tagSci-Fi & FantasyConquest of Sin Ch. 07

Conquest of Sin Ch. 07


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It beat like a heart, the Heart of Corruption, and filled the den with its gentle reverberations. Each beat sent corruption further outwards and the den was completely drowned in it. The cultists within were empowered by these profane energies, making love for days on end and spilling their lusts freely.

The smooth crystal had merged with the altar it was birthed upon with its mother tending to it with a fanaticism worthy of praise from her demonic masters. The crystal demanded it be carved with profane symbols and the girl took great care with her hammer and chisel.

Two corridors went behind the altar room, leading into the newly-excavated chambers with Uzara and Albuzara inspecting the milking room.

Uzara watched as men stood chained by the arms and legs to the walls and letting out hot moans while corrupted roots that were defiled by the Heart swarmed over their bodies and cocks to milk them with no end in sight.

Cum flowed freely from them, their balls swollen from the treatment and corruption as they were slowly transformed into virile seed cattle, and it all was siphoned off into bowls and pots. The breeding whores required a healthy diet of seed to grow the foul spawn within them, after all.

"Milking goes well, mistress." Albuzara purred, her eyes roaming over the dozen men being brought to orgasm over and over again. They've been all been inducted into the cult beforehand with slave collars strapped around their necks denoting that they're now owned by Sin.

"I see. You've been busy in my absence," Uzara said with a loving smile on her plump lips. She'd been absent from the cult for the past week, having been busy corrupting and putting plans into motion back in the Imperial palace. "How many expectant mothers do we have in the den?"

She was curious as to how many women have been bred thus far. She wished that they were allowed to use their powers to quicken the pregnancies or have multiple children in one breeding sow but she'll have to wait just a little longer.

"We're counting over seventy. We're busy digging out more chambers for all of them. Those who couldn't fit are kept in the neighbouring houses." Albuzara answered in her chirpy and happy voice. She loved being the cult's Matron.

"Very good. Nosfertez has told me he will be bringing fifty or so slaves today. So be prepared for quick inductions and breeding when they arrive." Uzara told her, turning around to go down the meticulously sanded and polished corridor that had been dug out only three days ago. Albuzara followed behind.

"Oooh, how so?"

"It seems the elves had sent assassins and have slain the slaver owning them." Uzara murmured. She hated to see these mortals live in such a harsh way; murdering each other. "But do not fret, Nosfertez will bring them all here so that they can enjoy our love."

She could sense Albuzara vigorously nodding behind her. Then she stopped at an opening with open curtains - there is no such thing as privacy in the cult - and looked in.

It was a relatively large chamber covered in pillows with softly glowing purple crystals inset into the walls, casting a light purple light on the moving naked bodies within. Moans left the lips and throats of pregnant women as the male cultists did their duty in directly feeding the demonic spawn within them.

It made Uzara's heart flutter to see such debauched love, especially when she knew that most of the women were being made love to by their fathers, sons and brothers. She could also see the incredible power that was Sin and corruption as it revitalized and healed previously debilitated, diseased and starved paupers found on the streets of Talasia.

The air smelled of unwashed musk, seed and sex, a consequence of both corruption and unceasing orgies.

Albuzara made a noise behind her and she turned to notice the young demoness sporting an engorged and lovely cock for her troubles. "Now now, you're the matron. You have duties."

"I-I know but..." Uzara saw determination settle in her cute breeding whore's red eyes and she smiled encouragingly back at her.

"That's a good girl."

Albuzara beamed at her mistress and once again followed as Uzara continued her inspection. There were two more chambers left to inspect on the other side with the first being the large bedroom where men slept in well-fucked piles when they weren't busy with cult duties feeding their seed to the breeding sows.

The paupers and beggars of Talasia had learned to live the life of inaction and borderline sloth so it came to no surprise to Uzara when the new cult members easily took to the easy life of never having to struggle for food and hiding in an alley somewhere.

Here she could see yet another effect corruption and Sin had upon the mortals. As they are so close to one of the darkest sources of profane energies and spending most of their time in the den, their bodies began to change as well.

