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This is a true story, with the conversation to the best my photographic memory allows. Throughout the story I refer to my lover as "Dr. Connie", using only her real first name since she's still a practicing physician, and we still see each other. In fact, I have an "appointment" with her a week from tomorrow (as of this posting). As always, I encourage feedback, including any mistakes in spelling/grammar. But please be courteous, rudeness doesn't go far with me. Thanks, and hope you enjoy!


Middle age seemed to be catching up to me, despite my best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Genetics, I suppose. In short, I found myself hospitalized for several days while the doctors debated whether or not I'd had a mild stroke. Though they couldn't decide on a diagnosis after three days, I was instructed to see my family physician to prevent a reoccurrence, and released.

Trouble was, I didn't have a family physician. Call it arrogance, or whatever, but appears I now needed one as soon as possible. On the recommendation of a female friend I made an appointment with Dr. Connie. When I finally met Connie I was pleasantly surprised. She appeared to be in her mid- to late-thirties, was of Southeast Asian heritage, and more than easy on the eye. Connie was a very attractive woman in a number of ways, and I was particularly drawn to her friendly demeanor.

Okay, yeah. That and her looks. Tender smile, trim figure, about five-four in height, she wasn't wearing a lab coat, simply a nice white blouse and dark slacks. The slacks outlined a very shapely ass, however the blouse had me guessing the size of her more than ample, for her height, breasts. Oh, did I mention she had long black hair and deep, sultry dark brown eyes?

We made small talk while she performed the physical part of the exam, with routine questions and answers about medications and diet. To put me at ease she told me not to worry, she'd seen and heard just about everything and anything, so nothing I told her would be a surprise. We just wanted to avoid a repeat hospital visit, and for me to stay as healthy as possible.

After the physical portion was complete she began asking a series of more in-depth type questions. Most were mundane as I'm sure she was checking the blocks and eliminating any issues surrounding my "episode."

I caught myself staring at her as if in a daydream when I was startled by the silence in the room, with Connie looking at me as if expecting a response.

"I'm sorry, my mind must have wandered, could you repeat the question?"

"I was asking you a personal question of a sexual nature. Do you think you have a healthy sex life?" she repeated.

"Well, a person could always use a little more, right," I responded glibly.

"It's an individual call," she replied matter of factly, "Some want more, some can do without. By your answer you appear to be in the first category, correct?"

I felt my face reddening, and decided quickly I'd probably only embarrass myself if we engaged in further verbal fencing. Best to keep this friendly, but professional.

"Don't be embarrassed, we all have our individual and specific needs," she stated while appearing to enjoy teasing me with her words.

"I see you live alone," she continued, "Is that right?"

"I am single, yes," I replied. "Although I have had both short and long-term relationships, as well as an occasional houseguest."

I thought I saw her eyebrow quickly rise and fall back into place.

"Any performance related issues? Bladder or prostate problems," she asked.

"Nothing I'm aware of with either of those two, everything seems to be functioning well," I stated.

Then, for some reason I felt the need to continue. "I'm certainly happy with my performance. They, um...she...um...everyone else seems pleased as well," I stuttered embarrassingly, immediately regretting my choice to keep talking.

A slight smile came to her face as she continued to look down at her pad and make notes of our conversation, before pausing and looking up at me while lightly tapping her pen on her chin.

"I'm going to order some extensive lab work," she stated. "A little more in-depth than you received in the hospital, just to make sure."

That was an open-ended statement, I thought to myself. Make sure of what?

"Sounds fine," I replied, "I'm sure a few more pokes won't hurt much," as I tried to smile believingly.

"My folks will be in to draw the blood and collect a urine sample," Connie said. "I'll have the lab results back in two weeks, can you make another appointment a for month from today?"

"Sure, that shouldn't be an issue," I responded.

As she stood I quickly rose to my feet.

"It was very nice meeting and talking with you," she said, "Take care of yourself and see you back here next month, okay?"

I extended my hand, which she took, and I felt a soft, feminine, but firm grip. "I look forward to it. Thank you for seeing me, Doctor."

