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Consume My Life


I had prepared myself for that night. Ritualistically cleansing myself till my skin was smooth with only the scent of fresh skin. Recalling how I'd lain naked in the bath, the warm water enveloping me as I slowly touched the places I wanted to feel your lips.

Running my fingers slowly down my neck, the room so quiet I could almost hear my heart beating as it pulsed under my fingertips. Tracing my veins with my finger slowly down my neck towards my heart. Lying still in the bath my hand gently cradling my left breast, cupped around it, my fingers resting on my sternum and sinking slowly down into the bath till the warm water flowed over my face. Hearing and feeling my blood as it pounded in my ears and beating to a steady rhythm into my cupped hand. Stilling my mind, clearing my thoughts of the yearning I felt, the quiet desperation to have you take me quickly and passionately. To have you ease my longing and leave me transformed.

Watching in the mirror as I dried myself, easing the rough towel over my delicate white skin and seeing myself as you would soon see me. Easing my stockings up my legs, positioning the lace carefully over my white thighs. Zipping my skirt up, the split up the side just showing the lace top of my stocking. Slipping on my long black jacket I buttoned it up carefully to cover my naked breasts then slipping into my heels I prepared to leave.

As I entered the club I had hoped to feel your eyes on me. But I felt nothing. I ordered a drink and made my way to a table near the back of the club. The dim lights made it difficult to recognize the faces of the small number of patrons. I sat back sipping my drink, nervously looking around I was sure you were not going to show up tonight. I closed my eyes disappointment welling up inside me.

Hearing a clink I opened my eyes to see you sitting across from me, your face impassive as you struck your nails against your glass again. Barely acknowledging me as I started to stammered out a hello but you raised your finger to my lips to hush my words. My eyes still on you as you rose and made your way towards the very back of the club. Following you passively. As you came to a halt I reached out to slip my arms around you and I could feel your tension. Your hands grasped my arms pulling then down firmly to my sides as you reached down and place your lips roughly on mine. Your tongue searching into my mouth, your lips cold and unkind as you tasted me, pulling me closer to you till you'd backed yourself up against the wall. Releasing your grip you bent to nuzzle into my neck, your fingers unbuttoning my jacket and exposing me.

Your eyes lowering down over my luminous white flesh. Kissing and licking my neck tenderly as you approached where you wanted to be. Releasing my body over to you as I sighed and leaned in towards your lips. My breathing becoming harsher as you tugged your teeth at the skin on my neck. Nipping and pulling at my skin then releasing it and gently licking. My body relaxed in your grip, giving myself to you, and wanting you to take me. Your hands gripping my waist, nearly pulling me up to you as you moaned into the hollow of my shoulder. My hands resting on your hips as you slid your hands up my body and held the weight of my breasts in your hands. Resisting the urge to have your bare skin against mine I stayed passive to your now tender touch. Your soft moans echoing in my ears as you trailed your tongue lightly down my chest and circled it slowly over my hardening nipples. Taking my puckered, pink nipples into your mouth your teeth lightly grazed over them as you sucked.

My breathing fast with longing but knowing that this is your time. My need for you growing as you held me tenderly wanting desperately to scream out for you to take me and to force your mouth to my breast. An aching need growing in my body as I mentally prepared myself to be taken by you. But the time had come, as you ceased your kissing and I felt the pressure of your teeth on the tender skin of my left breast. Holding back my anguished cry as your teeth pierced my flesh and sunk in. Feeling the dull ache inside me as you hungrily consumed me, knowing that if I tried to push you back the pain would increase. But you relaxed, your tension easing as my warm body flowed into you. My head spinning as you took in my eager fluid; I could feel my life transferring to you. I could feel you getting stronger as my energy passed over to you, my body yours to take.

Barely sucking now as you caressed my breasts and let my lifeblood slowly flow into you mouth. Contented, a flush of colour now visible on your face in the dim light. Your hunger dissipating as you drink. Low moans deep in your throat mingled with my weakened sighs. Closing my eyes as a wave of weakness came over me and I sank forward into your arms. Your grip on me tighter, holding me up as you raised your lips to mine. Your cool lips lingered on mine as I searched your mouth with my tongue, sharing the taste of my blood with you. Not noticing your actions until you raised your wrist to my mouth and I felt your warm blood flow into my mouth from the small incision you'd made. Sucking lightly on your wrist clasping it with my hands as I felt the heat rising in my face and a pounding in my ears as your life restored my body. Panting and wanting more, not wanting it to end, you pulled your wrist from my lips and once again lowered your lips to mine.

Our arms slipping around each other encircled in warmth as we embraced and relaxed against each other. Resting my head against your shoulder I could feel the slow beating of your heart and felt calm knowing that I now shared a part of you. That we were now linked by blood and the need for more would draw us back together.

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