tagSci-Fi & FantasyConnie's Weed Pt. 02

Connie's Weed Pt. 02


Connie's Weed, Part 2 — Standing On The Bosoms Of Giants

A four part tale, laced heavily with lesbian encounters and strange transformations.


A word of warning, before you even start reading: A lot of what happens in this story focuses on the rather weird fetish of Breast Expansion (BE) -- from A to D, and occasionally up to and ultimately beyond the size depicted in Woody Allen's "Giant Breast" skit in "Everything you always wanted to know about sex" (the 1972 movie). If you thought that was hilarious, or unsettlingly arousing, you're more than welcome to continue reading. Of course this tale has action, tension and fighting (in short, "conventional" storytelling), too.

However, if you are put off by the sheer offbeat weird impossible flight of fancy that is BE, you probably shouldn't bother with this tale.

Thank you.


Meek magic-wielding Connie gets a nightmarish glimpse of what may be in store for her while her spunky and recently-accidentally-turned-buxom BFF Marge devises her own plans for the shy girl who holds power over her body. And does she ever have big plans ...

Obscure musical reference:

"But a breath of life / Can make our engines roar ... A kiss of life for sleeping giants" — The Lightning Seeds, Bound In A Nutshell

Altaerna – a world, where the laws of reality may become mere guidelines at any given time, where magic and machinery are intertwined, where all those things creeping in the shadows of fantasy may step forward onto the mind's stage.

Apart from that, it's not so different from ours. This story unfolds in a time close to our own.


What happened so far:

Part 1: Shy and slender biology student Cornelia "Connie" Prince finds out she's different: She can see plants and fruits that other people just don't notice. Enticed by the prospect of a lucrative discovery, Marge, her raven-haired, spunky, sorta-kinda BFF, ends up with a mouthful of the strange berries by accident, and the mouthful soon turns into a pair of ample handfuls. Connie tries to get some of that for herself, only to find out that her power to see the fruits means she's immune to their body-changing properties. During her self-experimenting, she involuntarily triggers another growth spurt in Marge and is forced to admit, to herself and to Marge, that she's attracted to excessive breasts.


Chapter 5: Panicky Night

Note: This one chapter has extreme giantess growth, domination AND bursting. If you're looking mainly for sweet fun, then You May Not Like It. In this case, skip to the next chapter, please.

Connie couldn't recall where she was, how she had gotten where she was, how she had ended up in her friend's embrace, or, as a matter of fact, what had happened at all after she dropped Marge off at her flat. She distinctly remembered driving in uncomfortable silence, seeing Marge scamper to the door, her stooped frame as she held the old leather jacket shut with one hand to hide the ripped garments underneath while she frantically fumbled on the lock. She vaguely remembered fighting the booze in her system for control, coming home to her tiny student flat, locking the door and sitting on her bed, not moving at all, just staring at her hands, watching the faint glow under her skin as it faded over the next hours.

So why then was she in this bland hotel room, and why was Marge there, and why was Marge spread-eagled under her? The hints were pretty obvious. Her skin was covered in hot sweat, and the scents of lovemaking filled the bedroom. The sheets clinging to her naked legs were soaked. And the taste on her tongue was ... distinctly female, yet not from a place as decent as the cheek.

Panting fiercely, Marge struggled to her elbows and stared with wide eyes and a manic grin into Connie's confused face.

"Gods, Connie, where did you learn to do those things with your tongue?"

"I? What I — what did I do?! That's — I — I didn't do a thing!"

Marge laughed whole-heartedly and ruffled her friend's disheveled mane.

"Yeah, not a thing. Oh heavens, you did a hundred different things, and they all were incredible! I can't believe I've wasted so much time chasing boys with a sex goddess like you around! I could go for another round. Flip over, let's try sixty-nine again!"

"No! That wasn't me!" yelled Connie, struggling to her hands and knees and crawling backwards from the bed. She stared at the big wet spot in the sheets between Marge's toned legs, and touched her own face to find her cheeks and chin covered in gooey moisture.

"Well, you sure seemed beside yourself when you munched your way into me," giggled Marge and winked.

Still shivering with confusion and terror, Connie clambered to her feet and backed away from the figure splayed out on the rumpled bed.

"Marge, I, I," she stammered and lost her voice as she ran into the wall.