What started as a slight difference in character and body mass quickly and rapidly grew as the stronger, more aggressive men developed into strong and toned specimens while the weak and meek slowly transformed into effeminate males that the former fucked into submission.

Loving domination is a great part of demonic culture and Uzara was pleased to sense no negative and evil emotions coming from the mortals as she watched a curvaceous male being facefucked by one of the bigger ones.

"Taught them well, too." She said, glancing back at Albu with a smile. This made the young demoness grin from ear to ear.

"Some had a harder time accepting the love so me and Jalaz fucked it into them!" Albu said with a giggle that made Uzara chuckle.

"Speaking of Jalaz, any prime breeding stud candidates?" Uzara then asked, looking back into the den to inspect the naked and toned bodies of the dominants. Corruption somehow brought out the prime in the mortal and Uzara liked what she saw in the younger ones who looked fit and hung under the influence.

"Uhm, there are a couple but I've been waiting for you to do the selection, Mistress."

"Bring them to the throne room, then. I want to try them out myself." Uzara said, licking her plump cocksucker lips. It's been a while since she'd taken a good cock.

Uzara had settled on her grand throne behind the altar, the stone cock on the seat sliding deep into her all-consuming cunt and watched as Albuzara brought three naked and hung young men to her. One looked to be just barely over eighteen with his toned muscles filling out into a proper dominator.

All three had their cocks half-hard and glistening with fresh spit. Albuzara had taken them away from having their rods polished, it seemed.

The Bitch of Sin smiled at them, eyes roaming over their well-defined muscles, their gains in height and the collars around their necks. Once she was done devouring them with her eyes, she spoke.

"These are indeed fine specimens, Albuzara. Come forward." She told the three and they obediently stepped forward until their toes touched the edge of the dais the throne is built upon. Uzara smiled and extended her feet forwards while her cock engorged into its glorious foot and a half length. She must be worshipped first.

"Lick my feet and suck my cock." She ordered, testing their faith and loyalty.

Much to Albuzara's credit, the three men didn't hesitate to get closer and onto their knees to gently take her feet into their hands and began licking at the perfect flesh while the middle one went between Uzara's spread legs to grasp her enormous cock and begin licking and kissing it all over.

Their tongues roamed over her sinful flesh, lapping up the dollops of sweat that covered it from the heat that permeated the den. Her cock, in all its decorated and decadent glory took her focus away as the young male reached the tip and began sampling the everflowing preseed she knew would only embolden the cultist into even sluttier acts than this.

But she wasn't interested in dominating these three. She wanted to see how long they would last fucking her in all her holes while this was just foreplay.

Their efforts after a long minute left Uzara breathing out steam and she let out a soft moan before ordering the three to cease their ministrations. The throne was soaking wet with the juices of her demonic cunt by the end of it and it continued to drip when she lifted herself off of the stone cock.

The three moved out of the way and watched the tall demon bend herself over the altar, her large breasts pressed hard against the carved Heart and steaming sex on offer. Her insides were like a furnace and she wondered which of the three would dare plunge their cock in first.

It was the young cocksucker who stood behind her, grabbing onto her large and motherly hips and rubbed the head of his member between Uzara's swollen nether lips. This didn't take long, luckily, and Uzara didn't have to order him to ram himself to the hilt.

Even under corruption's influence, the man's foot-long cock didn't impress the demoness but she trusted Albuzara to have brought the most hung and fit men for her to try out.

She giggled when the man hissed when he buried himself deep into a steaming-hot cunt that suddenly tightened into a vice-like grip and allowed him to feel the strange texture of her insides that roughly squeezed and kneaded around him.

Uzara used her demonic body to tighten herself to feel every square inch of the man's member being dragged inside of her and she cooed happily that her lover didn't take long to get over the heat and begin thrusting.

Uzara's 's toned ass jiggled slightly with each impact of her lover's crotch and added the fleshy slaps to the omnipresent background noise of sex that never abated in the den.

"Why are you standing there, bring your cocks to me." She purred steamingly at the other two who seemed content to watch their fellow cultist sample her pussy. Their cocks were immediately within reach and her large hands grabbed both to start stroking them off in the same rhythm as she was being fucked.

