My second story. Again all feedback and criticism is welcome. Please take a moment to tell me what you really think about this and if you would please check out my other story. I don't know if any women responded before but I am eager to hear a woman's point of view on these stories. This story is also about 95% true.


My name is Kevin. I'm 32 years old and I live in San Diego and attend Thomas Jefferson School of Law in downtown San Diego. It's my second year and if I'm lucky I'll be a lawyer sitting behind a desk taking advantage of the country here in a few years. I always tell people that when I become a lawyer I will sue a squirrel if it looks at me cross eyed. Jaded is my middle name. Long gone are the days of my youth filled with the bliss that only ignorance can provide. Unfortunately when the ignorance faded it began a journey of bitterness and anger that has created the future lawyer that I am today. But I digress. This story is not about my hatred of the world or our government.

Unless you're an engineer, scientist, or get lucky enough to get a government job then San Diego is not the best job market in the world. So when I moved to San Diego with nothing more than a few dollars and a degree in Sociology (thanks for the worthless 50K degree University of Central Florida and counselors) my job prospects were limited. I had moved to San Diego on a whim after visiting a few years earlier. I didn't know anyone nor did I have any connections. It was only a few months into my life there when I realized that my particular degree was a worthless piece of paper and the only way I was going to make it work for me was to continue my education. That is how I ended up in what I now consider to be one of the most evil professions of all time.

So there I was 30 years old and selling cars in San Diego. A college graduate doing a job that someone out of high school could get. The first few weeks on the job I kept telling myself it was temporary. I made an effort to become somebody I was not. When I got to work I flipped a switch inside my head and instantly became what appeared to others to be a mysterious, unfriendly, and brooding loner. People realized it was not me in time when they would watch me with customers. Just as I flipped the switch to not let any of my co-workers know the real me I would also flip a switch with customers and become the nicest car salesman they had ever met.

There's a lot of downtime for car salesmen. Albeit rare there were days where we did not see a single customer. I would go to work and be cordial with my co workers but during the down time I would make an effort to avoid them. I would smoke in the parking lot by myself and take long walks. Other times I would sit at my desk and doodle or read trying to pass the time until I was off or a customer showed up. This behavior did not go unnoticed for long.

I first noticed Christie on my second day at the dealership. She was a tall girl, probably about 5'10, enormous tits, dark almost black hair going past her shoulders and almost halfway down her back. I had always gone for the more petite and tiny girls but Christie changed that for me. She had an incredible ass that was bigger than anything I had ever touched and yet due to her height and frame she carried it great. If I had to compare her to someone I would compare her to Marilyn Monroe only a slightly bigger frame. She was not fat at all and I remember one of the older salesman saying "That's how a woman should be built" in reference to her one day.

Christie was 26 years old and she was the DMV clerk at our dealership. She worked a 9-5 and over time I noticed she only spoke with select employees on the sales side. She would talk to the managers and only a few salesmen. It was obvious she was a little stuck up or so I thought at the time. Lucky for me she was a smoker which is how we started talking.

I had been there for about 3 months and Christie and I had only exchanged smiles and the customary good mornings and good nights when she would be leaving. She was never rude to me and I was never rude to her but I got the feeling she could care less to get to know me. Then one day she turned that idea upside down. Our employer had just established smoking areas for us. No more walking around the lot smoking. Now we had to all gather in one of several areas out of sight of the customers. After all nothing is more offensive in California than a cigarette smoker. That is how Christie and I found ourselves smoking together one afternoon.

"Can I ask you a question?" she said.

"Sure what's up?"

"What's your problem? Why don't you talk to anyone?" Christie asked.

I stood there for a few seconds just staring at her trying to think of a good answer that would get her to leave me alone. After a few seconds of silence with her staring at me waiting for an answer I decided to just stick with the truth.

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money. I just want to come in here and do my job. No one was friendly to me when I started here and some of those jerks inside treated me like shit. I don't plan on being here that long either."

"I've heard that before, Kevin. People come into this business because they can't find other work and then they realize they can make a decent living if they can put up with the shit. Most lifers in the car business stumbled into it just like you."

I shot her a rude look and then said "OK what's YOUR problem? Can I be honest with you and not ruffle your feathers?"

Christie looked perplexed and then said "Yes." I was worried I was about to open my mouth when I shouldn't but today I felt like talking for a change. Being quiet at work all the time was getting to me. I needed some human interaction other than customers with whom I was always super phony.

