tagGroup SexConnie's Dilemma Ch. 03

Connie's Dilemma Ch. 03

byJack Gates©

It was lovely laying back in the bath being pandered to by Tom and Thelma who were, as usual naked because they didn't like their good clothes splashed. Thelma was paying meticulous attention to my pert breasts, finding grime in the pigmentation around my nipples. It was so ingrained she was using her fingernails to remove it. I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the funny feeling it was giving me. I didn't have to worry though because Tom, Thelma's current beau, was using soapy fingers to intercept the tit messages in my vagina and anus. That was then passing messages to my brain which simply stated, 'The lady needs fucking.' My gyrating hips were causing giant storm-like waves which were over-flowing the bath water. It was great fun. They were taking great pains to take my mind off the ensuing Fuck-Fest which I was about to star in. For the very first time in my life I was to become a celebrity!

Later on in my bedroom, Thelma became my Lady-in-waiting. My dresser extraordinaire. She started by powdering my entire body with talc, which made me sneeze because I had more of it up my nose than anywhere else. She is obsessed with my vulva, the attention she paid to it was exciting. My rectum she lubed with Vaseline, having had me bend over the bed while she paid diligent attention to that caper. When I waggled my bum in her face, she smacked it and then apologised and kissed it in that order. She removed the excess Vaseline around the orifice with her tongue. I have noticed that trait in her, she don't like to see anything go to waste, bit like my Mum was really. In a way I was glad she wasn't around to see what was happening to me, but then again, she may have been proud of me.

Finally Thelma gathered the hem of the ceremonial gown and dropped it over my head. It was a complete white silk shroud with just a hemmed hole to put my head through. It fell to about two inches off the floor. She placed the Klu-Klux-Klan like hood over my head. There were no seeing holes in it, but I was able to see through the material. I looked at myself in my dressing table, it was eerie, weird even. I shivered and I felt my pussy liquefying. The reason why I was dressed like this suddenly frightened me. I could still feel her fingers as if they were still inside me and knew there would be lots of bigger things pushed inside me and I would not be allowed to say, 'No, thank you, I do not want that.' Was it an excuse to try and follow in my Mothers footsteps? Would it have been her and Daddy taking me to the Fuck-Fest to be gang-banged tonight? Deep in my heart I wished it was so. I wish I had known them both sexually as I now knew Aunty Thelma and Tom. Why had Daddy not taken me? Fucked me? Aunt Thelma and Tom told me he had wanted to.

The journey to the Fuck-Fest was almost an hour. I sat in the back of the car with my wrists held behind me in handcuffs. There was an elasticated gag made of white silk in my mouth. Thelma had kindly rubbed it into her pussy before placing it into my mouth. Tom had gone under the gown and kissed my pussy and my anal button before leaving the house which I thought was civil of him. He mumbled something about lots of long hard pricks which I thought was uncouth and chose to ignore. It made my anus spasm, all the same.

The drive to the house was lined with cars and Tom drove around the circular approach and parked at the door. The house was in total darkness which I thought odd. The door opened wide to emit bright light. Four men came out in livery uniforms and took my arms as soon as I stepped out of the car. Nothing was said. I was their honoured guest.

I was almost frog marched into a huge hall, my mask made everything look ghostly. There were dozens of people in the hall and I could plainly see that they were all naked. Men and women of all shape and sizes and colours. I was fascinated by the sizes of cocks on display, the black guys in particular. If there was a queue to be issued cocks then these guys must have been the first to get the biggest and the best. I was conscious of the sensual body odour in the room. They had started without me, already couples were having sex in various corners, some same sex unions. I saw Tom getting his bum felt by a big tall guy. There was no sign of Thelma. I was on a platform in the centre of the room, similar to a boxing ring without the ropes. Huge lights illuminated it. My guards remained around me, keeping me standing for all to see. All the windows in the place were draped with thick black curtains hence the darkness from outside. The room was stifling, but I was shivering. I was glad no one could see my fear. I was so brave at home with Thelma and Tom. Now, I was scared shitless! Some of the cocks I was looking at, that men were holding and gesturing at me were huge! So long! So thick! The bulbous heads were wet and glistening. These guys were forming into a rind around me, more and more were joining it as time went by. I realised that these were the volunteers to be picked to fuck me. The figures came back to me. My Mum took 34. Thelma, if I remember rightly took 28! I shuddered. I think I also brashly said I hoped I would do better.

