It all started about a month ago. My fiancé Sara and I had been living together for over 4 years, but that day she decided to end it. I was depressed about it, but what can you do? If someone doesn't want to be with you, you can't force them to. She went to live at her parents' house until I found a new place to move to. A week later she must have been feeling guilty because she told me the reason why she broke up with me: she had been cheating on me with my best friend. I was obviously pissed off, and I cut myself off from that group of friends entirely. I mean, if they knew about this and didn't tell me, how good of friends were they in the first place?

Well after all of that I was driving home from work one night, and all of a sudden I saw these lights flashing off in the distance. They were close to the ground, and I thought maybe someone had gotten into an accident. I drove toward them to see if I could help out. That was when it happened. The light rose off the ground and sped straight at me unbelievably fast. In a second they were above me.

I looked up and saw a big metal shape that could be only one thing, aliens! I always wondered if there might be life on other planets, but I never thought I'd ever actually see a UFO in person. All of a sudden this blue light beamed down from the spacecraft and totally enveloped my car. Everything just went dead at that moment, my radio, my headlights, the engine died, everything. I felt a slight jolt and realized that my tires were being lifted off the ground.

Oh my God! I thought, I'm being abducted! It took about five minutes for my car to be pulled up into the alien ship. I was terrified. If you believe most of what you hear about alien abductions, you know that weird experiments and even death can happen during them. When my car stopped moving and I heard the clunk of metal coming together, I got out of my car and looked for someway to get out of this situation.

There was none.

A door started to open across the room. This is it. Well I won't go down without a fight at least. I ran over to the door and prepared to jump on whatever popped out of it. I only made it halfway. For some reason my legs stopped running and I just stood there in the middle of the room. The alien came through the door and I got my first look at it. It really wasn't much different from how humans look. Its head was longer, its body was smaller, and its arms and legs were shorter than what a human's would be, but you could see the resemblance, almost as if they were distant cousins.

"What do you want with me?" I asked nervously.

I merely wish to say "hello" as you humans call it. Do not worry, I will not harm you. The alien had spoken, but its lips weren't moving. I was hearing what it said inside my head.

"You speak telepathically?" It was both a question and a statement.

Yes my people have developed the use of our brains to a fuller degree than our cousins here on Earth. On of my missions here is to help you humans realize the full potential of your mind. You will help me in this.

"Well. Ok I guess. But what can I do to help you?"

Just work with me and I will unlock the power of your brain. Then you will return and help the rest of your people find their own power.

"Sure. After all, what do I have to lose?"

* * *

Three weeks later I was back. The power was incredible. I could see into peoples' minds and read their thoughts. I also found that if I concentrated enough, I could plant commands into them. People would follow the commands, thinking that it was their own idea. After some practicing I could even control whole groups of people.

* * *

My phone rang, waking me up from a light sleep. It was Sara. She wanted to know if she could borrow my stereo for a party she was throwing for the girls on Saturday. "I can bring it over then. Don't worry." A plan was already forming in my head about how to exact punishment on my cheating ex.

* * *

Saturday arrived clear and sunny. Being in the middle of July it was also hot and humid. Sara's party was starting at 4 P.M., but I wanted to be sure that everyone who was supposed to be there was there, so I waited until 5 to show up. As I pulled up the long drive to what used to be our nice house out in the country, Sara came down off the deck and was waiting for me as I pulled over to park in the grass by the cars already there. Sara had her hands on her hips and looked ready to kill. I always thought she looked sexiest mad. She was 23, stood about 5'6", had long blond hair, green eyes, and an almost perfect set of 36 C breasts. She was wearing a two-piece dark green swimsuit that accentuated her blond hair and great chest. I quickly sent her a command to calm down, and be glad to see me. Her expression instantly softened, and as I got out of the car, she even hugged me.

"It's good to see you," she said.

"It's nice to be home," I answered.

