Connie's Summer Stallion Ch. 01


"Holy shit...." Connie gasped. With her hands still holding on to his briefs just below his balls, she gawked at the young man's prick. It was the thickest, hardest cock she had ever seen. It was if the young man had consumed an entire month's worth of Viagra. No cock could naturally be that big, that hard she thought. "Oh my God, Chris. Jesus, you're so fucking big. So hard." With one hand she reached up and slid her fingers down the steely pole from its bloated knob down to his balls. Other than the tiny patch above the base of his shaft he was completely hairless. His smoothness highlighted his musculature and the size of his immense rod.

"Take 'em all the way off." Chris almost growled at the horny woman as she eyed his meaty spear. Connie nodded silently and slid the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to the floor. Chris stepped out of them, his movement causing his giant erection to sway once again. It was like a metronome. Connie watched it swing, hypnotized by the boy's billyclub like cock.

Connie reached for it again. This time her fingers curled around the base. The girth of it prevented her fingers from meeting. She felt like she had gripped a flesh covered pipe. She felt it pulsing and throbbing in her grasp. "Mmmmm, goddamn baby. Oh honey, I love this huge young cock of yours. Sooo strong, so thick...." Her words trailed off as she began to slide her fist up and down the veiny trunk.

"God yeah, pump it! Stroke my big fucking dick." Chris groaned. He began to slowly pump his hips, fucking his hot prick through the woman's fist. "Yeah, that's it."

Connie mewed as she felt the boy's thick meat surge in her grasp. "Mmmmm, you like that don't you baby? You like my hot little cougar hands all over this big young prick don't you?" She teased.

"Fuck yesssss!"

Connie placed her other hand on the boy's long shaft. She was amazed at how much flesh protruded from the top of her combined grip. "Fuck that is big." She whispered. She slid both of her feminine hands up and down the towering stalk, massaging and caressing it lovingly. Then in a smooth action, she let one of her hands slide down to cup and grope the boy's big nuts. They were perfectly smooth and easily the size of a baseball in their firm state. Connie held them in her palm as if she were weighing them. She could sense the massive amount of cum that must be boiling within the stud's fleshy sac.

"Lick it!" Chris whispered down at her.

"Mmmmmm." Connie purred as she pulled the shaft down. The resistance it offered was shocking. It was so close to her, she could feel its heat. Her tongue slid out over her lips and flicked at the swollen helmet. It was huge and flared. Almost purple, it resembled a big juicy plum. Connie's fingers struggled to hold the big cock in place as she swirled her tongue all over the fat knob.

Chris tightened his body. His big cock flexed in her hand. The sensation shocked her. She giggled like a little girl and looked up at him. "Ohhhh baby. Mmmmm do it again. Flex this big fuck muscle for me."

Chris complied. He tightened his abs over and over again. His massive rod throbbed obscenely in the woman's dainty hand. The head began to drool, first a thick pearl of precum and then a steady flow. Connie lapped at it like a kitten.

Chris felt so powerful. He stood above the woman who was almost as old as his mom as she worshipped his big horny cock like a porn star. He loved it. Reaching down he grabbed Connie's wrist and pulled her hands away from his throbbing spike. She looked up at him, not knowing what was happening. Chris wiggled his hips slightly and the mightly limb swung back and forth, brushing against Connie's nose, and her lips. "Yessssssssss!" She hissed. Her tongue snaked out and lashed at the boy's big cock each time it swung by her. "Oh baby, yes.... God yes. Tease me with that big dick! Drag it all over my pretty face!"

Chris continued to whip his dick back and forth, letting it graze and then SLAP the woman's face. "Fuck yeah. You like that Connie? Huh? You like my big dick slapping your sexy fucking face don't you?"

Connie was overwhelmed with wanton lust for this boy's incredible cock. It was a perverted display. She was on her knees, her gown bunched around her waist as a well built, horse cocked young stud slung his cock at her, beating her with his oversized fuck flesh. The bloated head made an audible "SMACK" each time it collided with her face. "YESSssssss!!" Connie growled. "I fucking love it! So fucking dirty! Beat me with it you hot young bastard!" Connie reached up and began to maul her big tits as the boy abused her face with his potent club. She pulled and pinched her nipples roughly.

Chris ceased his assault momentarily. He wrapped his fist around the base and worked his hand up and down it as he watched the horny woman. "Fuck you're so hot. So fucking hot and nasty."

"Mmmmm, yes I am baby." Her tongue rolled over her lips as she looked up at him. "You like that? Huh? You like hearing me begging you to beat me with that big fuck stick like a little slut?"

