tagLoving WivesConnie's Betrayal

Connie's Betrayal


I drove carefully through the late evening traffic heading across London towards the Marriott hotel. My head filled with thoughts of murder and all manner of evil doings that I had been contemplating as a suitable response to my situation. Whatever happened in the next few hours at least three people's lives would never be the same, it was still arguable as to how many would have any kind of life at all after this night.

My name is Sal, short for Salvatori. I am of Italian descent; my parents have been in UK since the late 1960s. The family business is the ubiquitous Italian restaurant which has been the mainstay of my family and the many cousins and others that made up the extended part of it. We are a close-knit bunch when it comes down to it but unlike in times past we do not live in each other's lives on a daily basis. Family events are always well attended and no one wants to be the one who isn't where they should be and suffer the looks from my Granma, the Matriarch, she who must always be obeyed. No matter what.

I married Connie seven years ago, we were both approaching 30 at the time. We seemed to be drawn together after being in relationships that were not heading anywhere and in some ways although satisfying did not have the stuff that a long-term relationship requires. We met, partied and had fun for almost two years before we took the plunge and got married.

My Granma had never warmed to Connie, she seemed to just about tolerate her is all. She was never out and out rude or anything but there was always an air of mistrust as she looked at Connie as if she was waiting for her to step out of line somehow, almost like she had her finger on the trigger waiting for it to happen. How do women know or feel these things? It is beyond me. At times she could barely conceal her feelings for my wife but never voiced her opinion in front of others. She said to me just before we married "You keep an eye on that one Sal, she has a look about her, be careful, and always guard your heart." That was all she said but for some reason her words replayed like a backdrop in my mind as I negotiated the traffic filled streets of London.

There was no need to rush, I knew exactly where I was going and if there were any developments or changes to my evening I would be notified by text or a call to my mobile. I eased into the traffic on the Marylebone Road, as usual it was still quite heavy even though it was after 9pm. The bright lights of the city glowed in the darkened streets, I turned towards the centre of town as my heart and my breathing seemed to quicken.

"Not long now." I thought to myself. "Then this farce will be over and done with."

A month ago I had found out that my wife had been meeting a guy and doing the dirty regularly, well at least once every two weeks anyway. This had been going on for at least six months I found after some digging. How did I find out? That was easy really, well easier than I would have thought. She made a tiny mistake one night that started me thinking that all was not well it was as simple as that. That day when I found the pen, it was one of those cheap ones that hotels provide with their welcome packs. I couldn't think where it had appeared from, I know I hadn't stayed at this particular hotel before, I always use a well-known chain when I have to travel, which is usually once a month. I save up the loyalty points not that it amounted to much. Anyway I had asked Connie if she had a pen one evening when we were out and she fished this biro from her voluminous handbag. As soon as I had finished using it I saw the inscription and a small alarm bell went off in my head. I knew I hadn't stayed there and could not think of any reason for my wife to be in possession of a pen from that hotel either so I was somewhat puzzled. Connie put the pen back in her bag without a word, I said nothing but decided I needed to look into it and see if there was anything I needed to be worried about. Small and insignificant it may have been but it was the tiny crack in our marriage that would prove to be the source of cataclysmic consequences.

I can't explain why but I just put it out of my mind at the time and didn't dwell on it as we were meeting friends for a meal and drinks. It was a sort of regular thing that we met up with two other couples occasionally for a meal and then enjoy a few drinks and some dancing at the end of the night. We were sitting in the lounge bar of our favourite restaurant at the time when the infamous pen made its appearance. It was our regular haunt, comfortable, easy going with a relaxed atmosphere. It didn't hurt that it was run by one of my cousins too so of course there was a healthy family discount to which my own family reciprocated in their turn. The discounts were sufficient to pay respect but also not enough to be insulting to the owner, respect given and received, it was a two way thing that worked.