We probably held our grasp longer than needed as we looked into each other's eyes before she finally spoke, "My pleasure. Take care of yourself," she repeated as she softly and slowly released my hand from hers before turning and leaving the room.


I was quickly into my usual daily routine, and the time seemed to fly by rapidly when I found myself back in Dr. Connie's office. Or more accurately, one of her examination rooms. I stood as the door opened and Connie walked in.

Extending my hand, I said, "Good morning doctor," in a tone which let her know I was pleased to see her again.

And I was pleased. While she was wearing the same basic outfit as my previous visit, her blouse appeared tighter, which accentuated all her curves and protrusions.

I quickly looked up at her face as she said, "Hello, it's good to see you," as she took my hand into her warm palm.

As we held each other's hand I noticed my thumb brushed up against her diamond wedding band. I responded with emphasis, "It's good to SEE you as well," as I released contact.

"You've gotten a little sun since your last visit," she observed.

"Oh, yeah. I do a little gardening and walk as part of my routine. But I try to be careful with overexposure."

She smiled and sat across from me, opening my record and reading for a minute.

"Your lab results look good, you're doing well for someone in your age group. Slide over here, we can review them together as I explain each result."

I tried not to be distracted by her honeysuckle fragrance while peering at the prominent mounds under her blouse as we both looked down at the results. Most of what she said was medical speak. But my takeaways were I had a healthy prostate, near-normal blood pressure, and no sexually transmitted diseases.

Connie then asked how I felt.

"Just fine, no problems whatsoever," I honestly replied.

"Again, you appear to be in very good health but we still don't know what caused you to be hospitalized," she stated. "Are you still living alone? If you had a reoccurence would there be someone available to provide aid?"

"Yes, I'm still on my own. Not to be smug, but I think the answer to the second part of your second question is both yes and no."

Connie cocked her head slightly while awaiting my response.

"If something bad did develop, which I hope you and I agree has a low chance of happening, it would depend on what I was doing at the time, and if I was with anyone on that particular occasion."

Connie looked at me deep in thought, before slowly smiling and nodding her head. "I think I understand," she said.

I couldn't help myself, and just had to say, "I believe it was a lovely young physician who once said 'we all have our individual and specific needs ,' or something close to that."

Connie giggled, before saying, "We do indeed, yes." Then came a deep breath, followed by, "Yes, yes we do."

She paused, and then refocused. "Okay, that should do it for the day, we're good here. So, unless anything dramatic occurs in the meantime, I'll see you in six months, okay?"

As we both rose I couldn't help myself, and instead of extending my hand to hers I put my arms around her in a firm hug and simply said, "Thanks Doc."

I think my move surprised her as I felt and heard her inhale sharply before relaxing and placing her arms on the back of my shoulders, drawing me closer. I breathed in her light perfume again, and also smelled the freshness in her hair while feeling her firm breasts pressed into my chest. I let her go just as I felt a rise forming below, and stepped back.

"See you soon," I said looking into her eyes, but also noticing her lips were slightly parted, and I stepped around her and out the door.

Needless to say, I was infatuated with Connie. My actions denoted as much. When alone, as I slowly stroked my hardness, I imagined what each of us would do to and with one another. Over the next several weeks, I would make an effort to see my friend Haley, simply because she had the same body type as Connie. While I was fucking Haley, in my mind I was making love with Connie. Haley, who had no idea of the role she was playing in my head, bed, or couch, or kitchen table, or shower, seemed to be enjoying herself. She always left with a smile, and the words "call me," which seemed more of a plea than just a friendly goodbye.

In the meantime, I have a professional life and business was going better than expected. Much better, actually. I had an offer to buy my small company, and by playing hard to get - 'I started this company from nothing, it's my pride and joy and I just can't see myself not involved in it in some way' - I was able to negotiate a very profitable deal.

Let's just say, short of Armageddon I was set for life, as long as I didn't go too crazy and give my accountant a heart attack.

But I'm also not one to sit around and do nothing, so I started thinking about modest investments. One thing that kept coming back to my mind was Connie, particularly her office. Each time I'd been there it seemed some sort of small changes had occurred within. I began wondering if she was doing this piecemeal as part of some larger remodeling plan? Only one way to find out, go directly to the source.

