tagFetishContacted Through Feedback

Contacted Through Feedback


She contacted me through private feedback from one of my stories. I was as surprised as anybody else would be - I've gotten feedback through the website before, but nothing as immediately direct as this. As I scanned the message, I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I got more and more excited:

(reproduced with permission)

"Well Jack, first I want to say how much I love your stories (I'm a female). Very hot!!! I've thought about this fetish for some time, but you really bring it to life!

I was looking at your profile and noticed that you're in the same area as my sister. I'm visiting her next week. I know this is crazy, but what do you say? Want to meet up?"

I was dumbfounded, definitely not expecting to see this in my inbox early Friday morning. Of course, I needed to know more about this woman; well, that and verify that she wasn't completely nuts.

I replied with an email asking her a few questions about herself: looks, age, what she was looking for. She responded with a few tantalizing pictures of herself (showing herself to be a very pretty blonde), and some details (including her name: Lily) - mid-twenties, married young then divorced, now just looking to explore some fantasies. By our correspondence, she actually seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders, and just wanted to try something out with someone with no strings attached. Myself, I'm single again after a very passionate, but ultimately unsuccessful relationship. Right now, I'm finally open again to have a little fun without looking for anything more (particularly not the emotional weight of a serious relationship). I'd forgotten how much of a thrill I'd get when I went through my "hook-up" phase, and here it was again, with a girl who already knew my fetish, and sounded like she wanted me to introduce it to her. Life can be pretty amazing sometimes.

Lily verified that she was going to be in town to visit family, but was getting in late so she would be booking a hotel overnight and would have the next morning free, so she thought it might be fun to meet me. That actually worked out great with my schedule, so we set it up. She invited me to meet her at her hotel bar (definitely no illusions that this was a date). At that point after we met, if either one of us didn't want to go through with it, there'd be no harm done. She asked me what I looked like, and I told her it'd be more fun to find out in person, but not to worry, no one's ever complained. For her part, she sent me a picture of herself wearing a sundress that she said she would wear in the bar so I could find her easily. Time and place set, I just had to wait in excruciating anticipation for the day.

I arrived at the nice hotel by the airport where she was staying. Making my way to the hotel bar, I was flushed with excitement. It was early in the day, but the breakfast crowd was clearing out so the area was nearly empty, making it all the more striking to see her sitting at the bar by herself. Wow! Lily is a Swedish-American blonde, short to medium height, with great curves and long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She was even more pretty than the pictures that she sent - I admit, I was a little concerned about a bait and switch. As I approached her, she looked up uncertainly, then as it became clear who I was, her face broke out in an incredibly sexy smile as I saw a brief wave of relief wash over her face. Phew - looks like I passed the first test!


"That's me. So this is Lily... you look beautiful."

Lily blushes. "Thanks," she looks me over again, " You look different than I expected."

"Is that good or bad?"

"It's definitely not bad, just different... Let's just say I'm pleasantly surprised."

"Wow, you must have imagined me pretty ugly before. Yet you still came to see me..."

"Not at all, just when I was reading your stories, I pictured them one way, and now I'll have to picture them another."

"Fine, we'll leave it at that before I get too self-conscious."

"Ha! And you talk like you do in your stories."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing, I guess. Just kind of clipped and intense. Just a feeling..."

I'm smiling because this is such a strange interaction for me - I've never actually met anyone in the flesh who has read my stories. And fuck, she is actually pretty hot! "Well, that's because that's how I actually talk. Did you expect me to give some sort of seductive monologue?"

Lily laughs. "No, no, no. Unless you had one in mind."

"Nothing coming to mind right now, but I'll work on it."

We stand for a few seconds in awkward silence, still looking at each other and feeling the situation out.

Lily breaks the tension. "Can I admit something to you? I'm actually crazy nervous right now." I definitely believe her - she isn't as confident as she came off in her e-mail messages to me.

"Yeah, well so am I."

"Really? You make it sound like you do this sort of thing all the time!"

I try to draw her out, maybe add some levity, so I play dumb, "Do what sort of thing?"

Lily looks at me, scrunches up her face and whispers, "Lick girls' asses!"

I laugh, "No, not at all. Not nearly as much as I'd like. Obviously, I do have some experience with it, but it's not like I'm meeting a new girl every night..."

