tagLoving WivesConsequences Pt. 03

Consequences Pt. 03


"Do you think I'm getting fat?" Jen asked Allie.

Allie studied her friend. "Have you gained weight?" she asked.

"Not yet."

Allie laughed. "Then why do you think you're fat?"

"I don't know," Jen said looking in the mirror, moving sideways to see her profile. "I just don't feel sexy anymore."

"Jen, it's only been a few weeks, you look the same as always!" Allie said exasperated. She narrowed her eyes. "Did Mike say something?"

"No," she admitted. "It's just ..."


"I don't know," Jen said pulling up her top to look at her stomach. "I just don't feel sexy anymore."

"God Jen," Allie said rolling her eyes.

Later that day Jen decided to go to the Starbucks for a pick-me-up. She ordered her usual, a tall caramel skinny latte.

"Whip on that?" the barista asked. He was cute, 19 or so, with adorable shaggy hair like a surf boarder. He had a big, eager smile. Really cute!

"Nope, I'm on a diet," she said.

"You?" Shaggy said looking her up and down. "No way you need to be on a diet."

"Whatever," she said with a laugh, cutely batting her eyelashes at him.

Shaggy grinned at her, looking from her lips to her breasts. "What's your name?"


He wrote "Jen" on the cup. "You'll be up in a minute no-whip Jen," he said with a big seductive smile.

Jen rolled her eyes, a big smile on her face. What a player! And so young. So cute though. At 26 she felt like a cougar.

Shaggy called her name a few minutes later. "Here you go no-whip Jen," he said with a big smile. "Give me your hand."

"Why?" she asked with a curious smile.

"Come on, your hand," he said in a playful scolding voice.

She held out her hand. "What?" she said playfully scowling at him.

"You have a strong love line," Shaggy said with a lustful grin, caressing her palm.

"Oh my god, really?" she laughed at his terrible pick-up line.

He squirted a little whip cream on her finger. "There you go, a taste," he said smiling into her eyes.

"I get just a taste?" Jen said with a playful seductive smile, putting her finger into her mouth and sucking off the whip cream.

Shaggy's grin grew wider, and very interested. "I get off in an hour ... if you'd like a full serving of cream."

"Oh my god!" she said with a laugh. "I don't think so!" She held up her left hand to show him her wedding ring. She couldn't believe how bold he was being!

The 19 year old, "very cute" barista took her left hand and squirted a little whip cream on her wedding ring. "In case you change your mind," he said with a lecherous grin.

"Oh my god," Jen thought smiling to herself. Luckily the Starbucks had been mostly empty so no one had noticed. But she felt good about herself. "I've still got it, even for a pregnant 26 year old," she thought to herself. Then her heart sank. Mike hadn't seen any of it. So it was like it didn't happen.

Later that week Mike left early for a morning meeting. Jen had a hard time getting out of bed. She felt fat and undesirable. Getting on the scale, she saw he hadn't gained any weight yet. Looking in the mirror, her face looked the same. Her body looked the same. Still she felt fat and undesirable.

She didn't know what it was. Maybe hormones from being newly pregnant? She didn't know. But she felt in the doldrums. She felt fat and so unsexy.

She forced herself to get ready for work. As she got dressed, on a whim, she put on a garter belt. She almost always wore thigh highs nowadays, but normally shunned garter belts as being too much trouble. Today though, she wanted something to make her feel sexy. She put on the garter belt, then also decided to wear a tighter, shorter skirt, one of her clubbing skirts instead of her normal, more conservative work skirts. She also slipped on 4" heels, instead of her normal 2 or 3" work heels.

That morning she gave a presentation to her bosses, an update on the Google campaign. She stood at the front of the room going through her report. The men seemed distracted the entire meeting, unable to concentrate. She couldn't figure out why until later, when she looked in the mirror. Her skirt was so tight the garter straps were outlined in her skirt when she moved. Also, when she reached up, as she did many times to point during her presentation, her short skirt rose up revealing the bottom of her lacy stocking tops. No wonder the men couldn't concentrate!

She thought about taking off the garter belt. The thigh highs were stay ups after all. But then she realized her nipples were hard, and her pussy moist. She loved teasing, and she'd certainly done that this morning. She decided to leave the garter belt on.

That afternoon she had a meeting with 2 guys from her team. She sat on her sofa and they sat across from her in chairs. She was reviewing their work, papers scattered on the coffee table between them. She held a portfolio in her lap. As she studied it, she noticed them looking at her legs. Once again the garter straps were outlined in her skirt. She casually crossed her legs, knowing the movement caused her skirt to hike up, showing more of her legs (maybe even flashing the bottom of her lacy stocking tops). As she pretended not to notice as the 2 guys ogled her, she felt a tingling in her pussy.