Chris groaned. "God yeah."

"It makes me so hot! So fucking hot, baby. It makes me feel so dirty, so slutty. I love it, baby. Goddamn I love your big strong cock!" She pushed at Chris' thighs and sent him falling back onto the couch. He smiled at her and opened his thighs as she crawled between them. His young cock stretched up over his navel resting on his hard abs. The head continued to leak a stream of precum that now smeared his muscular stomach.

Connie wrapped her hot little fingers around the pulsing tube and leaned down pressing her nose and her whole face against the young man's balls. She purred contently, her tongue beginning to bathe them with a thick film of saliva.

Chris was in Heaven. He leaned back into the couch and laced his fingers behind his head. Casually he watched the woman make love to his balls and his throbbing shaft. Connie worked her tongue all over the immense column of flesh making sure to coat every single inch with her glistening spit. The head was hugely flared and dripping with a mixture of Chris' precum and Connie saliva. Holding the giant cock at its base, Connie watched it, she studied it. Her tonuge lashed at the plump tip, a long string of spit dangled from it and drooled down onto the boy's fiery pillar. "Mmmm, I love your big cock, Chris. Do you like having a sexy little cougar like me licking and kissing all over this big fucker?"

Chris tightened and flexed. "God yeah. I fucking love what you're doing to my big dong."

Connie slid the meaty pipe against her face as she looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. "It makes me soooo horny. " With her other hand she reached under her gown and found her dripping cunt. Her fingers rubbed over her clit furiously. "My little pussy is sooo hot, baby." She rubbed the big head against her cheek. "Do you like knowing how hot you got your mommy's horny co-worker with your big stud cock?"

Chris groaned. The sight of this gorgeous woman, his huge cock, and her dirty talk was driving him crazy. "I fucking love it. Fuck you're so goddamn hot."

"Mmmmm, so is this monster cock of yours stud." She began to lightly slap the weighty cock against her cheek. "It makes me feel soooo naughty. Soooo naughty...." She murmured while gently beating herself with it. "I bet your mother would be sooooo mad if she knew what I was doing with her big boy."

Chris' cock surged in her hand. They both felt it. Connie smiled evilly and continued. "Do you think she would be mad to know her co-worker was worshipping her son's huge cock like a dirty whore?"

Chris only moaned. "Mmmmmmmmm."

"I bet she'd be sooo jealous too. So jealous seeing how big and hard and horny I got her boy's giant cock." She pursed her lips and kissed the head with a loud smack. "Don't you think?" She teased.

"Yeahhhhh." Chris snarled at her, watching her excite his swollen meat like no one ever had.

Connie, sensing his wicked excitement, continued, "Mmmmm, I bet if she ever saw this big, hot, young prick throbbing like this she'd forget what a prim and proper little mother she is and beg for it like a dirty little whore."

"Jesus." Chris gasped. He felt as if his cock would explode at any moment. In his mind he kept rethinking the morning; the shape of his mother's breasts, the way she looked at him, the way she held his hand. The piss slit of his cock widened and a virtual river of precum flowed. It smeared all over Connie's face and trickled down over her hand.

"Mmmmm, you like that don't you? You bad, bad boy. You like me teasing you about your mommy seeing this strong young cock of yours, I can feel it. I can feel your big dick throbbing with every naughty word, Chris." She slapped his meat against her cheek. "I'm a naughty little slut, aren't I?"

"Fuck yes, you are. Goddamn I am so fucking hard."

"I know, baby. I can feel it. I can feel your big horny cock throbbing like crazy." Connie slid her fingers up the length of shaft as she stood finally releasing it. She continued to look down at the boy and his wagging cock. "Mmmm she doesn't know what she's missing, does she?"

Chris wrapped his fist around the spit covered cock and slowly worked it up and down as he watched the older blonde. "Uh uh. No she doesn't."

Connie smiled and brought a finger to her lips. "Our secret, then." She pushed her gown down over her hips and watched as the fell down around her heeled ankles. A tiny little step and she was out of it. She began to run her hands all over her nude body, displaying herself for her young lover. Chris watched enrapt, his fist twisted and curled around his massive erection. Connie's fingers waded through her blonde bush as she in turn watched him. It was a major turn on for her to see this gorgeous young stud on her couch stroking his gigantic cock while looking at her. "I wanna ride it." She whispered. Chris sneered up at her. "Yeah, I wanna climb up on that big 'ol horse cock of yours and ride you like a cowgirl."

Chris edged himself down on the couch so that his ass and midsection hung off. His body was practically horizontal. His cock throbbed in his fist. "Fuck yeah, ride my big cock you sexy bitch."