The place went suddenly quiet and a door opened. My guards moved to the four corners of the rostrum and turned inward towards me. Almost immediately my bladder started to feel uncomfortable. I had gone before I left home, but that was about two hours since. Already I was a nervous wreck.

A male came into my view wearing a blue robe accompanied with a female in a red robe. They were both wearing masks. They mounted the rostrum and stopped in front of me. The outer room lights was dimmed. Two naked women appeared at my side. My arms were taken and I was told to kneel. One of the women went forward to the man and took out his penis and started to stroke it until it was fully erect. When she stepped aside I saw it was black, about ten inches long and thicker than most I had seen.

My hood was removed and the gag removed from my mouth. Surprisingly the woman kissed me on my lips and pressed her tongue into my mouth, which I was thankful for because the gag had made my mouth bone dry. There were murmurs of, 'Fuck her...Fuck her...Fuck her.....' from the crowd whom I could no longer see. I whispered to the woman who kissed me that I wanted a pee. She just smiled at me and whispered back, 'As soon as you are placed on the Fucking-Table, just let go it has drains hidden within it. I pissed myself when I was fucked on it. Try and do it when you have the first cock in you, you will get a cheer.'

She was so casual about it. She help the other woman remove my gown so that I stood there naked, still handcuffed. The crowd all started to cheer and chant, 'Fuck her!' I was led forward and told to bend over the fuck bench. The cuffs were removed and I one of the women came forward with a large chrome syringe with a long bulbous headed nozzle attached. It was cold and I flinched as she pressed it into my vagina and I felt cold liquid being spurting into my pussy which made me tremble. It was removed and reapplied to my asshole. I gasped when it was suddenly inserted.

The crowd were still shouting for someone to fuck me as I was lifted by the four guards and placed on the Fuck-Table. They opened my legs wide and buckled my ankles into high stirrups. My arms were stretched out on arms which came out from under the table and my wrists we manacled to them. Crucifix fashion. Then the part of the table which my legs had been on was folded down. I was now in the position to be fucked. Not quite. Some one came up and dropped another leaf of the table which was supporting my head and my head dropped down. It was a naked man and his hard cock was inches from my face. I could smell it. I shivered, I knew I was in the perfect position for deep-throating. The woman with the grease-gun came back and pressed the nozzle against my lips and I was forced to open my mouth and she pushed it in until the nozzle hit the back of my throat and she squeezed a goodly amount which I had to swallow.

I was attacked from both ends simultaneously. I felt the costumed black guy pressing his huge prick into my cunt and the other guy forced me to open up to take his cock into my mouth. The crowd exploded and started their chanting up again. I closed my eyes and transferred my thoughts to the cocks inside me. Neither cocks were hurting me even though the one in my mouth was hitting my gullet harder and harder each time it plunged into my mouth. Then as the bloke hit my cervix with his cock the other went into my throat which had me gulping like mad. My peeing started without me knowing it. I suddenly became aware that I was doing it. It was splashing out on the guys legs and it did not seem to bother him. I looked at him and the bottom part of his costume had been moved. He laughed down at me, he must have read what I was thinking.

'It's okay, Little One. All the girls do it. Let it go!' I closed my eyes again and concentrated on forcing my pee out of myself and took a lot of pleasure out of the act. I felt it splashing back onto my own groin. There was no way I could control the depth of the prick in my mouth and throat. Now I knew why women don't have an Adam's-Apple. Its so long big cocks can slide un- heeded down into their throats. My first cum sneaked up on me and I wanted to scream, shout, jump about, but could do neither. My whole body was afire now. I was thrusting my hips up to meet the cock as much as I could because I was right into the fuck, wanted it, loved it, wanted more.

The hot juices filled my mouth and pussy at the same time and both guys sighed and moaned as if they had had a wonderful time. I was happy too, I had taken two cocks, Just 34 to go.