"OK, Christie. Don't take this the wrong way please. But you aren't exactly Miss Personality around here either. You walk around like you're better than everyone else and I've seen you be rather rude with a couple of other employees, too. I get the feeling that you girls in the back office look down on us car salesmen just like the customers do. But in reality you wouldn't have a job if it weren't for us up front. If we don't sell cars there won't be any DMV paperwork work for you to do to make your 10 bucks an hour. So I ask you Christie what is YOUR problem?"

Christie was inhaling her cigarette as I finished what I had to say and she calmly exhaled in one big cloud as if to signal to me that I was about to get an ass chewing. I didn't care. This bitch better watch it with me. I told myself if she went off I would give it right back. Then she started.

"First of all I make 19 dollars an hour thank you very much and that's on top of health, dental, and other benefits. If you think my job is easy maybe you should try and do it. You obviously don't have a clue as to what I do. DMV clerk is one of the most important positions at a car dealership. We sell over a one hundred cars every month and I have to do paperwork on all those, plus the trade ins, and all the used cars that we bring in from auction as well. If I make one mistake it can have long lasting repercussions that can require countless hours to fix. As far as my problem I don't have one. People come and go in this business. There's no point in developing friendship with people who are going to be here a month. If I did that my personal life would be out of control. You probably noticed I do talk to Brad and Ed but they've been here for almost 10 years. Also I'm talking to you aren't I? Most car guys are douche bags. In the 4 years I've been here I've been hit on by over a dozen salesmen. It gets old. All they want to do is fuck me. No one is looking for a relationship and I'm not a car sales whore."

"A car sales whore?" I asked. I liked the way this girl talked. When she said "fuck me" I felt my cock stir a little. If you don't count the Asian massage parlors I hadn't been laid since getting to San Diego almost 6 months ago.

"One of those girls that get in this business and ends up being fucked by so many car guys. They're out there. It's usually the receptionist or the occasional female salesperson. My brother is a sales manager at Toyota down the street and he's been in this business for over 10 years. I had a leg up before I got this job. I know how salesmen are and I know girls whose reputations are ruined because everyone knows everyone in this business and everyone talks. We had a girl a couple years ago who went into sales and slept with 3 different salesmen in a year and now the whole industry here in San Diego talks like she's some mega whore. That's not gonna happen to me. I keep my personal life and my professional life separate."

I looked at her differently now. She wasn't stuck up any more than I was. She was just careful. I saw a girl who was wise beyond her years and her bluntness and honesty impressed me. We talked for a while and it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I worked at the dealership for another year during which time we became smoking buddies. Christie had a boyfriend that was not in the car business and he would stop by every once in a while and he and I became friendly, too.

Over the next year Christie and I became smoke buddies. We would always smoke around the same time and if it was only us we would always be happy about it because it allowed us to talk openly. What started as a smoking relationship quickly turned into more. Both of us started opening up to each other about the rest of our lives. One thing I absolutely liked about her was I never heard a negative word come out of her regarding her boyfriend. I was single the entire year with the exception of a few awful dates so I never really had much to talk about when it came to relationships either.

As time went on I found myself becoming more and more attracted to Christie but knew that I couldn't act on it. I accepted that we would never have anything more than this friendship. One day before work I hit up an Asian massage parlor and actually told her about it. I hadn't had sex but I did get a hand job and I told her this.

"Gross! You let some Asian chick you don't even know give you a hand job?! I didn't know you were into prostitutes."

"Oh give me a fucking break. It's a massage and they play with my balls and jerk me off after. So fucking what? I respect those women a lot more than I respect these little sack chasing hoes here in San Diego that won't date a guy unless he drives a BMW. At least the massage girls are honest. They're not romancing your money out of your wallet. It's a consensual thing where both parties win."

"Whatever Kevin. It's prostitution."

"Did I say it wasn't? So what if they want to sell what they have? Women can give it away but oh no they can't fucking sell it. Look. I don't want my daughter if I ever had one to be a prostitute and I don't want her jerking guys off at the end of massages either. But where's that liberal girl that I know? Who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their bodies? You complain about the Bible thumpers well it's no different. If I want to pay some chick to massage my balls and I want to smoke weed all day and then marry a guy it's nobody's fucking business. Unless I'm hurting you, costing you money, or taking from you then no one has a right to tell me how to live my life. I'm shocked Christie. I never knew you to be that judgmental. I'm just gonna" and then she interrupted me.

"Take it easy! I'm not judging you! I don't really care. I'm just saying its prostitution. Don't get mad at me."