"Mmmmmm." Connie moaned when she heard the forceful words from hot young toy. "Yes sir!" She stepped up and straddled his muscular thighs. Her legs were wide and her feet were planted firmly on the floor. She reached down and gripped his aching cock, pushing her hand to the base. She licked her lips and breathed "Are you gonna my pony, Chris? Hmmm?" Her fist squeezed the massive shaft hard. "Are you gonna be my big dicked stallion, honey?"

"Fuck yes I am." Chris bellowed. "RIDE IT!" He commanded. "Ride my big fucking dick you hot slut!"

Connie began to rub the giant knob up and down along her moist cunt lips. Her excitement could be seen in the dewy traces on her golden pubes. The contact electrified her. She had never been more ready to fuck in her entire life. "Mmmmmm, oh honey, we're gonna have a go a little slow at first." Connie could truly feel the enormity of the boy's big prick now that it was beginning to open her. The head had not even breached her swollen lips and she knew she was in for a serious stretching.

Chris ignored the woman and began to buck his hips up. Once the big mushroom split her lips, they both moaned hotly. "Ohhhhh my God," Connie gasped. "Fuck you are sooo big..."

Chris gripped her hips and held her in place as he continued to work his way into her. Each upward thrust planted him deeper and deeper into her. Connie seemed paralyzed. She was frozen. She couldn't stop the boy, she couldn't move. He began to rock up into her with greater force until finally every inch of his powerful young prick was buried to the hilt in the sexy blonde woman. He stayed there for a moment, both of them adjusting to the insanely tight fit. Then without warning, Chris began to forcefully ram his big poker up into the petite woman.

The initial force almost took her breath away. She was impaled on the young man. Her legs were suddenly weak and she felt herself sinking down unable to control her weight. Chris took full advantage of her situation and violently pumped his hips driving his oversized cock in and out of her spasming cunt. "Jesus fucking Christ! Goddamn you're fuckin' tight!" He exclaimed as he bounced the woman on his cock like a ragdoll.

Connie could not fathom the dimensions of the potent cock that slammed into her like a battering ram again and again. She fell forward, collapsing on the boy's muscular chest. "Ohhhh my God, Chris, oh honey, oh fuck you're sooooo fucking big. Fucking me, oh god fucking me so good..."

"Fuck yeah, ride it! Bounce on that big fucking cock you sexy bitch! Grind on my hot prick!" Chris was on adrenalin high. He felt stronger and more powerful than he ever had.

Connie beat and scratched at his steely chest. Whimpering and moaning incessantly as the boy continued to assault her tight womb. "Oh fuck, baby, wait, wait...." She felt so weak. Her cunt was in overdrive but the rest of her body had shut down to compensate.

Chris reached down and slid his hands and his forearms up under Connie's sagging thighs. He lifted her up slightly and suspended her on his cock. Now she was totally helpless. His body worked in unison. His strong arms lifting her up and down as his cock sawed up to meet her. It was sensory overload. Connie began blubbering on in sounds that did not come close to resembling English. It was impossible for her to communicate. Chris was on fire. He felt like a God. He easily manipulated the older woman's tiny frame punishing her cunt with his big fuck bat. "Yeah, yeah! Fuck yeah. Ride it slut! Ride every fucking inch of my big cock!" He was cursing and swearing at the woman belligerently.

Connie just lay across the boy's chest unable to stop his vicious fuck attack. Once Chris set into a steady rhythm, Connie was able to regain a little of her strength. Her pussy was stretched and foaming cuntal cream that coated the young stud's big pounding prick. She pushed herself up off of his chest with her arms and looked down at him. His face was a strained mass. "Oohhhhh, God!" She gasped. "Jesus baby, fuck me. Throw me around on that big pipe you hot stud."

Chris responded by doing just that. Each time his hips bucked up, he slammed the woman down against his thundering groin. The collisions sent shock waves through Connie's whole body. She felt drunk, but her body responded. She began to gyrate and grind her pubic mound against the boy as he worked her on this angry cock. Her big tits swung and rolled on her body. "Yeahhhhh, that's it. Fuck me back! Fuck my big cock lady!"

Connie was delirious. She shucked her slit against the invading cock. Her moans became louder and louder. Then she began to spew obscenities at young stallion beneath her. "GOD YES! Fuck me! Fuck me you big dicked bastard! Fuck me like a whore! FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!" She screamed at him.

She might as well have weighed ten pounds the way Chris handled her body. She was a fuck doll. Suddenly Chris shifted slightly and then he stood lifting and bringing the tiny blonde with him. Connie quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and climbed up encircling her legs around his waist.

