Connie Panetta and Summer 1970


"Where you come up with this stuff?" Concetta said one afternoon when I suggested something a little weird.

"In a book," I responded. "Hey, I never knew about all of these positions you taught me, but I was nice enough to try them for you."

"For me?" he laughed.

"Okay, for us." I agreed, and then explained what I was wanting her to do.

"Like this?" Concetta asked as she positioned herself across the bed and over my hip, while I propped all the pillows up behind me so I could see it clearly.

"Now lower your arm down," I directed.

"Doesn't this hurt?" Concetta asked as she followed my directions.

"No. It's incredible."

It didn't hurt, but while it felt nice, it was the visual impact of what was happening that made it special, much like her playing with her breasts

would affect me.

With Concetta laying sideways on top of me, I had positioned my erection so when she put her arm down, my organ was crushed in the fold of her armpit, and while the warm pocket felt nice, it was seeing the head of my cock sticking out of the fold surround by her armpit hair that drove me wild.

"Roll your shoulder a little," I gasped as I thrust upwards, and when she started to move against my thrusts it got even better

The head of my cock started sticking way out of the fold when Concetta would move downward, and she cackled when she saw the red knob bulging under the pressure, flicking the tip with her tongue as it popped out from the nest of hair that surrounded it.

"You like it when I lick it, don't you Jimmy?" she cackled while watching my face probably making faces too bizarre to imagine. "You think you gonna..."

I'm not sure what Concetta was about to ask, but if it was an inquiry about whether I was going to be able to have an orgasm, she found out as my cock began making like a geyser, with the first blast hitting her face as her tongue was reaching the tip.

"Son of a bitch!" she yelped, but she didn't stop what she was doing and merely leaned back to let the rest of my load land harmlessly on my chest and stomach.

"Sorry," I said as my orgasm ended and Concetta tried to wipe the cum off her face with the sheet.

"Serves me right to do crazy things like that. Now I gotta wash my hair tonight," she said with a shake of the head and a glance that told me she wasn't mad. "Next time we do that maybe I bite the head off if he spits in my face. Gotta make meatballs tomorrow anyway for the auxiliary."

"Next time?" I said hopefully, not thinking she would want to indulge me again after that.

"Hey, at least it gave my puss and jaws a break."

"You can let go, you know," I reminded her, as my cock had gone limp and disappeared from view, but was still trapped in the fold of her arm.

"I think I'm gonna keep him right there," Concetta declared and she clamped down tighter. "Feels kind of nice there under my arm now that he's soft."

"If that is supposed to be punishment, I'm fine with it," I said with a smile. "I can stay here like this until school starts next week."

The summer had flown by, and college was going to begin in only eight days. That wasn't something I was looking forward too, and not just because summer was gone because I hardly spent any time outside, what with work, stopping at home briefly and then coming to Concetta's.

"That's right," Concetta said. "Then I finally going to have some time to get this place back in order without you sniffing around."

"You still going to come visit me sometimes?" she asked after I didn't bite at her attempt to get a rise out of me.

"What do you think?" I asked, and in fact I would end up doing my homework there many evenings, along with sleeping over on some weekends.

"I think you better do good in school," Concetta said. "Oh! I forgot! Leo - he's coming home for the holidays."

"Great!" I said, because I knew how much she missed him, and I missed the guy too, although I knew that after he got done with leave, he was going to be deployed somewhere, and the odds were it wouldn't be anyplace good.

"Well, I better get in the shower," Concetta said. "Wash your sap outta my - what the?"

It seemed that my dick must have been dripping because things had gotten a little sticky in the vice my dick had been in, and although we managed to extricate my cock from the sticky hairs, the abundant forest had become quite a tangle.

"Look at that!" Concetta said as she surveyed the twisted sculpture of drying semen and hair. "Oh well, guess I better go shave."

"Let's not get crazy here," I protested.

"Why, you wouldn't like me without my hair?" she asked playfully.

"Shave them and see" I said, knowing full well that while I liked the hair, I loved the woman and would be fine with whatever she did.

