Consequences Ch. 01


Suddenly he froze, his entire body tense. His hips were thrust as far forward as possible, cramming her lips against her fingers. He gripped her hair hard, holding her firmly in place and groaning happily. As his jism shot into her mouth she swallowed as fast as she could. The fingers wrapped around the cock's base tugged and squeezed. As the last squirts of cum sprayed out she continued suckling while the member started to wilt. When it finally slipped from her mouth she whimpered.

"She's a good little cock sucker, guys," Dan chuckled, pushing her off of him. "Who's next?"

"Let's see how she handles two at once," Tom declared.

Both he and Sid had disrobed while watching her suck Dan off and now they stepped up to either side of her. As she straightened up on her knees she turned and looked at the two approaching cocks. Instinctively her hands reached out, gripping and starting to gently tug on them both. First she turned her face to lick Sid's cock, then she turned to Tom's. For the next few minutes she alternated her attention from one to the other, licking and slowly stroking them.

The lustful thrill of simultaneously having two hard cocks at her disposal after everything else that had already occurred overpowered her rational senses and she was now in a kind of trance. Somehow she understood what was happening, what she was doing, yet at the same time she was not truly aware. In this foggy mindset all that really mattered was the hunger and desire burning inside her. Feeding the need these created she licked one cock, then the other a few more times before slowly sliding her lips over the head of Sid's. With only a couple inches in her mouth she started to suck on it deeply. While she slowly engulfed it she moved her tongue along its length. Her extremely slow pace made it seem to take forever for her to get most of it in her mouth, but it was also amazingly pleasurable. As she concentrated on Sid's cock she was unable to continue stroking Tom's and instead she held onto it, giving it firm, regular squeezes. Just like with Dan, she waited until she was comfortable with most of Sid's cock in her mouth then loosened her throat. She then slid it in further until her nose became buried in his pubic hairs. She felt her throat muscles squeeze his cock.

"Oh yes," he growled at the sensation, his hands now gripping her hair loosely. "Oh fuck."

She held him there for a couple moments then started slowly sliding back off the member. Again, as her mouth reached the head, she moved forward. She gripped the cock's base and pumped her mouth along it, swallowing the first inches of him with each forward thrust.

"She is good," Sid sighed between pleased grunts.

After a few minutes of fucking him with her mouth she pulled it out completely. Instantly she turned to Tom's cock and proceeded to perform the same acts on it.

"Fuckin' A," he whistled as she deep throated his cock. "What a slut."

The thrill of working on the two cocks caused her fires to rage with a nearly scorching heat. She felt her pussy grow hotter, felt her panties getting damper. Instinctively her hips ground the air, trying to make her undergarments press into her clit. Moving her mouth from one cock to the other she sucked and bobbed her head on each for a few minutes while tugging at the opposite. As the cocks slowly grew stiffer with their nearing climaxes she felt herself grow more and more excited.

She was pumping her mouth on Tom's cock when Sid let out a tell-tale groan and his hips started to jerk oddly. Realizing what was about to happen she popped her mouth off Tom's cock and tried turning in time to get it onto Sid's, but she was not fast enough. The first shot of semen sprayed across her face even as her mouth closed around the erupting member. Somehow this made Tom cum and his cock jerked in her hand, spraying her face as well. She continued to suck on Sid's cock while she pulled madly at Tom's, pumping his load out and onto her flesh.

As she knelt there with one cock erupting in her mouth and the other spraying semen across her face she heard a familiar sounding groan elsewhere in the room. This sound registered somewhere in the back of her mind, but it was merely a fleeting recognition. She remained focused on milking the two cocks dry, the duel sensation of their eruptions making her moan excitedly.

Even when the two cocks had finished releasing their loads she could not stop herself from sucking and stroking them, hungrily trying to fill the need she was feeling elsewhere. Only when she heard Dan laughing did she finally relinquish Sid's cock from her mouth. Refusing to release them though she retained her hold on them as she turned to look for Dan. She spotted him standing by her husband. Frank still sat tied in the chair and his eyes were staring at her hungrily. Slowly her gaze dropped to where a tent grew between his legs, his cock pushing at his slacks. For the second time that night she imagined what he was seeing. His beautifully aroused wife kneeling between two men, their half-hard cocks in her hands, her torn dress exposing her heaving breasts, cum drying on her face and in her hair.