"Well, I know I came off strong in my messages to you, but I've never actually done anything remotely like this before. When I stand back and look at what I'm doing, it just seems so crazy, getting in touch with a stranger I met online, hooking up... I feel like I'm a totally different person. It's just weird."

"Honestly, that's not weird. I feel the same way. But that's part of what makes this so much fun! Getting out of yourself, doing something different, maybe a little out of character. I think you just need to loosen up a bit - can I buy you a drink."

Lily locks her eyes on mine, smiles warmly, and stands up. "You now what? Fuck this. You're right, let's just do it! I don't need a drink, let's just go up to my room and see what happens."

I nod and smile, heart pounding. "That sounds good to me. Lead the way."

She smirks. "So you can stare at my ass?"

"That's one reason. The other is that I don't know where your room is."

Lily laughs and leads us out of the bar, to the elevator. She is visibly getting less and less nervous, and by the time we are in the elevator together, she is becoming very sensual and bold. She leans into me as the elevator doors close, and presses her body into mine as she looks up into my eyes. "Have you ever fooled around in an elevator before?" Her hand runs down to the front of my pants as I let out a gasp and laugh.

"Can't say I have, yet. Would love to try it, though..."

Lily briefly rubs my dick through my pants, but slinks away. "I would too, but right now I'd rather just get back to the room."

I nod and swallow as the elevator gets to our floor. Lily definitely has her confidence back at this point, and she strides down the hotel hallway leading me by the hand. We get to her room, she opens it, then pushes me inside. I have about a second to look around at the suite before she spins me around and plants a deep kiss on me, holding my head to hers with both hands while I run my hands up and down her body. I slide my hands to her legs and slowly raise them up underneath her dress. Her body is incredible: athletic but curvy, soft and smooth. Naturally, my hands run to her ass, and I start to squeeze and knead her butt cheeks as we continue kissing our way to her bed. Lily starts pulling off her dress, and I take her cue and start removing my clothing as well. We are still kissing as she removes her bra; I pull away to get a good look at her: her face is flush as she stands nearly naked revealing two nice tits and sexy, lace pink panties. She closes the distance again and I immediately start rubbing her body as she presents it to me. She is breathing heavily as we grind up against one another.

"Do you want a little massage first, or do you want to just worship my body?" Her eyes are half-lidded as her head tilts up while I nuzzle at her neck.

"No. This is good." I laugh as I started squeezing then sucking both of her good sized tits. "Unless you want me to give YOU a massage..."

"No, this is good for me, too," she laughed, then moaned as I began kissing down her body, eventually kneeling before her and licking and kissing her stomach, then down to her legs, before finally moving up to her thighs and crotch area, pressing my face into her panties. "Oh fuck yes, this is good."

"Turn around," I pulled back and whispered, as she smiled and turned around, her slightly tanned, gorgeous white ass now inches from my face. "I like your tattoo," I remark, tracing the outline of a star in the lower back "tramp stamp" region of her body.


I begin licking and kissing the backs of her legs, up to her inner thighs, and finally start at her butt cheeks. I can hear Lily breathing heavily, and I can't help myself: I spread her cheeks a bit and bury my face in her ass, rubbing it up and down. Lily sighs audibly. Her ass crack is much deeper than I was expecting, and I'm able to pretty much completely engulf my entire face in her butt!

I pull my face out with a gasp, already intoxicated by her butt. "Can we pull these down?" I tug at her pink thong.

"Yeah. Please do..."

So I pull her panties down just below her ass cheeks, spread her butt wide, and pause to marvel at the sight of her beautiful butthole. "Fuck, you know you have a beautiful asshole? Has anyone ever told you that?"

Lily laughs, "No, no one has mentioned that."

"What the fuck is wrong with the guys you're with? Are they all blind?" Lily just smirks and wiggles her sexy ass in my face. "So," I tease. "What do you want me to do?"

Lily looks over her shoulder, and I can see her face is changed, now determined and confident. She has gotten fully into character. My dick jumps in excitement as she sneers at me, "I want you to LICK MY ASS!"

