I awoke to the sound of my wife, Beth's, alarm at 6am. It was the middle of winter and the all night sounds of the forty mile per hour gusts of wind beating on the front of the house had provided little rest.

Less than an hour later, Beth kissed me goodbye and left for work.

I enjoyed the comfort of a warm bed a bit longer, and then dressed to get an early start on the newspaper.

This morning would be the first opportunity I'd had in weeks to surf some porn and I was looking forward to it. But I wanted to get the newspaper, emails and my financial portfolio out of the way first.

As I sat in comfort at the dinette with my laptop, outside, the wind was still gusting with temperature in the teens and wind-chill around zero.

Ordinarily I'd have headed upstairs to the desk top computer to jerk-off. Lately though, I'd gotten lazy and instead had been electing to remain at the dinette table to surf on the laptop.

It seemed like a relaxing way to spend a wintry morning. I whipped my limp dick and balls out of the top of my knit pants, and began searching images.

I'd been stroking my hard-on for about an hour when I heard a noise out on the deck. My immediate thought was the wind blowing one of the plastic chairs across the deck. When I looked to see what it was, I saw my forty year old stepdaughter, Alecia, gazing at me through the full glass door.

I flipped my privates back in my pants and closed my laptop. I got up from my chair and unbolted the door.

Alecia stepped in out of the cold and said, "Looks like I came at a bad time."

"Sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone to show up in this kind of weather." I explained.

"I brought your truck back. I was coming in to return the keys." she said.

Hell, she'd had the truck for over six weeks. Of all days, why did she have to pick this morning and catch me wankin'.

"Cassie (her eighteen year old daughter) is waiting out there in the car."

Crossing her arms and looking directly at me, "You know it isn't very smart performing your extracurricular activity in full view of these windows and glass door. And I'm certain mom would take a dim view of the incident."

She walked over to the table, sat down in the chair and opened the laptop. With the mouse she clicked the icon to unlock the screen.

Gazing over her shoulder, I watched as the screened filled. Alecia studied the search engine images of cuckolded men. Some images showed the cuckold watching while his wife sucked the cock of another man. Some showed the wife watching while the cuckold sucked the other man's cock. Or, the other man was fucking his wife while he sat and watched. Others showed the wife lying on the bed, the cuckold's face just inches from her cum soaked pussy, ready to lick up the treat they'd left for him.

Alecia closed the laptop and turned to me. "Still a pervert aren't you?"

"Tell you what, I'm not going to ruin mom's day by telling her about this. Nonetheless, I'm certain, if she found out; there would be consequences for you."

"And it's not the fact that you're wankin' on the side that bothers me most. It's the fact that it could easily have been either one of your granddaughters at the door a moment ago. Had she been with me, you could have exposed yourself to Ashleigh (her eight year old) or even Cassie out there."

"I'm not going to tell mom about this for right now. But, I am going to dish out consequences on her behalf."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your consequences are in those images." she stated as she pointed to the laptop.

"Do you have to work tomorrow?" she asked.

I shook my head, "No. But I have been volunteering at the senior center on Fridays."

"Call and tell them you've found another volunteer opportunity and for the foreseeable future you'll no longer be serving there. Don't let them switch days on you either. Tell them another day won't work."

"Get me a pen and something to write on." she ordered.

As she wrote she said, "I'm meeting my boyfriend, Steve, at his place tomorrow afternoon. You be there at 1pm. If you don't show, I call mom and tell her about today."

And without another word, she handed me the keys to the truck, and left.

The computer map showed Steve lived nearly forty-five minutes away.

I understood Alecia had been seeing him off and on for nearly two years but I had yet to meet him. She always went to his place rather than him come to her.

I arrived at Steve's promptly at 1pm but didn't see Alecia's car.

I knocked on the front door of the ranch style home. Steve opened the door. I'm only five foot seven. Steve stood six foot with silver hair. He was still in his robe.

"Come on in. Alecia told me you were coming."

