tagErotic CouplingsConstance: A Recent Tasting

Constance: A Recent Tasting

byGlobal Carol©

First story. I have lots of ideas for flashbacks, but this story might not deserve it.

Fighting his second cold of the season Gil came home from work early, deciding to get to bed and stay there until he felt well enough to face the world. On his way to his apartment, as he was getting the mail out of his mailbox, he first laid eyes upon her.

She wasn't the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but she gave a new meaning to the phrase "eye-catching." A stereotypical Southern California blonde cheerleader type plus ten years. The years had been kind to her: little turned-up nose, wide-set haunting blue eyes, soft, full lips with a toothpaste-commercial smile. From the rear she looked like an aerobics teacher, slender and short-waisted, tight athletic back and hips with small, firm buns and long legs for her very compact frame.

But her most outstanding feature-by far the most outstanding feature he'd seen on any woman's body-was her chest. She had the largest breasts he'd ever seen. They gave the impression of floating like water balloons on her rib cage. If you could measure how far in front her tight t-shirt was standing from her solar plexus, it was a good six, seven inches. Her shirt must have been a man's large and it was still straining at the seams. With the breeze forcing the material against her it looked as though someone had taken two large grapefruit or even small cantaloupes and then built a bra to hold them.

After regaining his breath he stupidly blurted out, "Uh, how ya' doin'?"

To his surprise she responded warmly, "I am wonderful. I'm taking the next few days off to do nothing but relax."

"Yeah, you been working hard?" he asked, working hard himself to prevent his rapidly accumulating sea of saliva from becoming the drool of an idiot.

"I have been killing myself. My accounts at the office have been asking for the world and my boss told me to give it whatever it takes to satisfy them. I finished my last deadline earlier this afternoon and now I am taking a much-deserved rest."

"Well, I hope the R&R is just what the doctor ordered," he said, trying to think of something witty to say that would get her name and phone number. "By the way what's your name? [Yes, a veritable bard!] I don't think I've seen you around here before?" And believe me, miss, he thought, if I had seen you I would have remembered every inch.

"My name is Constance, Constance Larsen. What's yours?"

"I'm Gil, Gilbert Peters. I've been living here for close to six years and there has never been a more attractive woman in this complex than you." As soon as the first half of that sentence was out of his mouth, he wished he had said something more original. He really wanted to come off as being a little hard to get. Right!

"Well, Gil, thank you. It's been nice talking with you, but I do want to get some rest so..." she trailed off as she was leaving the mail foyer.

"You know," she continued, as she was walking out, "my roommate has been a real trooper recently, putting up with my odd hours and I am making dinner for her and her boyfriend this Friday. Would you like to come?"

"I'm there." [Real hard to get.] Yes! he thought, his prayers were not in vain. "Sure. That would be great."

She gave him her phone and apartment numbers. "I'll see you at 6:00 on Friday."

He watched her walk away and wondered what she would look like in a bikini, in the nude, hell, in combat fatigues! A few minutes after she disappeared around the corner he felt that his erection had subsided enough to get to his apartment without doing any long-term damage to his cock.

By Friday his cold had gone and he was ready for dinner with Constance and company. His heart was beating faster than usual when he showed up at her place with a couple of bottles of wine and some flowers, palms somewhat damp. Though not seriously expecting anything from the evening, as a just-in-case he hadn't jerked off since he'd seen her. That tension was adding to his nervous anticipation. Constance was looking forward to the evening in what was for her a very familiar, comfortable and stimulating excitement.

Before opening the door she checked herself in the mirror: a soft white dress that if possible made her breasts seem even larger than the tight shirt she'd had on when she met him. Perfect!

As Gil gave her his gifts she explained that her roommate and her boyfriend had to leave suddenly because of a family emergency. It was just going to be dinner for two. He decided that the gods were smiling down upon him. Little did he know.

Listening to some soft, corny, romantic music, they ate for a couple of hours and enjoyed both bottles of wine with their meal. The conversation actually sparked between them and things became very comfortable. As they were finishing with some expensive hand-made chocolates for dessert she brought out a bottle of cognac along with some more dark coffee. They adjourned to the living room, lit a fire, and sipped their cognac. She then got up, went to the dining room table and brought in the box of chocolates.

