tagLoving WivesConsequences Pt. 08

Consequences Pt. 08


[Author's note: Everyone in this story is 18 or older.]

Mike's mom and dad got to the hospital later that day. Joe was with them. "How is he?" his mom asked crying.

"He's stable," Allie said. "He has some broken bones. The doctors are more concerned about internal bleeding."

"Oh my god," his mom cried, her hand going to her mouth.

"The doctors think he'll be okay," Darren assured them.

"Are sorry, who are you?" Mike's dad said.

"Sorry Mr. Andrews," Allie said. "This is Darren, my boyfriend."

Joe looked around. "Where's Jen?" he asked concerned.

Everyone looked at Allie. Tears welled up in her eyes. "She lost the baby."

"Oh no," Mike's mom wailed.

Later Jen was released from care. She joined Mike in his room. She sobbed seeing him laying broken and unconscious in the bed.

The doctor came in later. "He's stable," he assured her. "We've stopped the internal bleeding. His right leg is broken. He's very lucky though. He should make a full recovery."

"Oh thank god!" Jen cried, hugging Mike's mom, dad and Joe.

The hospital released Mike a week later. He was weak and had a cast on his right leg but otherwise he was okay.

"I'm okay baby," Mike assured Jen later at home. She'd been around him constantly, not letting him out of her sight. "How are you doing?"

"I'm okay," she said looking down. Suddenly she started crying. "I'm sorry, can't help it."

"It's okay ... we lost our baby," Mike said hugging her. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"You're upset about the baby too?" she asked seeing the tears in his eyes.

"What do you mean?" he said not understanding. "Of course I'm upset."

Jen cried tears of relief, burying her head in Mike's chest. "I thought I'd have to grieve by myself!" she sobbed.

"Honey it was our baby," he assured her, emphasizing "our." They held each other as they cried and mourned the loss of their unborn baby.

Later that week Jen worked up the courage to confess to Mike. "I was looking at a text from Colin," she confessed. "That's why I didn't see the truck."

"What did he say?"

Jen didn't want to show him. She was too ashamed, too guilty. But she had to show him. She couldn't survive this without him knowing everything.

She handed him her cell phone. Mike looked at the picture of Colin's well defined abs and hard cock on the screen. "He sent you this?" Mike said shocked. "You were looking at this?"

She nodded.

"What were you thinking?" he said angrily. "At the time, what were you thinking?"

She didn't want to say it, but she knew she had to confess, come clean. "I was thinking he looked really good."

A cloud came over Mike's face. He couldn't stand to look at his wife at that moment. He felt betrayed. "I need some time," he said looking away from her. "Leave me alone."

"Mike please!" she sobbed grabbing his arm. "I feel terrible about this! I need you! Please don't turn away from me!"

"Jen ... I just need some time okay?" he said not looking at her. She left sobbing.

He felt numb. He'd risked his life, gotten really hurt. Worse – so much worse – they'd lost their baby. It HAD been their baby. He'd gotten over the sperm coming from Tom. That didn't matter. Their baby. It'd been his baby, he was the father. A tear fell down his cheek at their loss.

But ... he knew it was unfair to blame Jen. Of course she'd look at the picture. What girl wouldn't? Of course she found Colin hot. They'd talked about it.

Yes, she'd gotten distracted crossing the street. But how many times had he looked at his phone as he crossed New York City streets? Many times a day probably. It'd just been terrible tragic timing.

It wasn't her fault. But she'd bear the guilt of this the rest of her life. God, he felt bad for being so hard on her.

"Mike?" he heard her say tentatively at the door. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah," he said. He held out his arms. She got onto the bed and snuggled into his chest.

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed.

"I'm sorry too, it wasn't your fault, it wasn't," he said holding her. They cried holding each other.


It took a few weeks before I started feeling like myself. I still had the cast on but I managed to get around on crutches.

Jen got assigned to lead a pitch for Memphis Global, the big worldwide retail conglomerate. They owned everything from grocery stores to pharmacies to car dealerships to furniture stores. They recently acquired the Best Buy, Staples and Home Depot retail chains, and they negotiating to buy CarMax. They controlled similar retail outlets in Europe and Japan, and had begun expanding into the growing and potentially huge Chinese markets.

