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In their quest for gold, the Spaniards came northward from Mexico, but with winter approaching, they now sought shelter. A scout had discovered a small Indian pueblo in a nicely sheltered canyon. They made their plans of attack. If the Spaniards had humbly approached the Indians, offering to trade for what they needed, or had offered to work in a communal way, then the Indians would have provided assistance to get them through the winter. Instead they came in the name of God and King, with hearts full of arrogance and the need to feel conquest. They did not understand the culture that they now drew arms against.

They attacked the men first, catching them out away from the pueblo. The Spaniards used their bows to great advantage, impaling the Indian men with their arrows from long distances and thereby avoid hand-to-hand combat. Over the course of three days, they whittled the Indian men down to just a handful. The Spaniards were sure that their God would protect them in this conquest. The words of their Bible assured their victory; " Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of sea, and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the creatures that moved along the ground." With these words they justified the murder of the Indians whom the Spaniards did not recognize as equals or even as men. If they had truly understood their prey they would have turned their bows first on the women.

They picked sunrise of the next day for the final assault and rode into the pueblo using their swords to kill the last of the men. They were surprised to find the pueblo full of beautiful fair-skinned women who had been kept from the strong rays of the sun. These women were not broken down by the hard work necessary to survive in this sun-baked, arid land.

The Spaniards, being without women for two years, descended on the Indian women and took them as the spoils of war. The women offered no resistance against the Men, and in fact, were very willing lovers. They greeted the Men with smiles and giggles, cupping their hands under their bare breasts offering them as gifts. Some women fell to their knees nuzzling their noses into the crotches of the Men and inhaling deeply. They ran their hands inside the Men's shirts and pinched their nipples. Many women licked their lips seductively and engaged the Men in open mouth kissing. Other women lifted their loincloths and dipped their fingers into their sopping vaginas and then brought the nectar to the mouth of a Man to further his arousal. A few women knelt, forehead to the ground, offering their naked vagina for the taking.

An all out orgy ensued. The air filled with the smell of sex and the moans of primal pleasure. All of the women wanted to want to have a penis buried deep inside of them. These Men had cocks much larger than the men of their tribe. The women laughed openly in innocent pleasure and called back and forth, bragging about how much cock they could take. There were more women than Men and so some women waited impatiently for a Man to become available or until another woman motioned for one of them to join in their coupling. The younger premenstrual women watched from the edge of the orgy or caressed the women as they were riding the Men. The older women kept a primal rhythm with their drums. When a man cried out in orgasm, his rider would drive his cock to her core, taking the seed as deep as she could. When the Man had finished his last thrusts of pleasure, his lover would rise off of the cock that had impaled her, and use her hands to wring the last few drops of semen from his spent cock. She used her mouth to thoroughly clean his penis, insuring that all of the semen remained in her body. No seed was to be wasted.

Immediately the woman would try to provoke a second erection. If the Man was slow to respond she would enlist the aid of another woman that had not yet been penetrated. One would smoother his face with kisses or wrap her legs around his head as the other women licked his cock, scrotum and anus. As soon as his erection was renewed, the woman who had waited, would straddle his cock, throw her long dark hair back, and ride him with unbridled desire. The Men were milked of every last bit of their semen. The insatiable women, who had already tried many partners, coaxed the men for more sex, but the Men were spent. After two or three orgasms, another erection just wasn't possible. The Men and women lay in heaps, savoring the mellow afterglow, stroking, kissing and tasting each other.

The Men, having worked up a good appetite, indicated to the women that they wanted food. In a short time, a feast was presented for everyone. It was almost as if the women had prepared it in advance. The Men being suspicious, made the women eat some of the food first. When it appeared safe, the Men ate their fill, relishing the fresh meats and vegetables.

For two weeks, the women constantly seduced and feed the Men to the point of gluttony. Some Men treated the women well, while others would curse, slap, or flog a woman for the slightest mistake. Never once during this time had any women made a move toward the weapons that the Spaniards kept by their sides. The Men now trusted the women completely. They believed that they had found paradise and were making plans to take these women as brides and call this place home.

One morning, half the men awoke with a fever, a rash, and a pounding heart that offered them no strength. Hours of gut-wrenching vomiting followed until they final got quiet, curled up, and died. It was no coincidence that the men who became sick also happened to be the most brutal and had showed the least respect of the Women. Pandemonium broke out among the remaining men and their superstitious fears paralyzed them. They demanded that the Women provide an antidote to protect their health. The Women offered pulque to them, a local fermented beverage made from the heart of the agave plant. The men made the Women drink first, so they drank the first half of each bowl of pulque to show the men that it was safe. The men cautiously brought the drink to their lips. It smelled like dirty socks and tasted like a mixture of old beer and sweat, but it was heady and stronger than the wine they were accustomed to. Wine had always been used in their homeland as a medicine against illness so drinking pulque made sense to them. They drank plenty for the inebriating effects and of course to insure their health. Being pleasantly drunk, they all laid down early that evening and the Women made sure that a strong orgasm carried each man into a natural deep sleep.

When the men awoke the next morning, they were relieved to know that the pulque had protected them through the night. Their second realization was that their weapons were no longer by their side. A few of the men tried to overpower the Women, but without the slightest emotion, the Women used the men's own swords to hack the troublemakers to death.

By the harvest moon the remainder of the men knew their fate and place. The Women controlled the food, the men must eat, and to eat, the men were required to work. The season was getting late and the men were put to work bringing in the crops necessary to carry the pueblo through the winter.

By the hunter's moon most of the Women did not see their monthly blood. Their plan had been accomplished. The spaniards had unknowingly attacked during the mating festival. The Women, seeing their native men defeated so easily, felt that the spaniards must be very strong. They wanted that strength in their family lines, so for the first two weeks they used all of the spaniards for breeding stock. The food supplies would not carry everyone until spring, so the Women had intentionally reduced the men to a manageable number. Naturally, they kept only the most friendly and best-endowed specimens.

The remaining men continued to believe that the pulque protected them from the fever. None of the men realized that the Women had been brewing two different types of pulque. The safe pulque was fermented with yeast from known good batches. The fermentation of the second pulque was started using pieces of rancid flesh and feces from the dead Indian men. It took about two weeks to brew a batch and it was stirred into their victim's meal after it had cooled. The fever continued to visit occasionally, but it only came to the men who displayed an ugly demeanor. The slain Indian men were given their posthumous revenge.

The spaniards never really had a chance against these powerful Women. Women had ruled this land from beyond memory. Their Goddess moved the seasons and through them brought life into this world. The Women did not know of cattle and horses. Men had always served as the laborers, servants and pleasure slaves. This is how their society had always functioned. The spaniards had found their new home and their new Goddess. To this day, you can see the blend of spanish and Indian influence in the faces of the people on the west side of the Tucson Mountains.

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