"Looks like hubby's enjoying the show," Dan laughed. "He must like seeing his wife be a little slut."

She could not help staring at the bulge in Frank's crotch. Even from across the room she saw it jump with the blood pumping into it. The sight of this made her whimper quietly as she felt her hunger being doused with fuel. Kneeling with a cock in each hand, her eyes filled with wonton lust, she reflexively licked her lips. Forcing her eyes to rise back up she saw her own desires reflected in Frank's.

"What do you think, hubby?" Dan chuckled. "Isn't your wife one hell of a beauty? She really got into sucking us off, didn't she?"

Frank slowly nodded in agreement, his eyes never leaving her.

"I tell you, I'm not quite ready to put my cock in her pussy yet," Dan announced. "What say we let her suck you off while I rest up a bit more?"

The familiar groan came from behind the gag again. The desire in her husband's eyes fanned Julie's own. She felt her pussy throb with a burning ache. She could no longer think about anything other than having her hunger appeased. Not Cindy, not the men's disregard for her instructions, nothing. Just having her lustful desires slated.

"How bout it honey?" Dan called over to her. "You want to crawl over here and suck off hubby before we take turns fucking you?"

Without acknowledging him or his question she released his friend's cocks and started crawling across the carpet on her hands and knees. Her eyes bounced between Frank's crotch and his face as she neared. When she got over to him she crawled up his lap and dug at his belt. Tied to the chair as he was, he managed to lift his ass just enough so she could pull his slacks down to his knees. As his rigid shaft was revealed she grabbed hold of it, dropping to run her tongue along its length and to swirl her tongue over its head where she swiped away the precum coating it. Looking up she saw his lust filled eyes watching her and she moaned needfully in response. Quickly she sucked him into her warm mouth, immediately sliding down to deep throat him. Above her, he groaned. Beneath her, his hips tried humping up into her face. She knew he was already reaching his orgasm. Her body was now starving for what would happen when she finished sucking Frank off and so she wanted him to shoot his load into her mouth as soon as possible. She pulled back so that she could grip and squeeze the cock's base, tugging it toward its explosion. Mewing hungrily she started pumping her mouth on it, sliding her lips up and down its length as she sucked and swirled her tongue across its flesh. No longer able to look at him and maintain her actions she just concentrated on rhythmically fucking him to climax. Her aching body leaned into him, smashing her tits against his legs.

She soon felt his climax boiling up inside of him. When she felt the cock jerk and the first spurt of cum blow into her mouth she locked her lips around it and swallowed hard, devouring that and every following spurt. When he was spent she kept him in her mouth for a few moments, suckling on his softening member.

"Yea!" Dan exclaim

When she eventually allowed the limp cock to slide from her mouth she laid her head on Frank's thigh and stared at the cock as she continued gently stroking it. She felt her fires raging, the desire in her loins blazing with hunger. She also felt her pussy soaking her panties.

"Alright, I think it's time for some pussy fucking," Dan announced.

His words sent a thrill of excitement racing through her. The evening's activities had her to the point of exploding with an orgasm and she desperately wanted it released. When Dan stepped forward to wrap his arms around her she whimpered with the sensation of his touch. She allowed herself to be lifted to her feet then led to the couch where Tom and Sid waited. It was there that they slid her torn dress off her shoulders. When it and her bra lay in a pile at her feet she stood with her nearly nude body on full display feeling completely vulnerable and exposed for the first time that night.

"Wow, would you look at how wet she is?" Dan exclaimed.

She knew what he meant without looking, knew that her white panties were dark with her wetness. She also felt her swollen labia visibly pressing against the weakened material. She stood there, anxious and excited, her bare chest rising and falling as she panted shallowly, her legs partially spread and shaking ever so slightly. When Tom started removing her panties his fingers on her flesh sent a series of quivering shivers coursing through her. Then the others joined him in maneuvering her onto the couch and the sensation of their added touches caused her to whimper.