The other two couples were Carlo and his wife Joanne, and Phil and his wife Terri. Carlo and Joanne were older than us by some five years or so. We were connected, of course, distantly but still family. Carlo was a little old fashioned in some ways and he had led an interesting life although not all of it was within the law. He was a great bear of a man and I recall when Connie first met him he terrified her but a sweeter, kinder and more gentle man you could not wish to meet. That is until you upset him. One word -- don't! Carlo was like an older brother to me, he was always there for me, kept me out of trouble and had once or twice managed to deal with a problem or two with ease. His wife Joanne was a lovely lady, she adored Carlo and they were a perfect match, where he was big, she was petite, pretty but feisty too. She was the only person Carlo was afraid of, he adored her and didn't care who knew it.

Phil, I had met through my job and we seemed to get on really well. He was the same age as me and had a similar outlook on life. We played golf together every now and then and along with his wife Terri we socialised at the golf club so all was good really. Terri got along with Connie and they often spent days out spending vast amounts of money shopping for god knows what and taking a long time doing it. All I ever saw were the large bags that came through the door with Connie after one of those expeditions. Where Phil was always warm and friendly Terri seemed stand offish at times and this was true especially recently. Then she seemed to snap out of it and become part of the group. I often thought there was something amiss with her and mentioned it to Connie more than once but she just shut down with the usual "women's issues" that seems to be trotted out when a woman doesn't want to explain something.

We sat in the lounge area sipping our cocktails when Carlo and Joanne came in. I stood and greeted him as we all hugged and exchanged kisses.

The waiter had fresh drinks to our table within a minute of Carlo and Joanne joining us. It always amazed Connie how we were looked after whenever we went anywhere. My cousin knew we were a party of six and indicated our table was ready, we were shown through to our usual corner table, secluded and private but with a view of the door, something Carlo always insisted on wherever he went, we didn't ask him why.

"Phil and Terri coming?" Joanne asked Connie.

"I spoke to her earlier, she said they were definitely coming but may be a little late as Phil hadn't got home yet."

Carlo just looked at the two women and gave me a look. I looked at him, he just shook his head imperceptibly, I let it go but I would ask Carlo about that later. As we finished the first round of drinks Phil and Terri appeared, both looked a little flushed, but there was something else too. Carlo just looked at them his face saying nothing, impassive. I saw that look again, what did he know, there was definitely something there.

We sat and soon got into chatting about work, our days and the usual banter about families and kids. After an excellent meal we filtered through to the lounge area again and the music filled the air. By this time the girls were all eager to get on the dance floor and work off some of the calories just taken on. We three guys sat for a while sipping the next round of cocktails and shooting the breeze, discussing sports, of course, and taking in the eye candy performing in front of us. Our wives were giggling and having fun, the dance floor was busy to the point of becoming crowded. There was a lively crowd in tonight, nothing outrageous or out of control but just people having a good time. The girls tottered back to our table and gulped at their drinks when the music changed to a slower pace. That was the signal for us to do our duty and escort them. I felt Connie press close to me and gyrating her hips caused a reaction to which she grinned at me. She continued her efforts and I was thinking ahead to get her home for a good fucking. Carlo led Joanne back to the table after the first number and as I looked round I could see Phil and Terri still on the floor but they seemed to be a little stiff together.

"Is everything OK with those two?" I whispered to Connie.

"Yes I think so, Terri hasn't said anything."

I looked again, something was definitely not kosher here. Connie pulled me away and did her best to distract me by rubbing her pussy relentlessly against my cock. We went back to the table, Carlo just smiled at me, and Joanne giggled. Phil and Terri arrived at the table, Terri grabbed her handbag and announced she was going to the restrooms which was the signal for a female exodus leaving us three guys sitting looking at each other.

"Everything OK Phil?" Carlo asked coolly.

"Yes, sure no problem, maybe a few too many of these though" He held up his glass and indicated for another round. A fresh set of drinks arrived before the women got back from their conference. Terri slid into the booth against Phil, their body language betrayed them. Connie looked at me, there was something in her look that told me all was not well here, and she looked away. Looks passed around us as we tried our best to not mention the elephant in the room. Carlo nudged me under the table with his knee, I looked round, and he winked at me.