I called her office and asked to speak with her. Naturally, I was told the doctor was busy so I left a message for her to return my call at her convenience, nothing urgent, medically speaking.

Although I DID have some urgent needs, I thought to myself.

Later in the afternoon Connie called. She immediately asked if everything was okay, and I assured her I was fine.

"This isn't a medical call Doc," I told her, "It's a business call. I'd like to discuss a project with you as soon as your schedule allows. Can we meet over dinner one evening?"

After a brief silence she replied, "How does Thursday evening sound?"

"That works well for me," I cheerfully replied. "Any particular place or preference?"

"Someplace close to the office is preferable," Connie said. "What sort of business will we be discussing?"

"It has to do with your office expansion or remodel. Nothing too urgent, but I think it'll be time well spent. How about Harriet's on 23rd, is that okay?"

"Oh yes, I haven't been to Harriet's in ages. That'll be just fine. Is seven too late?"

"Absolutely not," I said, trying to hide my elation, "See you at seven on Thursday. Bye."

"Bye," she said softly and sweetly.

Of course Harriet's is a very good restaurant, and we'd have some privacy for our business discussion. But it's also just a block away from the Ritz-Carlton, and if I could work my charms I'd be spending some intimate moments with my favorite doctor.

Having made reservations, I arrived a little early Thursday evening, tipped Sean, the maitre d', to ensure our privacy and showed him a picture of Connie on my phone, from her website, so he'd recognize her. About fifteen minutes later she arrived, escorted to the table by Sean, as I stood from the table.

After he took her coat and left, I gave her a quick, light hug and said, "Thank you for coming Connie, I hope I'm not keeping you from other, more important obligations."

She looked at me questioningly as she started to sit, so I held up my left hand and tapped my ring finger twice.

She immediately understood. "Oh, absolutely not. I have a teenage daughter who actually has a babysitting job this evening, so everything is fine."

Hmmm, teenage daughter. I immediately, and honestly responded, "You look much too young to have a teenage child," also noting she never mentioned a spouse.

"That's certainly kind, if not true, if for no other reason than a teenager can quickly add years to one's life," she replied with a smile.

Just as I was about to inquire as to the whereabouts of a significant other the waitress appeared to present our menus and take our drink orders. Connie quickly glanced over the menu, and then said to the waitress, "I'd love a glass of oaked Chardonnay, do you have Sainsbury or Marisco?"

"I do know we have Marisco, but I'd be happy to check on the other," the waitress stated.

"Oh no, that's okay. Marisco is fine, really. Thank you."

The waitress nodded and then turned to me.

"I think a bottle would be appropriate," I said to her with a smile.

Returning the smile, she said, "Very well sir. Ma'am," and the turned and left us.

Looking at Connie, I asked, "So what's life like for a young doctor when not tending to others?"

"You really should drop the young part," she said with a smile. "There are many days when I feel as though I should be drawing social security."

"You are younger than me," I replied. "That makes my statement true."

"And just how would you know that?"

"Mathematics," I quickly replied. She looked at me questioningly. "I've seen your diplomas in the office. Noted the years you graduated. Assuming you received your education during the same time frame as most, give or take a year, I'm pretty sure I know how old you may be. Not that I'll ask you, or expect you to tell me, but I'm confident from my deduction you are, in fact, younger than me."

She sat there smiling as I went on.

"So again, what do you do in your spare time?"

"Thirty eight. And I don't have any spare time. At least it never feels that way," she said, exhaling deeply and sitting back.

"And yet here you are, about to enjoy a meal with me," I replied.

"You mentioned business, so this is a working dinner," she said with an obvious wink.

I was about to continue when the waitress returned with our wine and began pouring for us, then asked if we were ready to order. Just as I was about to ask for a few more minutes, since Connie and I were talking and I hadn't viewed the menu, Connie said, "I'll have the Coquilles St. Jacques, please."

Quickly scanning the menu, I glanced up to see Connie trying to suppress a laugh, with the back of her right hand over her mouth. "I'll take the seared Ahi," I finally said.

