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Consequences - Patti


With due credit to thecelt in whom I have confidence that he will recognize that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

The idea for this story came to me after an on-line discussion with one of two very special cyber friends to whom I owe a great deal. Both contributed substantially to this story. Their willingness to share their own experiences and points of view, their criticisms and suggestions, but most of all, their constant encouragement, made this story possible. It is more than likely that the parts of it that you most enjoy came from them!


It's amazing how misguided some of you people are!

I've read story after story here on Literotica about wives who cheat on their husbands yet claim to love them and I see there are some (many?) of you out there who immediately claim she could never have really loved him.

She couldn't have or she would never have cheated in the first place. Right?

That's not always true!

I know.

Believe me, I know!

Sure, in some cases, some of the cheating wives didn't love their husbands but sometimes even a wife who does love her man, slips.

My story may not convince too many of you . . . perhaps none of you.

If it does nothing other than give some other wives or perhaps even some husbands out there something to think about, I guess the time and personal torture of writing and re-living all this will be worthwhile to someone.

My name is Patti Forester and I'm married to Walt Forester, a man, a very, very good man, whom I have loved for a very long time and whom I still love a great deal. We, like every other couple, have had our ups and downs but there have been far more good times than bad. He isn't perfect but he's as close as I'm ever likely to get in a mate.

We both hold down pretty good jobs and our combined incomes allow us to live well and still save for a time when we will have our own family. At the time all this happened, about ten years ago, we had been married four years but we lived together for four years before that. We planned to start a family in another two or three years, depending on how things were going in my career, as we agreed I would take a leave and be a full time mom, at least until the kids are in school.

We had a great sex life!

Walt can be romantic, he can be patient and understanding and he can sometimes "fuck my brains out" depending on our moods at the time. We both enjoy reading Literotica and we have had some pretty exciting weekends reading and acting out (in private) on some of the stories we've read. Our favorite, we have discovered to our great delight, is the same for both of us. I sometimes love to have Walt eat me out while I read a randy passage from a Lit story. Walt says the blowjobs he gets when he is reading Lit are "explosive".

I like "Romance" stories and there are a lot of good story tellers in the genre on that site. If I had to pick a favorite it would be difficult to choose between Daniellekitten and evanslily. I like some of the "Loving Wives" stories too, especially the ones that either don't involve actual cheating or where there is good cause for the characters in the story to reconcile.

Walt likes "Erotic Couplings" as long as there are no cheating wives. He's among you guys who think a woman cannot love one man and lust after another. It stems from a cousin, someone we both know and like a great deal, whose wife cheated on him during a drunken out of town bachelorette party. I was at that party and it was a wild one but I saw no evidence of the cheating as I was staying at Walt's brother and sister-in-law's home at the time and had left the party early, but the next day when we returned to clean up, I did see a devastated woman who was filled with shame and regret long before she confessed to her husband.

She did confess and they did try to make a go of it but they were divorced about 7 months later and as we have differing opinions, Walt and I have had a few "heated" discussions about it and it has become painfully clear, at least to me, that Walt's mind is made up and he doesn't want to be confused by the facts!

Well . . . I said he is "almost" perfect.

My strong feelings on this matter stem from the fact that I love Walt and I would never do anything that would hurt his feelings, yet there is a man whom I occasionally meet professionally and whom I sometimes daydream about fucking.

I've known all along that no matter what transpired, I would never act on that lust. The very idea of taking a chance on possibly hurting Walt was enough to turn me away from indulging in it, not to mention that given Walt's personal convictions on this topic, our marriage would be severely damaged, if not destroyed, were I to, in any way, give in on that lust and be found out.

I sure as hell was tempted once or twice but I believe that makes me just like everyone else, man or woman!

Our Company runs in-service training/conferences at various locations, usually once a year and Dan Sheffield, the object of my occasional lust, is usually there. He is Executive Vice President of Operations for the parent company and he often becomes involved in these in-service workshops. He likes to meet and talk with employees at all levels to help him more fully understand what's going on, what the issues are and how the Company might deal with them.

To say that he's popular is a gross understatement!

People find it hard to believe that a man that powerful in the Company could be so friendly and down to earth and it is particularly so for many women as he is very handsome, athletic and, over all, sexy as hell.

Two years ago he attended one of our training sessions in Chicago and as I normally would, I shared in a little harmless flirting during one of the meetings. I was among the group that he hosted for dinner that evening and I thought he might have been flirting back.

I was absolutely positive he was when he invited me to join him in the lounge after dinner. I assumed that there would be others there and I accepted but when I arrived, I soon discovered I was his only guest. When I asked him about it he smiled almost melting me and confirmed he would like to "get to know me a little better".

It only took me milliseconds to see where this could be headed and without any concern for the impact it may have on my career, I stood, apologized and told him I appreciated his hospitality but that I would prefer to be with a group rather than just he and I as a couple.

His smile put me at ease to some extent but his words were more comforting. He said he understood fully and that he was sorry that he allowed the situation to make me at all uncomfortable.