"Lets get the stereo set up and you can say hi to the girls."

"Whatever." I had no intention of setting up the stereo, but it was a good cover story. I carried the stereo up to the house and climbed the stairs to the deck. Sitting there chatting were the girls that I used to call friends: Jen, Sara's 20-year-old sister; Gina, 22 years old; Roseanne, 39 but she looked only in her late twenties; and Julia, 23 the same age as Sara and I. Jen was wearing a conservative one-piece black swimsuit that still managed to show off her long legs and smaller 34 B tits. Jen was 5'8", the same height as me, with brown eyes, and had strawberry blond hair. I had always had a secret fantast to fuck Jen, but I was loyal to Sara so I never acted on it. Gina was a small woman. She only stood 5'2" and had 32 A breasts.

She had brown eyes and was sort of plain looking. The feature that made up for this was her hair. It was brown and very long. It came down to the small of her back and had a natural waviness that made you wand to sit and run your finger through it for hours. She had a cutsie pink and red polka-dotted bikini on. Roseanne was almost twice the age of everyone there, but she acted like she was still in college, and looked like it too. She was 6' even, with blond hair down to her chin line. Her most obvious feature was her chest. She had gotten implants and wasn't afraid to show them off. They measured in at a 36 DD, and were almost popping out of her tiny red bikini. Julia was probably the best looking one of them all. She had natural deep red hair that spiraled down in curls to he shoulders, a 36 C chest, stood at 5'6" and had a face to melt over. She had on a light blue one-piece that had mesh inserted in its midriff. She also had her belly button pierced.

"Is this a good place for the stereo?" I asked getting an eyeful of these gorgeous women.

"Sure. Hook it into that outlet over there," Sara said.

I headed over to the outlet and set the stereo down. Ok, now or never, I thought. I put a command for Roseanne to bump her arm up against her tits to hopefully pop one of them out of that ridiculously small suit. Her arm came up underneath her chest and not only did one pop out, but they both did. Even being fake those tits were good looking. She realized what happened and tried to stuff herself back into her suit, but before she could I sent a command that Gina go over and start to suck on them. As Gina was moving I commanded everyone to watch, but think that nothing was wrong, and to even get aroused themselves. I had Roseanne grab Gina head as it came in and run her fingers through Gina's long hair. Gina was sucking away on one tit and had started to fondle the other with one of her hands. Roseanne stopped playing with Gin's hair long enough to reach behind and undo the top she had popped put of. She then reached over and undid Gina's top, exposing a set of tiny but cute tits. Roseanne started to cup these and play with Gina's nipples.

While this was going on I had Sara and Julia start stripping each other. It was all I could do to restrain myself from joining in and having my way with Julia, but I didn't want to start with her. I had someone else at the head of my list. I told Sara and Julia to continue on this course and I headed over to Jen. Jen whom I had fantasized about since I had noticed she had turned into a woman. I took her hand and lifted her to her feet. I just told her to follow my lead. I kissed her and she kissed back with such passion that it surprised me. She must have been enjoying the show that Gina and Roseanne were putting on. They were in a 69 now, and both of them were moaning loudly. I put my hands on Jen's shoulders and gently pulled down the swimsuit she was wearing. I had to stop halfway through because her breasts enraptured me when I freed them.

They weren't the biggest or the cutest that I had ever seen, but they were absolutely flawless in my mind. Her nipples were hard and surrounded by areolas that were about an inch in diameter. I couldn't resist, I had to suck on these magnificent tits. I cupped her left tit with my hand and started to lick and suck on her nipple. Then I felt her hand on mine, trying to push it away. Was she resisting my commands somehow? I removed my hand to see what she wanted, but she just put her hand where mine had been. She was offering herself to me! I started to suck even harder, goaded on by her actions. While I was doing this I pulled off the rest of her swimsuit and dropped it down to her ankles. She deftly kicked it away so she wouldn't trip. I reached a hand up between her legs and started to run my fingers over her pussy. She was already starting to get wet I found.