I don't need to be told twice! Without further delay I dive in, licking the entire length of her ass crack in one motion. Lily gasps and tenses momentarily. I do it again. She pushes her butt back against my face. I lick up and down her ass crack for awhile as she gets accustomed to the sensation, before I start focusing my attentions around her asshole. I lick in circles around her anus while she moans softly. I dab my tongue into the center of her butthole, not pushing deep, before moving my face underneath her to get to her pussy a little bit. Lily is already soaking wet - it's clear she's extremely excited by this. I move back and forth between her pussy and ass for a few minutes, just gentle, long, lingering licks on her asshole, then her pussy, then back to her ass. She is REALLY getting into this now, gyrating slightly against my face and tongue, letting me go wherever I want to. "Oh fuck, yes. This is what I've been waiting for... Oh fuck yes, Jack, lick me..."

I lick her like this for a bit before tapping her left leg, "Move this leg up on the bed." Lily moves without a word, so now she has one leg on the ground, one leg up on the bed, and me kneeling behind her, quickly returning to my place. That is when I started really devouring her pretty pink butthole and pussy!

Kneeling here behind her, I notice that Lily is completely in synch with me - like she knows what I'm going to do next. Damn, it's almost like she read my stories or something... I love it. She keeps pushing her butt back, keeping my face firmly attached to her ass. She reaches back and holds my head in there, allowing me to keep my tongue fully applied to her anus and generating friction with her sensuous grinding.

"You really DO know what you're doing, Jack... Damn, this is so good...This is even better than I imagined it would be..."

"Do you want me to do this all day?"

"Oh fuck yeah! Please. This is what I came here for!"

"But what about your sist..." I almost get the joke out. Yeah, I know, bad timing...

"Please stop fucking talking! Just eat my ass out! That's all I want. Mmmm... That's what I came here for..." Lily spreads her left ass cheek wide, and I easily slide my tongue a little in and out of her asshole, easing it in, but not too far. I think the sound of my tongue dabbing into her anus was a real turn on for her, because she started bucking her ass back against my face more insistently! A few more minutes pass with me kneeling behind her and gently prodding my tongue against her butthole before I ask Lily to lie down on the bed.

Lily slows down her rocking against my face and runs a hand over her own face, like she's waking up from a dream. She flips her hair back over her head and looks down at me. "Do you want me on my back or on my stomach?"

"On your stomach."

"Okay." She climbs onto the bed and lays face down, spreads her legs, and begins wiggling her body in anticipation. I immediately climb on the bed behind her and quickly move to bury my face in her ass again! Laying on the bed face down in her booty, I resume licking and sucking her asshole, and of course, tongue fucking her butt, now going deeper than before. She is CRAZY into it, I can feel her soaking pussy as she is grinding her ass on my face while I rub her pussy and clit with my arms wrapped around her hips and hands up underneath her. We are moving in synch for a long time in this position, with Lily raising her ass to meet my mouth when I'm sucking on her anus, and slapping her ass against my face when I am sliding my tongue in and out of her butthole. After a few minutes, she pushes back until she is on her hands and knees, pressing her whole body back against my persistent mouth and tongue. She is gasping and moaning, and really grinding against my mouth to get herself off. I am moaning unintelligibly into her butt, and occasionally glancing at the room mirror on the wall next to us to see myself smiling into her upraised ass. Yummy!

After 10 minutes or so, I pull my face out of her ass. "Damn, girl... Why don't you roll onto your back now..."

Lily energetically flips onto her back and looks down at me between her legs and smiles, clearly relishing the moment and remaining in character, confident and dominant. "I really should make you my body worshipping slave."

"I would love that."

"So would I."

Before we break into talk-session, I am between her legs, licking, kissing, sucking, swirling the alphabet with my tongue. She is moaning and soaking wet with pleasure. After several minutes of straight up pussy eating, I move down to lick her asshole again. Lily opens her eyes for a second to look down at me and smile before closing them again. I lick her asshole a bit in this position, but I know I need better access, so I roll her legs back further while licking her anus. She definitely got the message because she started pulling her legs back more while I propped her ass up with my hands. From this position I just started pounded her asshole with my tongue.

Lily, eyes half-open in pleasure, looks between her tits, up at me. "You like my ass." It's a statement, not a question.

"I fucking love your ass," I murmur between probings, before adding, "You may have noticed, I kinda have a thing for girls' butts..."

She laughs and smiles, pulling her knees toward her chest. "I love how you lick my ass."

