tagSci-Fi & FantasyConquered: Spoils of War Ch. 01

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 01


* Examination of the new batch of slaves *

Jolie stood stiff and straight, her scratchy cotton shift affording her little protection against the purposeful hands that examined her. Her small breasts were squeezed, her long curling locks lifted and tugged. Fingers pried open her mouth, slapped her buttocks. The hem of her shift was lifted and long, bony fingers probed the blonde tuft of hair between her thighs. She gasped as a finger was worked up inside of her.

Her home world of Alverda had been a peaceful one only a hand span of days before, war and weapons unknown to them, until the arrival of the fearsome and legendary warriors of Laos. Within mere days, the conquerors had rounded up hundreds of thousands of men and women for transportation to Laos.

It was only now, herded off the ship into a large factory that spanned as far as the naked eye could see, that she learned the fate that awaited her on the new planet: love slave. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in humiliation as she was forced to bend over by two armed guards, the finger still wiggling in her pussy. She heard the mutterings and whispers in an alien tongue as more fingers slid up inside of her, discovering the evidence of her chastity.

Finally the invasive fingers withdrew, and the group moved on to the next slave.

* Her new home *

She was considered one of the luckier ones, to be brought to the palace rather than one of the houses of pleasure that served the thousands of wealthy patrons that visited the planet each week. She knew her strange and unique beauty, even among her own people, was the cause. Her hair was a mixture of honey, gold and rose when it caught the light, and her large, golden eyes, rare among her own kind, fascinated these conquering people.

Serving women bustled into the windowless chamber where she had been escorted to by several guards. Fine jewels, fabrics and perfumes filled their arms as their eyes coldly inspected her. Her protests were brushed aside as the women set to work, dusting her pale skin with golden powder and inking her nipples with gold liquid that quickly dried on the puckered skin. She was unable to control her blushes as the tuft of hair between her legs was shaved and scented oil was rubbed into tender flesh.

Soon she found herself wrapped in a filmy violet material that left one golden shoulder bare and clung to the tiny thrust of her gold-tipped breasts, her tiny waist and the gentle flare of her hips. A tear shaped golden jewel pasted in her belly button was clearly visible through the shimmery material. Her mane tumbled to her bottom in a mass of golden curls that was left untamed except for the delicate jeweled combs that pinned her strands back from her face. A thin gold chain was looped twice around her slender hips, and a gold bangle was fitted to her ankle. She was unaware that the pattern of jewels on the bangle distinguished her as the property of the King.

Dread welled in her belly at the inescapable and inevitable conclusion that tonight's events would bring at the hands of a brutal conquering warrior.

Finally a tall armored woman led Jolie along the luxurious halls of the palace to stand before a set of large imposing doors made of solid silver. She stood silently, blinking back tears as she gazed upon the figures of sparring warriors and unfamiliar beasts carved into its gleaming surface. Soon she stood with several others slaves from her home world, each draped in beautiful cloth that contrasted starkly to the tall imposing female warriors dressed in simple black leather that guarded each slave.

The noise emanating from the chamber beyond the doors caused her heart to pound, and she exchanged nervous glances with the other slaves beneath her lashes.

Slowly the doors swung open, and hundreds of men, dressed in silver and leather molded armor, fell silent at the impact made by the stunning vision of the exquisite maids dressed in Laos finery. She felt her knees goes weak as a cry went up, tankards being raised in toast to the beauty of the spoils of war.

* The Auction *

The crowd blurred in a fiery mixture of colour as tears welled in her eyes as Jolie and the other slaves were led to a small round dais, and she knew there would be no mercy for them. The room was filled with loud, brutish warriors, so much taller and muscular than the men of her world.

Oh, Goddess, help us, she prayed. The deflowering of virgins during their twentieth summer was a mysterious and powerful ritual on her home planet, something taken seriously by all and not to be tampered with. That she had fallen twenty this day, on an alien planet, seemed some kind of strange irony.

She was distracted by her anxious thoughts as a white-haired, gnarled warrior moved to stand at the front of the dais. The hall quickly quietened to hear the abrupt words of the old man that seemed so different from her own musical language.

