tagSci-Fi & FantasyConquered: Spoils of War Ch. 02

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 02


Jolie moaned as a gentle shake of her shoulder roused her from her dreamless sleep. As she wiggled protestingly on the thin pallet, a blush stole over her cheeks at the unfamiliar aches and tenderness her slight movements brought.

He had taken her three times before finally allowing her to rest at his feet as the revelry continued around them. She had a vague memory of his hand smoothing through her silky golden mane as her eyelids drooped, and of stirring slightly at the sensation of being carried.

Slowly her lashes flickered open and she gazed up at the tall woman who leaned over her, gently shaking her. Jolie guessed the woman to be of two scores of years, her handsome features lightly lined and her black hair scraped off her tanned face dominated by liquid brown eyes. She wore a simple brown gown tied at one shoulder that clung to her still firm curves.

The woman uttered something, and motioned with her hands. Jolie, realising the woman wanted her to get up, did as she was bid, gracefully rising to her knees before standing on one foot at a time. Jolie was mildly embarrassed that she stood before the woman wearing nothing, and knew that was silly after being taken in front of the King's generals.

She winced slightly as she felt her muscles pull, and the older woman tut-tuttered in what must, Jolie realised with a small smile, be universal language.

Encouraged at the woman's sympathy, Jolie pointed to herself and said "Jolie."

The woman smiled briefly, displaying white even teeth, and replied "Kiara."

Kiara led Jolie from the tiny curtained cubicle where she had slept, and she found herself in a long hall lined with similarly curtained alcoves. Jolie gazed around curiously, taking in everything before Kiara slapped her bottom and shook her head, motioning Jolie to follow her.

Jolie rubbed her smarting bottom and followed the older woman to a wide, marbled chamber that rose over ten feet, with thick imposing columns and intricate archways that led off into smaller private chambers. The sound of softly bubbling water reached her ears, and her golden eyes widened in anticipation at the thought of a bath.

Jolie gazed around in awe as she was led deeper into the depths of the main chamber, feeling as though she had stumbled into an exotic cave as she gazed upon massive ferns spilling from large urns.

She gave a joyful sigh of discovery at the sight of small marble steps leading down into softly bubbling water, and without a glance in Kiara's direction she skipped down those steps, feeling the warm water rise over her ankles and thighs as she moved deeper into the water. She breathed in deeply as the water swirled about her waist, the wet ends of her hair trailing in the water behind her. She dove beneath the surface before bobbing up several meters later, laughing like a water nymph.

She was unaware of the alluring picture she presented to the man hidden from her vision, her creamy skin glistening with moisture, his fingers itching to trace the rivulets of water running over the tiny thrusts of her breasts with their rosy tips.

She finally caught sight of Kiara's disapproving frown and slowly moved back toward the steps, biting her lips. She was prepared for the slap on her bottom for impudence, but didn't regret plunging into the heavenly water.

Jolie turned and sat on the top step as Kiara indicated, sitting with her back to the women with just her toes in the water. Her eyelids fluttered close as the woman gently lathered her hair with scented soap, massaging the suds into her scalp with firm, slow movements that made the back of her neck tingle.

Her long soapy strands were twisted into a thick rope and looped on top of her head before the gentle hands settled on her shoulders to begin massaging soap into her soft smooth skin. Jolie arched as the fingers pressed deeply into the flesh of her spine, kneading away the tension. Jolie knew it was wicked to enjoy such attentions, but her body seemed to melt beneath the skilful fingers. She felt the older woman shift closer to Jolie as her fingers slipped around to circle Jolie's tiny waist, her hard nipples pressing against her back.

The hands began to sweep upwards in slow, firm strokes over her smooth flesh. Her lips parted soflty as the hands moved up between the valley of her breasts and down the sides of her breasts, careful not to touch the creamy mounds. Jolie breathed in the sensual scent of the soap as Kiara massaged it into her collar-bone and neck, her head falling back to rest on the older woman's shoulder. Soon, after what seemed an eternity, the hands slipped down to close over her creamy breasts, cupping them gently. Jolie moaned softly as soap was lathered over the firm mounds in gentle circles, moving closer and closer to their hard tips.