"Should make you do it," Concetta said as she headed for the bathroom.

"Okay," I said, and the thought of doing that was not unappealing to me, since it would afford me more chances to touch her. "How about we take a shower..."


"Sure. If we can't get you cleaned up I'll be glad to shave you," I said while figuring that with a combination of warm water, soap and maybe my tongue, we could fix the sticky problem my semen had created.

"You a crazy guy," Concetta said as we headed into the shower together for far from the first or last time. "Lucky you know I can't say no to you."

Actually that wasn't quite true. One time Concetta did sort of say no.

We had been having sex - surprise - and it was the week before Leo was due home on leave. I had finished my term paper and read it to Concetta, who declared it sounded good even though she didn't have a clue about what it was all about, and as a reward she suggested we take a break.

This was a turn-on for me, having her initiate sex, and it was happening a lot as our relationship progressed. Concetta was on all fours, with me humping her from behind while holding onto those fleshy hips. In his position, I had a lot of self control because not only couldn't I see her breasts but because they hung down and rested on the bedding I couldn't get much of a grip on them either.

So as I thrust hard and confidently while spreading her cheeks, my eyes went to the crevice of her ass cheeks. Although Concetta had the hairiest pussy imaginable, the hair stopped down in the area between her pussy and her anus

There was a little cluster of black hairs around her puckered ring, but the pink orifice was clearly visible, so I found myself wetting my finger and sliding it around the knot before poking it in.

Concetta didn't stop me, and in fact let out a moan as I slid my finger in deeper, and soon I was impaling her in both orifices at once, bringing her to orgasm in the process. As I pulled my finger out it struck me - she would probably like me to put my dick in there, and because I had never done it or really thought about it before, it seemed like a good idea.

So I was surprised that well I pulled my cock out of Concetta's pussy and pushed it up against the anus, she squealed and rolled out from under me, yelling, "No No No!"

"What's wrong?" I ignorantly asked as I knelt over her with cock in hand while she rolled onto her back. "I thought you liked it."

"Your finger. That was okay. Kind of nice, but your thing? No. At least not like that," She said, and while I knelt there with a boner and a stupid expressing on my face she explained.

"You can't just put your thing in there. You need to lubricate it first. Both your thing and the girl's bottom. That's a tiny hole back there."

"I guess you're right," I said, feeling just as stupid as I was. "I never did it before, so I was curious."

"I have," Concetta admitted. "Long time ago, and it really hurt. Maybe I'm small back there, or maybe I'm a big baby. And that man's thing wasn't nearly as fat as yours, but I'll go to the drug store tomorrow morning and get something to lubricate us."

"That's okay," I said, and when she started to tell me that it wouldn't be a problem since she had to get to Walgreen's anyway, I stopped her.

"No," I said, honestly having lost any desire to do it. "Why would I want to do anything that would hurt you?"

"I'll do it," Concetta assured me.

"I know you would. Thank you, but no thanks."

"I wish I was 30 years younger," Concetta said, and her eyes seemed to be welling up as she spoke. "Or you were 30 years older."

"I don't care about age," I assured her.

"I know."

"I love you," I said.

"I love you too Jimmy," Concetta said. "These months without Leo being here. I don't know what I would have done without you being here."

I leaned down and kissed Concetta, the woman who I wanted to marry and live the rest of my life with, and she kissed me back while her hand snaked down and grabbed my cock, which had lost a little stiffness but immediately came back to life in her hand.

"Want to put this big boy between my boobies?" she asked playfully, and I jumped at the chance, since while I loved doing it, Concetta didn't like getting semen in her eyes.

"I'll be careful," I said as I maneuvered up and put my cock in in the deep valley created as she pressed her arms to her sides.

"Don't be," she sighed. "I love watching the fat head pop out from between my boobies. The hole opens wide and then the dick goes away."

"Think you can get me to cum with dirty talk?" I asked as I reached down and played with the fat pegs of her nipples and traced the outline of her coaster-sized aureoles.

