tagCelebrities & Fan FictionConquering of Superman Ch. 01

Conquering of Superman Ch. 01


Superman was flying over the city. He was making his routine sweeps prior to retiring for the evening. He used his X-ray vision and Telescopic vision to check for crime. All seemed quiet in Metropolis. He did not mind the quietness especially after his last battle with Darkshed and those from Apokolipis.

As he finished his last sweep, he headed home. He landed on the balcony of his home. There waiting for him was Lois Lane. He had revealed his secret to her but at this time he was unable to commit to her because he was concerned about her safety.

"Hey big boy!" Lois said playfully as she approached him in a flowing rob. She leaned up and kissed him. He felt her warm lips on his and her tongue searching of his in his mouth. She took her hand and caressed his chest as she moved south and found his cock. She gave it a squeeze and he became hard instantly.

Lois had once marveled how he could keep his monster controlled while in his tights but to him, it was easy. It was like a switch. When he became Superman, his thoughts were only on his job as Superman. Sex never entered his mind. It wasn't as if he did not notice the beautiful women around him like Wonder-woman or the Huntress but there was something in his mind that worked like a switch. He did not think about sex. Only in this moment, in the quietness of the bedroom with no one watching did he allow the thought to cross his mind.

Lois took off her robe and revealed a black lacy body suit. Her breasts were pushing against the thin material and her well shaven pussy cast a shadow against the material. He quickly got out of his costume. His massive cock sprang forward and up. She melted her body to his as they passionately kissed. Her body suit was soon on the ground and they were hovering over the bed.

Lois loved it when he used his superpowers to make love to her. But unbeknownst to her, he had to control his ejaculations whether in her mouth or in her pussy so that he would not hurt her. He could speed up the motion or vibrate his manhood and cause her hours of pleasure and many organisms. After all, he was SUPERMAN.

"Oh Superman!" screamed Lois as he drilled her wet and tender jewel box. "I love it! I love it! FUCK ME FASTER AND HARDER!" was the commands she shouted. Her body glistened with sweat.

Suddenly there was bright light in the room….a portal had opened and through it walked Orion, son of Darkshed. "I have come to warn you Superman!" his words trailed off as he saw Superman and Lois making love. Orion's dick got hard immediately.

Orion was a hot-headed and a very passionate man who tended to act prior to thinking things through. He was unable to keep his excitement hidden while in his costume but to him, he did not have to because he was a god of new genesis and he was entitled to everything that he wanted when he wanted it. But this was typical of New Genesis people as was evident in Barda and others from that planet.

His massive manhood did not go unnoticed by Lois and when Superman landed his last plunge into her hole that was on fire and she felt the explosion of his cum, she imagined that it was Orion's cock and her orgasm was even greater than before.

As Superman exploded into Lois, he had to control the ejaculation and upon the load being released, he looked at Orion and Orion smiled and said "Good Job!" "You have to learn to knock Orion" Superman responded.

"I have come to warn you that Darkshed is mounting another campaign against you but this time with Mongul. "Great Scott!" replied Superman. He quickly rushed into the shower, and with super speed cleaned and dried himself. He was then in his famous costume.

"Let us take the fight to Apokolipis before he brings it here!" No sooner had the words left Superman's mouth that Orion had opened the portal with Mother Box and the two superheroes were traveling the portal unbeknownst to them, Darkshed was crossing through into Earth.

"Hello my dear!" he said to Lois. She screamed as Darkshed looked directly into her eyes. "I see your Superman has left you unguarded. What a pity" he laughed.

Superman and Orion immediately found themselves at Darkshed' fortress and confronted by Mongul, Granny, Dasod and Lashena. A battle began and Orion immediately realized that Darkshed was missing because Mother Box indicated that he was not on the planet. "Superman, Darkshed is not here! I believe he has gone to Earth!" Immediately, Orion opened a portal and his passions caused him to leave Superman alone to face the four super-villains.

Superman felt Mongul's fist connect to his face and Superman went sailing through the air and into several rock formations. As he struggled to get the slabs of concrete off of him. He looked up and saw Lashena in her black tight costume with white stripes that circled her breasts and her pussy standing over him.

"Hello Lover!" she said and pulled out her electric charged straps and she connected with Superman. His body felt the surge of electricity and he felt pain. He lost balance and the slab of concrete he had fell out of his hands. The pain was great.

She walked up to him and kissed him as the electricity charged through his body. His mind swirled. He then felt a hand on his cock. Lashena had his manhood and she was stoking it. His cock had come to attention. He was confused because he was always able to keep it under control under all conditions but now, he was reacting to her kisses and her touches. It was not as if other super-villainess and super heroines had not tried to seduce him.

He struggled against the kiss and the touch but he was enjoying it. "Bet the Earth woman could never make you feel this way!" She then turned the electricity off but their embrace did not stop. They held on to each other and she kept the straps around Superman.

"Wonder what is happening Lover?" she laughed. I have upgraded and improved my straps so that it includes a magical spell just like Wonder Woman's lasso and as long as I have you wrapped in it, I can control your mind and your body.

Lustful thoughts began to race through Superman's mind. He could not control it. He found himself flying with Lashena to her bedroom. She removed his costume while keeping the straps on him and then she came out in a black body suit.

"Isn't this what your Earth woman was wearing? Who looks better?" she asked. Superman looked Lashena over; her jet black hair that looked silky; her blue eyes, her 38C breast, her 24 waist, her 34 hips; and his thoughts became very lustful. "You look better" Superman answered. "Let your lust takeover Lover. Feel the rage of your hormones. You need not control your ejaculation here for I am a god like you."

