She was 5'3", 125 pounds and 48 years old. Sandy blonde with blue eyes that didn't miss much. She had a librarian look when she wore her wire rimmed glasses. Her hips looked seductively wide because her waist was very small, not bad after two kids. Her breasts were still perky, looked like they belonged on a teen-ager, mainly because they were not overly large. I can be very detailed with the description because she and I had been seeing each other for several months.

She was very professional at work as an office manager. Hidden underneath that professional veneer was a hungry vixen. We met online and as we saw each other my fear was that I would scare her. I am 48, 6'3", and have a few extra pounds but still muscular. Having been out of the Marine Corps for 18 years, I still have managed to hang on to that physique, as far as 48 year-olds go.

It was our fourth date, watching football on a Monday night at a sports bar. To this point we had kissed a few times, the last kiss we shared involved a little tongue, during which I heard and felt some distinct moans as I gently bit her lower lip. Perhaps tonight would be the night we connected.

Midway through the second quarter of the game after we shared a dozen wings and a few drinks she said "Let's play a game!"

"Okay, what's the game?"

As we spoke, sitting at the bar together with my stool facing hers, the bar was darkened, lit mainly by the 15 or so giant TV screens and the typical neon beer and spirits signs. As she looked at me I could see the game's reflection in the lenses of her glasses. I was taken off guard as her hands slid from my thighs to my crotch, gently rubbing.

"Marry, fuck, kill." She said with a glint in her eyes I hadn't seen before.

From a distance anyone at the bar would think we were just talking, my oversize shirt and the darkness of the bar concealed her hands as they gently massaged my package through my jeans.

Looking at her, a sly grin on her face, here was, what I thought, a proper woman, showing me a naughty side I didnt expect. Her hands were working me lightly, not enough to get me off, just enough to know that she was claiming me, and we were having the conversation with both of us pretending she wasn't doing what her hands were distinctly doing.

"Okay, you go first." I said, looking around the bar.

"Table to our left, the guy in the jeans and glasses, I'd marry him, girl he is with, wearing the black heels and tight jeans, I'd fuck her, the guy with the sweats on behind them, I'd kill him, who the hell wears sweats to a bar?"

As she spoke, looking right at me I had to nonchalantly view the bar to determine who she was referring to. When she mentioned fucking the girl, that made my cock jump and she felt it happen.

"Ohhhhh, you like that thought huh?".

"Well the thought does kind of make me tingle." I responded.

"Okay, your turn, but I get to pick."

"Go for it.". I said, wondering if this was a control thing or just part of her game.

"The bartender." She said referring to our thirty-something, well stacked dark haired bartender, wearing a black and white striped referee outfit, tied at the waist to reveal a gorgeous and ripped set of abs.

"The blonde waitress over there.". She said, nodding her head behind me. This one was a typical bubble head. Big boobs, loud smile, kind of a blank empty stare typical of the type.

"Or the classy business type behind you."

"Let me check her out." I said and got up and turned that way, I needed to use the restroom anyway. As I walked that way I saw a middle aged woman, brown hair, clearly just enjoying happy hour with her date, she was still dressed in her business attire, matching slacks and coat enjoying what looked like a dirty martini. Our eyes caught for a moment then she turned back to her partner.

Returning from the bar I felt like this could be a hint of things to come, having stopped giving a fuck what other people thought after I turned 40 I decided to be straight with her.

As I sat back down she took a big sip of her drink, turned back towards me and placed her hands back where they had been.

"So, what did you decide?"

"Well, in for a penny in for a pound. I would kill the bubble headed blonde, fuck the business woman and marry the bartender."

"Really?" She said with a surprised tone. "Tell me why." She asked.

"Well, even though the blonde may have a great curvy body, she seems to me to be an airhead and definitely not worth marrying, probably doesn't know how to fuck either."

As I spoke, her hands on my crotch changed back and forth from light massaging to direct rubbing, the whole time she stared into my eyes.

