tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConnie's Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 01

Connie's Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 01


Part 1-'The Beginning'

This is the true story of a shy reclusive young women waking up to real life and finding the enjoyments of life with the help of her Aunt Val. Written by me, Connie! This is the first part of a 4 part series. Please read them all.

Let me get this out of the way first thing. I was not a pretty girl; at least I didn't think so. I consider myself plain and average. I'm 5 ft. 8 in. tall, about 120 lbs., dark brown hair about shoulder length, with green eyes. But I had been told that I had a killer body, whatever that meant, my stats are 34C-22-34. I am 21 years old and was still a virgin until about three weeks ago and that's probably because I haven't dated that much. I've only been on four dates in my life and three of those have been with the same guy in the past two weeks.

I met Gary a couple weeks ago while on my latest passion in life; public exhibition. My excursion into public exposure started quite by accident about a year ago. But let's go back a few years to how it started.

As a young girl I was raise in a strict religious household. All my clothing was outdated and always on the loose and baggy side. My parents never let me wear make-up or perfume or show any skin except my face, arms, and legs below the knee. Boys never paid any attention to me in school, so I ended shy and withdrawn. But since I wasn't distracted by boys, I had a lot of time to study and make good grades. I graduated near the top of my class and got a nice partial scholarship to a junior college in town. I grew up in a small town about 50 miles south of Jacksonville, Fl.

I lived at home while I went to school and worked part time at a couple fast food joints to help pay the bills. My parents made me put a majority of my paycheck in a savings account and made me leave it there until I went to another college for my last two years. They agreed to pay half my tuition when decided which school I wanted to transfer to. Well, I graduated with fairly good grades and got accepted at the 'University of Florida'.

I was nervous about leaving home, but at the same time wanting to get away and be on my own. I was getting frustrated with the way my parents made me dress. All the other girls at school wore whatever they wanted and I wanted that freedom to. I had to convince my mother to let me do my on laundry. We actually had a big argument about it and finally she gave in. I didn't want her to see the few sexy undies I had bought and had started to wear. I had also bought a few just above the knee length skirts I didn't want her to know about. When I wore them I had them pulled down below my waist so the hem was just below my knee but as soon as I could, I pulled them up to my waist and rolled up the waistband a bit. I also started to unbutton one or two extra buttons below my neck on my blouses.

My parents had made arrangements for me to stay with my Aunt Val and Uncle Ted when I started college over there. They lived just outside Gainesville, about ten miles from the college. It didn't take much persuading from my parents to convince me I need to go, they were proud of me because they never had the chance to go to college. As long as I can remember, Aunt Val and Uncle Ted have always been a cool couple. Although my mother sometimes said they were a wild couple, she never told me why. They had twin boys about my age that I have always considered cute. They lived on a large wooded lot which provided a lot of privacy. It also had with small creek running along the edge of it. I have never been swimming in my life but during the next couple years spent many a warm day cooling off in its water. That creek helped change my attitude towards my body. I went from wearing shorts and t-shirts in the water to swimming nude there.

One day my mom caught me getting out of my little car after going to the store for her, with half the buttons on my below the knee jean skirt unbuttoned and had a fit. She said she knew them girls at college would get me to dress like a slut. We yelled at each other a few minutes, I tried to tell her I did it because the A/C quit working in my car and it was hot in there, but she wouldn't buy it. That did it for me. I called Aunt Val and asked if I could move over earlier than planned because I couldn't stand it over here anymore. She said it was fine with her plus it would give me more time to familiarize myself with the area before school started. So with almost three months until fall classes I moved to Gainesville.

When I first met the twins (Jim and Jeff), they where coming back to the house after a dip in the creek. My they had grown into nice looking young men! They were both wearing only cut-off jeans that looked as if they were painted on. My brother and father have always worn shirts, even around the house on the hottest days, and rarely if ever wore shorts. I was a little taken back by their near nudity but also noticed I liked the way they looked, so I didn't say one word to complain. I soon found out much to my pleasure that they almost never wore shirts around the house during the summer months.