She felt high as a kite after the meeting ended. But then her mood soured. Okay, maybe she was still hot, right now. But what about 4 months from now, 6 months, when she was big with baby? What about 2 years from now, after breast feeding and her breasts weren't as pretty? Would men still desire her? Would Mike?

Later that night Jen tried again to talk to Mike about her insecurities. But he didn't get it. Whenever she said something, he just kissed her and said she was perfect, that guys would always be hot for her. But that wasn't true! She'd get old and wrinkled, and fat, and her tits would droop, and then guys wouldn't give her a second look. Would Mike still love her? Would he still desire her? He just didn't get it!

Mike wanted to change the subject, to something more interesting (and titillating). He said "You know in London I had dinner with Darren. He told me he's fathered a few babies, with white wives."

Despite her mood Jen couldn't help smiling. "I bet that turned you on."

Mike excitedly smiled back. Jen really understood what excited him, and didn't judge him. "He let me watch his date with another couple, Jim and Stacy."

Mike knew his mistake as soon as he saw the dark cloud pass over Jen's face. "You watched Darren have sex with another woman? Without me there?"

"Yeah, but ... Jim was there, Stacy's husband."

Jen's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Was she naked?"

"Stacy? Yeah. I mean, she and Darren had sex."

"Is she pretty?"

"I guess. But Jen, nothing like you."

"Are her breasts bigger than mine?"

"Jen ..."

"Are they?!"

"... Yes," Mike finally admitted.

"Damn you Michael!" Jen said, her eyes tearing up. She got up and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door. How could he?! He knew she felt fat and pregnant and undesirable! How could he go gawk at another woman's naked body?!

"God," Mike said, frustrated and looking up at the ceiling.

Sometime later Jen came out of the bathroom. Her eyes were red from crying.

"Jen, honey, I'm sorry, I should never had done that," Mike apologized.

"I'm sorry too," Jen said wiping a tear from her face. She grinned sheepishly. "I don't know why I'm such a basket case. Extra hormones from the pregnancy I guess." She leaned into Mike and he hugged her.

"How's your presentation coming along?" Mike asked wanting to shift to neutral ground.

"For Professor Ambrose's class? Okay I guess. I have it rough out." Her presentation and Homecoming weekend were still over a month away. She was excited about the presentation, but lukewarm about staying over the weekend. There were too many memories there.

After a while she asked, "What else happened, in London I mean?"

"Nothing really," Mike said cautiously.

"It's okay. I'm okay," she assured him. "Tell me, I want to know."

Mike inwardly shrugged. He said, "Jim -- the girl's husband -- he has a fantasy about Darren getting his wife pregnant." Mike hesitated then added, "I'm completely okay with us. But it helped to talk with someone else."

"I get it baby," she said. She forced a smile and squeezed her husband's hand. "What did Jim say?"

"Darren getting his wife pregnant is his biggest fantasy," Mike said. "Stacy's into it too. They have it all planned out. They'll disappear for a year and then come back and tell everyone they adopted a black baby."

Jen gave Mike a crooked smile. "I bet that turned you on, huh?" she said rubbing his crotch. He was hard.

"Yeah," he admitted.

Jen got on Mike, straddling his lap. She crossed her arms and pulled off her top, and then unsnapped her bra. She brought her husband's hands to her still flat tummy. "Does it turn you on that I'm pregnant with Tom's baby?" she asked.

"Yeah," he admitted his voice becoming hoarse with arousal.

"You're happy I didn't make him wear a condom?" she asked.

"Honestly?" Mike said. "I don't know. But I'm good where we are now baby."

Mike's answer didn't give her the reassurance she needed. She hugged him tight. "I'm scared Mike," she said hugging him.

"I'll always be there for you baby," Mike assured her, hugging her back.

"I know you will," Jen said, starting to cry again. "But that's not enough," she said. "I want you always hot for me. That's important to me. Really important."

"I will baby, I will," he assured her.

But as she cried into his shoulder she wasn't sure.

"I'm going freaking out of my mind," Jen lamented the next day at lunch with Allie. "My emotions are all over the place. I can't stop crying. I'm driving Mike crazy. I'm driving me crazy. God, how do women survive pregnancy?"

"It's all the hormones honey," Allie said squeezing Jen's hand. "It'll get better. Morning sickness yet?"