Under Uzara's unnatural cunt that seemed to squeeze him in all the right places and the slightly rough texture, her first lover quickly fed her her first load amidst groans and praises to the Patriarchs.

"Oh gods..." Breathed the young man for a moment before he began thrusting again. Now Uzara knew why Albuzara brought them. They could keep on fucking her with little stop.

The Heart beat alongside her and she could feel the sizzling warmth of it against her breasts. It was beautifully carved and she couldn't stop herself from unfurling her sinuous tongue and began drooling and licking all over it.

Albuzara's restraint finally broke and the young demon let out a noise of complaint before climbing onto the profane altar and grabbed Uzara by the horns to lift her up and stuff her mouth full of nub-covered demon cock.

It came as a welcome surprise to Uzara and she let out a happy moan to welcome Albuzara deep into her throat and to be facefucked. It's been awhile since she could relax and just have cocks pistoning in and out of her. She didn't even have to stroke anymore as the men held her hands still and thrusted through them rapidly.

The four would proceed in taking the tall demoness in many positions over the altar, sampling every single hole she had on offer. Albuzara was so insistent in continuing to fuck her mistress that there were two cocks in one of her holes at all times once her hands were pinned behind her back.

It was when Albuzara fired off her third load deep inside of Uzara's pussy that she sensed a strange feeling coming from Uzara's belly. She'd never felt it before and cooed. She wanted to ask but Uzara's mouth was full of young strapping cock!

Uzara then reminded her that they could speak mentally.

"It's a great feeling, isn't it?" Purred Uzara inside of Albu's mind who gasped in surprise before nodding vigorously.

"It is, mistress! What was it?"

Uzara was silent as she physically purred around her lover's cock, throat and chest vibrating, before responding.

"It's all of the children you've seeded in my womb, my love," She said, her voice loving and excited. Albu couldn't believe it as she'd sensed multiple separate feelings. Almost fifty of them! "That's right. Fifty-five little imps with you as their sire."

The revelation sent Albu into a breeding frenzy, much to the mental laughter of Uzara as the young demoness pounded away so hard at Uzara's pussy in an attempt to seed even more demons inside of her mistress.

Her next orgasm didn't create the same feeling and this left her confused.

"Why can't I feel anything?"

"Because you've seeded enough children in my womb for now. You can decide whether or not you want children and so can I." Uzara explained, her voice never losing the motherly aspect as if she were teaching her own child.

Albu, as expected, was disappointed but it didn't last long when she focused back to pounding away at her amazing - and now well-bred - mistress.


A most wonderful dream visited Cassia. A dream where her half-orc sister revealed her true form as a bestial orc and ravished her again and again. She felt her cock plunge deep, all the way to her womb and even further as it breached her in an explosive orgasm that rocked Cassia's world.

Nayla didn't stop there and fucked her womb as well, sliding her cock in and out of it and dumping load after load of potent half-orc seed straight in there. Cassia also dreamed that the child within her womb grew stronger as it devoured the seed that poured into her.

Everything was black afterwards.

It was then that she woke up, eyes fluttering open, to a warm presence of a powerful body resting beside her. This warmth was laos present on her belly where a large and calloused hand lied. Nayla?

She shifted to see her half-sibling sleeping peacefully on her belly, her sleeping expression smiling as she slept. Nayla had never stayed in Cassia's bed and the young empress' focus then shifted to the soreness of her crotch and deeper within.

This soreness and the fact Nayla was here told Cassia that her dream wasn't just a dream. It really happened!

A confused but vaguely happy and quiet cry left Cassia upon such realisation and shifted more, wincing this time as there were big black bruises on her hips where Nayla had held her in a death grip during the ravishing.

She reached down to palm her pussy and felt stale cum coating her netherlips where it drooled out of her as she slept. There was so much of it. She never thought Nayla could produce so much!

Nayla moved and gave Cassia a scare but she simply shifted onto her side, letting Cassia see her musky bush and resting cock that seemed to look bigger than before. So were her balls.