Jolie thought herself wicked as the blood began to pulse between her thighs at the slow ministrations of the woman. She squirmed slightly on the cold marble as her taut nipples were gently plucked at before sliding down over her belly to gently rub the soap into her soft skin. She bit her lip as the firm hands skimmed down between her legs to cup her inner thighs and firmly draw them apart. She watched from beneath lowered lashes as tanned hands slid up the smooth length on her inner thighs before moving down over their tops, never touching the melting core of her as the gentle strokes continued. A whimper of dismay escaped her as hands guided her to her feet on the step.

A foot inched between hers, urging her legs wider apart as she stood before the kneeling woman. She could feel her breath on her there, stirring her damp curls as her hands ran over the backs of her thighs and calves.

Her hips arched as the fingers caressed the creamy globes of her bottom before tracing the deep cleft. Jolie bit her lip as the soapy fingers lightly stroked the valley between her thighs, her thighs trembling as the fingers continued to rub the tender pink valley, careful not to touch her pulsing nub.

Her eyes flew open at the gentle tap on her bottom, and she realised the bathing must be over.

Too embarrassed to gaze at the woman, she took the last few steps into the water and ducked beneath its surface to wash the soap from her feverish body. Her fingers ran through her silky strands to release the soap as she came up for air, and stood waist deep in water as she twisted the excess moisture from her mane.

Slowly she returned to the beckoning Kiera who waited with a large sheet at the top of the stairs. Unable to meet her gaze, she allowed herself to be enveloped in its embrace and softly patted dry, her innocent body still throbbing.

She was led back to her small curtained cubicle, and found pretty garments awaiting her. Jolie stood by patiently as Kiara searched through the pile, and withdrew a thin leather belt. Moving to stand behind Jolie, Kiara drew the sheet from her young body and slipped the thin leather band around tiny waist and knotted it at her back. Confused as to why the belt would be worn beneath her garments, Jolie remained silent as she felt a hand reach in front of her to gather up the long thin leather cords that dangled from the middle of the belt.

With widening eyes Jolie felt the cords drawn up between her thighs and looped over the belt at her back. A whimper escaped her at the cords were drawn tight at the back so that they nestled in the curves of her body, slipping up between the cheeks of her bottom. She swallowed hard as another tug spread her plump lips around the cords as they settled firmly against her in her dewy valley. A blush bloomed her cheeks at this strange practice, only to deepen as a hand slid over her belly and tugged on the cords, dragging a moan from Jolie as she felt a delicious friction over her sensitive nub.

A golden necklet was lifted from the pile, and Jolie gazed at the smooth thick band with a tiny loop at it's front. Jolie scooped up her drying hair as Kiara placed it around her neck and firmly closed it with a twist. It was cold and heavy against her skin, and Jolie felt a shiver of foreboding race down her spine as a thin golden rope was threaded through the loop.

Her status as a slave would be clear to all those who saw the necklet, and she felt a sense of helplessness invade her. She shook her head at the woman, her fingers grasping at her neck, and Kiara frowned at her and spoke sharply, slapping her hands away.

Kiara pointed angrily to the floor, and biting her lip, Jolie complied, kneeling before the older woman. Kiara shook her head and knelt before her. The woman's hands settled on her shoulders, pushing them back so that her tiny breasts thrust out before her. Then the woman's hand slid down moved to her belly, and placing one hand on the small of her back, thrust her hips forward. Moving to Jolie's thighs, she tapped at Jolie's knees, and Jolie eased them slightly apart. Kiara shook her head and pushed them further apart. Soon Jolie knelt there with her hands resting on her obscenely spread thighs, her hips and breasts thrust forward, eyes lowered. She felt helplessness wash over her as she maintained this helpless position for what seemed an age, draining all her resistance.

Finally Kiara motioned for Jolie to rise to her feet. A blush pinked her cheeks as the belt rubbed against her with each movement as she stood, tormenting her pink flesh. Kiara, as if sensing her distress, lightly caressed the twisted strips just above her fleece. Jolie caught her breath, her eyes wide as Kiara's fingers trailed down between her rudely parted lips where the cords were clearly exposed to Kiara's envious gaze. Jolie was unable to hold back a soft moan as the exploring fingers pressed against the leather strips, testing her wetness before quickly withdrawing.

olie stood with lowered lashes as a shimmery cloth of red and gold was wrapped around her slender body and tied firmly on one shoulder. Jolie didn't need to look down at herself to know that the hard tips of her breasts thrust against the gauzy material, their curves clearly visible through the fine cloth.