"Not yet," Jen said her face glum contemplating the dread to come.

"How's Mike treating you?" Allie asked.

"He's sweet," Jen said. "But god Allie, men just get more handsome and charming, and we --."

"We just get old," Allie said looking glum too. "I think my boobs are starting to sag."

"Seriously?" Jen scoffed looking at her friend's chest. "They look as perfect as ever!"

"Gravity, it's inevitable," Allie said with a resigned shrug. "I'm gonna be 27 soon."

"God don't remind me!" Jen said. Their birthdays were only days apart. "I'll be 27 AND pregnant."

That night Mike and Jen were lazing around. Mike was playing with his iPad and Jen was reading a book on her Kindle. The TV was on but they weren't watching, it was on more for background noise.

They were watching CNN and Jasmine Kelly came on. Jen looked up at the TV recognizing her voice. Jasmine was on location in Hawaii, and was doing her segment in a bikini. A bikini!

Jasmine's body was perfect. Big perky breasts, flat stomach, long legs. To top it all off, she had a really young, pretty face and long blonde hair.

Jen looked over at Mike. He'd looked up from his iPad and was intently watching Jasmine on the TV. Jen felt hurt, jealous and insecure.

"What exactly did you do with Jasmine Kelly?" she said. She wore a smile, but there was no humor in her eyes.

"Jen, I told you, nothing," Mike said honestly.

"Uh huh," she said skeptically.

"Why do you hate her so much?" Mike asked.

"I don't know Michael," she said sarcastically. "Maybe because of her pretty face, her big boobs, her perfect tan. Oh yeah, maybe because she's only 23." She looked at the TV and scowled. "She's wearing a bikini on CNN? CNN? Seriously? I mean, talk about flaunting it!"

Jen dressed to impress too, wearing tight jeans and short skirts to show of her best assets, but Mike knew it'd be suicide to mention that. Trying to reassure her, he said "Baby you're only 26."

"Oh wow that makes me feel sooo much better," Jen said even more sarcastically. Had he really just said that? 23 versus 26 is the difference between fresh faced coed and desperate cougar.

She looked at her husband. Deep down she knew he hadn't done anything wrong. But he needed to be reminded who the sexiest girl on the planet was. And he needed to be punished for even looking at that Jasmine chick. She thought of Keri's video. Okay, it was time.

"You need punished about those newspaper pictures," Jen said.

"Jen nothing happened," Mike insisted.

"So?" Jen said with an evil mischievous smile. "I'm a girl, I don't have to be reasonable."

"Okay," Mike said with a laugh. He decided to roll with it. At least she didn't seem mad anymore.

Jen undressed Mike and drew a bath for him. "Go ahead, get in," she said.

He got in. The hot water felt good, even though the water didn't quite cover his chest.

Jen ran her hands over Mike's cock and balls. "This is punishment?" he asked with a laugh.

"I want you hairless down here mister, like me," she said smiling and gently cupping his cock, still a wicked glint in her eye. "Are you up for it?" she giggled at the double entendre, stroking his hard cock.

"Okay," he said intrigued. Why not?

Jen smiled. He didn't know what he was in for! She took scissors and trimmed his pubic hairs until they were stubble. Then she rubbed cream over and around Mike's cock. "This is a depilatory. It'll stop the hair from growing back, I want you to use it every week."

"Okay," Mike said. His wife's pretty hand on his cock and balls felt good, he felt an orgasm building.

Then his eyes went wide and he groaned as she rubbed the cream up and down his crack. She was essentially giving him a Brazilian, but at that moment he was focused on how good her soft hand felt rubbing all his private parts.

"I told you I want you just like me," she said smiling, a twinkle in her eye.

"You have a landing strip," Mike observed.

"You'd look pretty silly with one of those," Jen said. She made sure to make her voice mocking. She was starting to have fun.

Mike got out and Jen toweled him dry. They both looked at him in the mirror. His cock was rock hard. With all the hair gone and his cock's small size, his private parts looked like a boy's.

"Get in bed cucky," she ordered, giggling.

Mike got onto this back on the bed. Jen ran her fingertips over and around his hairless penis. "Much better," she said.

"What now?" Mike asked. Had that been his punishment?

"Besides this?" Jen said running her finger around his cock, where his pubic hair had been. They shared a laugh.

Jen took Mike's hands and pulled them over his head, so he held the rails of the headboard. "Pretend like you're tied up, so you can't move your hands, got it?" she said.


"If you move your hands I'll have to really punish you," she threatened squeezing his balls.

"Okay, okay," he quickly agreed. She'd squeezed him hard enough to hurt.

