tagBDSMContest Extras Pt. 02

Contest Extras Pt. 02


Danielle wrists hung from a hook that was suspended from the ceiling in the middle of Jared's Dungeon. The cuffs were soft leather and absolutely inescapable without help. While Jared had been stringing her up, Violet had been cuffing Danielle's ankles into a spreader bar, wide enough that her pussy lips were left open and vulnerable. As she'd secured Danielle's legs in place, Violet had given Danielle's pussy a quick lick, teasing her swollen clit, and making Danielle's hips buck. She'd started to beg Violet to let her cum, but instead, her friend had stuffed a gag into Danielle's mouth, securing it behind her blonde hair.

The petite Asian was enjoying dominating her friend, having Danielle entirely at her mercy, but begging bored her. She just wanted to toy with Danielle to her heart's content, without hearing any tedious pleas that she had no intention of granting anyway. Keeping Danielle aroused but not allowing her to cum seemed like karmic justice to Violet; after all, that's how she'd felt around Danielle for so long... lusting after her, but never being able to indulge in that lust. Now she was able to do whatever she wanted and she intended to enjoy it.

Off to the side, Jared sat down, watching, content to let Violet run the show for now. She hadn't been tall enough to secure Danielle's arms to the overhead hook, so he'd taken care of that, but now he just intended to enjoy watching the two gorgeous women. He'd already emptied his balls down Danielle's throat and he intended to do a hell of a lot more tonight, but he was also enough of a voyeur to be content sitting out for a bit.

With her body stretched out the way it was, Danielle's big tits were thrust out, her back slightly arched. The long strands of her blonde hair hung down her back, swaying gently as she shuddered while Violet started to play with her breasts. The smaller woman seemed to have almost an obsession with them, which Jared could understand. Violet's tits were much smaller, a nice little handful, while Danielle's mounds overflowed even his big hands. Danielle's nipples were already dark pink and hard from the cruel treatment they'd been given while she was sucking off Jared, but that didn't stop Violet from biting them as she sucked each one into her mouth. Jared could tell when Violet bit down, rather than sucking or licking the little nubs, because of Danielle's muffled cries into the gag. Just watching Violet tormenting her friend like this was already making his dick harden again.

"Yeah, these look like they're ready for clamps now," Violet said with satisfaction as she gave Danielle's tightly budded nipples a pinch. She ignored the pleading noises that Danielle made, going over to the drawer where Jared kept his collection and picking out one of the less severe clamps. After all, she wasn't a total sadist, although Jared apparently was. Violet shuddered just looking at a pair that appeared to have teeth. Ouch! The ones she picked out for Danielle were rubber tipped and adjustable, although Violet didn't loosen them much. She wanted them nice and tight on Danielle's sensitive nipples.

The blonde's juices were already running down her thighs, and soon even more of her arousal would leak from her pussy, as Violet attached the clamps to Danielle's sensitive buds. The clamps were a tight, cruel pinch on her already abused nipples, and tears sprang into Danielle's eyes as she panted through the gag. What was it about her huge tits that made everyone want to abuse them? But at the same time, the pain was also getting her off. Her nipples throbbed, a direct line down to her pussy, and when Violet tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, Danielle's empty pussy clenched and spasmed, trying to cum. and failing.

Lightly running her finger over the tips of Danielle's nipples, which were now ultra sensitive thanks to the bite of the clamps around them, Violet grinned at her friend's shuddering reaction.

"Well, that's your tits taken care of for now... let's do something about that pussy."

Danielle whimpered as Violet picked up a leather strip, about two inches wide and two feet long, including the handle. Swinging it experimentally a few times, Violet grinned at Danielle. The spreader bar had Danielle's legs wide apart, leaving her dripping pussy completely vulnerable. The already swollen lips almost looked like they were begging for attention, and Violet was ready to give it to them.

Standing in front of Danielle, Violet swung the leather up between the other woman's legs . Shrieking into the gag, Danielle convulsed as her pussy pulsed, stinging after the blow. The leather had caught the length of both lips, making them feel even more swollen. They throbbed painfully.


The sound was wet, Danielle's arousal already transferred to the leather from the first blow. She screamed into her gag, pulling at the hook above her, desperate to cover her stinging, fiery pussy lips.


To her shock, she orgasmed on the third one. Everything throbbed... her nipples, her clit, her ass, her pussy... but mostly her pussy. The slaps of the leather were so painful, and yet somehow they were also exactly what her body had needed, balancing out the pain from her other tender areas and mutating it into incredible pleasure.

Violet watched her with fascination, setting the the leather down. She'd almost forgotten Jared was there until she heard his low moan. He was fisting his cock, watching as Danielle came, her writhing slowing until she hung from the hook above her, panting for breath. For a moment, Violet considered climbing onto Jared's big cock... but she was going to have plenty of that later. Still, she wanted to fuck something.

Inspiration struck her as she remembered seeing something that had surprised her in Jared's collection. After all, he was such a Dom... but yes, there it was. A strap-on, with a dildo attachment that would slide into her her and a large cock that she could fuck Danielle with. Perfect.

"Jared, could you take care of Danielle for a few minutes?" Violet asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him. The blonde was facing away from Violet and immediately started trying to twist around to see what Violet was doing, but she couldn't turn far enough.

Seeing what Violet had in her hands, Jared grinned, rising from his seat. His cock jutted out in front of him, hard and ready again, but he wanted to see what Violet was going to do first. Approaching Danielle, he looked her over, appreciating how damn good she looked, all helpless and soft after her orgasm. Her nipples had turned a dark red in the clamps and her pussy was a dark pink from its spanking. Fucking hot.