"I couldn't eat another thing," Gil protested.

"I just want a little more dessert," Constance countered and sat down next to him.

She had been friendly all through the evening, but had not alluded to anything more; Gil figured that this first evening with her might-all that alcohol notwithstanding-just wind up being the last. It was a shame, he thought, his eyes resting on her wide, pouty lips which he might never even get to touch.

As she sat down close to him, the look on her face changed. She'd been preparing for this night all week, what to wear, what to make for dinner, basically, how she was going to seduce this new guy, and how she was going to satisfy herself by doing it.

Like most red-blooded men he enjoyed pleasure in receiving oral sex. More so than some other men Gil was a lover of not just a good blowjob, but a women who at least gave the impression of enjoying giving one. Better yet was finding a true cock lover. He could not have known how fortunate his meeting Constance was though. Constance was one of those rare women for whom the male orgasm can in itself be the trigger for her orgasm.

For Constance it all came to cum. And cum, the male sexual fluid in all its variations, the appearance, the texture, the oiliness, the smell, and especially the taste, always caused her to have her own long, hard shuddering, orgasms. Nothing below her waist did that to her. While her luscious, extraordinarily large and natural boobs did on occasion produce a pretty good little cum when manipulated in just about any manner, nothing below her neck could make her cum like cum.

"I love chocolates," Constance told him, "especially these cream-filled ones." With that she took one out of the box and bit into it, the cream filling sticking to her lips as she pulled the chocolate away. Her tongue then made a small gesture around her lips to get the rest of the cream filling lazily hanging there.

Gil was fixed to his seat. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. (He was reminded of that old joke: "My wife can predict the future. Seriously, she can tell me if I'm going to get laid tonight!" But back to business.) He almost creamed in his pants when her pink tongue had finished its slow, sensual trip around her lips. He didn't even notice that she had unzipped her dress while eating the chocolate. She was sitting there in a white bra, panties, and heels. This bra was a sight to behold. It seemed to be holding back an ocean of tits. Now that he was taking it all in, he realized that his hard-on was straining at his pants and craved some relief.

Not a second too soon she said, "I like these chocolates filled with cream, but I'll bet they're even better with cream on top too. Would you like to help me out here? How about giving me some more cream, for icing on top?"

Constance was definitely a woman who knew what she wanted, but she had actually found some men who were a little turned off by both her assertive way of making her passion known and then going after and getting it. This always surprised her. Generally, when a woman lets a man know that she both wants to suck his cock and that she swallows, a rapport is reached easily and the man feels like he's hit the jackpot.

With her request for his cum out on the table as it were, she reached into his lap and unzipped his fly. The way she worked his pants down, almost knowing how he would need to move to allow her to slide his jeans down, it was clear to him Constance was not new to any of this. Sliding off her heels, she easily lowered herself to the carpet in between his legs, her knees bent, sitting on her feet. She gracefully pulled out his aching cock and she began to admire it-as though examining something you'd want to savor, the way, in a fine restaurant, you'd look at a beautiful dessert of chocolate cake before deciding how to eat it.

She leaned close to his cock, almost sliding it against her cheek. She inhaled, and loved the musky male aroma. Next she shuddered as she teased the head with her tongue, knowing and actually craving what her talents and her desires would ultimately release from Gil's fine, hard member. Constance never quite understood where this desire came from inside her, but knew it was for her the only true way to please herself. She was a pretty normal in every other sense, she loved fucking, enjoyed a good clit-tonguing session, and when the mood struck her just right, could get off on getting her ass reamed. However, none of those orgasms would ever compare to the ones the sight, smell, touch, and taste of jism gave her. And if the guy was cumming anywhere below her chin, how was she to get to experience the thrill of those senses on her face, around her mouth, on her tongue and in her throat?

Quite suddenly her reverie ended. She needed his orgasmic juices almost as much as she needed her next breath. She licked her lips, opened wide and greedily sucked his dick into her warm, moist mouth. Being a long-time aficionado of this type of intimacy Constance automatically tucked her full lips over her teeth and began to exert pressure on the sensitive underside of the head. She ever so slightly moved her head, maintaining the pressure on that spot below the piss hole while pressing down with her lips from above.