Superman then felt Lashena's hot warm mouth encircle his cock. His mind went wild. Her tongue massaged his manhood and she licked every inch. He felt his first load explode into her mouth. "YES LOVER!" Lashena hissed.

"Who do you want; Lois or me?" Lashena said. Superman felt his heart pound with passion, desire and lust. He could not think of anything but Lashena. He had never experience a full discharge of cum and it was incredible. 'I want you! Superman answered. "Say it again Lover but louder!" "I WANT YOU LASHENA AND NOT LOIS!"

Back on Earth, laughter came from Darkshed. "See what I told you Lois. Superman cannot resist Lashena. She is beautiful and desirous." Darkshed through his Mother Box allowed Lois to listen to what was happening. Orion lay on the floor of the bedroom beaten by Darkshed.

"I noticed how you looked at Orion" said Darkshed to Lois, "Do you desire him? He is my son and I can give him to you." Lois thought about the moment when she was making love to Superman and seeing Orion enter into the room, Orion's manhood standing firm and her imagination as Superman's last thrust and explosion of cum being that of Orion. Her emotions were mixed. She did desire Orion and she was mad at Superman. Her thoughts where interrupted by sounds from Apokolipis.

"OH SUPERMAN!" Superman picked up Lashena and tore off her body suit and began to kiss her breast. He could smell the aroma from her jewel box. It smelt so sweet. "Get down and kiss my pussy Superman!" Superman immediately knelt down and kissed it passionately and lovingly. As he did, he felt is tool getting even harder.

"Oh Superman, do you realize that I no longer have the straps on you and that you are doing this of your own free will?" asked Lashena, knowing that Lois would hear it. Superman stunned looked around and found the straps on the floor and as he looked up from his kneeling position he saw Lashena wet, hot, dripping pussy and he said "Yes! I just realized it."

"Love my pussy don't you Superman?" "Yes, Lashena, I do. It is the best; even better than Lois'!" He felt his heart pound as he heard his own words. She then lay on the bed and said, "FUCK ME. FUCK ME LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER FUCK LOIS BECAUSE SHE IS FROM EARTH!" Superman's cock got even harder as his mind buzzed with her word.

"Oh, by the gods of New Genesis, you are big Superman! Oh! Fuck my pussy. Fuck it fast, FUCK IT HARD, FUCK IT LONG, FUCK IT FOREVER! LIKE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO FUCK A PUSSY BUT COULD NOT!" Superman was overwhelmed by the passion and erotic thoughts going through his head. "YES, YES, YES, SUPERMAN!" He felt himself explode not once, not twice but several times and he was continuing to cum. Lashena exploded in ecstasy with each shot of cum pouring into her and she felt her orgasms explode. "OH LASHENA, YOU ARE THE BEST!" The bedroom walls shook and the heavens moved as the two super beings made love.

On Earth, Lois was listening to all that was happening. Orion had come to and as he listened to Superman and Lashena, he had become aroused and he was showing it. Darkshed turned to Lois and said, "Looks like someone has become aroused."

Lois looked at Orion and even though she was stunned by what Superman was doing, she felt a twinge and her pussy become soaking wet as she looking at Orion's meat. It was huge. It actually had come out of his costume.

Lois noticed that Orion was as big and as strong as Superman. This blonde headed hero was full of passion and fire. She immediately when down to the floor and pulled down his tights. Her tongue when around his meat and she slide the pole in and out of her mouth. "He is huge" she thought to herself and her pussy got hotter. She untied him and led him to the bed. Orion's thoughts were no longer on battle with Darkshed but the thought of doing Superman's woman.

As Lois lay on the bed, Orion lower his face into her pussy. He began to kiss her creamy thighs and he massaged her pussy with his fingers until he got his mouth and tongue squarely planted on her jewel box. Lois screamed out in ecstasy.

"My son is good isn't he Lois?" said Darkshed. Lois screamed "YES!" "Well, the father is even better!" Darkshed took of his costume and Lois stared at his enormous cock. It was bigger and longer than Orion's and Superman's. He placed his cock by her mouth and said, "You can have it."

Lois immediately placed it in her mouth and it tasted better than anything she had ever had. Her mind was exploding as Orion fucked her and she had Darkshed's cock in her mouth. Two super beings, gods making love to her sweet jewel box; the orgasms were incredible unlike anything she had experienced before.

After Orion exploded his load in her sweet honey box, she look at Darkshed and said "Please master, stick that incredible manhood into my pussy!" A dark sinister smile crossed his face. "Woman, Slave! You have no idea what you are in store for."

Darkshed spread Lois' legs and he aligned himself. Lois waited with baited breath for Darkshed as Orion took his cock and placed it into her mouth which she eagerly licked. Then without warning and allowing for enough time for anticipation, Darkshed rammed his rod into her. Lois out of shear anticipation exploded into orgasms and she screamed out in ecstasy. "YES, YES, FUCK MY EARTH PUSSY! YOU ARE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! FASTER, HARDER, FASTER, HARDER, YES, YES! BETTER THAN SUPERMAN!" Her eyes rolled back as she felt that she was going to pass out from the passion of these two super beings but especially from Darkshed's cock. She loved his cocked. "I have been conquered, she thought!"

"Conquered!" thought Darkshed as he laughed inside.

"Conquered!" Thought Lashena as she looked at Superman still drilling her.

To be continued...

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