Unlike Violet, Jared liked listening to a woman cry out, so he took off Danielle's gag before releasing her nipples from the clamps. She whimpered and then cried out as he sucked the tortured buds into his mouth, one by one, sending blood rushing back through the crushed tips. His gentle suckling eased some of the pain, but only so much.

Once her cries had lessened, he moved his lips down her body, his hands sliding between her legs to cup her ass. He dug his fingers in rather cruelly, enjoying the sound of her moan as he knelt between her spread thighs, his tongue sliding between her pussy lips to taste her cream. Danielle moaned. Although Jared's fingers were harsh on her ass cheeks, which had finally started to recover from being spanked, his mouth brought only pleasure to her poor pussy. She rocked against his tongue, eager for more of his touch there.

His fingers slid back and he coated them in her juices before pressing two to her asshole.

"Oh no!" Danielle squealed, twisting, but there was nowhere for her to go and his fingers pressed inexorably into her tight hole. Nothing had been in her ass since Karl had popped her anal cherry, and Jared's thick fingers stretched the nearly-virgin hole in a painfully pleasurable manner. She couldn't forget how much it had hurt when Karl had shoved his cock deep into her chute, but she also remembered how shockingly intense the orgasm had been when she'd cum. Right now she was having trouble deciding if she liked it or not, as Jared sucked her clit into his mouth while his fingers began working her tight asshole. Her body clenched as she moaned, whimpering as he twisted his fingers, making her sphincter burn as the muscle was forcibly stretched. He sucked hard on her clit and she jerked as the pleasurable tension built in her body.

Suddenly, Violet's hands were on her hips, moving down to her ass and pulling the cheeks apart. "Move your fingers, Jared, I want to fuck her ass."

"Nooo... please Violet," Danielle moaned as Jared's fingers slid from her hole, leaving it stretched and ready.

Reaching around Danielle's body, Violet pinched Danielle's sore nipples, making her shriek and push her ass back at Violet, like she was begging to be impaled.

"You thought you were a dirtier girl than me, didn't you?" Violet asked, lining up the thick plastic dildo with Danielle's ass. Her own pussy clenched around the thick cock attached to the inside of the hardness as she prepared to violate her friend. "You thought you were soooooo much more sexually adventurous... but you always thought you were too good for anal. You acted like I was so gross for enjoying it... but I know your secret, Danielle." Violet thrust, pushing the well lubricated cock halfway into Danielle's tight hole, enjoying Danielle's soft scream and the way her body shuddered against Violet's. "I know that you liked what Karl did to you."

Violet shoved the rest of the way in, filling Danielle's hole completely. The dildo she'd chosen was actually smaller than Karl's cock, but it still felt plenty big to Danielle right now. Tears, some of pain and some of shame, started to drip down her cheeks. She really had been kind of mean to Violet about liking anal sex in the past, and now it seemed she was going to pay for it. Her inner muscles burned as the dildo slid past them, back and forth, Violet moaning as she gripped Danielle's massive tits and used them for leverage, shoving deep into Danielle's ass with each stroke.

"You girls," Jared murmured in amusement, shaking his head as he got to his feet. He had to bend his knees to line up his cock with Danielle's pussy.

Looking up at him with pleading eyes, the blonde whimpered as he pressed the head of his dick against her pussy. Catching her mouth with his, he savored her scream as he pushed deep into her pussy, just as Violet was pulling out.

It took a few faulty thrusts that filled Danielle to the brim before the two managed to get a rhythm going, Violet pulling out as Jared was thrusting in, Jared's cock receding as Violet's strap-on impaled Danielle again. Between them, Danielle was choking on sensation, completely overwhelmed by thrusting poles, the way she'd been completely and utterly filled. She'd never experienced anything like it. Both of her holes felt stretched to the maximum, she felt like she was so stuffed full that anything more and her body would have burst at the seams. Her tits rubbed against Jared's chest, his wiry hair abrading her sensitive nipples, while Violet began to spank and slap at Danielle's ass while she fucked it.

The line between pleasure and pain blurred as Danielle was used by her two friends, her body completely helpless to resist the assault, vulnerable to however they wanted to abuse or pleasure her. Her ass spasmed, her pussy clenched, and she screamed as her orgasm crashed into her, so much more intense than the one she'd experienced while Violet had been slapping her pussy. Now she was full, the slick glide of cocks rubbing over her nerve endings, sending her on a wave of ecstasy that had her seeing actual bright, white stars dancing in her eyes.

Jared and Violet kept fucking her, kept filling her ass and pussy, while Danielle's orgasm rolled on and on, leaving her choking and writhing between them. Just before she passed out, she felt Violet's assault on her ass become even more intense as Violet began to cry out in ecstasy.


When Danielle woke up, she was lying facedown on a horse bench, which she was tied to, and there was a glass of water with a straw near her mouth. The sound of sex filled her ears. Greedily sucking at the water, she blinked and focused on Violet, who was on her back being soundly fucked by Jared. Danielle could only assume that he hadn't finished in her pussy before she'd passed out and had decided to use Violet for relief. Seeing her tiny friend being speared by the huge black cock, Jared's large body nearly covering Violet's completely, was really fucking hot.

Violet was crying out, writhing underneath him, while Jared's tight ass clenched and unclenched as he drove into her, his big hands holding her wrists down above her head.

Wriggling on the bench, Danielle could feel her pussy getting wet again as she watched, despite how sore she was. But she kept quiet... no need to get their attention right now. She was sure that they weren't done with her yet and her poor body could use the extra rest for as long as she could get it.

Plus, she wanted to watch Jared fuck Violet some more.

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