This was a new experience for me living in a world where wearing less clothing was tolerated and it seemed almost expected. Aunt Val noticed my wide eyes and look of astonishment and pulled me aside later and we talked about many things for a couple hours. I explained about how my parents controlled my dress and appearance and my lack of real life adventures. She told me that first night to ask her any question I wanted, any time I needed and that she would do her best to answer it. My own mother rarely talked to me about anything. I now felt that my moving away would be the greatest thing that could have happened to me so far. One of the first things that Aunt Val and I were going to do was get me a new wardrobe and she would show me how to wear make-up. I hugged her and said thank you, but the first thing we did was to cut off two pairs of my oldest jeans to make me a couple pair of shorts. We cut them off only a few inches above my knees to start with she said I could cut them off again later to any shorter length I wanted. Over the next few weeks I cut off a couple more inches at a time until I had a nice pair of short-shorts.

I also noticed that Aunt Val also went braless and often wore halter tops and short-shorts around the house and into town a couple times. I just knew I would never have the courage to do that, little did I know. Ever since my mother made me start wearing a bra when I was 12 years old, the only time I was without one was when I took a bath. Yes, I even had to wear one to bed. After I had been there about a week, I came to notice that Aunt Val seemed to always end up in a mid-thigh length t-shirt before she went to bed, I got the courage to ask Aunt Val what normally wore under her long t-shirts when she went to bed. She smiled at me and said not a thing. My mouth drop and I said. "You mean you're naked under that shirt right now?"

"Yes dear I am." She said. "I've been dressing like this before bed for years now and I told you the other night this household will not change the way we do thing because you are here but if you have any problems with what we do let me know and we will discuss it. Now, do you have a problem with me not wearing any underclothes under here in my house?"

"No, No, I don't mind" I quickly answered, "I was just surprised, I'm just not accustomed to it. My mom would have a heart attack if anybody did that at her house."

She hugged me and said, "Don't worry about it. You will find out someday that most people dress like this around their on homes and that it is quiet normal."

So that night as I laid there in bed in my full length nightgown, trying to get to sleep, I kept thinking about what she said. I got up and made sure my door was locked and took off my nightgown and removed my bra. I still didn't have the nerve to remove my panties yet, so I put back on the nightgown. I felt so wicked but I also found it very comfortable. I liked the feel of freedom and quickly fell asleep.

Next morning I put on my robe over my nightgown as I have for years and went to the bathroom before going down to breakfast. I had started eating breakfast when I remembered I was braless. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was staring at me. Nope, no one seemed to have notice, so I nervously finished my breakfast. I went back to my room to get dressed; I must have sat on the edge of my bed for five minutes trying to decide if I wanted to put my bra back on or not. I decided not to but to wear an open blouse over a dark t-shirt and my cut-off jeans. I was tingling with excitement as I walked around the house braless for the first time. It felt weird but I liked it and knew then I would be doing it a lot more.

Just after lunch I was watching TV and Aunt Val told me to grab my purse and to come along; we were going to buy me a few pair of shorts and new tops. We were a few minutes down the road when I remembered I had no bra on. I told Aunt Val we needed to go back home so I could put one on. She looked down and said there was no need to because of the way I was dressed no one would ever know I was braless. And besides, she didn't have one on either and the people would probably be looking at her and not me anyway. I looked to see what she meant.

She was wearing a tight yellow tank top and a short jean skirt. I could plainly she her nipples trying to poke through the front. I was shocked to see that and told her what I could see. She smiled and said she knew and to please not think badly of her but she enjoyed going out in pubic once in a while dressed like this just to see the reactions of all the men as they stared at her hard nipples. She explained that she had been doing this for years and that Uncle Ted knew she did it and approved of her doing it. She said that he was usually with her when she did it but that today he had to get some yard work done and had suggested that I come along instead of him. Aunt Val giggled when she said that he would be waiting for her when she returned. I asked what was so funny about him waiting.

