

But not just more of the same. She wanted to make things more interesting. But what's more interesting than what I just did? Four of them and one of me...

...Four of them and only one of me...

She had an idea. But it meant casting two separate spells in conjunction with each other, and she was still a little exhausted. She wasn't entirely sure she was up for it. But after she lay and rested for a few minutes, she finally made up her mind to go for it. Somehow the needs of her pussy always seemed to win out in situations like this.

She rose to her feet and asked, "May I go wash up in your bathroom?"

"Yeah, sure," Mark said. "It's right down the hall."

"Don't get too comfortable, boys," she warned with a grin as she turned into the hall, "'cause I'm coming back with a surprise!" She heard the excited murmurs as she disappeared from their view.

She shut the bathroom door behind her and proceeded to wash the men's spend off of herself. As soon as she was clean and had toweled off, she shut her eyes and focused hard, and whispered, "Eilukan som predas."

She'd only tried this spell once before, and that had been several years ago. The sudden reminder of what its effects felt like was a bit jarring. She felt an electric surge through her body, the feeling of being stretched and the disorienting effect of her senses going crazy. But as soon as it had all calmed down and her heart and breath resumed their normal pace, she opened her eyes.

All four pairs of them.

There was no longer just one woman standing in that bathroom. There were four. Four Lucia's. They all thought as one, all with the same consciousness, but they each moved independently, looking around at each other and sharing the same thought: we look good.

But she still had another spell to cast, because it certainly wouldn't do for the guys to see four of the same woman suddenly walk out of the bathroom. Three out of the four were going to have to use a disguise spell. This was still a bit risky; she could only maintain the duplication spell for an hour or two maximum, and casting another one on herself while that one was still active was going to cut that time nearly in half.

But she had no intention of backing out now. One of the four left her eyes open, planning to keep her own red, wavy hair, green eyes and sloping C-cup breasts. The other three closed their eyes, and each simultaneously whispered, "Eilukan ziidas." There was a brief flash of light, and when it cleared, each had taken the new look they had envisioned. Two had gone blonde, one increasing her height a few inches; the third had dropped a few inches and gone to curly black hair. Other small changes had been made to each of them, from facial structure to cup size and such. They each looked around at each other, and the same through passed through each Lucia: We're gonna have fun!

The Lucia who still looked like Lucia returned first, finding the guys sitting around, still naked—very good—just chatting and sipping their beers. They looked up when she reentered the room, and jumped out of their seats when the other three appeared. "Surprise!" She heard W-questions starting to form on their lips, but these were quickly silenced when each Lucia made a bee-line for one of the guys, dropped to her knees, and began sucking his cock back to life. None of them really knew nor cared which guy they were giving head to, each simply choosing one at random and forgetting his face as soon as his cock was in her mouth.

Once all four guys were up and ready again, the four Lucia's each stood up, and as one, her four voices unanimously said "Come give us those cocks, boys!" Even she heard how eerie the effect sounded, but it didn't stop each of the guys from stepping forward and giving her what she asked for.


Though Meagan had asked for it, she hadn't gotten it right away. Isabelle didn't want her to rush things too much. First she had made Meagan lie down on the floor, and for several minutes Meagan simply lay there with Six's head between her legs. Then it had turned to Isabelle's head between her legs, and then it had turned to both of them, with Isabelle's tongue competing with Six's for ground on Meagan's slit. It wasn't until Meagan had started begging for it that they finally consented.

Isabelle knelt over Meagan from the side while Six knelt between her legs. Isabelle could see the storm of eagerness warring with anxiety in Meagan's face. "Just relax," Isabelle said. "It'll hurt for a minute, but then it'll start becoming the best thing you've ever felt."

Meagan nodded, and Six began to slowly push his way in. Instantly Meagan's face contorted, her eyes squeezed shut and she bit her lip as a long, drawn-out whimper escaped her throat. "Oh my god, Izzy, he's huge! He's tearing me apart!"

"I know, I know," Isabelle said, putting a hand on her sister's shoulder. "Just hold on."

With that Six began slowly, ponderously thrusting in and out of Meagan. Isabelle watched and waited for the tense, contorted look of agony to leave her sister's face, and it seemed to take forever, but at last she saw Meagan's face beginning to relax. Meagan's eyes opened and she took a moment to look up at what Six was doing, before her head fell back and her eyes closed again, and to Isabelle's delight she heard a soft moan come out of Meagan's mouth.

"Wow, it is starting to feel good! ...Ooh, I like it, Izzy!"

"That's it, Meg!" Isabelle grinned. "You want him to go faster?"

"Yeah! Do it faster!"

Six immediately obeyed, beginning to increase his pace, and Meagan's moans took a sharp elevation in frequency and volume. Impulsively, Isabelle lowered her head and extended a tongue to Meagan's erect nipple. She could tell by the subtle changes in the noise Meagan was making that she liked that. And the more noise Meagan made, the wetter Isabelle found herself getting.

Isabelle continued running her tongue in lazy circles around Meagan's nipple for a few minutes, until she heard Meagan make the thunderous announcement that she was about to cum. At that point Isabelle's attention focused on watching Six pumping in and out of her sister's folds, hearing Meagan's cries steadily rising, culminating in a final scream that accompanied Meagan thrashing on the floor, and Six pulling out of her and shooting a white spray across her belly.

Meagan lay there for a moment, catching her breath, and Isabelle lowered her mouth to kiss her deeply. Meagan threw an arm around Isabelle's neck and returned the kiss with an enthusiasm she'd never shown before.

Then suddenly Isabelle stopped and looked behind her, realizing something should have happened that hadn't. Six was still there, crouched on his knees, with that magnificent weapon of his still standing ready. "Hey, why aren't you disappearing?" she asked, and then wondered if that had come out a little too harsh.

"Because Meagan is not yet satisfied," was Six's reply.

Isabelle looked straight down into Meagan's face. "You want more?"

"I want him to do it to you," Meagan said. "Six, I want to see you do that to my sister now."

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