tagSci-Fi & FantasyConquest of Sin Ch. 02

Conquest of Sin Ch. 02


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The slave was insatiable, his cock still hard as steel despite cumming four times now, and her asshole had that pleasant ache after being fucked relentlessly for hours. Thick elf cum squelched with every plunge of his cock into Cassia with thick globs of it matting the fine silks of her bed.

The princess didn't care as she moaned and mewled hoarsely. She loved the special slave collar the court mage made for her. Of course, he demanded he cum in her asshole ten times and with the collar, the slutty girl had him do it in three hours right in his study!

It was a lewd magical item spawned of the regular slave collar that turned its wearer into an obedient fucking machine. They stayed hard and their sacks kept refilling to keep cumming and cumming. Cassia tested the collar's limits on a slave one time. He filled jug after jug until he was nothing but skin and bones and an undying hardon.

Satisfied, she's used the collar regularly, having men pump her with unnatural amounts of seed. The idea of collaring her father when he comes to breed her came to mind, have him pump her full until her womb couldn't take anymore, but she thought better of it than tempt fate!

The sweaty human let out a squeal of pleasure as the elf filled her for the fifth time with only a grunt in response as he thrusted away through his orgasm. The mithral cap over her pussy dripped with her arousal onto the sheets to make the bedchamber reek of sweat and wild sex. She couldn't wait for father to visit her.

"Sto-ngh...s-stop! I order you to stop!" She finally cried out as the ache was turning into actual pain and the elf stopped immediately with his cock sheathed inside her ravaged asshole. "Pull out, meat."

Cassia still used those names despite knowing he doesn't hear anything outside of orders given and she groaned as he dragged his fat and bloated cock out of her. Cum splattered to the sheets below her and her quivering legs gave way with no cock hard as steel supporting her.

"Servant! I demand to be served!" She shouted hoarsely and was thankful her handmaid was close by. The scantily-clad woman hastily padded into the large chamber and bowed, ignoring the depraved state the princess was with a motionless and aroused slave on his knees beside her.

"Your Highness, how may I serve?"

"Get this thing out of my bedchambers and bring back the collar. Nnngh...don't take it off until it's in its cage." She gritted out and the servant nodded, dragging the enchanted elf back to the dungeons below. The girl groaned and started crawling towards her bedside table, hissing as the pain intensified.

Nothing a quick healing potion won't fix. Tomorrow a potion to tighten her back up. She never dared to not drink and see if she was permanently ruined by these rough fucks, lest it become too late for the potion to work or something. Stronger potions were a hassle to brew for the court mage and he always demanded her ass for every single favour.

Once she's empress, she'll have him sentenced to death by the collar, she swore it.

She wrenched the small door open to reveal a shelf full of potions and grabbed the closest healing vial when something grabbed her thin wrist. It was warm and fleshy, fingers winding tight around it.

The girl's eyes went wide and was about to scream when she felt something thick and warm and wet fill her open mouth. The familiar taste of cock and salty seed were immediately apparent but the texture of the head was a lot stranger than any cock she sucked until now.

A muffled gasp escaped her when her assailant revealed himself. Wait, no, revealed herself! And utterly decadent visage of a beautiful woman appeared before her, her gorgeous face looking stern like a mother had caught her child being naughty. What confused Cassia the most was the fact the cock in her mouth, which was far tastier than any she previously tasted, was attached to said woman.

How that happened she had no idea and before she could think anything else, the healing vial was taken from her hand by a tail with a heart-shaped tip and felt her mouth open even wider as more nubbed cock was pushed into her.

"No relief for you, you vile little whore." The strange woman said sternly and Cassia choked and gagged as a pulse of nearly scalding seed hit the back of her throat without warning! How did she cum so suddenly? She only felt the immediate surge down her fat cock before it splattered inside her mouth!

As she coughed and gagged, swallowing down and trying to breathe, a second pulse hit her and her confused gulping squeezed parts of the second load into her nose, setting the tender flesh in there on fire. Steam billowed out of her nostrils and she squealed around turgid cockflesh in discomfort while her pussy swelled with arousal and began to drool from the maltreatment. The boiling seed that went down into her stomach settled in a comfortable heat and the scent burning in her nose was making it harder and harder to think.