For the rest of the week he remained every bit as friendly, yet professional, as I had known him to be up to that invitation.

I did notice however that Alice Buckley, a nice looking woman who worked in HR at our branch did join him in the lounge later that night while I was having a drink with some others, also from our branch. They left before us and I didn't see her until the general session the next morning.

That night I brought myself to a delicious orgasm imagining that I hadn't turned Dan down. Before the night was over I managed a second and somehow, even more powerful and satisfying one while planning a reunion night with Walt.

As good as they were, neither orgasm was as incredible as the ones I had with my husband the weekend I returned home.

Believe me, I had no regrets about turning Dan Sheffield down.

Now and then, maybe every two or three months, when I was alone, I would imagine myself with Dan and would masturbate to orgasm.

It was a nice fantasy.

I believed then and I believe now that my reality was better. Walt is a good lover and a wonderful husband and I am blessed to have such a man.

My own orgasms however, don't tell everything!

I have had some wonderful sex with Walt when I didn't cum at all!

I have been thrilled to have him touch me and to touch him, then later, to have brought Walt to orgasm as I reveled in the expression of release he had on his face as he came in me. To bring such pleasure to someone you love as much as I love Walt was a joy in itself and never once did I feel resentful or annoyed. Then, to spend the rest of the night in his loving arms, to me, was icing on the cake!

Did I feel that way each and every night?

Of course not, but often enough that I count myself as a very lucky woman.


I saw Dan Sheffield twice during his visits to our branch during the year following that conference and he remained as friendly and professional as ever.

At the next conference session, this time held in Boston, I was again included in the group he hosted for dinner and this time, he pointedly asked if I would join him "and a number of home office people" for a drink in the lounge. I accepted and quite enjoyed meeting them all.

Fuelled by my seeing him in Boston, he was once more the subject of my occasional fantasy but nothing really changed in that department either as my continuing reality was much better.

Then there was this year's meeting in Scottsdale near the Home Office!

This time I was on the planning committee and I had the good fortune to travel on the Company tab to see the meeting venue in advance. I was so taken with the beauty of the resort that when I got home to Walt, I couldn't say enough about it and I suggested that he join me at the conference then we would vacation there when it finished.

My excitement was infectious and soon Walt was as worked up as me and we took to making our plans.

On sober, second thought, we decided that it didn't make sense for Walt to use up some vacation time sitting around during the conference while I was busy, so we decided he would join me as soon as it ended and then we would vacation for 10 days at the resort. It worked really well financially, as the resort let us have the conference rates which saved us about $500 on the cost of our room.

We both applied and were granted vacation leave so we confirmed our reservations as we had discussed.

As a member of the planning team I had to be there two days before the sessions began, to get set up and make any last minute adjustments. There were five of us on the committee and we were wined and dined as a group by none other than Dan Sheffield.

I was in town exploring the shopping opportunities for the conference attendees the afternoon prior to the opening session when I became aware of a minor disturbance in the store I was checking out. I would have ignored it otherwise until I noticed that Dan Sheffield was in the middle of it.

I'm mildly embarrassed to admit that I hid behind a display rack and watched and listened to the exchange. In a nutshell, Dan was being asked to accompany the store employee to the office. He was visibly shaken and argued weakly. The man was insistent and Dan finally conceded, following him to the offices at the rear of the store.

By this time I was curious enough that I hung around for almost an hour before they returned and again, shielded by the display rack, I listened as the store employee (read store detective) quietly chastised Dan for attempting to leave the store without paying for a watch he had pocketed. The detective was obviously letting him off the hook this time, but I heard him remind Dan that they had the whole thing on video and that if he were to try that again at any of their stores or they heard that there was any issue with any other store, theirs or not, he would be prosecuted.

I remained hidden until Dan left then I took a cab back to the resort


Do you have any idea what a rush it is to discover you suddenly have power over someone you always saw as powerful; as someone normally having power over you?

Talk about "the shoe being on the other foot"!

For the rest of the week I was on a high.

Power can do that to you!

From the outset it was clear the conference was coming off exceedingly well and on the last night, at the end of the closing banquet, I met Dan as I was headed back to my room. He congratulated me on my part in such a successful conference and suggested we might find some others who would like to join us for a drink in the lounge.

I smiled and said I would like to. We checked with the other committee members and a few attendees, all of whom begged off as many people were packing for an early departure in the morning. When Dan apologized for not being able to find anyone, I said I was going to have a drink anyway and he was welcome to join me.

Power can do that to you!

We ended up having not one but two drinks. We made small talk about the conference and again, he was quite complimentary about the success of it. I felt relaxed and still very much on a high, partly because of the congratulations and partly because I knew what I knew about Dan Sheffield and most of all, because my husband was going to join me the next day for our holiday.

About an hour later I said goodnight, politely declined his offer to walk me to my room and left for the evening. When I got to my room I noticed the message light flashing and when I checked it, there was a message from Walt. Please call him. His flight out tomorrow afternoon had been canceled.

It was almost 10:30PM and that made it 12:30AM at home but Walt said to call, so I did.

