tagCelebrities & Fan FictionConquering Of Superman Ch. 02

Conquering Of Superman Ch. 02


Lashena looked at her Lover, Superman. After several hours of orgasms and ejaculations, they had finally decided to sleep. The Man of Steel was out. But even in his sleep, his shaft got hard and he would ejaculate. He was having sexual dreams. She controlled his thoughts, his dreams, and his desires. All was going to plan.

Through the bedroom doors enter Brainiac, one of Superman’s deadliest foes. “How much have you collected?” Brainiac demanded.

Lashena smiled and said “Enough and more is ‘cumming’ as he sleeps.” Her play on words made her laugh. Brainiac collected the sperm samples and headed into the lab.

Brainiac, Darksheid and Mongul had hatched a perfect plan. Soon an army of “Supermen” loyal to them would be created in a test tube using Superman’ sperm and the eggs of Lashena and whomever else they felt would be a good mix with his sperm. They would cause accelerated growth and within 48 hours, they would have their “Superman.”

“How easy it was to capture Superman?” thought Brainiac. A magic spell, pure lust, and then a Kryptonian mind control device placed at the base of the back of his head and an extra one under his balls. They controlled every aspect of his mind and body.

Back on Earth, Lois lay on the bed exhausted from her encounter with Darksheid and Orion and the uncontrollable sex she had had with both of them. She loved Darksheid’ cock and she could not imagine how she could live without it.

Out in space aboard the Justice League space station, Manhunter, Wonder Woman and the Flash stood guard. “Odd” said the Manhunter, “I do not sense Superman on Earth. But I sense a dark presence. IT IS DARKSHEID!”

Wonder Woman immediately arose from her chair. “This could only mean one thing; Darksheid has taken Superman to Apokolipis! I will go after Superman. Flash you join me. Jonz, you rally the troops and track down Darksheid and find out what he is doing here.”

Wonder Woman and the Flash headed towards a vault and opened it. From inside, they removed a Mother Box given to Superman during his encounter with Darksheid. Wonder Woman activated Mother Box and a portal appeared and both the Flash and she entered the portal and disappeared.

The portal opened outside of Darksheid’ fortress and both superheroes sped into a window and down a corridor. “OH, YEAH; THAT FEELS GREAT!” echoed a voice down the hall.

Wonder Woman thought “that voice sounds familiar.” As she and the Flash snuck around the hall and opened the door, they were stunted to see Superman lying alone on the bed; naked with a full raging hard on and some type of device collecting his cum. Obviously, he was having a sexual dream.

Wonder Woman’s heart began to beat fast as she looked upon Superman’s lean, strong, muscular body and his shaft sticking straight up in the air. Her body reacted to the sight. Her nipples got hard and she felt a warm and wet sensation in her honey box. Her legs quivered as she had always wanted to fuck Superman.

From a monitor, Lashena saw the guests and she sent a signal to Superman to wake up. Superman awoke and saw Wonder Woman standing in her costume.

Her long tanned legs, her breast that spilled out of her costume and that ass of hers that was incredible. He could hear her heart beating fast and he could smell her juices. She was primed and ready to go. Wild lustful thoughts went through his mind. He immediately flew over to her and kissed her lips.

Wonder Woman responded to the kiss and she began to caress his chest. This is what she always dreamed of and she was going to steal the Man of Steel away from Lois. She squeezed his ass and stuck a finger in his asshole. He immediately felt pleasure go through his body and his shaft got harder. She smiled, “Bet Lois never did that?!”

Superman’s mind spun. He felt Wonder Woman invading his body. Her strong body was so perfect. Her blue eyes gazed back into his as she wiggled her finger and took her other hand and massaged his cock.

“Oh Wonder Woman!” cried out Superman. She smiled a devilish smile. She had Superman in the palm of her hands. She began to lift him off the ground. The pleasure of the pressure went through his body and he shot a load in the air and she positioned her mouth and caught it all. She swallowed with a smile. Her breasts were heaving and Superman notice the hardness of her nipples.

Superman ripped off her costume and took her perfect nipples into this mouth. He began to rotate and lick her nipples. Her back arched and her head fell backwards as she enjoyed the pleasure from his attentive tongue. He in turn stuck a finger up her ass and she screamed in ecstasy; “SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They were locked in each others arms.

Wonder Woman’s breasts flowed up and down with each rocking motion. Superman took his tongue and slowly circled the nipples. They were large and reddish brown. He kissed them tenderly for a minute and then he bit them softly but firmly for a minute. Interchanging what he was doing to her. Her pussy was getting wet from all the anticipation and playfulness.