The girl's ravaged and hurting asshole was nearly forgotten as her focus was completely relegated to the bloated cock making its way down her throat inexorably. The horned woman grabbed her by the head and pulled her towards her crotch to stuff her supple throat with her massive member. Her rosy and pale throat bulged by its size and the dazed girl thought her flesh would split apart in sinful pleasure but instead felt at the brink of it.

Her eyes rolled up when her chin was brushed by hot studs decorating her assailant's low-hanging sack and the tip pushed her belly in. Then pulses came that shook throughout her chest cavity as the hung woman deposited her boiling seed straight into her. Cassia could just sit there and let it happen, feeling the sack contract like a slow-beating heart and fill her to the brim in a way she never thought possible.

The heat started to seep into our of her belly and into her insides with it flowing like water downwards and into her womb. Her squeezed lungs were starting to burn for air and her burning womb was vying for her attention until it all became too much to bear and blackness overtook her.

When she came to, her asshole ached dully but far from the way it did last night and her jaw was sore. She couldn't remember what exactly happened last night except that it was a really wild. The young girl hissed when she felt up her asshole that was puffy and open with stale cum coating it.

After a healing potion downed, the ache abated and the swelling somewhat reduced, she for some reason forgot the tightening potion and went to bathe.

The nude future empress walked unashamedly as she reeked of sweat and sex, her steps a bit uncertain but she'd retreated from worse fucks than this. Her handmaidens rushed to her the moment they saw her, trying to tend to her hand and foot as they knew how demanding the young mistress was after her usually wild bedding night.

This time, however, the nubile princess denied their service and padded away on her own to bathe. The reasoning was two-fold. She didn't seem in the mood to be pampered today and her father shall visit her soon. Was it worth being fucked by that slave instead of father? A dutiful daughter would say no but Cassia was far from it and grinned because of the fact she'd denied her father for at least one night.

Cassia's little palace inside a palace had three rooms dedicated to her utmost cleanliness. The milk bath where she lounged in fresh milk every night, the steam room and finally the water garden. It was the water garden she was heading to for her morning bathing.

The garden was behind the little palace, walls surrounding it. All of the trees of Amaria were planted and nurtured here, and all of them were enchanted to perpetually blossom and fill the air with a fragrant and beautiful cocktail of scents. Amidst the grove wandered paths of immaculate chiseled stone that all lead into the pool in the middle.

There was shallow water surrounding the grove where various fishes swam but her personal pool was pristine and fresh.

Goosebumps formed on her milky flesh as she dipped a toe in the cool water. The pool itself was built out of beautiful white marble with tables on the sides and her lounge close by as petals covered the floor but not the clear surface of the pool.

Cassia could see the dark crack at the bottom from where the cool water sprang forth and she slowly dipped the rest of her foot and stepped on the step under the water. It cooled her flesh in that pleasant way, not too cold once you dive in but one did not dive into the pool. A lot of tradition surrounding this particular body of water, reserved to wash the bodies of those worthy to partake of them.

The Spring of Youth is what it was called and legends spoke of beautiful nature maidens had bathed and played eternally in it before Cassia's ancestors came and claimed it. One old tradition was kept, however. Only women could bathe in its waters and garner its youthful blessing. And indeed, women lived long and healthy lives, upon their natural deaths looking nary in their early middle age. Men weren't as lucky however, misfortune ailling all who dared bathe in search of longevity.

Cassia was certain she will live long and retain her nubile youthfulness for many years and many men will still vie for her long after her middle-aged father is dead and son sits on the throne.

Her mind wandered while waiting for the goosebumps to abate and get used to the cold, looking down at her flat belly that will most certainly be heavy with her father's child in the near future. She wanted their first to be a son, there was no question, as the first of a virgin womb are usually the strongest of them all. She wanted a son as strong as his father, a powerful leader and confident. And with the emperor's decree that sisters and daughters can carry royal offspring soon to be made the moment she is declared with child, she didn't find it at all strange to be her son's wife, too.