A female warrior forced a slave to the front of the dais, and Jolie watched in horror as a flurry of shouts flew through the hall. Finally a roar thundered through the chamber, and a large ugly man jumped up onto the dais and threw a small pouch at the old man and carried off his prize over a broad shoulder.

Even as she came to realise they were to be auctioned off, the brutish alien was ripping the fine cloth from the slave's body and forcing her to kneel at his side, gesturing to her that she was to feed him.

Oh Goddess, she thought, feeling her knees give way as she was being shoved forward on trembling legs to the front of the dais. The guard caught and held her up, and Jolie knew there was no escape.

The bidding seemed endless, and she lowered her eyes to the floor, unable to watch as horror welled inside of her. Finally a chant went up, different from before, and her heart thundered in her chest as two strong arms captured her tiny waist, and her wide golden slowly fluttered upwards to meet warm green gaze of her new owner. He was a huge, fearsome warrior, dressed completely in black. He was strongly muscled with broad shoulders, long black hair and rich copper skin. She barely reached the middle of his chest.

His hands on her waist was the only thing that prevented her from collapsing at his feet as blackness consumed her.

* Her Owner *

She awoke to the feel of fingers gently tracing the bridge of her nose. She slowly, disorientated as the candle-lit room slowly came into focus.

The breath caught in her throat as a pair of playful green eyes gazed down into hers, and her whole body stiffened as she remembered.

He lay beside her on the fur rug, his dark head propped negligently on one hand as he gazed down curiously at her. Her golden eyes widened as his finger traced the curve of her slightly parted lips, teasing them even further apart. Slowly he leaned down to brush his lips against hers, firm yet gentle, and her lids fluttered close. Had he been rough with her, she would have resisted him, but this lazy exploration left her dazed and off-guard.

She lay there, feeling his mouth move seductively over hers, their bodies not touching, and she felt like she could stay like this forever.

When he drew back she was breathless.

She swallowed hard as his fingers walked lightly over the curve of her breast, lazily circling a gold painted nipple through silky material. The silence stretched as he toyed with the hardening peak, his eyes never leaving hers.

He hand left her then, to reach above her head. Soon it returned, holding a delicate silver goblet to her lips. He shifted to a sitting position as his other palm cupped the back of her head, tilting it slightly to receive his offering. She tentatively took a sip.

She gasped in wonder as the exquisite liquid slid sensuously over her tongue, tasting of honeyed mead and flowers and fresh air. She drank more at his bidding, draining the goblet.

He eased her back down onto the rug, and she lay unresisting, feeling a delicious languor spread through her, a boneless, floating sensation. Her nipples begin to tingle and harden, thrusting against the sheer material. Slowly the sensation began to spread lower, down between her thighs.

She moaned softly, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together to ease the insistent throbbing. It felt as though every nerve ending was slowly coming alive...

She gasped as she felt his hands between her thighs, spreading her apart. Her eyes fluttered open, and she was mildly shocked to find her new owner shifting to kneel between her parted thighs. She offered no resistance as his fingers slid up over her quivering thighs, dragging the gold material higher and higher, lost to the heady sensations wrought by the delicious wine.

She arched as his fingers trailed over her bare mound, a whimper escaping her as he gently peeled the soft lips apart to reveal the flushed dewy petals.

The breath caught in her throat as he pushed her knees up to her chest, his head lowering between the creamy thighs.

She whimpered as the tip of his tongue slipped along the valley of her plump lips. A soft moan escaped her as his wicked mouth closed over her naked mound, her hips arching of the rug. His hands slid down her inner thighs, holding her wide apart as he teased her with his mouoth.

She cried out as his tongue snaked between the pink folds, exploring her, lapping at her slit as though a favourite dessert. Her fingers raked along the fur rug at this sweet torture, her untutored body going up in flames.

A thick finger probed her dewy gate, and she stiffened slightly, her body tensing as it sought entrance to her burning pussy, stretching her tight walls around the invading digit. She felt the trickle of warmth as he caressed her damp sheath, opening her up, and she clenched and unclenched around it as he sucked on her pleasure nub.

She was unable to fight the building ecstasy, her body writhing and bucking beneath his devastating caresses as a coiling tension grew between her thighs.