She smiled and said, "Honey, after a day of having a lot of men looking at my tits and hard nipples. I'm usually excited and quite horny when I get home. That's why he will be waiting for me." I covered my mouth and felt my face turn a beet red. Then Aunt Val said, "Oh honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you but you did ask and Ted and I are very open when the boys ask questions concerning sex and I just assumed you would be all right with it."

I told her my mother never talked about sex and tried to change the subject whenever I did have a question for her.

Aunt Val said she would be honored to answer any questions about sex I had and she would do her best to be frankly honest.

I told her there were a few questions in my head and I just might take her up on her offer.

We bought half dozen shorts in different lengths that day and a few cute tops smaller and sexier than I have ever owned. But the most fun for me was watching the reactions of the men as the noticed the hard nipples sticking out the front of Aunt Val's top. They were barely noticeable when I seen them in the car but were very noticeable as we walked around the mall. They had to be sticking out over a quarter of an inch. I caught Aunt Val pinching her nipples one time while we were between the racks hunting for shorts. She smiled and giggled as she said she was just keeping them hard and ready for the guys. It was a very interesting experience watching the men check her out. It got me to thinking how I would feel if I was the one they were checking out.

After we paid for the shorts, I asked Aunt Val if it would be alright if I removed my blouse and wore just my t-shirt. She told me to go ahead, so I nervously removed it and put in the bag with the shorts. My shirt was a dark blue and it was baggy on me but I looked down and could hardly see the outline of the hardness of my nipples. But I could feel my nervousness and excitement knowing that I was actually walking around in pubic braless.

On our way home, I caught Aunt Val tweaking her nipples a couple times but I didn't say anything and acted like I didn't notice. As soon as we got inside, I headed back to my room and Aunt Val went to hers, followed closely by Uncle Ted. I smiled with the knowledge at what was about to happen in their room.

In my room I tried on all the shorts we bought. None were really that short but it got me wondering how I would look in a pair of short-shorts. So I got out the scissors and cut off the tightest pair of the two cut-offs we had made. I cut it off almost all the way to the crotch; I left a couple inches of material on each side of the seam. I tried them on and I liked them. I have never really looked at my legs before but I liked what I saw. I decided to leave them on and walk down to the creek and cool off, and since the twins were gone off with some of their friends and Aunt Val and Uncle Ted were busy, I need something to do. So I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and went out the backdoor and headed to the creek.

The water felt great but that big old t-shirt felt very heavy when it got wet. I decided that the next time I came down to the creek I would wear a lighter top. I remained in the water about 30 minutes then got out to leave. I squeezed as much water as I could but it was still heavy. I looked around and noticed how private and secluded the swimming hole was and decided to remove my shirt to wring the water out of it. I quickly noticed how nice the sun felt on my skin so I slowed down and tried to enjoy it but I was very nervous at being topless outside and put my shirt back on and went back to the house.

Once back at the house, Aunt Val was in the kitchen as I entered in my wet clothes. She said she could tell I had been to the creek and asked how the water was. I told her it was great. She smiled and said she wish she could have gone but had been busy. I smiled and said, "I know, that's why I left the house." She blushed and told me to shower and get some dry clothes on.

That night when I went to bed, I paused when I reached for my night gown and then reached for a big white t-shirt I owned. It came about mid-thigh about the length Aunt Val's was so I decided to wear it to bed instead, I was braless but I still left my underwear on. The next morning I put on my robe but didn't belt it up and as I walked into the kitchen Uncle Ted said, "Good morning Connie. -- Look Val, she does have legs." I pulled my robe together. He said, "Oh, I'm sorry dear. I didn't mean to embarrass you. But it looks like you have nice legs and I am a leg man. Right, Val? So please don't be afraid to show them off."

Aunt Val said, "Shut up Ted! Don't scare the girl away." She then looked at me and told me I did look nice this morning and that the t-shirt looked better on me than that old nightgown of yours did."