"I could do this all day."

"Mmmm. I'd love that." She closes her eyes, licks her lips and moans.

I eat her ass like this for probably 5 more minutes, kissing, licking, sucking, and thrusting from above, while she is smiling and moaning and constantly telling me how much she loves what I'm doing to her.

"I love what you're doing." Pretty hard to misinterpret that statement.

"You like when I do this?" I tease as I run my tongue along her anal rim before slowly sliding it past her anus and deep into her rectum.

"Fuuuuuuck! Yeah! Keep eating my ass!"

After bouncing up and down on her shoulders from this position, I'm pretty sure her back must be getting tired, so I offer a new one. "Do you want to sit on my face?"

Lily's eyes spring open, bright and burning in their desire. "Fuck yeah! Lay down here."

Now it's my turn to get on my back as she straddles my face and brings her nice pink pussy roughly down. Lily is not fucking around! Before I know what hit me, she is grinding herself on my mouth. Lily rides my face for several minutes in a blur, using her hands to push my face where she wants me, grabbing my head and hair with both hands while she brings herself off to an orgasm pretty damn quickly. "Mmmmm.... yes, yes, YES! Oh, yeah, lick me... So good." Well, that was easy... Now I want to get back in her butt.

"I want your ass again. Can you move your legs up here?" I guide her to a squatting position over me, so her asshole is hovering over my mouth. Just reading her body, it's clear that she is eager to get off again - lots of heightened sexual energy to her movements despite her quick orgasm.

"Like this?" She drops her asshole back onto my waiting mouth, and I am again eating some serious ass! I'm licking and sucking her butthole while rubbing her pussy with my fingers. Lily is grinding her ass on my face, and leaning back so I can feel her soft hair brushing against my dick. I stick my tongue out hard and she reads my mind and starts bouncing her ass on my face while I'm inserting my tongue in and out of her hot little pink-pucker! In this position, for whatever reason, my tongue is making a loud, wet sound every time it goes up her ass - very hot! She must think so, too, because she starts slamming that hot ass down against my mouth, hard. She is mumbling to herself with her eyes closed as I reach up and squeeze her tits with both hands, and she lets all of her weight drop so she is fully sitting on my mouth, grinding away.

After eating her butt like this for a few more minutes, I ask Lily to turn around and sit fully on my face. I don't know why I'm so eager to change positions so often with her, but whatever lust fueled energy that Lily was releasing in me was demanding nearly constant motion. Lily must have felt the same energy, because she moved quickly and decisively to my requests, and she eagerly swung her legs around, re-mounted my face and again, the furious rimming continues! I need to lift my head off the bed to really get in her ass at first from this position, but then she sits back on my face and plants her anus on my mouth while I run my hands smoothly up and down her body, moving across her tits, legs and butt. On several occasions, my face is planted so firmly in her butt that I can't breathe through my nose. So hot - fuck! I manage to get enough air to continue to eat her ass for awhile at this angle before moving to yet another position.

"Can you stand against the wall?"

Lily is in a zone of lust, grinding away, but breaks out of it. "Stand against the wall? Okay."

She climbs off me and off the bed and moves against the wall, bending over slightly and standing with her legs spread apart like an upside-down "V".

"Yeah, like that. Thank you." I kneel down behind her again and spread her asshole to get another good look. So sexy! Pretty pink rosebud, just there for me to play with. And before I forget, the taste! Sooooo good! No joke, her ass tasted sweet, and the deeper I went with my tongue, it tasted maybe a little bit saltier, but mostly just very sweet - she must have applied flavored lotions or oils or something earlier this morning, but again, her butt tasted amazing!

In any case, I'm eating her ass from behind again. "Can you spread your ass a little more?" She moves her legs wider. "Can you reach back with your hand and spread it?"

Now she gets it. "Oh, yeah! There you go..." She reaches both hands back and spreads her ass for me. Wow! So fucking hot!!! Here I am with a hot Swedish-American blonde arching her back, thrusting her butt back towards my face, and spreading her own ass cheeks lewdly with both hands to give me a good look at her hot little butthole - I look at her balloon knot for a few seconds before I can't take it and finally dart my tongue back up her asshole. Pound, pound, pound, pound. My face is slapping against her ass cheeks again. Lily is loving all of this, moaning and grunting.

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