This was a really big one, way bigger than Google if she could bring it in. She stayed home a lot with me, working from home. She was getting a lot of pressure from her partners to throw herself into the pitch, but she insisted on staying home.

She relied on Allie to carry a lot of the ball and I could tell it was stressing everyone out, especially her. But she insisted on staying home to take care of me, even though I told her I was fine and she should go do what she needed to do to land Memphis. When I recovered enough to return to work, I finally managed to convince her I was okay and she returned to work too.

She started working longer hours. Then she started traveling for meetings with Memphis execs, all over the world. Some weeks I'd only see her on weekends, and often she had to work then too. I missed her, but I was really proud of her. She was so talented, and it was really cool the way everyone respected her.

Despite being apart we were closer than ever. We did a lot of snuggling and hugging when we were together, a lot of talking and laughing. It was all good, I felt really close to her.

We hadn't had sex since the accident. We'd gotten each other off a few times – once or twice every couple of weeks maybe -- but no intercourse sex.

Why? I think for a lot of reasons. We both had to recover physically. Even after I'd recovered inside, the cast made intercourse difficult. More so though we were recovering emotionally.

There was a lot to process. We'd lost our baby. Should we try to have another one? Most importantly, how did our game factor into that?

We didn't talk about it, but we were still into the game. That type of thing – those urges -- didn't just go away. We both had these intense desires. I knew I did. And I was sure Jen did too. She'd enjoyed the game so much. You can't just turn that kind of thing off.

The fact Tom had gotten Jen pregnant ... that really turned me on and, at some level, it turned Jen on too. Should we explore that fantasy? What seemed like an impossible taboo before didn't seem so impossible now. I could and would accept the baby as my own, no matter where the sperm came from. We both knew that now.

Jen and Allie turned 27 (their birthdays were just a few days apart). Her team stopped working long enough to take them to happy hour to celebrate and they invited me of course.

I camped out at a table. It was too hard to mingle on crutches. Jen sat next to me. I got a scotch. She hesitated, then ordered a Cosmo. She could drink again, there was no reason not to.

"You should take it slow," I said putting my hand on hers. She hadn't had alcohol for months, I didn't want her to get drunk (unless she wanted to).

"I know baby," she said squeezing my hand back.

We got our drinks. The party was at full force by then. "You don't have to hang around me," I said with a laugh. I knew she wanted to socialize, that's how she was.

"I wanna be with you," she insisted.

"We have later tonight," I assured her. "Go ahead, have fun with your friends, it's your birthday." I gave her a grin. "You know I like watching you."

She grinned back at me. It was the first time we'd mentioned the game since the accident. "Okay mister, you asked for it." She got up and did her social butterfly thing.

I loved watching her. She moved around so gracefully thanks to her years of studying dance, like an elegant ballerina. She looked great. She'd gotten more into yoga lately. Exercising was like therapy to her. She had classes on her iPad, so even when she traveled she got in a work out. Her body was as firm and toned as ever. She looked amazing! I'd gained a few pounds since the accident, since I couldn't move around well with the cast. As I often did, I thought how lucky I was to have such a beautiful and sexy wife.

She bopped around and socialized. With her beauty and bubbly personality she was always the center of attention. I got aroused seeing her flirting. Flirting was part of her personality, she couldn't turn it off, but it wasn't too outrageous. Still this was the first time I'd seen her flirting with other guys since the accident, and it got me hard.

Darren was there with Allie. "You doing okay mate?" he said with an affectionate knock on my cast.

"Yeah, I'm good," I said. "How're you and Allie?"

"Brilliant!" he gushed. "She's an amazing girl. I owe you big time for introducing us."

"How're Jim and Stacy?" I asked lowering my voice.

"Still in Australia," Darren said also speaking low. "We email sometimes. Don't tell Allie that okay? It's a sensitive issue."

"I get it. They're okay?"

"Yeah. She's getting big. They talk about getting together after the baby, when they move back to London. They want to continue the relationship. Jim's into that, it gets him really hot."

"I get that," I said my throat going dry. I totally understood Jim. It was just like how I wanted Jen to keep fucking Tom, before the accident.