As I followed him to the living room, Steve said, "She also told me she'd caught her stepfather misbehaving and that as a consequence she was going to require him to perform some perverted acts. She told me all about it last night on the phone. I told her I didn't think what she had in mind was all that perverted. But then she told me a story told about your recent past. (for the reader, see dilson's "Women's Meeting") Now that was perverted."

Seating himself on the sofa, he continued, "Anyway, she asked me if I'd be willing to help."

"Now I'm a pretty open minded guy, so I told her to send you on over."

"Where's Alecia?" I asked.

Steve said, "Hell, she's always late. She'll be here. She told me we could go ahead and get started."

"Get started at what?" I asked.

"Perhaps she wasn't clear. You're to be our cuckold" Steve explained.

"She said if she walked in that door and you weren't on your knees sucking on my cock, she was going to call your wife."

Steve reached over and pulled a cigar out a box and lit it.

"Well, boy. What's it gonna be? Are you ready to become a cuckolded cocksucker?"

I turned my head from side to side, wondering if there was another path I could pursue.

There seemed to be no alternative. I unbuttoned my shirt and laid it aside.

Steve said, "Go ahead and strip naked. I like the idea of your stepdaughter watching you bare- assed and sucking my cock."

With no other apparent alternative, I stripped then knelt in front of Steve. I reached out and opened his robe. His cock lay limp against his inner thigh. But, my God, it was at least seven inches long and three inches in circumference. Steve's limp dick was longer and larger than mine was erect.

"I want you to start on my balls." Steve said. "Suck on them jewels until I tell you otherwise."

I held Steve's cock up and away with one hand and scooped up his ball sack with the other.

Reluctantly, I embraced my renewed role as a cocksucker and began licking and sucking on Steve's balls.

Steve's sack and testicles were huge. Drawing in one testicle filled my mouth.

"Hmm, that feels real good, boy."

After a bit I swapped testicles, massaging them slowly with my tongue.

Slowly, I felt Steve's cock growing in my hand.

After massaging Steve's balls with my mouth, I wrapped my fingers and thumb around the base of the sack and licked every inch of his scrotum with my tongue.

"Alright, start workin' that rod. Take your time. Nice and slow, boy. You're just pleasurin' me, preppin' me for Alecia. She'll get my seed. I've got plenty of cigar left and I'm plannin' on watchin' you suck on my cock 'til she walks through that door. Until then, let's see how much of that cock you can work down your throat."

I did attempt to deep throat some of Steve's cock but couldn't without gagging.

"I can tell you've sucked cock before, boy." Steve said in an effort to encourage me. I looked up at him and shook my head up and down, "Yes.

"You're doing a damn fine job so far." he said, expelling a puff of cigar smoke in my face.

"A cigar and a blowjob. I think I could get accustomed this."

Eventually, Alecia showed up. I knew better than to stop what I was doing until I was told to.

Alecia said, "Looks like our cuckold is cooperating quite nicely. Shit his dick is hard so he's obviously enjoying it!"

A minute later, I sensed a flash of light.

"I think he's found his true calling." Steve declared. "He couldn't deep throat me like you can, but with practice I'm sure he'll be able to accomplish it."

"Oh he'll suck a cock." Alecia elaborated, "Several years ago, I caught him in another sexual misdeed. Didn't I cuck?"

I shook my head up and down as I continued sucking on Steve's rod.

"Among other perverted acts, I forced him to suck Mark's cock, my boyfriend at the time."

I sensed another flash of light.

"Stand up Steve. I want to take a picture of our cuck on his knees sucking your cock."

The flashes went off as Alecia took a number of pics of me sucking her man's cock.

"Have you sucked a cock since Mark's?" Alecia asked me.

I shook my head, "No.

"Have you missed being on your knees sucking another man's cock?" she asked.

I shook my head up and down.

"Would you like to service Steve's cock on a regular basis?" she asked.

I shook my head, "Yes.

"Then ask him and say it like you mean it." she ordered.

I withdrew my mouth from Steve's cock and looked up at him saying, "Steve, I truly enjoyed pleasuring you this afternoon. Please allow me the privilege of worshipping your cock on a regular basis."