After a few minutes of that along with the use of both of her hands to gently, but firmly make his cock feel as though it was fully engulfed in a cunt, she began to have a small, but very pleasant orgasm. She remembered that line from a Woody Allen movie where several pride of uptight urbanites are arguing about the qualities of an orgasm. When one woman states that she finally had an orgasm and her doctor told her it was the wrong kind, Allen looks at her, smiles, and tells them that all of his have always been right on the money.

It never ceased to amaze her when on the line at the market how many of the women's magazines discussed various techniques for women to use to achieve orgasm. On occasion she might need some additional clitoral stimulation during an anal session, but she never needed anything else when a cock was in her mouth. In fact, she remembered watching the old classic "Deep Throat" when she was in college with some girlfriends and the ensuing discussions about it being a male fantasy: that no woman would be satisfied by a hard cock in her throat with no additional stimulation.

Of course that was before she learned about herself, her desires, and how to achieve them. Right now she was focusing on just one thing: how to get as much cum out of this cock as possible and then to coat this piece of chocolate with it so she could have her first big orgasm of the night. If Gil were up to it, perhaps he could provide her with some more cum later. She knew she was up for it.

Gil was in heaven. This girl knew exactly what a man needed to cum. The way she moved her hands and mouth slowly, with just the right amount of pressure on his cock, was uncanny. Most women he'd been with-even if they really enjoyed giving him a blowjob-were into the "delicacy" of the movements, the way women seemed to do the soft, caressing, sex thing, as he thought of it. Constance, though, was clearly wanting him to cum, and she knew that cute, delicate, loving motions didn't cut it. Period. This was more than a pleasant surprise. With her cantaloupe-sized tits, slight build, and pretty blond head that at the moment was making him somewhat crazy, he felt close to cumming-surprising since he usually liked to lay back with a languorous blow job and just enjoy the feelings and the look of a his cock getting wet, sliding in and out of a babe's mouth. Here, he felt like she was in control and she was the one guiding the orgasm, not him. It all made him more hot and excited than he could ever remember.

"I want to sit here on the sofa," she said, never stopping the application of her hands on his prick, "with you standing in front of me. Then, when you cum, I'll hold a chocolate in my hand and you can cum on it. You don't mind, do you? When I met you the other day I immediately decided that I wanted to suck your cock and taste your cum."

Rather stupidly, his mouth hanging open, all Gil could do was nod.

"You see," she continued, "sucking cock is my second favorite thing to do in the whole world. My most favorite is tasting cum. I know that might sound weird but what can I do? I get off every time I taste cum, see cum, smell cum, or even sometimes feel a guy cum. I love the oiliness and the whiteness, the texture and the smell, but most of all I have an orgasm whenever I taste it. This way, I'll cum when I see you spurt all over the chocolate and my hand. Then I'll cum again when I start licking the cum off of the chocolate and I'll probably keep cumming all the while, slurping up the beautiful white stuff in my hand and licking up my fingers. Then for a final little one, I'll probably cum while I'm sucking your beautiful cock clean. Do you mind indulging me? It's been some time since I've had a cock to suck and I know this will get me off."

What could he possibly say to a woman who not only has the largest tits he'd ever seen, but, more importantly, had a sexual appetite that he'd always fantasized about. Hasn't every guy?

"Get ready for the largest load of cum you've ever seen," he assuredly warned her, feeling a little boastful, simultaneously hoping not to disappoint her.

Gil had always cum in large quantities. Whenever he saw the guys in the porno films, even the ones who were touted as big, voluminous cummers, he didn't think it was anything to write home about. Even the largest he'd seen had been about average for him. Whenever he didn't have sex for a two or three days, he came even more.

Now, he just stood up in front of Constance, holding on to the sofa arm to keep his balance. When he was about to cum, he didn't even have to warn her. She just knew. Constance pulled the cock out of her mouth while bringing her hand with the largest piece of chocolate, looking like a chocolate covered cracker in the palm up in front of her mouth. A moment later when he started to cum, the intensity even surprised him.