Later that morning I decided to go down to the creek again and put on those cut-offs again and an old faded almost tight light blue t-shirt. The sun felt marvelous on my body as I walked to the creek. Once at the creek I placed the towel over a limb and waded in. I had just gotten the shorts wet when a thought stuck me, I could swim naked. I looked around and noticed again how hidden I was and so I slowly lifted my top as I exited the creek and placed it on the limb by the towel. I reached for the snap of my shorts and chickened out. I still remained topless as I entered the creek. The water felt great as it caressed all the bare skin of my body. My nipples were as hard as bullets and looked like them too. I swam around about 15 minutes and got out. I then put my towel in the grass and laid down in the sunlight and enjoyed the sun warming and caressing my almost nude body for the first time. It felt sooo... good as I laid there. I was about to dose off when I heard voices. I sat up quickly and saw Jim and Jeff barely a hundred feet away. I quickly got on my knees and crawled to my top 20 feet away and pulled it on and got back into the creek just before they seen me.

They put their towels on the limb next to mine as they said HI! Then gave me an unexpected surprise, they asked me if it would be all right with me if they removed their shorts and got in the water in just their underwear like they normally did. I nervously told them it was all right but deep inside I was all jelly. Jim and Jeff were wearing tight boxer-briefs (one white and one light blue). They were now almost naked and they looked real nice. I was tickled at my good luck. I was going to see two looking guys in wet underwear, my mined was buzzing with excitement and my body was trembling.

But my excitement ended all too soon because I absentmindedly stood up and I instantly noticed two set of eyes go to my chest. I had forgotten I was braless in a thin top and now it was wet. I looked down and was shocked to see the top was totally transparent and my tits and hard nipples were on display. I quickly lowered myself back into the dark water but it was too late. I had just flashed my tits to my two cousins, but the most shocking part to me was I wasn't upset about it. I could feel my body trembling inside with a sense of joy and excitement that I couldn't explain. I tried to calm myself, I knew I didn't want to rush out of the creek and run to the house like a scared little girl. That would be more embarrassing. Maybe if I waited long enough the boys would leave and then I could calmly get out.

Jim or Jeff, (they were identical twins and I hadn't learn to tell them apart yet), asked me how long I had been there. I told them not long. Anyway, I hadn't noticed before but the boys had hung a rope in the tree that hung over the creek and they had started climbing the bank on the other side to get the rope to swing out over the creek and drop in. Neither boy made any reference to my wet top. That relaxed me a bit plus I was starting to enjoy watching the two boys climb out of the water in their wet underwear. Neither boy seem to care that their underwear were see-thru now that they were wet, the white boxer-briefs were more see-thru than the blue. I could see almost everything they had and it looks like they both had a lot. But how was I to know with my total lack of experience in these matters, I had nothing to compare them to. All I know is that I liked what I was seeing. I decided that if they didn't care what I was seeing, why should I care what they were seeing.

So little by little I let my tits emerge from the dark creek water. They started to splash me and I splashed right back. It was a lot of fun and I noticed my nipples were as hard as rocks and my tits kept bouncing around as I jumped around as they splashed me. I loved the attention I was getting. After a little coaxing, I even swung off the bank into the water letting them get a good look at me in my new tight cutoff jean short-shorts. Thinking back to that afternoon, if those boys had asked me to remove my top and got topless, I don't know if I would have refused or not. I just know that I really enjoyed all attention I got that afternoon and I was hooked on letting them see my nearly naked body. I knew I would be doing it again and again.

When got out to go, I took my time rubbing that towel all over my body. I watched them as they watched me so I put on a little show for them. I also noticed something quite unexpected. They seemed to be growing larger inside their underwear. So I did what almost every red blooded excited girl would do. I teased them! I remove my shirt in view of the boys but I turned my back when removed it and wrung most of the water out of it. I dried off quickly with the towel then put the shirt back on. When I turned around I saw a couple of bare butts. The guys were putting their shorts back on minus their wet underwear. Just the thought of my knowing they were without underwear got my heart beating a little harder.

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