Chris drove his tongue into the woman's open mouth and began to kiss her savagely. Connie pushed back after a couple of moments gasping, her body still being lifted up and down by the hunky young man. "Fuck you're so goddamn strong. Such a fucking stud! I feel like a fucking doll!"

Chris roared as he wedged his forearms under her thighs to take away any leverage she had. He wanted to control this hot bitch. "Yessss, yes you are. My little fuck doll aren't you?" His cock abused her womb. "Say it!" He demanded. "Tell me you're my little fuck slut!"

Connie had never been so turned on. This strong young bull was verbally and physically dominating her and she fucking loved it. "Yes.... YES! I'm your slut! I'm your little fuck slut! Oh god, baby, pound my pussy with that big fucker. Hurt me with it!"

Chris' body glistened with a sheen of sweat. He hoisted the woman up one last time and brought her crashing down on his oversized prick. Then he lifted her up and off of his swaying fuck pole and practically threw her onto the couch. Connie scrambled to her hands and knees and looked up at the boy. But what she saw was not a boy. No, this was a man, an animal with a seemingly insatiable bristling nine inch cock. He leered down at her and pumped his prick through his hand several times, smearing her juices all over the fat pole.

Instinctively Connie arched her back pushing her ass up and into the air. Chris smiled approvingly. "You want this, don't you?" He teased her as he waved the big prick back and forth.

"Yessssssss. God yes I do, baby. Fuck me! Fuck me like a slut with that big dick!"

Chris was so confident at this point, so self assured. It turned her on even more. With one foot still on the floor he mounted the couch behind her. She looked back over her shoulder at him and shuddered. He looked even bigger and stronger than before. His body glowed. His muscles seemed hyper pumped up and his cock was dark, red and angry looking. He released it and let it sway over her upturned ass. She watched it mesmerized. Chris laughed. He loved the way the horny older slut was eyeing his big prick. He gripped the base and slapped it down against her ass cheeks. "You ready to be mounted by your big stallion? Hmmmm? Wanna feel this big horse really fuck your hot little cunt?"

'Jesus' Connie thought, 'really fuck me? What in the hell was that just a moment ago?' She nodded submissively up at the young god.

Chris crouched slightly and began to rub the bloated knob up and down her sloppy slit. The contact between his helmet and her clit sent a string of fireworks off in her mind and her body. She trembled. "Ohhhh, God. Please.... Please..."

"Please what?" Chris countered arrogantly.

"Fuck me. Please. Don't tease me! FUCK MEeeee!" Connie hissed through her teeth.

Not ready to give in to her yet. Chris turned it up a little. "Mmmm you are a little slut, aren't you? Begging for my big cock like that. What would my mom think about that?" He teased her. "What would she think about her trusted co-worker wiggling her sexy ass up at me? Hmmm? What do you think she would think about you moaning like a whore? Begging me to fuck you with this big young dick?"

Connie was going nuts. "I don't care! I don't care if she was here watching it all! I want it! Please..." Chris slapped his weighty prick against the woman's clit. "Ohhhhh, God. Please...."

"Dirty little slut! Tell me you want it!" He slapped her clit again. "Tell me you want your co-worker's son's big horse cock."

"Yesssssssss. God yes! I want it. I want Lynn's son's huge cock pounding my horny pussy! Fuck me like a slut. Make me your whore! I'll do anything! Please, FUCK ME!"

Chris aimed the head at her drooling opening and in one earth shattering thrust buried himself to the hilt inside of her.

"OH MY GOD!?!" Connie screamed as the young man speared her guts with his mammoth rod. She had thought it was big before but that was nothing compared to the feeling she was experiencing now. She was left gasping for breath.

Chris gripped her hips in her large hands and pulled her to him. And then it began. In long sawing motions he worked his sturdy prick in and out of her. Connie dropped her head to the couch and moaned. She was helpless beneath him. He rammed her hard and rough. He wanted to make sure she got the full effect of his throbbing meat on each thrust. She did. Her cunt began convulsing. She began to sob, she couldn't move. For the second time of the day, she was paralyzed. It was if she was being raped by a horse. His strength held her in place as if she had been lashed down, primed and bound for breeding by the prized stallion. He slapped her ass as he rammed his big log into the woman over and over. "Fucking hot pussy! Goddamn it's sooo fucking tight!" He groaned. Connie lay beneath him in a frozen state. Her pussy was exploding around the boy's massive prick. Her cunt cream oozed and bubbled out of her hot hole as he drilled into her.

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