Flash stood shocked but his cock was at full attention. Behind him snuck up Lashena and placed a mind control device on the back of his neck. Immediately his mind became flooded with thoughts of wild sex.

“Hello” said Lashena, “Do you like what you see?” The Flash turned around and saw Lashena. He froze at her beauty. She walked up to him and placed her hand into his costume and on to his cock and slowly began to massage it. As she did, she also placed another control device at the base of his balls. “Fuck me Flash!” They disappeared in the twinkling of an eye into another room.

Wonder Woman was in too much ecstasy to notice Lashena enter the room. Truth was, she did not care. All she could do was think of the pleasure she and Superman were about to enjoy. All she could do was think of having Superman as hers.

She turned around and showed Superman her ass. She slowly and sensually moved her hips and ass and Superman was mesmerized by her performance. She then bent over and said, “Stick it in my ass Big Boy!”

Superman lubed up his cock and slowly entered her ass. Wonder Woman let out a howl of pleasure. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SUPERMAN!!!!!!!! FUCK, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK MY ASS. YOU FEEL SO GOOD!”

Superman placed his hands around her waist and rotated her hips. Wonder Woman stood on her toes and bent further down. Superman felt the pressure on his cock and he drove in deeper. “OH WONDER WOMAN. YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT!”

Wonder Woman could not believe that she had the Man of Steel inside her ass and she enjoyed it tremendously. She could not wait to feel his hunk of meat insider her pussy.

Superman thought to himself, “How could I have ever resisted Wonder Woman? I have wasted so much time not fucking her. Being loyal to Lois.”

Wonder Woman asked, “Do you love me Superman?” She tightened her ass muscles and rotated her hips as she asked the question.

Superman’s eyes rolled back at the pressure and pleasure brought on by Wonder Woman’s moves. “Yes, I love you Wonder Woman” he answered in a voice of extreme pleasure. He exploded in her ass and Wonder Woman felt the warm cum travel insider her ass and fill her with warm sensations.

“YES!” she screamed and her mind flew with wild images at the sensation of Superman’s cock pumping cum into her. “I WANT YOU NOW!” she screamed out loud. Superman smiled.

Wonder woman commanded “Get down on your knees and lick my pussy Superman!” He removed his cock from her ass as cum dripped from her ass per her command.

Wonder Woman led him to the bathroom washed his rod. It got hard as steel as she washed it in warm water with her hands. She dried it off and let it go.

Superman then got on his knees and began to kiss her stomach and he slowly kissed and licked her body. He got closer to her jewel box and he could smell her womanly scent.

Wonder Woman quivered as he got closer. He buried his tongue into her pie hole and stuck his long unbending finger into her ass. The double pleasure caused her knees to buckle and Superman laid her into the bed.

“OH FUCK SUPERMAN!” Wonder Woman screamed breathlessly. Her body feeling waves of pleasure as his tongue vibrated in her honey box. She tasted so salty but so sweet. Her body had several orgasms. “SUPERMAN, PLEASE DON”T STOP!”

He lifted his head from between her creamy smooth thighs and looked over her heaving breasts that he was caressing to see sweat on her face and a radiant face of pleasure. Her skin was red from all the orgasms she was enjoying.

He then positioned himself and he plunged his rod into her warm and wet pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she smiled and then Superman felt the most incredible sensation around his cock.

It was true. Amazon woman are able to manipulate the interior muscles of their pussy. The sensation was indescribable. His cock was being assaulted over and over and the temperature was getting hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter in her honey box. His mind spun. He found himself wanting to explode.


“You do Wonder Woman!” he answered back. Breathlessly he screamed, “FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK Wonder Woman; YOUR PUSSY IS THE BEST! I BOW DOWN TO YOUR PUSSY! FUCK ME. LET ME EXPLODE INSIDE YOU.”

A big smile came across her face. She knew that if Superman ever felt an Amazon pussy around his dick, he would never go back.


Superman pounded her pussy like an unmerciful attack and he caused his cock to vibrate. Waves of orgasms went through the Amazon’s body.

“By the gods of Olympus, you are good Superman!” screamed Wonder Woman and Superman lost his load. A gush of cum exploded into her pussy and she felt the hot river of cum racing inside her. They both screamed, “FUUCCCCKKKKKK!” A look of satisfaction was on their faces.

At their climax a portal opened in their room and through it came Darksheid, Orion and Lois. All three were naked and they stood by the bed where Superman and Wonder Woman laid in.


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