The movement removed her hand off of Cassia's belly, allowing the human to slowly slip out of bed on shaky legs. Cassia nearly fell, needing to grab onto the nightstand, and now felt the full ramifications of what happened tonight.

She's only been ravished this way once; by her father at the Mating. His glorious cock gave her womb an intense fucking, too.

She looked back to her half-sister and couldn't be happier to have her as a sibling and lover. Not only did she swear her life to protect her, but also gave her one of the greatest fucks there was. Nobody could match her, Cassia felt, and she knew that Nayla was fueled not by lust but by familial love.

They didn't speak as much as Cassia would've liked, but during their time together - especially when they fucked after their first training session - she's grown to love Nayla. She was her vile beast and mongrel and nobody could take that away from her.

She giggled quietly as she reminded herself of the pet name she used for Nayla in bed. Despite the insulting name - Vile Mongrel - it worked wonders for Nalya and got her instantly hard.

Then she reached into the nightstand to take one of the healing potions there. In minutes the bruises on her hips were gone and the soreness in her pussy and womb abated to a warm fuzzy feeling of being well-fucked.

Sweat and other dried fluids coated her skin, a cloud of a bred sow engulfing her, and she breathed it in deep. She would've found the scent disgusting but her experience with Nayla in bed and something else has made her appreciated the earthy and musky scents.

Still, she was an empress and smelling like a bred sow is still not appropriate for a noble. It was with a distinct and surprising reluctance that she left Nayla to her sleep and padded through the palace towards the water garden.

The doors leading out were wide open and voices carried on the air. Cassia didn't see any of her servants roaming the halls at night as they used to. Both were an unusual occurrence.

Outside were the familiar scents of blooming nocturnal plants, giving the garden a sense of mystique during the night, and the voices were growing stronger. Was that chanting?

This was too odd and Cassia immediately moved away from the path and instead went from tree to tree. She even remembered the minor nifty spell of making her steps light as air that Zereus taught her, making her utterly silent in her approach. Had the elf rebels snuck into the palace again?

This thought made her gut go cold but she pressed on, curiosity and foolishness pushing her onward.

The chanting was coming from the center where the pool was and it grew louder and louder. A strange feeling seemed to emanate from there, filling Cassia with a familiar warmth that she'd felt during the milk bath and from the dream of sucking some woman off.

She saw naked men and women kneeling upon her approach, stopping a few trees away from the pool. From there she could see it was her servants who had their hands stroking cocks and rubbing pussies while chanting in a strange language she'd never heard before.

There, in the middle of it all and in the pool, stood a great being with a massive pair of wings, curved horns that wrapped around his temples and long ears. Cassia recognised the toned and tanned skin of an elf and gasped when she saw their face.

It was Feowyn! He stood in the center and with a nub-covered cock fully erect in its massive size of over a foot - it leaking steaming preseed. He looked to be over seven foot tall and a grin showed sharp fangs he didn't have before.

Then one of the servants stood up - curvy and toned Galathea - and stepped into the pool to approach the transformed Feowyn. Cassia watched with bated breath as the human woman reached out to grasp Feowyn's cock with both hands, only then able to fully encompass his girth, and pressed her breasts to the throbbing shaft as she began to stroke it with her hands and body.

The others didn't stop chanting while they pleasured themselves and the warmth Cassia felt kept rising. Especially in her womb where something moved in response to all of this.

Still, Cassia looked on with a hand on her belly to still the growing child within while thinking it shouldn't be this large to be felt already. Galathea used her whole body to worship the elf's enormous cock; tongue, breasts, lips and hands.

Her ministrations didn't go unnoticed as wisps of steam began to rise out of Feowyn's mouth as he set a large hand on her head and took lead in the chanting with his own, much more powerful, voice.

Immediately the air turned warm and thick, as if Feowyn's words made it so in an act of immense power. Cassia gulped it down as she breathed while her womb stirred into strange life, something tugging her towards him from within.

But she resisted the pull only enough to stay put and watch the ritual. A ritual she felt should be stopped but there was this nagging feeling in the back of her head that it is a good thing.

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