"Please," she begged. She needed him inside of her, driving into her, filling her aching, empty pussy. Any thoughts of caution or wariness were completely lost to her as she burned beneath his caresses.

She moaned in protest when he withdrew from her, shaking her head side to side. "Don't stop," she moaned. She lay sprawled on the rug, feverish and wanting as he kneeled staring down at her, his green eyes full of masculine triumph as they perused her glistening plump lips, lewdly displayed by her pushed up gown.

He fed her more wine, and her whole body arched off the floor as her pleasure nub thrummed with desire, insistent and demanding.

She didn't resist as he picked her up, tossing her effortlessly over his shoulder. She paid no attention as he strode through a maze of chambers and halls. She was unable to focus on anything other than the playful finger probing her slick channel.

* The Hall of Victory *

He carried her through the cheering boasting mob which easily parted for him as he strode up onto the dais. He slid her slowly down his chest, watching her golden eyes widen as she felt his hard cock where is rubbed against her through his leather breeches.

He held her firmly against him, letting her feel the full force of his intentions as he gazed down at her.

Oh Goddess, he wouldn't...

Even as horrified thoughts began to penetrate her hazy, pleasure wracked mind, he was turning her by the shoulders, making her face the crowded chamber. She couldn't understand his murmured words as his fingers sought the knot on one shoulder, her knees trembling as she felt the cloth slither to her feet.

Her wide golden eyes took in the clapping, cheering men, their lewd eyes eating her with their eyes. She stood frozen before them, naked except for the golden bracelet wrapped around her ankle, her creamy flesh flushed and feverish.

She gasped as her owner slid his hands around her tiny waist from behind, his fingers splaying across her quivering belly. He forced her to the large silver throne that she failed to notice earlier, situated at the back of the dais and half hidden by gauzy curtains. She was thankful for the moments respite from the cheering crowd as he eased his large frame onto the throne.

She swallowed hard as he gazed up at her.

"Please," she begged, shaking her head, and his eyes narrowed dangerously. He motioned to his breeches.

He reached out and captured her delicate wrist, tugging her reluctant, quivering body firmly between his widespread muscular thighs, each the size of tree-trunks.

With a trembling hand she reached for the straining laces, ever conscious of her creamy buttocks on full display to the army of drunken warriors.

She felt the enormous flesh jump beneath her light touch, and she quickly withdrew her hand, her surprised golden eyes flying to his.

He chuckled, guiding her hand back to his laces. This time she quickly unthreaded the leather laces, careful to brush his straining cock as little as possible. Her throat dried as the full size of him sprung free. There was no way...

She gave a surprised squeak as he picked her up by her tiny waist, his muscular arms flexing, and she felt herself being turned, her feet scrabbling for purchase on the seat of the throne.

It all happened so fast that she found herself breathless, held high above her owner and facing the crowded chamber, all eyes avidly fixed on her.

Even as the terror welled in her belly she felt the head of his cock prodding her, sliding along her slippery channel. She gasped as he nudged her, found her. The breath left her lungs as he held her firmly by the hips as he forced the tip of his cock into her, stretching her painfully around him.

He murmured soothing words under his breath as his hands tightened on her hips as he forced himself another inch further up inside of her.

She was panting heavily, feeling dizzy from the wine and the painful discomfort as he tried to sheath his hugeness into her tiny, resisting pussy, as slick as it was. Through her tears she could see the watching army, whistling and stomping their feet.

Her owner grunted as he lifted her off of him, trying to position her better to receive him. When he rammed her down onto his waiting cock, he slid further than before, butting the evidence of her virginity.

She writhed from the agony of his spearing rod, even as she still throbbed from the heady wine. Her fingers settled on his, uselessly trying to pry his bruising grip from her hips as she tried to wriggle off his shaft.

He eased out of her an inch, and she relaxed from relief, but before she was aware of his intentions he was shoving himself back up deep inside her pussy.

A muffled scream escaped her as he tore through her maidenhead, sliding up inside her tight walls. The whistles and roars of her audience filled her ears as tears trickled down her cheeks.

He ignored her struggles, filling her with his hard shaft. "Please," she sobbed, feeling herself stretched impossibly as his worked his cock into her until he bumped painfully against her cervix.