I picked her up and carried her over to a sturdy looking reclining lawn chair. I laid her down and kissed my way down her body to her pussy. As soon as my tongue found her clitoris she arched her back and let out a huge moan. I kept licking and sucking on her clit, and I inserted a finger into her pussy. She jumped and started to shake and squirm her hips. I held her in place with my free arm and continued to work her pussy. I put another finger in and started to swirl them in a circle around inside her pussy while I continued licking her clit. By now she was bucking and jerking her hips so much I could hardly hold on to her. She reached a frantic pace and grabbed my head and pushed it as hard as she could into her pussy. Then she had her first orgasm. She let out a scream that sounded almost as if she was in pain and then kept screaming at a lower pitch for about a minute after that. I continued to work on her pussy during this, and didn't let up until she stopped screaming.

"I need you inside me now," she said. It sounded almost as if she was begging for it. Well I wouldn't argue with her at all. I positioned my not too large-not too small 5.5" cock in front of her pussy and gently tried to inch my way in. I guess she had other ideas though. She grabbed my hips and pulled me all of the way into her in one thrust. She let out a small yelp of pleasure mixed with pain and then started to rock her hips in rhythm with mine. We became a piston and cylinder, me pulling out partially and thrusting back in, her moving her hips to take the full thrust as deep as she could. I bent over to suck on her tit while I was fucking her, and she again cupped herself with her hand to help me suck on her better. She was moaning and shaking again, and I felt my own orgasm coming, so I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders.

I then thrust as hard and as deep as I could. She yelped again, and told me to go faster. I pumped her as fast as I could, making her scream with every thrust. She then let out another of her almost pain filled screams and came again with such intensity that she started to cry a little. She wasn't hurt, just at total fulfillment of pleasure. Seeing and hearing this brought on my own orgasm. I thrust as deep as I could and held myself there as I shot off the most cum I had ever felt coming out of my cock. I held her there until my cock had finished jerking around and then pulled out. Jen was totally spent, she was just lying on the lawn chair in a light daze, her eyes unfocused and staring off into space.

I looked at the two couples of women to decide who would be next. My decision was made for me however, because Roseanne and Gina came over to me. They knelt down and started to clean the mix of cum and pussy juice from my cock. They both ran their tongues over it and took turns sucking on it. After a few minutes under their ministrations I was back up and hard again. I pulled Gina to her feet, turned her so that she was leaning over the deck table, and gradually pushed myself into her pussy doggy style. Roseanne jumped up on the table and shoved her pussy into Gina's face. I grabbed a large handful of Gina's luxurious hair and pulled her head back as I rammed her pussy. I let just enough tension out on her hair so she could go back to working on Roseanne's pussy again. I looked into Roseanne's eyes as I pumped Gina and saw them full of longing; Gina's tongue and fingers just weren't enough for her. "You're time will come," I said. "Lets finish of Gina first."

Roseanne jumped off the table and I pulled Gina back from the edge of it. She could still support herself on it, but she was exposed to Roseanne below her now. Roseanne started to suck on Gina's tiny tits and then moved down to flick her pussy while I continued to fuck her from behind. In record time Gina started to buck her hips back against mine, moaning and shuddering. She let out a deep long sustained moan and then went limp. I had wanted to cum inside her too, but since I wasn't close yet I decided just to move on to Roseanne.

She was looking at me with pure lust. I've never seen a woman who wanted to be fucked more than she did at that moment. She pushed me onto my back and jumped on top of me. She drove my cock into her pussy and started riding me. This is my favorite position because I have the best access to a woman's tits this way, and I love to suck on them while I'm having sex. I sit up and grab one of her tits. She keeps rocking her hips getting as much friction as she can while I start sucking on her tits. The implants make them harder than normal, but I don't mind. She keeps rocking her hips and I keep sucking. She starts moaning and arching her back.