They pulled out and away from me and straight away the two women came in and started to wash me down and relube me. The women said I had done well, that I must relax, leave my body, I wasn't there to satisfy anyone. I was just there to be fucked in numbers. I told them I wanted to do 36 and they told me that 43 had put their names down. I told them I would stop at 36 in favour of my girl child if I ever had one. They laughed, but I was deadly serious. I had only taken one birth-control pill that morning. I just hoped for my sake that it would be enough to stop countless billions of spunk seeds from impregnating me. It would need Adrian's wall to stop that lot. I saw myself having an army of babies to grow up and march along its ramparts. Excuse me for rambling, but if you were a young lady in my precarious position you would ramble as well. As for all you young ladies of my age reading this then, Darlings, just lay back and let me do it all for you, and be thankful you have a choice. These manacles are killing me!

A male and a female came up from the crowd. The woman was wearing a strap-on dildo. The guy just came to me and smacked my face with his half hard cock and the female surfaced between my legs and I felt her tongue licking my pussy and heard her slurping the spunk out of my pussy and having a nibble at my clitty. The man fed his cock into my willing mouth. Lucky for me it was only six inches or so and he kept it well clear of my throat. I really went for his cock and thoroughly enjoyed teasing him until he shot off very quickly. I swallowed his juice down and enjoyed the taste. By this time the lady was slipping her big dildo into my squishy pussy I yelped when it hit my cervix with a hard jolt. It hurt! She started to fuck me with long in and out strokes, her hands were mauling my tits. I moaned out again as she played nipple pinching games with mine and her own nipples. She had nice tits, wouldn't have minded a suck at them under different circumstances. I could smell her pussy, or was it my own? I looked at her and rolled my tongue around my mouth, she smiled and took the hint she groped herself and snaked her slimy fingers into my mouth. The crowd gave a big cheer at this inter-play. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her fucking me, pleased she had been left to fuck me on her own. As soon as she started to cum I feigned and orgasm to help her on her way. She kissed me and slipped a tongue into my mouth as she left. Two men sprang up onto the rostrum, naked and shiny black! Cocks like barbers poles painted black. I was released and the table was lowered. The took me off the table and one of the guys hopped onto it and the leg leaf was put back up. I was told to straddle him and sit my cunt down onto his cock and the crowd was whistling and shouting, 'Double fuck her. Some were shouting, 'Triple fuck her!' Thelma's words came back to my ears, 'Triple fucks are the best because they bump up your scores.'

The cock I sat my pussy on was nine inches easily and it felt great when I ground my loins down onto his. He put his arms around me and squashed my tits to his sweaty chest and his long tongue snaked out and penetrated my mouth. I gobbled it thirsty for his saliva, it tasted of garlic. My pussy muscles flexed around his cock of their own accord. We were both waiting as my ass was freshly oiled with the grease-gun. It was quickly replaced by the other guys love shaft. I groaned around the thick tongue in my mouth as the pain of sodomy wreaked havoc with my bowels. The deep plunging fuck-stick made me jerk forward so that the tongue in my mouth hit my throat. I sighed with a passion I had never felt before. Neither had my pussy and asshole been so filled.

I wasn't surprised when a third man with the origin of possibly Jamaica vaulted onto the rostrum to replace the tongue in my mouth with something longer with far reaching desires. I had fears that the cocks had a meeting place somewhere within my vitals. The new cock was as smelly as the last with a stronger urine taste. There was a thick foreskin to delve under on my quest for tasteful smegma. My white skin wrapped around by so many much darker ones would make some interesting pictures for Toms camera. I hoped he had the sound switched on and amplified. The sounds of triple fucking are sounds you don't forget. The rutting of three salami sausages and the slapping of flesh against damp flesh and my uncomfortable moaning around a depth charging cock, coupled with the energy using grunts of the three men would give any composer of classical music unforgettable useful inspiration. A delightful over-chewer, no doubt.

Which one shot his spunk into me first I have no idea because it was much to much for me to endure. I must have passed out. By the time I came to, I was laying exhausted with three void spaces full of masculine sperm. The Maids-in-waiting were sponging me up and down, putting cold compresses on my fevered brow and pumping a refreshing amount of lubes into by now well used, over used orifices. I was asked if I wished to proceed. And quite irrationally I said, 'Yes.' Us human-naturists can be quite stupid some times.