Steve looked at Alecia and said, "By God, I think he really means it. He's a fuckin' faggot! This isn't punishment for him. Hell, he's in cocksuckin' heaven."

And by now, I honestly meant it. I had enjoyed servicing him.

"Steve, is once a week too often?" Alecia asked him. "He's been volunteering at the senior center once a week. I don't see why you couldn't let him volunteer to serve here once a week."

"Works for me." Steve responded.

Alecia reasoned, "So mom doesn't get suspicious you'll have to meet when mom's at work or attending a meeting. You two work it out by email. No phone calls; too supicious."

"But for now, you're going to be our cuck every Friday afternoon."

Alecia said, "Cuck, unwrap these and put one on Steve's cock and apparently, you need one on yours."

"Steve said those are condoms. I thought you were fixed?" Steve wondered.

"I am, Silly. This is for our cuck later."

"Since Cuck and I are related, he and I can't have relations nor can he view my naked body. Otherwise, like a good cuck, he'd be cleaning me up after you fuck me. This way, he won't miss out on the best part of being a cuck; swallowing the other man's cum load."

"Put your hands behind your back, Cuckie." she ordered.

As soon I complied, Alecia placed me in hand cuffs.

"This will keep you from wankin' until you're needed." Alecia said.

"Come on Steve." she said as she grabbed his erection and gleefully led him to the bedroom and closed the door.

There wasn't much for me to do the next hour other than to listen to Alecia's occasional laughter, her multiple shouts of orgasmic bliss and the rhythmic, creaking of the bed. I simply sat on the carpet and waited for my next humiliation.

Eventually Steve opened the bedroom door and said, "Get in here."

I leaned against the arm of the sofa and struggled to my feet.

When I entered the room, I saw Alecia sitting upright in the bed smoking a cigarette. Keeping her body hid from my view, she was reclined against the headboard with the bed sheet covering all but her head and shoulders. To the right of the bed, Steve was in his robe, reclined in an armed and upholstered chair.

He said, "My dick is a bit of mess. Get over here and clean it up. But first, let's take those cuffs off. "

I knew he didn't intend for me to fetch a warm washcloth. I walked over and turned my back to him. Once Steve had unlocked the cuffs, I knelt down before him and folded open his robe. I noted the condom was missing. His now limp cock glistened from the still fresh love juices of their intercourse. Slowly I licked and sucked every bit of that juice from his cock.

After a while, he stopped me and stood up, saying, "Lick my crotch hair real good. Suck up all that pussy juice."

Steve's crotch hair was completely matted with their love juices. I started licking every inch of crotch hair on his lower abdomen, managing to swallow a number of wild crotch hairs in the process.

"Now the balls, boy." he ordered me.

I licked his sack and rolled his balls around in my mouth.

Once again, Steve's organ began to grow.

"Suck that cock, boy." he ordered.

I had my back to Alecia in the bed.

As I attempted to get as much of Steve's cock down my throat, Alecia came up behind me and said, "Close your eyes and put your hands behind you." She placed a folded bandana across my eyes and secured with a knot behind my head. She then closed the cuffs on my wrists again.

"Put your head back and open wide." she said.

As soon as I complied, I felt a cool liquid coat the back of my throat. Then, I felt the condom skin fall against my tongue.

"Close your mouth." she ordered. I closed my mouth. I heard the sound of duct tape being ripped from the roll. Sure enough, my mouth was then taped shut.

"Enjoy your treat Cuck." Alecia said sarcastically.

With Steve's cock rejuvenated, I could guess, even sense they had hopped back in bed. Soon enough, I heard the framework of the bed shuddering in response to their efforts.

While I savored the salty, sweet taste of Steve's jism, Steve brought Alecia to an earth moving orgasm.

Not long after Alecia's shouts of ecstasy had subsided, Steve got up and abruptly removed the duct tape from my mouth. He reached in with his fingers and removed the condom. His fingers were followed by the head of his cock.

He grabbed the back of my head and began force feeding his cock slowly but steadily past the back of my throat.