She couldn't wait for her sire's visit so she can finally be released from this wretched belt she's been wearing since her first bleed.

The young girl then descended into the water, letting it cleanse her flesh of stale musk of worthless men and purify her loose backdoor of that thing's vile seed.

He was exciting for a while but Feowyn's impudence have put her off the brown-skinned things. The guards can have him for their amusement.

Cassia never lingered in the pool lest she anger the nature spirits that still linger and she was ascending the steps of the pool, dripping, as he arrived.

Emperor Veterius III was dressed in his practical apparel of leather jerkin, comfortable silk skirt and sandals, the Empire's Flame was sheathed in its mithral scabbard at his hip. His bare arms and were corded with muscle and decorated by many scars. One vicious scar that went across his forearm was a remnant of the great battle of Vost where he slew a rebelling kingdom's king even after losing his sword arm.

His blue eyes glittered as he watched his daughter step out of the pool and she bowed before him.

Cassia noticed he wasn't alone as the captain of the praetorian guard followed close behind, the half-orc silent and her face impassive.

"My emperor. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Cassia asked, remaining in her low bow until told otherwise. Her birthday was yesterday and she was once more on of Veterius' subjects, daughter or no.

"You are now fully blossomed, my dear daughter, and it is time for you to do your duty." Her father said and showed the small key to the lock holding the chains together at the small of her back and Cassia glanced towards the impassive half-orc.

The decree would be made upon her public 'impregnation' and she didn't think having any explicit witnesses was safe to have when it truly happens.

She did not question it openly and responded, "How may I serve?"

Veterius walked over and slid a callused hand across her drying neck, back and then tugged at the chain until the front dug into her crotch a bit. She stifled a moan and stood still in her bowed stance. He then went further down to her puffy and well-fucked asshole that easily took his thick finger inside.

"My depraved daughter, have you forgotten your potions or are you finally giving in to your perversion?" He asked in his forever stern way but the way his finger went all the way to the last knuckle and made her milky skin redden, she was certain he was at least neutral about it.

While incest is known and legal, it isn't common enough to be a normal sight, and so Cassia watched the half-breed try not to stare and fail as the emperor fingers his own daughter.

"I expect you to act like a proper wife once we are married and no slaves shall share your bed." He said as he pulled out and grabbed her chains again.

Cassia couldn't wait to be able to suck and be fucked in public by his big fat cock. She'd always been envious of people due to her status and imposed chastity, barring her it with women doing their duty and pleasure since they were mature at sixteen. The more wilder provinces started even more early!

"Yes, my emperor." She breathed a bit shakily and she felt pressure against the small of her back as it clicked open and the horrible but beautiful belt fell with a tink to the ground.

Air brushed her bare and blossomed pussy and she couldn't stop this moan. Her father's hand guided her into a position on all fours and sha gasped when his girth was placed against her lips. She'd seen it multiple times, usually a concubine wrapped around it as he tried to make an heir, and this lack of privacy left the seed of lust she had for him. And his size was positively huge against her sensitive lips!

The veiny slab of meat moved between her legs, lathering itself in her juices and she started to pant with anticipation while his firm hand held her hip to keep her still.

"You must be wondering, why didn't I come alone? Why is the captain here to watch me put a child that is still not legitimate for the throne?" Vetererius said casually as he aligned his turgid cock with his daughter's pussy. And began to push himself into her.

Cassia's mouth opened in a wordless cry of both pain and pleasure as he spread her virginal opening wide, sensations sparking in her pussy being felt for the first time in her life. It was far better than anything cocks in her asshole could provide and she just answered with a guttural moan to his question.

The captain shifted, now watching fully, and bit her lip.

"Ever wondered why we had a half-blood for our captain of the praetorian guard? Well, my dear Cassia, it is because she's your sister."

This brought Cassia out of bliss and back to reality, the pain of her father stretching her wide open more apparent and she stared at the armored woman in disbelief. The half-orc then shifted even more, her gaze now finding an interesting tree instead.