Apparently the severe weather conditions had caused a delay in hundreds of flights coming into and out of Hartsfield in Atlanta and conditions were predicted to worsen during the next day. As a precaution, his flight was being postponed to the following day, weather permitting even then.

It was a disappointment for us both but there was nothing we could do.

The next morning I called Walt again. Things were still difficult but getting better and the airline had told Walt they were pretty sure he would get out the next day.

Good news and we were once again back in excitement mode.

The day was pretty dull.

All the conference attendees had left and I was entirely on my own. There was not one person in the entire resort that I recognized. I sat by the pool for a while, went to my room for a nap in the afternoon, had dinner in my favorite of the resort restaurants that evening, then, called Walt before it got too late at home. It was 8:00PM in Scottsdale and 10:00PM at home.

We talked excitedly for about a half hour about our pending holiday then said goodnight. I told Walt I was going to take a walk, then retire for the night as it was still early evening in Scottsdale.

It had been very hot by the pool that afternoon but the evening was delightful so I walked all around the resort looking forward to sharing it with Walt the next day.

As I crossed the lobby headed for my room, I was shocked to see Dan Sheffield. He was obviously just as shocked to see me. When we overcame all that, I said that I thought everyone from the conference had checked out. He laughed a little and said that he too had checked out but that he lived not too far away and was in the area on a business matter and decided to stop for a drink.

He asked if I would like to join him

I was only part way into my first drink before my mind pieced together my situation.

Here was the man I had lusted after for almost 3 years. We were completely on our own; all the people who knew us were gone. If he had a room of his own, I could go there with him, fuck him and walk away and no one would know except he and I and he couldn't tell even if he wanted to because I knew something he would never want publicly known.

Would I do it?

I DO love Walt and I could never do anything to hurt him but he was two time zones away. I know because I called him there only an hour ago. Even if he had made that delayed flight story up to surprise me and was really on his way here he couldn't arrive in less than 4 or 5 hours.

There's no way he could possibly find out.

Could I keep that to myself?

Yes! If I had knowledge that could hurt him, I could keep it from Walt.

What if Dan decided he wanted to stretch this into an affair instead of a one night stand?

Easy! I knew something about him that he would never want to get out, so I had him by the short curlies. He would do what I told him to.

One drink turned to three or four and we decided to do some dancing.

Dan is a very good dancer. My fantasy of fucking Dan was still in my mind but even if nothing else followed, it was a very pleasant evening.

We got closer and closer as we danced and toward the end of the evening there was some mild fondling and kissing but not any more than Walt and I have done while partying with friends and neighbors.

The expected proposition came on the fifth drink.

In that moment, partly fueled by the drinks and completely convinced that there was no way Walt could be hurt by what I did, in my lust, I decided to go for it!

To Dan's surprise, I set the ground rules. His room, one time only, one condom, here's what will happen if this ever gets out.

That almost brought the evening to an end as he was more than a little upset when he found out what I knew, but he soon recognized that getting me into his bed might give him a little guarantee that I would not give his secret away.

It's funny how a mind works, how your imagination works, how fantasy works in our lives because as I got nearer to making that fantasy of fucking Dan Sheffield a reality, it became less and less exciting. My mind was filled with thoughts of Walt and by the time Dan got a room, bought condoms from the resort shop and ordered some champagne and snacks from room service, I was in a quandary.

Logically, I knew Walt could never find out. He was two time zones away. There was no one in the resort who knew us. Dan couldn't hold any sway over me because I had him in a bind over the shoplifting incident.

So . . . why was I concerned?

The answer came to me as clearly as it would have if it had it been on a flashing neon sign.

"I" would know what I did!

And my love for Walt would make me hurt for my husband, even if he never found out.

The look on my face must have spoken volumes to Dan as he was the one to ask if I were backing out and when I apologized and told him I was, that I loved my husband far too much to do this, even being positive he would never find out.

Dan pressed a little. He admitted he had strayed a few times; that he too loved his wife but that he had enjoyed the sex and it hadn't interfered with his marriage at all.

I stood my ground and after a while Dan tried the "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker" route and he opened the champagne.

I was confident I would be O.K.

I thought back to when I first felt the power over Dan at the store less than a week ago and realized that compared to that, the power of deciding in favor of my love for my husband was much, much greater, so I had no hesitation in having a drink with Dan.

After a while the conversation turned to business and the conference and it was like nothing untoward had happened. After a second glass of bubbly, I thanked Dan, then got up and left. He came to the door, kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

As I left, I felt so happy with my decision that I couldn't hide the smile on my face, a huge, delightful smile that I wore all the way back to my own room.


About 12:30 the next afternoon, Walt arrived and I had never been happier to see him. I convinced him to shower and relax after his trip and was naked in our bed well before he came out of the shower.

He threw down his towel and as he came to the bed I could see that he too was visibly aroused. He kissed me passionately, our tongues dueling for control. He lay back and pulled me partly on to his chest, then trailed his kisses across my cheek to my neck and as he did my excitement grew.

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