"Maybe," Concetta sighed. "When you do, I want you to shoot your seed right into my mouth. If you think you can reach, that is?"

"You know better than that" I retorted, since often to her dismay I would spray her face and hair while doing this if conditions were right. "But I think I'm going to just keep doing this all night because it feels so good."

"Oh yeah?" Concetta asked. "You in control, huh?"

"You know it," I replied, and then shook my head when I felt her hands grab my wrists and push them unto the sides of her breasts.

This kept the tight squeeze her cleavage had around my cock, but when I saw her put her hands behind her head and cackle, all I could say was, "Not fair!"

"Look at me, Jimmy," Concetta giggled while I stared at the painting of Venice behind her headboard, the picture of her and Leo on the night table, and anyplace else besides down.

"Look at me, honey," she cooed. "You know you want to," and when I gave up and looked down at her heaving breasts and her furry underarms exposed for my benefit, she sighed, "In my mouth -give it to me."

I gave in, pushing my cock out the top of her cleavage a second before I erupted, and while a little went in her open mouth, most of my ejaculations ended up on her cheeks and neck, with one rope hitting her in the eye.

"Sonofabitch!" Concetta cried out, laughing as I tattooed her pretty face with my cum. "That burns!"


It was great to see Leo again, even though it meant that me and his Mom had to lighten up on our activities somewhat. He had really changed over the few months he had been in the service, and while he had been around me he had been sort of a little brother to me despite him being almost a year older, he had really matured.

With Leo around Concetta was happy all the time, glowing as she made her rounds of the neighborhood about how proud she was of her boy, and it made me happy to see her so alive. It was a way that I made her feel as well, but only for brief periods of time.

When Leo left to go back, I didn't realize that it was the last time we would ever see him. He was killed a few weeks later, not in war but in a stupid training accident, and when the word got back to his Mom she fell apart.

I tried my best to comfort her, even sort of taking on some of the responsibilities and planning of the services when his body was shipped home, not caring how it looked to others.

By then I was practically living at her house, and while we continued our relationship it was clear that there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away. Still, when she broke the news to me that she was moving back to her native land, it was still hard to take.

"I go nothing here, Jimmy," she told me one night. "I have some family back there. My sister and a lot of cousins. I love this country, but it just hurts too much to stay around here."

I argued that she had me, and there was no way I would ever leave her, but I guess in my heart I new she was probably right. She had come here for a new start and within a decade had lost her husband and only child.

I helped her sell her household goods and packed up what little she was taking back to Italy, and before I knew it I was saying goodbye to her at the airport. It must have looked pitiful, like a kid saying goodbye to his mother and bawling like a baby, but I didn't give a damn.

It was when she was walking through customs that I noticed something. It wasn't the first time I had noticed it, having seen her naked nearly every day for months, and while I had been tempted to ask her, she had been so distraught since burying Leo that I didn't want to insult or upset her.

Connie had lost some weight during the many months of our relationship - not a great deal mind you - but enough that I had noticed it, most noticably in her butt and arms. That I had mentioned to her, and she blamed it on me giving her so much exercise, but the last night we were together I had watched her while she slept.

As she turned and waved, I looked at Connie's profile, and while maybe the slight swell under her huge bosom was always there and I had been too obsessed with other parts of her, I didn't know.

We promised to stay in touch and we did for a while, and I had even mentioned in one letter about whether she had gained back the weight she had lost and kept asking her whether there was something she wanted to tell me, she never directly addressed the question I was too afraid to actually come out and ask.

After a few years the letters stopped coming and my own correspondence got returned stamped addressee unknown. I suppose I could have done some investigative work but was too afraid about what I would find out so I let it go. If she wanted me to know anything, she could have told me, and I would like to think that I would have done right by her, but I'll never know and that's obviously the way Connie must have wanted it. Then again, maybe it was all in my head.

I still think about her sometimes even now more than forty years later. I've had a good life, with a great wife and wonderful children, but I know it would never have been the same without Connie Panetta and that incredible summer of 1970.


thanks for reading

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