"Wait here," she said. She disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out Mike's eyes grew wide at what she was wearing. Her long blonde hair was down and brushed to a silky luster. Her makeup was perfect. She wore white thigh highs with lacy stocking tops and high heeled sandals. The sandals had a thin strap around her ankles and another over her toes. Mike loved when she wore sandals like these because he could see more of her pretty feet, especially the elegant arch of her feet and her cute toes.

And she was wearing a pink bustier.

She ran a single fingertip down his chest. "Do you remember this bustier?" she asked.

"Yeah," Mike said, his voice going hoarse with excitement.

She ran the fingertip lightly up the underside of his cock. More tease than stimulation. "Whose bustier is it?" she asked.

"Jen ..." he began, moving his hands towards her.

"Keep still!" she said immediately. "Or you'll be sleeping in the guest room!"

"Okay, okay," he relented, putting his arms back above his head.

"Whose bustier is it?" she repeated. She put her hand around his cock but she didn't stroke him. Frustrated and wanting stimulation, he raised up his hips to stroke his cock through her hand, but she pushed him back down. "Whose?"

"Scott's," he finally said.

Jen smiled. "That's right, it's Scott's." She ran her fingertips lightly around Mike's cock, and then across his balls. She liked the smooth feel, and decided she really did prefer him this way.

She lightly tickled the front of his balls. "You like this?" she asked.

"Yeah," he moaned.

She ran her fingernails lightly across the underside of his sack. "And this?"

"God yeah," he moaned.

She got baby oil from the side table. She poured some in her hands and warmed it, and then spread it over his stomach, cock, balls and thighs.

She swirled a fingertip in the oil, on his stomach just above his cock. He groaned at the tickling caress.

"You know what a ruined orgasm is Mike?" she asked out of the blue.

Mike looked up. He didn't say anything, but clearly he knew what it was.

"Keri showed me a video. It's when I tease you to the brink of orgasm, but then just as you cum I take my hands away," she explained, knowing he knew but having fun torturing him. "It takes all the pleasure away. It's worse than no orgasm at all. You don't get any release from cumming. Have you heard of it?"

He nodded.

"I bet you've watched some videos, huh?"

He nodded again.

"Have you ever given yourself one?" she asked.


She tilted her head. "Jasmine ever give you one?"

"Jen, come on," he said.

Jen giggled. "She has really nice breasts huh? You looked right? On the TV."


"Liar," Jen said. She smiled excitedly, a longing look in her eyes. "I looked. Her breasts are incredible. Maybe I'll get together with her Mike. You know, like I did with Allie and Keri? Umm yeah, that would be really nice. I'd love to hold Jasmine's big firm breasts in my hands, and suck her nipples. Wouldn't you like to see that Mike?"

Mike's eyes had gone wide. "Are you serious?" he gasped excitedly.

"We'd kiss Mike," Jen continued. "I bet she kisses really good. We'd press our bodies together. My little breasts pressed against her big ones. Would you like to see that Mike? My little tits smushed against her big ones?"

"Yeah yeah," he practically panted.

Suddenly Jen's sexy smile disappeared, replaced by a frown. "So you DID look at her tits on the TV," she said. "And you noticed hers are bigger than mind."

Mike inwardly rolled his eyes. Of course he looked! Jasmine was wearing a string bikini for god's sake! And of course Jasmine's are bigger than Jen's, anyone can see that. But he calmed down and said honestly, "Jen baby, your breasts are perfect."

"Yeah right," she said sarcastically. "Now you know why I'm punishing you. Why you're getting a ruined orgasm. Cause you looked."

"Jen ..."

She interrupted him by grabbing his balls. "Were you about to say that's not fair?" she asked, squeezing his balls, not so hard it hurt, but hard enough he noticed. "I'm a girl Michael. I'm your wife. I don't need to be fair."

Mike didn't say anything, sensing silence was the better part of valor with the safety of his balls literally in her hand.

"Good boy," she said with a smile, taking his silence as acquiescence to his punishment.

"Does this feel good?" she asked fisting his shaft and smoothly stroking him up and down, the oil making her hand feel like a tight pussy.

"Yeah," he moaned his head rolling back.

"How about this?" she asked with a teasing smile. She stroked him up and down again, but she loosened her fist so now her palm and fingers barely made any contact with his shaft.

"Jen ..." he said frustrated, again pushing his pelvis up trying to get more friction from her hand.

"Do that again and I won't touch you at all," she said taking her hand completely away.

"Okay, okay," he said giving in at once.

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