Darren chuckled seeing my flushed face. He knew this was turning on. He was into it too, and he admitted as much. "It gets me hot too, the BBC stuff," he said. He shrugged. "Allie doesn't want me hooking up with Stacy though. I guess maybe we could swing with Stacy and Jim." He smiled, but it looked like a grimace. "I don't want her with another guy though."

He seemed to remember who he was talking to and looked embarrassed. "Sorry mate," he apologized. "I know that's your thing. But I don't want my girl with other guys."

"That's okay Darren, I get it," I said.

That night in bed I spooned Jen. She was wearing my old college shirt. Often when we spooned I cupped her breasts, but not in a sexual way. But this time I fondled her and rubbed her nipples. I was hot after seeing her flirt and also talking to Darren.

She turned around and we kissed. I was afraid she wouldn't be into it, but it got passionate pretty fast. I knew I was going to get some when she got on her knees and pulled off my shirt.

"I want to be inside you," I told her between kisses. I really did too. We hadn't had intercourse since the accident and I wanted to feel myself inside her.

"I want that too," she said and I could tell she meant it. God that made me feel so good!

Because of the cast we had to do it with her on top. She straddled my lap but she didn't put me inside her immediately. Instead she slowly stroked me.

We were silent for long moments. It was the elephant in the room, and we couldn't put off talking about it anymore.

"Are you back on the pill" I finally asked.

She shook her head no. "I wasn't sure ..."

There it was. Were we going to try again? And how did our game fit into this?

I'm not sure we were ready to decide, or even talk about it. I said, "I should wear a condom."

She hesitated, then said agreed. "Okay," she said. "But not this time. I want to completely feel you in me." She guided me into her.

Oh god. Her pussy felt SO FUCKING GOOD!

"Just tell me when you're cumming okay?" she said.

"Okay," I gasped. I knew I wasn't going to last long.

She moved up and down on me. We were hugging, her face almost touching mine. There was so much love in her face for me. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt, so incredible to be loved by such a perfect girl. I had never been happier in my entire life!

"You're the bravest man I've ever met Mike," she said as she rocked back and forth, so much emotion in her eyes and voice. "I love you so much. I could never love any other man. Never, never ..." We kissed.

"I'm cumming!" I said urgently moments later.

She quickly got off of me. She swallowed me and I finished in her mouth.

I knew she hadn't cum. Did she look disappointed I'd cum so fast? I hadn't given her any chance to cum, I'd been so hot for her.

I went down on her. Afterwards we fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning she left on another week-long business trip. I took my time getting ready for work.

In reality I didn't need to work anymore. I had way more money than we could ever spend, literally lifetimes of money. I had developed the basic concepts of Sapphire back in college. I got patents on them, so I owned Sapphire. Sure, my partners made a lot of money on Sapphire, so did a lot of other people like Darren and all the investors, but I'd always get my share whether I worked or not.

Sometimes I thought about retiring. I loved reading books. I could spend all day in the library reading books, and then come home and make Jen dinner and be with her. Jen could retire too if she wanted but I knew she'd never do that. She wasn't a loner like me who could spend all day alone reading books. She had to be around people, around the excitement. That was okay with me. I wouldn't mind spending my life taking care of her and whatever babies we had. I'd be happy being a Mr. Mom as long as I had her.

I fantasized about Jen with other men. Like, all the time. But especially when she worked late or traveled. Being apart played into my fantasies. I thought about her having an affair, cheating on me. Just the words "affair" or "adultery" got me hot.

I looked in the table next to the bed where we kept condoms. There weren't many left. I decided to stop by the drugstore and get more. I didn't know where this was going but the possibility got me dizzy with excitement.

Given our lifestyle, there were other condoms in the drawer, all XXL. They were for her lovers not me. My small cock would be lost in condoms that size. In a fit of uncontrolled lust, I took those condoms and threw them away. Then I masturbated furiously thinking about Jen getting fucked bareback by another man.

Later at the Duane Reade I bought a big box of the small size condoms. With my lust sated (at least temporarily), some common sense returned so I also bought two boxes of XXL condoms. The cashier was a young pretty girl. She gave me a quizzical look at the different size condoms but was too polite to say anything. I avoided her eyes and tried not to blush.