Veterius didn't ease up and Cassia moaned again as her pleasured mind raced with thoughts as to how she could in any way be related to a half-orc. There was no chance her noble father would bed, let alone force himself upon an orc female. They shared no blood, of that she was certain!

"Nooooo..." She bemoaned and felt her pussy stretch around his massive cock and gasped when he bottomed out inside her with a stoic grunt.

"She's your older sister. Her beast of a mother died giving birth to her," Veterius explained and began to steadily thrust into her, his grip firm on her wide hips and Cassia could feel the coarse hairs of his groin scratch and tickle her lips whenever he sheathed himself fully inside her. "And that beast was the Warrior-Queen of Nagoch."

Cassia knew very well of the Nagoch, a wild horde of orcs that dominated the south peninsulas that curved around the southern archipelagos from where her pet came from. The Warrior-Queen of Nagoch had been her father's first military opponent when he ascended the throne and had he not intervened with his legions, the isles in Zura Bay would've been conquered by the orcish hordes. This was before her time and cared little of this, until now.

"Fuck...why...? How...?" She moaned out, panting and flushed a light rose from the blossoming pleasure now that her pussy was adjusted to her emperor's girth and length. She couldn't take her eyes away from the half-blood who only seemed more uncomfortable with each passing second and spotted the first droplet of ardor escape the confines of her crotch plate.

"Your sister is the secret true heir to the Nagoch warchair. I'm simply helping her retake her legacy." Her father answered and started to fiercely thrust, their bodies clapping together in an incestuous bond she craved for so long, and this wonderful coupling was confusing and distressing as she now learned she had a half-orc sister, that the cock thrusting into her had sheathed and bred an orc beast!

Her lusts spilled out onto the marble floor as orgasm took her, her first one brought about by his glorious cock and also the vile thing he's done. The spasms and squeezes only let her feel his girth so much better and her eyes rolled up in utter bliss.

When she came to, her blue eyes landed on something in front of her. A leaking dark grey and fleshy mushroom cap on a thick and pulsating grey stem. Veins covered it, feeding it blood with every pulse and she gasped as she realised it was a half-orc cock!

A mailed hand grasped her long, luxurious, blonde and wet hair and pulled her down onto it before she could see who it was. All Cassia could see now was the armored legs of the captain with the crotch plate gone to reveal a crotch covered in thick, coal fur-like hair and the fuzzy bloated sack beneath when the spongy head was pushed into her mouth.

She tasted piss and sweat and the earthy musk of manhood, this cock like any other, and her father's thrusts pushed her further down alongside the hand on her head until she was halfway down the foot-long member. It was a beast's cock, a slave's cock, and she loved it anyways. No slave had the privilege to be blessed by her exquisite mouth and he groaned as she tasted her first ignoble cock!

It belonged to her half-orc sister, disguised as a loyal member of the Praetorian Guard, the leader of it! Why was she loving it? Why did she even have one? All of these questions were soon drowned out as the half-orc's cock was shoved straight into her throat.

No gagging and she simply gurgled in surprise before those were turned into slurping sounds as it began to thrust in and out of her throat and mouth, powerful hips thrusting upwards to fuck her face with no mercy.

"Ah...ah...A-aah...Cassia, your pretty mouth. Oh gods...!" Cried her orcish sister above her, making her taste the sweaty groove between cock and sack against her lips whenever she bottomed out fully inside her while Veterius did the same inside her pussy.

Both cocks were twitching, Cassia felt them do so against her respective lips and all she could do was cum again and again as she was taken from both sides. Veterius IIIsimply grunted as orgasm surged in his royal cock and he fired his royal seed straight into his daughter's sucking womb. Cassia only felt the splatter and would've squealed out if it were not for her sister's cock that stalled and began to pulse its own filthy seed down her throat. The taste was beastial, musky and pungent, something she'd never had before and a slight gag only served to make the woman moan out from the pressure.

The insensate Cassia spluttered what cum was left in her mouth onto the ground, the gray sludge pungent in her nose when the half-orc pulled out and let her go. She looked up to look at the tall and armored woman, her turgid cock pulsing while she was in her majestic armor, and groaned when she saw the undeniably lustful expression upon her face.

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