A bronze powder was brushed over her face and shoulders, and her hair was caught back tight at the nape of her neck with a thick golden band, highlighting the heavy gold slave necklet she wore. She was unaware that the simple necklet marked her as the King's private property, and that any man who dared touch her without his permission would be punished by death.

She was led from the cubicle by the thin golden rope, a blush high on her cheeks at the indignity of being led so and of the tormenting sensation of the love belt as it worked between her thighs.

Jolie squeezed her thighs together as the cords twisted and wiggled between her thighs, and Kiara, catching sight of this, quickly slapped her bottom.

She felt her breasts grow heavy and her hips take on a rolling movement of a practiced whore as her innocent body tried to come to grips with the teasing of the leather straps between lush pink lips. She barely paid her surroundings much attention as she tried to calm her breathing and focus on the effort of walking. They seemed to walk through miles of corridors, each seeming the same as the last, and Jolie was unaware of this deliberate ploy as she felt the friction of the soft material rubbing against her sensitive nipples and the moisture trickling down the inside of her thighs.

Finally they reached a large chamber, and Jolie received curious and assessing glances from the exquisitely beautiful and exotic women milling in its depths. She noted with surprise that none shared her creamy skin and golden hair, and knew with trepidation that this may set her somehow apart.

Only one pair of eyes were filled with spitefulness as they settled on Jolie, and a shiver raced down her spine. Kiara's muttered "Liana" and a gentle shake of her head was a silent warning to Jolie.

Jolie tried to ignore the woman as she learned how to serve food and wine to her masters, how to approach on her knees and quickly withdraw with eyes lowered, careful not to spill anything.

She was exhausted by the end of the day, her body throbbing from the unrelenting friction. It never eased or abated, and at the first sign of Jolie trying to rub her thighs together or her fingers trying to ease the twisted cords, Kiara was there, knocking her hands away or slapping her sharply on the bottom, to the amusement of the other women.

Finally Kiara led her back down the rich hallways to her cubicle by her rope and untied the knot at her shoulder to let the cloth pool at her feet. Relief swept through her as the woman gently untied the belt from around her waist and eased the soaked cords from where they nestled firmly against her body one by one, causing Jolie's hips to arch at the exquisite torment.

She was given some fruit and some wine, and she quickly finished off every last bite and drop under the watchful gaze of her minder.

When she had finished the small refreshing meal, her eyes widened in dismay as Kiara bound thick cloth around her closed fists and tied knots at her wrists. Kiara then motioned for Jolie to lay on the pallet, and catching Jolie's wrists, Kiara lifted them above her head and tied her bound wrists to the head of the pallet. Kiara's hand brushed down over her face, closing Jolie's eyes, before gently pressing a kiss against her forehead and rising. The swish of the curtains signaled her minder's departure.

Jolie lay there, exhausted, her body full of torment, and knew she would be unable to sleep without the release her body craved.

She didn't know how much time had passed before Kiara gently shook her awake, and Jolie was surprised that she had slept. Her wrists were untied and a cloth was gently slid over her inner thighs to remove some of the stickiness. She was then dressed in a delicately embroidered cloth of deepest violet before being led from the small cubicle by the thin gold rope attached to her necklet. It felt strange to walk without her love belt, yet the dull throb between her thighs was a constant reminder.

She was taken along an intricate maze of corridors carefully guarded at each turn by armed men that seem to gaze down at her from a great distance as she passed by them. Eventually they reached a set of plain silver doors where a guard stood on either side. Seeing their approach, the guards held the doors open, and they passed through into what must be private apartments. They were simple and masculine, without the show and magnificence of the rest of the chambers Jolie had seen that day, and Jolie's heart began to pound with the certainty that some unknown stranger would invade her body. She felt her sheath flutter with a mixture of fear and anticipation at the thought that she no longer had say over what happened to her.