His cock was firmly imbedded in my throat with no room to choke or breath. I wanted to gag. I needed to gag. I couldn't. There was no room to gag. Nonetheless, my throat muscles contracted around Steve's cock serving to help him toward climax.

Only when he had all eight inches of his cock down my throat did he retreat to allow me to breathe.

Once he let me catch my breath, he began pumping his cock past the back of my throat.

Soon, his rhythm changed. Steve held the head of his cock against the back of my throat, moaned, and shot half-dozen spasms of ejaculations into my mouth.

After I'd nursed all of Steve's sperm from his cock, he removed the bandana.

Once again, Alecia was upright in the bed, sheet covering her naked body, smoking a cigarette.

"Has that little weenie of yours cum yet?" Alecia asked.

It was still erect but I'd managed not to ejaculate through all this. I shook my head, "No.

"Pull it off and put it in your mouth inside out." Alecia ordered me. "Suck on that on your way home."

Alecia said. "Like I said, we'll make sure our little get-togethers agree with mom's work schedule. I'll email you every week to confirm the day and time. You'll be our cuck indefinitely or, until we tire of you or, you piss us off."

"Steve has my blessing to email you anytime and request ASAP, cock service. You'll have a minimum of forty-eight hours to comply or I call mom and tell her what happened yesterday."

Steve asked me, "What day works best for you'?"

"Wednesday afternoon." I answered.

"Fine," Steve said, "Be here same time next Wednesday."

With a sinister smile, Alecia said to Steve, "There's one more item of business to take care of before he leaves, Steve. Bend over, Cuck." Alecia ordered. "I know from past experience that our cuck enjoys having his balls mistreated. Grab your slipper, Steve. Grab one of his balls and give it a solid wack."

Steve complied. The pain I felt was indescribable.

"Grab the other one and do the same except, a bit harder this time." Alecia said.

I crumpled to the floor in a fetal position after Steve's second blow.

Steve commented, "You're a cruel mistress, Alecia."

Lighting another cigarette, she responded, "I certainly can be. He's getting off lightly, though, I'm sure. Mother would have made him pay dearly."

"Oh, and I have pictures. Perhaps I'll exact payment for them someday."

Alecia and Steve proceeded to use me on Friday afternoon the next three weeks. In addition, Steve emailed me to confirm me for cock service on Wednesday afternoons.

Then, after those first three weeks of serving under them, I heard no more from Alecia with regard to our weekly three-way. I wasn't about to volunteer my services by asking what was up. I didn't feel it was my place to inquire of Steve about their relationship so I didn't ask him nor did he offer. Nonetheless, Steve continued to request a blowjob every Wednesday afternoon. This went on for a month before curiosity got the best of me. I decided to stop by Alecia's and ask her what was up.

Alecia explained that her and Steve had had a falling out and had broken up a month ago.

"Why?" she asked. "Are you still sucking his dick?"

I nodded my head "Yes." She burst out laughing.

"You contact him. Tell him I said you're no longer available." she said with a sly smile. "Tell him I said he should look to the personals for another faggot cocksucker."

I had come to enjoy sucking another man's cock. Indeed, I looked forward to my weekly cocksucking duty. I would miss servicing Steve's cock.

I decided to tell Steve what Alecia had said in person. I went to his place on Wednesday and proceeded to service his cock as usual.

A few minutes after I'd swallowed his load of semen, I was still sitting on the floor in front of him when I told Steve what Alecia had said. Afterward, I told him, "Steve, I'd think of nothing but sucking your cock if this were our last afternoon together. I'd like to service your cock regularly, despite Alecia's orders."

He said, "I won't tell her if you don't. See you next Wednesday."

The next day, Alecia contacted me.

The email said, "I've heard "An idle mind is the devil's playground," so we need to keep you busy. Meet me at this address Friday at 1pm. I have a new boyfriend I want you to meet. By the way, he's done some prison time so you may want to make preparations for some anal action. I'll so look forward to watching the event. Oh, bring some condoms. "

Apparently my cuckold duties weren't over just yet.

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a very nice cock sucking story anyway! A step-daughter that brings me cock! What more could a cum slut ask?

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