At home later that night I put the small condoms and one box of the XXLs in the bedside table. I put the other XXL box on the kitchen counter where we drop our keys at night. I didn't want to forget giving them to Jen. I didn't know how many she had in her purse (if any). If we were going to start playing the game again I wanted to be prepared.

She got home and we were busy all weekend. We had a party to go to, and we had dinner with Allie and Darren planned too. Before we knew it the weekend was over. Monday morning I noticed the XXL condoms were gone from the kitchen counter. That night when Jen wasn't looking I checked her purse. The condoms were there. I counted them. All there.

Sometimes I wondered if I would've been as obsessed with the cuckold fantasy if I'd married a different girl, a girl not as pretty as Jen. The cuckold fantasy doesn't work if you don't have a really pretty wife. Any girl – even not so pretty girls – can get picked up and laid if they want. As one frat brother used to say, it doesn't matter what she looks like after the lights are off.

But to really work the cuckold fantasy, your wife has to be REALLY pretty. Because then she's chased and desired by a lot of guys, really hot guys, confident players who don't care she's wearing a wedding ring. These guys not only want to bed her but make her their own, like owning the fastest car or the biggest high def TV.

My Jen was really pretty. And really hot. She was fresh faced and gorgeous. Her soft blonde hair, blue eyes and small breasts made her look younger than she was and achingly innocent. She had a firm butt and amazing long legs. Really incredible legs. She walked on her toes like an elegant ballerina. Her tits were small but, well, I liked that, some guys do. What she had was perfect, rounded and full, with upturned perky nipples. She was truly a wet dream.

She was flirty. She couldn't turn it off. Even before the game, before Ricky happened, she'd flirt with guys while standing right next to me, while we held hands even! She couldn't help herself. She liked male attention. She liked turning heads. When I called her on it, she'd apologize and make up for it (usually with great make up sex), then she'd do it again the next day! That's how she was. I accepted it because I loved her so much.

On top of all that, she was a really sensual person. She really loved sex! Once she got her cum face on she was lost. My cuckold fantasies started because she couldn't resist Colin's body after we'd started going out.

So, would I've been such a cuckold if I'd ended up with someone else? I didn't think so. I'd probably still have fantasies, maybe even acted on some of them. But Jen was like fuel on the fire with me. We played off each other. We were the perfect storm.

The problem with big intense storms though, sometimes the ships end up crashed and broken against the rocks.

We started having intercourse again. The cast made it awkward, but she'd always preferred on top with me anyway. Sometimes we'd do it in our bed, sometimes on the sofa. I liked the sofa better because I could more easily rub her nipples and kiss up her neck, two really big erogenous zones for her.

I was able to make her cum that way. Not always, but sometimes. She always made fun of my fixation on this, saying it wasn't important whether she came on my cock or not. But it was important to me. I'd seen her with her lovers, most recently with Colin. I'd seen how she responded to them. She never responded to me like that, never, not even when we first started going out.

But I could still make her cum on my cock. That meant a lot to me. Because if I couldn't ... well, what use was I to her?

She still had passion for me. Maybe I didn't rock her world like her lovers. But she got her cum face on when we fucked. I saw it in her face, lust for me. That was really important to me. I was her husband. I wanted her to desire me. I might be a cuckold, but I was still a man. I needed to know she still desired me, you know?

We didn't talk about starting the game again. After the accident we were both kinda hesitant. I was going crazy horny though with her away so much, fantasizing about her all the time. I wanted to start playing again. She did too I think.

A few weeks ago she was in Chicago (or SF or LA, I don't remember). We were talking after work. We always spoke at least once a day when she traveled. We both needed the connection.

I was feeling horny. I asked "Any one hit on you today?" I laughed to make it sound like a joke.

"Nope, in an office all day long," she said with a laugh back.

"So you haven't met anyone interesting at Memphis?" I asked. "Interesting" of course meant someone she wanted to fuck.

"No, I'm too busy for that," she said with another laugh. "Anyway, Memphis is a lot different from Google, way more conservative." She paused and when she spoke next I heard an interested smile in her voice. "Are you playing with yourself?"

We rarely had phone sex. I guess we both thought it was kinda silly. But here she was definitely ratcheting up our conversation. In truth I wasn't playing with myself. But now I undid my pants and took out my cock. "Yeah I'm horny," I said slowly stroking myself.

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