The first spurt hit the chocolate with such force that it continued to fly onto her tongue which was extended out touching the side of her palm for just such an eventuality. This kid, Gil thought to himself, knew what she liked-and how to get it.

The second shot of his cream was even stronger. It was also more voluminous. But she was ready for it. She had lowered her palm just a little to accommodate all the cum she could in her hand. Little did she expect of what Gil's production machinery was capable. She was savoring the taste of his first shot and then he saw her whole body shaking like a woman who hasn't cum in months. It amazed and delighted him, especially seeing her beautiful smile with her mouth wide open.

He continued to cum, almost in slow motion. Shot number three hit her upper lip, but fell down onto the chocolate, now turning from a dark rich chocolate color to a piece of chocolate with a white icing. Shots number four and five were solid performers and finally completely covered the inch square of chocolate.

Gil however was far from done. He continued to cum directly on her hand. By the sixth or seventh spurt not only was the chocolate covered, but Constance needed to keep her mind on her fingers and angle of her palm lest any of that precious liquid fall out of her hand.

Her slightly cupped hand continued to fill up, while her other hand continued to jerk him off. He still was shooting, but not strongly, though he knew he had a few more spurts in him. Constance was watching her prize, but not quite yet ready to taste her it. Instead she aimed his last few shots onto her cheek, on both sides beside her nose. It was amazingly canny of her. They were, naturally, smaller than the first shots had been and also thicker with little of the thin seminal fluid. Mainly she deposited three or four almost jam-like drops of sperm on either side of her face above her smiling mouth.

By this time Gil could no longer stand and collapsed onto the sofa next to her, never taking his eyes off her face and hand. He could see her, still quivering, cumming just about as hard as he had, with a look of anticipation on her cum-spotted face. She looked at him and smiled a look of such joy and anticipation that he almost began to get hard again. Constance's breathing was still quite fast and her focus was 100% on her hand, the smell of cum and chocolate, and the pearly white ocean that washed over her hand.

She said two words that Gil had never heard before in this situation. (Most of the time it was from him after a blowjob.) She said, "Thank you."

She then put her lips together as if getting ready to whistle, but instead she bent her head slightly until her lips were just a millimeter above the pool of cum and began to inhale, sucking the cum like a string or piece of spaghetti into her mouth. She continued to suck and her quivering increased. She was having a large orgasm that was just getting rolling.

Her tits were wiggling above the top of the cantilevered bra. Gil needed to see them up close and personal and leaned over to undo the clasp. By this time she had sucked up enough cum to uncover the chocolate. She picked it up with her other hand and put the whole thing, dripping with his sperm, into her mouth. At that moment another orgasm hit her. She rolled her eyes back into her head, closed her eyelids, and just enjoyed the taste, smell, and texture of the cream and chocolate in her mouth. The intensity of Constance's orgasm even amazed her. It had been a long time.

Gil couldn't even move to unhook her bra. He was seeing the most incredibly built woman he'd ever seen in real life and he was immobile.

After a few minutes Constance began to calm down. She began to lick the remains of his cum off of her hands and fingers. When she finished them, she took her newly cleaned fingers to her face and picked up the gobs of cum that were still sitting where she had deposited them earlier. She told him to lay back. As he lay there, she proceeded to put the gobs of cum back onto the head of his already-hard cock and lick and suck them off.

"Not only do you have the best tasting cum I've ever had the pleasure to have, but I've never seen any man cum so much!"

That, Gil thought, is a tough line to follow up. "Thanks," he softly grunted, "I'll bet you say that to all the guys."

"No," she laughed, "I'm serious. Believe me, as I told you this is my cup of tea if you will, my shtick. Anytime you want to unload this cock of yours, day or night, you just tell me. I'll suck you. You can cum in my mouth, a rubber, in a glass, on a cracker, wherever. I'll suck all you can give me and it's a wonder to me that you can give me so much. Boy, that is what turns me on: Cum! I just can't get enough. I've never figured out why this gets me off so much more than any other type of sex, but it does. And I'm not worrying about figuring it out."

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