Kiara tugged on Jolie's rope, bringing her to an abrupt stop. She turned to face Jolie and cast a critical eye over her. With a nod she removed her gown and unclasped her golden mane and smoothed the silky strands over her shoulders. Then the woman plucked at her rosy tips until they hardened into taut points, causing Jolie to blush at their eager response. Then Kiara motioned to a second set of doors that had been hidden from Jolie's gaze by the fronds of a large plant, before turning and leaving.

Jolie swallowed hard, her legs beginning to tremble as she guessed what fate awaited her beyond the doors. Would it be one of the men that had witnessed her virginity being taken by the King, and wanted to sample her young body? Was she expected to take this stranger into her body as many times for as long as the night lasted, or until he tired of her after several nights or a month even?

Slowly she walked toward the set of doors and silently eased one forward and slipped through the gap.

The breath caught in her throat at what she saw. The king lay sprawled naked on a large dais piled with soft pillows, sipping wine as a naked woman rested between his thighs, her hair sprawled across his rippling belly as her mouth moved up and down on the hard glistening length of him.

Green eyes locked with her wide golden ones, holding her a prisoner as she stood hesitantly just inside the doors. She breathed a sigh of relief as his eyes dropped, caressing the gentle curves of her tiny breasts with their rosy tips, her belly and golden fleece between her creamy thighs. She felt her body tighten at the appreciation she saw in those eyes before hers dropped to the floor, a blush turning her cheeks pink.

She heard his soft laughter, and her eyes flew to his, and knew he was amused by her shyness, and the blush deepened, spreading across her chest. They both knew that even as she had cried out from the pain of him forcing his thick shaft deep inside her last night, her innocent body had opened itself to the unfamiliar sensations as she experienced her first pleasure.

Her eyes widened as he pushed the woman off of him, ignoring her kittenish mews as he gracefully rose to his feet and stepped down from the dais. She bit her lip as he moved toward her, the well defined muscles moving sinfully beneath his darkly tanned skin, the huge thrust of his manhood rising from a nest of black curls. She knew he was so much larger and thicker than that of the men of her world. In fact, everything about him was bigger than the men of her own world, the wide broad shoulders, the thickly muscled thighs.

She swallowed hard as he stopped before her, towering over her diminutive height, and she gazed straight ahead at his chest, unable to meet his all seeing gaze, nor able to gaze down at the threatening manhood she knew he would take great delight in impaling her on.

She flinched as his fingers reached up to capture a silky golden strand, raising it to his nose as he breathed in her scent. His hand dropped, his fingers sliding along her neck, his thumb resting beneath her chin as he tilted her face back, forcing her to gaze up at him as his head dipped.

Her eyes fluttered closed as his mouth slanted over hers, merely tasting her soft lips before stepping back, a small smile curling his lips.

His fingers captured her wrist and drew her over to the pile of pillows where a beautiful woman lay seductively, her brown eyes spitting fire at Jolie before turning to gaze seductively up at the King, patting the pillows before her.

Jolie swallowed hard as she recognised the woman. Liana.

The king lay down on the pillows at the woman's side and tugged Jolie down onto his lap. She squirmed against him, feeling his hugeness nestled against her bottom, and he chuckled again, his hand sliding between her thighs to hold her there.

She gasped as his fingers explored the glistening pink folds as his other hand reached for a tiny globe of fruit on a small vine and popped it into her mouth.

She sucked delicately on the alien fruit beneath his disturbing green gaze, and she almost choked on the fruit as a thick finger drove up into her wet pussy without warning.

Surprised, she struggled off his lap and found herself sprawled on her back on the pillows, her hair a cloud of gold around her as she gazed up at him in astonishment.

She swallowed hard as he spread her thighs apart, exposing her shame to his intent green eyes and that of the glaring brown eyes that met Jolie's over his shoulder. Jolie's eyes flickered over the beautiful woman, taking in the large full breasts crowned with large brown nipples and curve of her stomach above the thick thatch of black curls before quickly glancing away, hating the jealousy that fired through her.

A shiver snaked through her as his fingers trailed up her inner thigh and gently traced the valley of her lips, and her eyes flickered close.

She sensed the woman move to her other side so that Jolie lay on the pillows between them, her thighs sprawled wide as he gently caressed her there.

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