The curvy girl rose from the bed and slunk closer. She raised her arms and put her splayed fingers on the wall to the left and right of Connie's shoulders, trapping her taller friend. Her hot and sweaty skin pressed against the shaking figure. She pulled down Connie's head to hers and closed her confused lover's trembling lips with a passionate kiss.

After a few moments of writhing in a surge of desire, Connie pushed her away.

"No, Marge, I — "

The world blinked.

Marge closed in again and cupped Connie's head in her hands.

"Oh sweetie, you don't have to feel ashamed. Whatever you want, whatever you desire, you know you can tell it to me. And whatever you want to do with my body, I'm game!"

"Marge, stop! It's — it's all wrong! This has to stop!"

"Oh, all right!" Marge shoved Connie's shoulder and backed away, frustration in her gaze. "First you lure me into playing for the other team, and then you get all coy about it? Some day you'll have to admit to yourself you're the biggest dyke for miles!" She sat down heavily on the bed and reached for her clothes, struggling into her sweater. "Damn, I could've sworn it wasn't so tight before. You've given me another pound up top, Missy Magic?"

Connie just stared at her friend. Slowly, her trembling hand wandered to her chin.

"M—Marge, c—come here."

"Huh?" Marge probingly squeezed her breasts through the fabric of her pullover, then she raised her eyebrows. "Oh. So now you want — It's that ripping clothes kink of yours again, eh? Right-o, just go ahead, I've got another one —"

"Shut up and come here!" yelled Connie. Taken by surprise, Marge obediently jumped to her feet. Connie grabbed her shoulders. She didn't need to lean down any more to do that.

"You're — oh gods, you're taller now! You're as tall as me! You weren't just seconds ago! You never were as tall as me!"



"Ouch! Nnnngh—"


Connie jumped back as the torn pieces of the sweater burst from Marge's body and fluttered down on the floor. The raven-haired girl stooped and held her concussed head that had run into the ceiling. From her new nine-feet height, she stared down on her friend in surprise, and then her broad face changed into an over-eager smile as she sat down on the bed. The sturdy frame creaked when she spread her thighs wide and put her elbows on her knees, leaning in to Connie. She pointed her forefinger, as long as Connie's whole hand now, at her friend.

"You kinky little witch, you! You're making me grow all over! Oh wow, that's even better than just tits and ass! I'll be like Godzilla! A hot, naked, giant Godzilla girl! So, how big do you want me to be? Big as houses? Big as a skyscraper?"

With her back against the wall, Connie crabbed sideways towards the door. "No, please, I — I don't want that — not at all —" Her fingers wrapped around the door handle.

Marge darted forward. Her plate-sized hand slammed against the slowly opening door and threw it shut again. Connie stared at the muscles on the trunk of her friend's arm that blocked her only way out.

"Yeah, right." Marge slanted her head and fixated Connie with a greedy, smirking stare. "Not at all, just like the not at all when you blew up my tits at our plantation, huh?"



The giantess snapped bigger from one batting of Connie's eyelids to the next. At least eleven feet of well-proportioned, muscle-filled body crouched on the struggling bed now. Marge exhaled. "Gods, that felt great. Look at me! Look at those!" She flexed her arms and cupped her bicepses. "I bet I could ..." Marge grabbed the chair by the door and lifted it effortlessly with two fingers. The tubes of the chair's frame screamed in mechanical agony as she crushed it with both hands into a lump of metal pipes. Tossing it against the wall, she let herself fall backwards on her bed and giggled.

"Heh, like a puppet toy. You think you can give me more of that? Do you wanna ride me as I grow under you? Hey, quit that running now!"

Connie jerked back and barely managed to swivel out of the way as Marge's foot stomped the door shut again. The giantess splayed out on the urgently protesting bed, and Connie was trapped in the triangle formed by the wall and the pair of Marge's sturdy two-yards legs. Marge reached out, grabbed Connie's shoulder with her strong paw and drew her closer —



Fifteen feet.


Marge laughed, a deep, deafening laughter that shook through her body, sent her breasts bobbing and made the window panes rattle.

"So much for the bed! Oh well, you'll have me as a mattress, so come here." She pulled the helpless little figure on top of her midriff. Her big hands fitted easily around Connie's waist, and her fingers had the strength of steel. "Don't say you don't like that, eh? You're still feeding me your power, I can feel it! Come on, put in a little extra effort for my boobs, I think I've got the back to carry them by now."