They placed her with one leg up on the couch's back and the other down on the floor. She lay there, legs spread, breasts topped by swollen nipples heaving from her panting, her head on the armrest. From beneath heavy lids she stared up at the three men's stiffening cocks and her hips began to roll slightly upon the cushion as hungry moans escaped her open lips.

"Does the slut want to be fucked?" Dan chuckled.

"Mmmmmm," she whimpered in response.

She watched him reach toward her, watched his hand lay on her inner thigh, and she felt her flesh burn with the touch. Slowly his hand slid up along her thigh until it cupped her mound, two bent fingers penetrating her barely to the first knuckle. His thumb hovered just above her clit, nothing except a thin space of air between the two pieces of flesh. Her hips jerked, rose up trying to force contact.

"Ohhh," she cried.

Tom and Sid each began massaging one of her tits; Sid from behind the armrest, Tom from beside the couch. They cupped the fleshy mounds, squeezing and manipulating the pliant flesh, their palms and fingers rubbing against the sensitized nerves of her hard, red nipples.

Her orgasm teetered on the very edge, just waiting to be nudged over, and that was exactly what she wanted. She whimpered again and again, her hungry desperation growing with each second as her body quivered and tensed with feverish anticipation. Through her slitted eyelids she saw Tom's semi-erect cock dangling near her. Whimpering louder she reached for it, her fingers wrapping themselves around it and tugging.

"You want a cock in your pussy?" Dan asked as he stared down at her.

"Yes," she sighed.

While she squeezed and pulled at Tom's cock her hips rolled and pushed more insistently at Dan's hand, physically begging him to touch her aching, throbbing clit. But he refused her body's pleas, keeping his thumb just near enough to tease her without actually making contact.

"Ohh. Ohh, ohhh," she whimpered and mewled as she felt the cock in her hand reach full erectness and her orgasm teetered ever closer to the brink.

"You want it, slut?" Tom chuckled, squeezing her tit. "You want me to fuck you? You want my cock in your wet little pussy?"

"Yes. Oh God yes." Her back arched off the couch to push her tit into his hand and she tugged hard at his cock. "Oh God yes."

Her orgasm slipped forward. It now hung precariously over the edge, threatening to explode without any additional coaxing. Then her hips jerked, rolling and popping upward simultaneously. The action was too quick for Dan to keep his thumb from bumping her clit or his fingers from sliding further into her, and the orgasm was freed. It crashed through her body with an amazing amount of force. Her body tensed as her back arched up off the couch, her breasts being crammed into the set of hands fondling them. Her ass twisted into the couch cushion, her hips rolling and popping again and again as they humped her sex on Dan's fingers, ground her clit against his thumb. The hand holding Tom's cock pulled and jerked hard enough to make the man grimace. Her other hand gripped a mass of the couch's back cushion. Her head rolled back on the armrest, her mouth falling open as a combination of both audible and silent moans flowed from her.

"Ohhh," she whimpered as it started to subside moments later, her body slowly dropping back to the couch and relaxing once more. "Ohhh God!"

For Julie it was the most powerful orgasm she could remember having experienced, and at the time she doubted it could ever be topped.

"That was fucking beautiful," Sid cheered.

Tom released her tit and started moving toward her open legs. A soft whimper escaped her as Dan pulled his hand from her sex and stepped away to allow him access. Climbing between her legs Tom placed the tip of his cock against her entrance. Being so soon after the explosive orgasm Julie did not expect her body to react too quickly, but she was surprised. As the cock's head parted her lips and entered her she felt her excitement refreshed, a second orgasm being immediately awakened. Her legs snapped around his waist, her hips driving upward to rapidly push him inside of her.

"Oh God," she moaned as he filled her.

They started to rock into each other, their lower bodies quickly finding a rhythm together, their pace gradually quickening. A wet sloshing noise came from where his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. With his hands on the couch back and armrest Tom held himself up so he could stare down at her lustful expression and rolling tits.

"Oh God. Fuck me, fuck me," she encouraged him, her head lulling from side to side. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy harder."

The new orgasm was quickly building, making her hungry for its release. Her ass bounced up off the couch, fucking her pussy at him.

"Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your cock." She told him. "Oh God yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Having recently cum once himself, Tom's own second orgasm was nowhere near as close as hers so he did not rush his pumping of her pussy as much as she wanted. This made her look up at him. What she saw only served to fuel her heated loins and pending orgasm. He was hovering above her, leering down at her lust filled features and bouncing tits while his cock pounded in and out of her wet pussy. The idea of this caused her orgasm to suddenly explode inside her.

"Ohhh God," she cried out.

She crammed her pussy against him, burying his cock inside her, her pussy clenching at the rigid member. Her body arched up off the couch again, lifting her chest into the air, her swollen nipples shining atop her bouncing breasts. The site of them was too enticing for Tom to pass up and he clamped his mouth over one of them. This sent her orgasm into overdrive. She tried to simultaneously cram her pussy even further onto his cock and more of her tit into his mouth.

"Ohhh God," she cried, one hand grabbing the back of his head and shoving it against her breast. "Ohhh God yesss. Suck my tit. Fuck me. Suck my tit. Ohhh God."

The orgasm crashed through her with wave after wave of pleasure, causing her body to shake and tense.

Then, as it slowly faded, her body relaxed again. But his lips around her nipple, his tongue licking the hard nub, felt too good to loose so she held his head in place, making it follow her tit down. As her hips dropped he began pumping his cock into her again and she pumped her hips back at him.

"Oh yes, fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck my pussy with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yes, fuck me."

His mouth remained locked firmly on her nipple, sucking. She felt the force of his thrusts growing harder as his own fires were stoked. His cock slid easily in and out of her soaked pussy, his pelvis bumping into her clit every few strokes. She whimpered and mewled with pleasure between urging him to go faster even as her pussy muscles clenched at his cock. Soon he was pounding his cock into her roughly, ramming it into her harder with each forward thrust.

"Oh yes. Oh God yes," she cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock."

Suddenly his mouth released her breast as his head roared upward. His hips slammed between her legs. His pelvis ground against hers, bumping into her clit. His cock became buried inside her as deep as possible. She felt it twitch and jump, felt it start to pump his semen into her hungry pussy. And she felt his explosion kindle the embers of yet another orgasm in her.

"Oh yes," she whimpered with its first, initial shivers.

"Damn, that was good," Tom grinned as the last of his load was released.

He remained hovering above her until his cock slowly slipped from her pussy then he climbed off and stepped back. She remained laying with her legs spread, her now puffy labia red and swollen, a mixture of their juices visibly leaking out.

"Damn good," he re-affirmed.

"I'm next," Sid announced, stepping forward.

Turning, she saw that his cock was fully erect and ready to be shoved into her. Through her half closed eyes she watched him climb between her legs. Reflexively she reached down to grip his member and guide it to her waiting pussy. When the tip of it pressed at her opening he slid forward, burying himself deep inside of her fast and coaxing her newest orgasm forward.

"Ohhh yesss," Julie sighed.

The two of them worked toward a rhythm, finding a tempo that they could each match, their bodies moving against each other. Looking up she saw that Sid was also holding himself up to stare down and enjoy her lustful expression and bouncing breasts.

"Fuck me," she told him, pushing herself up harder against him. "Fuck my pussy. My wet pussy. Fuck my wet pussy with your cock."

"Fucking beautiful," he moaned, watching her ride up against him. "Just fucking beautiful."

The pace of their humping steadily increased until they reached one steady rhythm. Their pelvises pounded into each other, her clit receiving a straight-on, solid contact every few pumps. She felt her need growing, her orgasm building.

"Oh God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Harder, harder," she moaned, urging him like her own desires were urging her. "Fuck my wet pussy harder."

Like Tom, Sid was in no hurry to cum this time and so he failed to increase the pace or the force of his humping any. Still, their constant rhythm pushed her orgasm closer and closer to the edge. Her muscles tightened every few moments as she felt it teeter precariously. Her head rolled upon the armrest, her features a mixture of pleasure and pain. From beneath her heavy lids she caught glimpses of Sid staring down at her, watching their bodies move against one another, her tits bouncing and rolling with the action.

Her orgasm reached the brink, teasing her with its promise of an explosive release. She wanted it to crash through her body, to feel its waves of ecstasy. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his back, giving her better leverage. Then she began making her hips jump up off the couch at him.

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