He knows something!

A few more dances with us changing partners as we usually did helped ease the tension until it was time to go. My cousin had called the taxis at a pre-determined time and we made ready to leave.

I looked round and caught Connie talking with Phil across the room, they seemed animated yet consciously trying to look cool at the same time. My mind registered that as another oddity of the evening, I thought I would ask her about it later, or maybe not.

We said our goodbyes and the taxis took us our separate ways.

"So what is the story with Phil and Terri?" I asked straight out.

"Nothing, they are fine." She smiled and then looked out the window at the passing lights.

I sat quietly thinking not for the first time that something was off here, I didn't know what but there was something going on. I decided that I would contact Carlo in the morning.

Connie proceeded to try to fuck my brains out that night, even with all the alcohol inside me I was horny as hell and I gave as good as I got. I had her mouth first, she sucked deep and hard as if her life depended on it. She rode me grinding her wet pussy onto my super hard cock, before making me cum and fill her with a huge load. As I lay back breathing heavily, she stroked my cock slowly before going down on me and getting my little guy up for another going over. She seemed insatiable.

"Wow! That was awesome baby, we must do this again and soon too."

She smiled at me.

"I hope you remember that I love you and I want this again and again Sal, I love you Sal, don't forget it."

I looked at her, she seemed strange, there was just a hint of something but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"I love you too babe, don't you ever forget that too. You are my wife, no one is going to take you from me and I will never give you cause either." I held her tightly as I kissed her face. We fell asleep, before I dropped off I laid staring at the ceiling, the odd things of the evening kept coming back to me, I must call Carlo first thing.

Next morning, Connie got up and headed out the door for an early morning session at the gym, I pottered round the house as I drank glass after glass of orange juice to help clear my head. I sat at my laptop and googled the hotel that was inscribed on the pen I had seen in her handbag. The search came back and I checked the location, it was across London from us but easy to get to, there was onsite parking. It looked very swish really. I took down the telephone numbers and e-mail address anyway, but saw they also had a facility to book online too. I would need to check the history to see if there was anything there. I checked, nothing. Nothing at all! The history was wiped clean! I smelt another rat. My paranoia was getting out of control.

I called Carlo.

"Carlo, its Sal, so what is going on with Phil and Terri? I get the impression you know something, do I need to be concerned?"

"Sal, meet me at my brother's bar around mid-day I will fill you in then with what I know, best not do it over the phone, OK?"

"Sure, I will be there."

"Sal, come alone OK?"

"Er yes of course I understand." The line went dead. Now I was concerned, did I need to be? Fuck it I was worried. I sat staring at the phone as my stomach started to churn slowly, I did not like the feeling I was getting inside.

Connie bounced through the door an hour or so later, she looked refreshed, her hair was still damp from her shower and she had a rosy glow to her cheeks.

"Good workout?" I asked.

"Yes, it was great, I needed that babe." She threw her handbag on the table and tossed her gym bag onto the floor.

"I am going over to see Carlo later, he wants to talk about something or other, shouldn't be too long though."

"What does he want Sal? He still gives me the creeps sometimes you know even though he is a pussycat."

"Yes, he is a great guy but I for one would not like to be on the wrong side of him, in any way and don't ever confuse him with a pussycat. I won't be long love OK?"

Connie looked at me, another look I couldn't read. What the fuck is going on, everyone round me is giving off vibes that are starting to worry me.

I slid into my car and cruised slowly across town to Carlo's brother's place. A large non-descript building that housed a plush and trendy bar in North London, well not exactly your normal bar either really more of a member's only drinking club or for those in the know anyway. Before I could press the entry buzzer the door opened and Carlo stood aside ushering me in, as he did he gave a quick look outside as if to see if I had been followed. I watched him with curiosity.