You've got power over it.

"M—Marge —"

"Huh? Oh heavens, yes, I can feel it building up, it's almost there, almost — mmmhhh!" The giantess licked her lips.

"—Let go of me!"

To Connie's surprise, the clamp-like fingers around her body disappeared. It didn't help at all, because the very next second —



Twenty-two feet. And Marge's breasts bulged like overstuffed beanbag chairs over the wreckage of the bed.

"Yes, that's what I'm talking about!" thundered the giantess and corralled her mammaries, twisting her long nipples between her fingertips. Connie slowly pushed herself away. As she slipped with her chest over Marge's ribbed midriff, she tried not to think about the copious wetness or the curls-covered, wrinkly, meaty flaps with the round, throbbing bump on top that her knees just slid through and over.

Creeeeaaak — Rrrrumble.

Cracks appeared at the bottom of the walls, and the floor began to tremble under Marge's weight. Connie lost her hold and bumped with her face into Marge's barely yielding midriff as she continued to slide downwards. She flailed her arms, searching for a grip, and closed her fingers around the next best protruding thing in reach.

Which was the apple-sized knob peeking from the folds of Marge's vulva. The giantess' breathing stopped for a second, then her gasps turned into moans of lust.

"More!" thundered her voice. "Gimme — make me — grow — faster!" She clenched her legs and trapped Connie in their vise. The girl's hands, the hands feeding Marge's transformation, were wrapped tightly around the throbbing giant clit now and in turn were enveloped in the meaty flaps of Marge's labia. She couldn't let go any more. Marge's moans turned into hungry, greedy grunts. Somewhere, bricks tumbled down. Sand rained on Connie's huddled shape as the ceiling collapsed. Marge's strong legs and knees shielded the dwarfish figure from the tumbling concrete, breaking through the rubble like through wet cardboard as she throbbed bigger still.

I need to get away from her! She's feeding on me! I need to — how can I —

Connie stared at the erect clit in her hands.

I hope I know what I'm doing.

She focused. Her hands began to glow, and her power streamed into the eager flesh in her grip. Marge's body froze. Only her agitated, accelerating breathing filled the air. The smooth melon-sized lust bulge in Connie's hand glowed in a deep red from the inside out, and the light of sexual charge spread in a mesh of veins into Marge's body while she slowly spread her legs wide, soaking up all the power that Connie pumped into her.

"Gonna — be — a — ahhhh! — big — one!" gasped the giantess, bucking and writhing again. Her legs twitched and stretched, and the door was gone, torn from the wall together with its frame. Connie let go, dodged Marge's shin, made a dive into the corridor and ran towards the stairs. Behind her, the floor gave in. Marge crashed into the room below. Windows shattered as she flailed in the throes of another climax.


Only when she pushed open the front door of the lobby did Connie realize she was stark naked. Her steps slowed down until she stood, dazed and confused, in the middle of the six lanes of the road. She didn't recognize the place at all. Aseptic glass-clad skyscrapers all around rose into a thick layer of fog. Traffic lights flashed yellow to nobody in particular. The streets of Generic Downtown Office District were empty.

Connie spun around and froze. Floor upon floor collapsed under the expanding body of her friend. Thick clouds of dust billowed out of the lobby. Somewhere at the fourth floor, a hand like a caterpillar's scoop erupted from the building. Naked flesh squeezed from the inside against the glass front. A pair of bucket-sized nipples squirted streams of milk against the panes. Cracks and rifts wandered through the inches-thick glass. Somewhere up on the eighth floor, Marge's face was pressed up against the windows. Connie staggered backwards, shielding her eyes as a bright flash of magic ignited in Marge's crotch and ate its way through the trapped body of the giantess. She didn't wait around to see the result. The sounds of uncontrolled demolition, mixed with a deafening whale-song of lust, were too much of an indication already.

Connie had made good almost a quarter-mile and had turned around two corners when the sound of Marge's feet echoed through the valleys of glass and concrete like the city's own rumbling heartbeat.