"Very good sir, ma'am," the waitress said while looking to us both before departing again.

Connie, with a large smile said, "You seem to work well under pressure, I was starting to think I was going to have to check for an elevated heart rate."

"I thought an elevated heart rate, under the right conditions, was a good thing," I replied teasingly.

"Under the right conditions, yes. You always want to make sure you have sufficient blood flowing to all major organs. But you knew that, right?"

What I did know was I'm sure to lose this verbal medical battle with a professional, so I reached for my wine glass, took a sip and responded with, "Mmm hmm."

Quickly changing subjects, I wanted to learn more about her, especially the ring. So I said, "You know a lot about me, but I know almost nothing about you. Care to share a little insight into who Connie, not the doctor, is?"

Sitting back while swirling the wine in her glass atop our table, Connie began with her history, born in SE Asia, her parents immigrated to the US before she turned three year old. After beginning school, she was the resident English translator for her parents, and excelled throughout her education years. From an early age she'd always wanted to be a doctor, so after college she spent four years in med school, followed by five years as a resident before starting her general practice. As mentioned, she has a teenage daughter who she spends as much time with as she can, and as much as a teenager allows.

I noticed throughout her story she never mentioned her daughter's father, and I assume from the diamonds on her finger, her husband. So I asked.

"Connie, I've seen the rings on your finger and yet you never mentioned a husband."

She held her left arm out and stared at the back of her hand, slowly twisting it back and forth as the diamonds sparkled.

"We've been separated for over two years, he moved to the midwest, Kansas City, to join his brother's business. He and Rachel, my daughter, talk via Skype or some program over the computer. He and I talk through our lawyers."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry and bring up anything hurtful," I said softly while leaning closer to her.

Connie brought herself closer to the table, and reached for my hand before saying, "No, it's okay. It's for the best any way. For both he and I."

I felt her squeezing the top of my hand.

Looking up at me, she continued, "It's certainly better for me. And with that stress gone, better for Rachel as well. When school's out she'll spend the summer with him in KC, and with her cousins as well. So it's not as bad as it appears on the surface," before patting the top of my hand and sitting back.

At that point the food arrived.

As we started to eat, Connie said, "So, your meeting. What did you want to discuss? I know you mentioned my office remodeling, what specifically did you have in mind?"

"Well, I've only been to your office three times, as you know, but have seen some minor changes each visit. Are you looking for some small changes, a makeover, major renovation or expansion?"

She thought for a minute and I gave her time to digest the information. "Hmmm, so the building I'm in won't be getting any bigger, but I'd like to use the space I have more efficiently. And I'd also like it to be both worker and client friendly. I didn't know you were in construction."

"I'm not, but I know people," I responded, laughing at myself for the cliche'. "Let's just say I have access to the necessary funding needed for a project such as yours, and the terms could be favorable to you. And me."

"Favorable terms for us both? Sounds interesting, what would you have in mind," she asked and then took another bite of her meal.


Connie quickly brought a napkin to her mouth, as her eyes widened.

"Bug you hard on?" it sounded like she said behind the napkin.

I looked at her questioningly.

She swallowed, and brought the napkin down to her breast.

I cocked my head as if telling her I was waiting for her to say something.

She finally spoke. "Beg your pardon? Did you say sex?"

I nodded and her eyebrows raised, before reaching for her glass and drinking the remaining wine.

As I leaned in to refill her glass I said, "I not only want to invest in your practice, I want to invest in you. Us, actually."

She remained expressionless while it appeared she was waiting for further explanation.

I smiled and began, "You seem to be an excellent physician, you came highly recommended and I'm more than pleased with how I've been treated. And you seem to have a successful practice. After observing the changes to the office, I started to think 'what if we identified all the desired changes', and we completed them all at once, say when your office was closed because you went on vacation."

Still flushed, she seemed intrigued with where I was going.

I continued, "And while I don't know, or even need to know, your financial situation, it appears your project is incremental, sort of pay as you go, if you will. As I said, I have the capital to fund your endeavor, and your practice won't be financially obligated to me."

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