I lay back down so she can get the full stroke she desperately wants, and play with her tits with my hands. I start feeling my orgasm starting again just as she is almost at hers. She starts moving her hips furiously, so fast that I can't touch her or she might drive my hands into her with the force of a punch. She is moaning and saying, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God." over and over again. I've never seen someone move this fast. She starts screaming then, small screams that build up into a massive long yell of pleasure. I grab her arms and pull them out to her sides, and then I spear myself into her hard and deep. I do this again and again, making her let out a second long scream. I feel myself start to cum and I hold her arms while she sits impaled on my cock as I shoot cum deep into her.

Now it's time for Julia, I thought. Sara was busy sucking on Julia's tits and pumping her fingers into Julia's pussy. I went over to Julia and put my cock in front of her mouth. She snatched it up and started to suck on it. After cumming twice it took longer to get myself hard again, but watching Sara work on Julia's tits and pussy and Julia's moans that vibrated her mouth around my cock got me standing at attention soon enough. I had Julia and Sara get into a 69 with Julia on top, and I knelt down and started fucking her doggy style. As I pulled out I could feel Sara's tongue run across my cock and then I would push back in and Sara would move to Julia's clit. I told Sara to just concentrate on Julia as I kept fucking her from behind.

By this time Jen had recovered and came over to help out. I had her run her hands over Julia's back and ass, then I had her put a finger into Julia's ass while I fucker her. She did it slowly, letting Julia get used to her finger, then started pumping it and pressing it against the thin wall between her finger and my cock. Julia was going wild, she had three people concentrating on her pussy and ass, and her body just couldn't take it. She went into orgasm overload, shaking uncontrollably and babbling incoherently. She jammed herself back against us and then lay still, totally spent. I pulled out of her and rolled her off of Sara. She just flopped over and didn't move, we had fucked her unconscious.

"Now it's your turn," I said to Sara. I lay down on my back and told Sara to sit on my cock backwards. She got down into position, but before she could get me into her pussy I grabbed her ass and shoved my cock all the way into it. My cock was still wet from Julia's pussy, but I knew that forcing my cock all the way up her ass so quick would hurt. She let out a howl of pain and started to whimper, but she recovered fairly quickly. I looked up to see why and saw that Jen was licking and sucking on her sister's pussy. This I hadn't even dared to fantasize about. Sara started to bounce up and down on my cock. Jen had three fingers in Sara's pussy and would wrap them around my cock through Sara's pussy wall.

I wrapped my arms around Sara and held her as I thrust myself as deep into her ass as I could. Sara was moaning in orgasm by now, but I wasn't finished with her yet. I brought both of us to our knees, and then I stood us up. I slapped her ass hard, leaving a red handprint on it. Startled she let out a yelp. I had Jen then start whacking Sara's ass every time I pulled back. Soon Sara's ass was nothing but a large red welt and she was starting to really cry out in pain. I had Gina take Jen's spot giving Sara spankings, while I put Jen underneath Sara and had her start working on her pussy again. This mix of pleasure and pain really got to Sara. She started to huff and let out deep moans and slam her ass against my cock. She came fast and hard; grabbing her sister's head and shoving it as deep into her pussy as she could.

Gina stopped spanking her, but I kept ramming my cock as deep into her ass as I could get it. I had my hands clenched on her now red and sore ass and was just hammering her. I grabbed her shoulders and speared her so deep it almost hurt my balls they were pressed between us so tight. I let out a roar from deep within me and came in her ass. There wasn't much in there after cumming twice, but I held her in that position and that deep for over a minute. She was squirming and trying to get away, but I needed to show her who was boss. Finally I let her go. She dropped to the deck and lay there, worn out and bruised by what had just happened.

"Well it was good seeing you ladies," I said with a smile. "Maybe we can do this again sometime." With that I got dressed and left.

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