"Oh, Goddess," she whimpered, as he held her there, resting against his furry balls. She was crouched naked above him, her feet planted on either side of his thighs, her glistening cunt spread by the thick column of his rock-hard cock.

He held her firmly as her sore pussy tried to adjust to his impossibly large length, his mouth pressing kisses on the smooth skin of her shoulder as his hands slid up to cup her tiny breasts. Slowly the unbearable throbbing pain receded as he toyed with the hard nipples, and her straining muscles relaxed ever so slightly as slowly she came to accommodate him.

He gently nuzzled her neck as his large hand slid down lower over her belly, down between her spread thighs. She whimpered as his fingers stroked her there, delving between the plump pink lips to tease and torment her. She whimpered as he found her pleasure nub, massaging it with a knowing expertise that soon had her breathless.

"Oh," she cried, the sea of alien faces fading from her mind as the pain was joined with pleasure. Soon a writhing, tingling feeling was building anew between her quivering thighs.

She whimpered at the intermingled pain and ecstasy as he eased her up off his thick length before ramming her back onto him till he slid up inside her to the hilt.

Oh, Goddess...

It went on endlessly, the rock hard column of his cock plunging in and out of her sore, tight sheath over and over again. His grunts and her cries filled her ears as he deflowered her in front of his men, a symbol of his victory and dominance over her peaceful world. Her small jiggling breasts and speared cunt were on full display to the avid audience as his glistening shaft pumped in and out of her with growing ease.

Soon the pleasure and pain were one, a whirling dark vortex drawing her deeper and deeper as he drove into her with animalistic intensity that afforded no mercy to her inexperience or size. His grunts mingled with her cries as worked himself in and out of her, the army of men watching every flicker of pain and pleasure that crossed her expressive face.

She screamed when he seemed to bunch up inside of her, almost as though he had doubled in size. Then he gave a series of sharp, jerking thrusts as he spurted hotly inside of her, filling her with his seed.

When finally he eased his semi-hard cock out of her sheath her legs almost collapsed beneath her, and he gently eased her onto her knees between his spread thighs.

He gestured to his cock, his dark green eyes intent on hers, and she placed each small tremulous hand on the warm skin of his of his thighs. She breathed in the tangy, musky male scent of him as her small tongue darted out to taste him, knowing that she could taste what must also be herself.

She had barely finished licking his hardening shaft clean when his large palms captured her tiny waist and she found herself being dangled over his lap.

Her small hands clung to his broad shoulders as she fought for balance on her unsteady knees, her cry of surprise cut off as his mouth closed over hers. His hands slid up and cupped her face, his thumbs brushing away her tears as he kissed her tenderly.

The avid audience was forgotten as his hands slid into her hair, tugging the jeweled combs from her tumbled mane and tossing them aside as his fingers ran through the silky mass.

He deepened the kiss, his tongue tangling with hers as his hands cupped the tiny mounds of her breasts. Her body was a quivering mass, sore from his fierce possession, yet her mind reeled at this tender exploration.

The thought had barely crossed her mind as his fingers closed over her bottom as he guided his shaft to her throbbing entrance, sliding slowly up inside of her, his fingers clenched on her cheeks forcing her to accept this renewed assault.

"Oh, Goddess," she whimpered as he slid up deep inside of her, impaling her on his huge length as he stretched her tight walls around him.

She whimpered as the unmerciful thrusts began anew, and with it a surging heat between her legs. She moaned with each thrust that speared her, her hands clinging to his shoulders as he lifted and dropped her on his thick shaft, ramming up deep into her aching tightness.

It went on and on, the pleasure building with each driving thrust as she clung to him. She moaned as his fingers found her pleasure nub, working her, and it all became too much. The force of his shaft sliding up deep inside of her, the cheers of the warriors, the aching soreness of her pussy. She cried out as sensation burst between her thighs, her tight sheath rippling around his thrusting cock, drawing him deep inside of her as she writhed and bucked on top of him.

Even as she thought she could take no more, the pleasure and pain becoming almost unbearable as his huge cock continued to plunder her sore, pulsing pussy she felt him surge inside of her, his head thrown back as he spurted deep inside of her.

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