"OK Carlo, what the fuck is going on? Your call has gotten me spooked and what with a few other things that have been happening I am getting concerned and I don't know what to be concerned about if anything."

He looked me in the eye and said. "Follow me."

I followed him through the bar and into the back rooms where there was an office set up like a study, he closed the door behind me and we sat either side of a large oak desk.

"Sal, I care for you very much so I want you to listen to me carefully. I promised your old man that I would always look out for you, I don't break my word. What I will tell you is going to hurt but you must hear me out, OK?"

I shuddered inside as I saw pain in his eyes, my mind starting to race with possibilities but deep in my gut I knew it had something to do with my wife. My heart started to pound in my chest. This man had been close to me all my life, I knew my Dad was as close to him as if he were his own son. He was a cousin but had lived with us since he was a child, I knew little of his parents but only that they were killed together. My father acted immediately and took him in from then on he was my brother.

He opened the top drawer to the desk he was sitting at and pulled out a large manila envelope, carefully he slid it across the desk towards me. My eyes were fixed on it as if it were a poisonous snake about to strike. I knew instinctively that by opening the envelope my life would be forever changed. As I slowly reached towards the snake Carlo's hand slammed down on it. Startled I looked up and saw pain in his eyes again.

"It's bad isn't it?" He looked at me and held my gaze, a slight nod was all he gave me.

"Sal, remember I am here for you OK?" He lifted his big hand and I pulled the snake towards me. I lifted it up and I could feel the weight of it, it seemed so full of poison.

Carlo watched me as I pulled the contents from its hiding place inside the envelope, once in the open its poison was visible and started its work on my mind and my heart. I saw the photos, big glossy pictures of a woman and a man having sex, they were clearly identifiable and caught in various positions in what looked like a cheap hotel room. There were others too obviously taken at a different time and in a more normal setting, as I looked through the veil of tears I could see my wife on our own bed naked with the man.

"Sal, Sal you OK?"

I carried on sifting through the pictures, each one stabbing at my heart, the pain in my chest was growing as I looked at my marriage disintegrate before my eyes. I looked up at Carlo, my face wet with stinging tears.

"What? How? When did you? Who is he?" My eyes wide with shock, fear and not a little anger brewing too.

"Sal, I heard a whisper a few weeks ago that Connie was up to something. I had no evidence until a couple of days ago just before we all went out the other evening actually. I know some things for sure but there are still things I am working on OK? As to the how. A friend of mine recognised her when he saw her in a restaurant in South London he thought the guy she was with was a little too friendly to be treating a married woman like that in public. Sal they thought they were out of the area and safe I think. The who is Tony Drew, yes you should know him he is Phil's brother!"

I sat transfixed as his words started to sink in. Images flashed through my mind of our evening out, the looks between Phil and Connie and then with Terri too, it was adding up.

"I found a pen from one of the hotels across London, is that where they?"

"Yes Sal, I am real sorry pal but my guy followed them there at the start of last week. You were on an overnighter I understand. The first meeting was also when you were away too."

I looked at him, my heart was now hardening, my fist tightly clenched and balled up tight.

"I am going to kill the bastard!" I spat.

"Easy Sal that could get you into a world of trouble and she isn't worth doing time for and neither is he. Divorce the bitch and rid yourself of her and let me deal with him."

"No Carlo, as much as I respect you I cannot allow that, I need to sort that fucker myself and he needs to know it was me too. Is he married? Do you know where he lives, works and all that?"

"I do have some information that is in the envelope that will answer that Sal, but don't do anything rash we need to plan this carefully and we don't want to be thrown in prison either do we? He isn't married but from what I can make out he is divorced, no kids but he does have a liking for women, especially the married ones, maybe he doesn't want any commitment or something. Either way he shouldn't have pissed around in our pond. That he will regret." His eyes went cold as he said that, I was in no doubt this was not going to end well for my wife's lover.

"OK, so what do you have in mind?" I was still breathing hard and fast but slowly getting a grip on my rage, well as far as I could anyway.

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