Amazingly three women came onto the stage and I was taken off the table and it was pushed to one side. In its place came a king-sized mattress.

They surrounded me smiling at me as if we were going for a Sunday picnic. I have to describe them to you, even if it is only to give you a laugh. The oldest of the trio was in her mid to late forties, pleasing plump, she had more spare tyres than Michelin. Wrap around tits. Her special drop down belly covered her modesty from mine and everyone else's view. She came onto the mattress first and took up a sumo wrestling stance. Then there was a wee thing, skinny to the point that her bones could be counted, you know? One to two-hundred and six. Tiny tits and shaven vulva made up the package. she had a lanyard around her neck with a whistle on it. With her came an Adonis look alike barring she had nice tits and a delectable pussy.

The sumo wrestler came in and grabbed hold of me and the woman with the whistle, blew it shrilly and told the woman to step back. She blew it again and the woman came back again. I side stepped and she landed in a flabby heap off the end of the mattress. The other woman darted in and threw me on my back and filled my mouth with one of her tits. The whistle blew and the woman got off me swearing at the ref. I just got up when the whistle was blown again and the sumo lady sprang at me. I was down again eating pussy and barely able to breathe through all the blubber. I pinched her clitoris as hard as I could and she rolled off me clutching her cunt and swearing like a trooper. I thought it was with delight because she had found it at last. The whistle blew again before I managed to get up and the Adonis woman dropped on top of me with her pussy in my mouth and I felt her tongue seriously rasping my clit. She had a pair of hips like a jack-hammer. She was fucking my mouth with her oversized clitoris. I scraped hers with my teeth which caused her to change into top gear. She came and squirted her juices into my mouth which went down the wrong way which made me cough into her cunt. The whistle blew and the sumo wrestler dragged her off me. then the fat woman sat on my face again. I was about to flick out my tongue when she let off a cannonade of farts. I pincher her anus this time which had her howling and then they were told to get off the mattress as their time was up. The crowd cheered them off the stage. The must have thought it was hilarious fun.

I was one passed Thelma's total of 28 when things were halted. I was escorted to the loo and douched out, pussy and asshole. My holes were relubed and then I was given a cup of tea and some cream cake. Thelma was there with me and she was over the moon that I had passed her total. I had six more to pass my mums total and I was tickled because I was up for it. She came with me back to the stage.

The mattress was still out and there were three naked white men standing chatting and when I came on the y surrounded me and started to kiss and cuddle me and passing me form one to the other their fingers penetrating my bum and pussy and squeezing my tits. They all had great cocks and they had me turned on in seconds. I was dragged down onto the mattress and one goy sat on my chest and fed his cock to my mouth which I eagerly sucked. I felt a guy between my legs entering my pussy. I was disappointed that It wasn't to be a triple fuck. I relaxed and concentrated on the cock in my mouth I caressed the guys balls and inserted a finger into his asshole. he liked that. His ball climbed his cock and I guessed he was going to do a Moby Dick on me. I rammed a finger hard up his ass and suctioned his cock like a vacuum cleaner. It worked, he blew his full load into my mouth. Four to go! The other guy came over me from the top end and slid his cock into my mouth. He held my head back and forced his long cock down my throat. He laughed and started to fuck me by holding my head firmly. I was amazed that it hardly hurt me and I didn't feel sick. I just lay there and took it and never tasted is spunk when he emptied his balls down my throat. The sight of what was happening must have got the other guy off in my pussy. I lay there after they left and no one came near me.

By this time I was pretty knackered. Not having the energy to get back to my feet. Someone asked me if I still wanted to continue. I shook my head in the affirmative and the guys got on the rostrum and came over to me. They were at the bottom of the barrel One was a black guy with grey hair, under his arms and around his cock and balls too. I guessed he was at least sixty. The other guy was in his forties died black hair and grey hair in a tuft above his genitals, the rest was shaved. It was a mouth and pussy job so I didn't have to get up off my back. They used me, just an everyday mediocre fuck session. I was thinking like a whore now, feeling so mercenary about things. They both spunked in side me, I even swallowed the black guys spunk without even thinking about it.

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