"The business gal behind me is too busy to marry. But I bet she would love to take some stress out with a good fucking, Probably the type that wants to be in control and when she cums would explode from pent up frustration."

When I said "Cum", her hands, which had brought me to a solid erection, grabbed my shaft, hard.

"And why marry this lady?". She said nodding towards the bartender.

At that time the bartender was right in front of us, looking at both of us and gave Stacey a smile.

"I'm used to being the one that gets fucked, but you wanna marry me? Next drink on me!" She said smiling at me and winkng at Stacey.

"Tell me Ken, why her? Be honest." She said as the bartender sat our new drinks down and leaned on the bar.

"Yes Ken, tell us why you would marry me?"

I felt my cheeks flush, again though, I figured what the hell.

"Okay, well, you are a bartender, to me that means you are smart, know men and are perceptive, that means I can trust you. Also, it means you are a hard worker, slinging drinks isnt easy."

"And?" Both said in unison, knowing, I guess by the look on my face there was more.

"Okay. I am a stomach guy and when I fuck I love the woman to be on top, the thought of staring at your stomach while you grind on me while fucking is something I wouldn't want to only see one time."

I was out of breath. As I looked at both of them with what I hope was a mix of humor and contempt, they looked at each other, then to my relief, busted out laughing.

"He is a keeper honey, don't let him go.". The bartender said.

"Time for the check." She said.

Fifteen minutes later we were in my hotel room making out like teenagers. Quickly our clothes came off. As our skin touched the heat of mine contrasted well with the coolness of hers, she had goosebumps as the room was very cool.

She layed down in the middle of the bed and pulled me on top of her.

"Fuck me and fuck me now." She said. "I'll get on top of you later, you need to get miss bartender out of your head first, so fuck me and don't take your eyes off of mine."

I moved my hips, using the head of my cock to find her warm wetness. As my tip found the spot, her whole body shuddered.

Staring at her, I slowly slid in. She was very wet and sucked in her breath hard as I slowly slid in her. Her hands wrapped around my waist, fingers digging in my ass, pulling me into her deep.

As I began to move in and out of her, I did so slowly, watching her eyes, feeling her breaths, her pupils dilated.

"Fuck me like that." She said in a hoarse whisper. "That's going to make me cum."

Her hips rose to meet mine with each thrust with a higher urgency.

As I gave her a deep thrust, she bit my chest and moaned as I felt her walls grab my cock and milk it. She came with a hard, long orgasm.

As it subsided I kept thrusting.

She looked at me. "Cum on me."

That was it, I stood up on the bed, feet on both side of her thighs and stroked my cock, her eyes went wide.

"Yes! Do it!" She said, breathlessly.

I came, shooting stream after stream of cum all over her, lines of cum crossed her face, stomach and chest. After what seemed an eternity, I finally relaxed and got down on my knees. She had five solid lines of cum across her body, face, chest, stomach, and thighs.

I bent down and began licking it off of her body.

"Oh my God baby yes!". She said and spread her legs and started rubbing her clit as I continued licking.

Once I licked up all my cum I licked her clit then kissed her deeply. Our tongues met and our eyes opened. Her eyes went wide and she bit my lip as she came again.

"Yeah, you'll do." She whispered, breathless in my ear. "Time for round two."

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by Anonymous09/11/18

Good story!

Nicely done, appreciate the effort. M/F/K was a believable add to the story. Made it stand out for me.

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by Wayne4809/11/18


I appreciate the feedback! Makes me want to write another, thank you!

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Big fun

Very well done. The narrator mentions that he's stopped caring what people think of him, then tells his story in just that way.

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by jsmangis09/10/18

Very Hot

Excellent first story. I was a bit short, so I hope you finish the store in an additional chapter(s).

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by Anonymous09/10/18

Too short!

The Story is great but it is way to short! I hope there will be a second part.

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