"Where are you?" thundered the giantess' voice through the fog between the skyscrapers. The white veils curled and whirled ahead of Marge's body as she plowed through the narrow streets and pushed aside the air. Connie darted down the deserted road, her naked feet slapping on the cold wet pavement. Nobody on the sidewalk, no cars on the road, not a single sound except for her footfalls and the earth-shaking thunder of her pursuer's stomping feet. The impacts closed in. Any moment now, Marge would turn the corner. Connie dove into the entrance of an underground parking garage and rattled desperately at the locked gate.

"Connie?!" Marge clicked her tongue. The sharp snaps whiplashed like shots. "Here, Connie, Connie, Connie! Big Marge has got a sweet treat for you!"

Connie threw herself into the triangular space under a nearby staircase. With her eyes closed tightly and her jaw aching as she tried to silence her rattling teeth, she pressed her back into the cold, unyielding concrete.

She can't see me, she can't see me, she can't —

Marge's foot crashed down only yards from Connie's hideout. The ground compressed under the giantess' weight, and a cobweb of cracks spread out quickly through the blacktop. Her hand dived into the mirrored front of the office block and ran through the windows and the walls like through water. Moments later, shards of glass scattered all over the pavement. Even if Connie tried to run now, the jagged edges would turn her feet into minced meat within a couple of steps.

A hand the size of a pick-up slapped down on the road as Marge squatted down. The minefield of glass couldn't even hope to do anything to her thick skin. She pouted her lips and sniffed. Sweat ran down Connie's face. The loud sucking came closer and closer.

Feet-thick fingers wrapped around the staircase and tore the reinforced concrete away. The ripping steel bars clanged like church bells. Devoid of support, Connie fell on her back. She flailed helplessly, an insect suddenly robbed of its hiding stone, and stared up into the huge face that grinned like a moon above her.

"There you are!" Marge's hurricane breath roared by. "Don't you know I can smell your horny wet pussy for miles, you bad little girl?"

Her fingers scooped up the shocked and convulsing body.


Marge raised the struggling living doll, barely as tall as her cupped hands were long, to her face. She only whispered, but it was loud enough to almost split Connie's eardrums. The young woman curled up in the bowl of Marge's palms and pressed her hands on her ears while she sobbed quietly.

"Oh, don't be afraid. I'll keep you safe, my little power source. Why, at the size you are, I have just the right place for you."

The giantess changed her grip, wrapping her fingers around Connie's legs and holding her like a popsicle. She squatted down and spread her thighs. Her knees dug into the street and piled up mounds of asphalt and concrete as she leaned back and arched her spine. Connie's world spun again, wind howled by as she felt herself being lowered, down, down, down on the hellish roller coaster ride. The darkness of Marge's shadow engulfed her, and the air suddenly smelled of sea.

Connie was too dazzled to realize the behemoth girl's intentions, and by the time her mind was at least half aware again, the stench of salt and moisture was as overwhelming as the constant movement had been before. The trunk-sized fingers of Marge's other hand whooshed by and dug into the black, entangled bushes in front of Connie. They laid bare a pink, widening crevice, spreading the pair of meaty curtains to reveal the squelching, smacking cave leading into the giantess' womb. Connie stared helplessly into the abyss. The walls of the muscular, mucous tunnel contracted into a tight rosette, only to widen again seconds later like a hungry mouth.

"You'll like it in there. My juices will soak you and make you all soft and stretchy, and then we'll have fun," thundered Marge's voice from somewhere up high.

"No," stammered her helpless victim. Trapped in the unyielding fist, she was lifted towards the entrance, and she pushed her hands into the rubbery walls, fighting a losing struggle against her captor.

"Unnngh," groaned the giantess. The tight rosette opened wide and sent gallons of ooze splashing down on Connie, covering her in shiny glaze from head to hip. She spat and coughed, her hands slipped on the inch-thick slime coating the yielding flesh, and —


Her voice was muffled, then silenced. Marge twisted and turned the desperately wiggling human dildo inside her, then she pulled Connie back out —


— And in she went again. Connie barely managed to pull up her arms in time, clutching her head in her hands and shielding her face with her forearms. The ample secretions of the giantess came splashing down on her, rushing by like a geyser of hot slime. With every push and shove, the tight hole grew looser, the pink, ribbed walls retreated.

Marge was growing again.

I — I don't want this! That's not me! I'm not wishing this to happen! I don't

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