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That I was. She knew it and made sure I never forgot it. Yeah, I was a snake that slithered into her bed one drunken night and acted, well, contemptibly. She was drunk, but not drunk enough to ignore my appearance.

It might have gone better if the lights were off, or if she would have continued drinking as I crawled up the curb and into her bedroom. But I could see it in her eyes, in her demeanor as I shed my shirt and unfastened my belt. Oddly, while I found her glistening breasts and stomach enticing, she actually shuddered as her hand slid over my sweaty breasts and large stomach.

Awkward. It was awkward as her hand pressed against my chest, holding me away as she contemplated the night. I guess, after considering how difficult it might be to find a less offensive reptile that late at night, she slid her fingers down my stomach and through my matted pubes whispering, "Okay."

I tried, I tried my best as I slithered over her, my tongue flicking down her salty neck, over the ample mounds of her breasts and onto the pert nipples. She seemed to gag as my tongue coiled around the tiny knobs, but they still hardened as her chest rose and fell, in deep, mournful breaths.

Following a bead of sweat, I serpentined down her body, slinking through the dense, wet forest of pubes and probed into the darkness between her lips. My thin, forked tongue slipped in and out of her before moving upward to flick across her clit. I could feel her move beneath me, but it was restrained as if she hated herself for pressing up to me.

Her moans were muted as her hips lifted from the bed and when she came she immediately clamped her legs shut and turned her back to me. I pressed my scaly skin against her back, my tiny erection poking her thighs as I watched her deal with the revulsion, the revolting idea I'd made her come.

It was several minutes before she rolled back onto her back and opened her legs. I didn't hear her say, "Come on, let's get this over with," but I certainly sensed it as she reached down and took my cock in her fingertips.

Holding her lips open with one hand, she guided me to her. I moved closer and arched my back, pressing my cock against her, feeling it spreading her lips and slipping just inside her opening. It was damp and warm, almost inviting but as much as I pressed against her, my cock wasn't long enough to get more than just the head inside her.

I looked up to her face as I shoved myself as deep as I could into her. Her cruel, inhuman smile mocked me as I began to move my hips. Since my erection was so small, I couldn't really slide in and out of her, I had do move kind of from side to side, sliding my cock around inside her so I wouldn't slip out completely.

It did feel quite good for me, but the bemused look on her face confirmed this wasn't the good fucking she seemed to need tonight. Ignoring her, I simply let the sensation encase me as I moved, my stomach and breasts quivering over her, raining sweat down over her. My breath hissed as I got closer and closer, but just as I was about to come, she pulled back. I gasped as my cock spurted up onto her stomach.

My cum congealed like snot on her stomach, its color looking yellow on her pale white skin. She quickly grabbed a nearby towel, wiped up the cum and then ran into the bathroom retching. I fell onto the bed, coiled up onto my back and tried to catch my breath while listening to her vomit repeatedly.

After a few minutes I could hear water running so I slid out of bed and tapped on the bathroom door. "Are you alright?"

"Ugh," she groaned, "are you still here?"

"I just..." I was interrupted by her retching and vomiting again. "I'm gonna go now."


Sliding my feet, I backed away from the door, eased back into my clothes and then quickly slithered out of her room, across the sidewalk and back into the filthy gutter from where I emerged. As I slipped back into the muck I pondered the events of the evening. In spite of the fact I learned, once again, that I should stick to my own species, that humans were simply too inhuman for real relationships, it was, all in all, an enjoyable evening.

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