"So you don't think I'm a scumbag for doing it?"

"No I don't. If you were out there popping out kids and abandoning them then I would consider you a scumbag. You're not hurting anyone and to each their own. I'm glad you trust me enough to share that part of your life with me. Do you go to those places often?"

"Not really. Once every couple of months if I can afford it. It's never less than a hundred bucks with tip. I haven't exactly been successful with the opposite sex since coming here so I gotta do something. These women out are ridiculous. I finally find a city filled with some of the hottest women in the world of all races and most of them are bitches. I don't surf, I don't do clubs, and I'm not rich. Not exactly a formula for sexual success in San Diego and to top it all off I don't really have a social circle either."

I didn't tell her I had already fucked 3 of my customers. I would save that for another day. Revealing my love of Asian massage to her was enough for one day and I wasn't trying to change her opinion of me. But other than those customers my sex life was boring and infrequent.

"Well thanks for the TMI, Kevin. I gotta get back to work."

"Seriously? Did I say too much?" I asked.

Christie gave a quick laugh as she walked towards the door to go back inside and she said, "No you didn't. I'm just shocked at your openness. Not too many guys would tell a female co-worker what you just did. I still like ya Kevin! See ya later today."

Christie walked back in the building and disappeared into the back office where she did her work. I found myself checking out her ass as she walked in and I felt my cock stir again. Damn I'd love to fuck her. Those tits are amazing. I've always been a boob guy more than anything.

During my year there I decided on law school. My friend had become a lawyer a few years earlier and between his pressing me that I would be a great trial lawyer and my occasional minor scrapes with the law I thought it was a career I could do. I took the LSAT and sent in my applications and lucky me I got accepted at a law school in San Diego. I decided I would live off student loans and the money I had for my 3 years of law school. A week before I started I had my last day at the car dealership. So last year in August I started law school.

When I left the dealership everyone was great to me. I had loosened up a little and developed some pretty nice friendships. I even had a social circle of people in my neighborhood. Life was progressing and the only thing I needed now was a girlfriend. I had tried online dating and met a couple girls. One was a huge girl that tricked me with the headshot and I never saw her again. The second girl was an 18 year old high school senior that was looking for a daddy and I was more than happy to help her. Great sex for a couple weeks until I realized daddy issues weren't the only problem she had and I ran from her as fast I could. The third girl turned out to be pill popping alcoholic slut nurse with 3 kids by 3 dads. We went on one date and after I fucked her she spilled her life story on me. I actually called my cell phone provider and blocked her number the next day.

I was in my second semester of law school, early spring, when I decided to stop by the old dealership and say hi to everyone. I walked in and after I had been talking to some of the guys I worked with Christie came around the corner and saw me. She was on her way out for a cigarette. I had thought of her off and on over the last 6 months but again she was in a relationship and never struck me as the cheating type.

"Oh my God!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Kevin!!!!!" Christie came at me with her arms wide open and a smile like I was her long lost lover returned from war and I remember thinking it was odd as it happened. She had never been like this when we worked together. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

She came up and put her arms around me and hugged me tight pushing her huge tits right into my chest and causing the blood to start flowing to my cock. In my 30 plus years I had never had real natural tits that big to do with as I please.

"Hi Christie. How are you?" was all I could say due to my mind focusing on her tits.

"Good. How are you? I'm so glad you stopped by. I miss my smoke buddy. So me and James broke up."

"I'm sorry to hear that. You guys were together for a while right?"

"Almost 2 years. We tried but we were both lying to ourselves. I still care about him but we will never get back together."

"Hey if it's for the best then good. I'm still single. But with law school I don't exactly have a lot of free time. Hey! What are you doing this weekend? I'm single, you're single, want to go to my friend Rick's party with me? Not really a party exactly but more a cook out and beers and just chillaxin."

Christie looked at me funny and said "Are you asking me on a date?"

"No I'm not asking you on a date." I said way too firmly. "I just thought we could hang out."

"Wow you said that awfully fast."

"My bad. I did sound like a jerk didn't I? I'm sorry I'm really tired and didn't want you to think I was sending a wrong message. We got along great when we worked together and I just thought we should hang out now that you're single. I was trying to tell you no pressure and it's just friends. Obviously I would date you."

"Obviously? Why do you say that?"

"Why wouldn't I date you Christie? Any guy would be lucky to have you. You're hot, big boobs, nice ass, have a personality, good job, take care of yourself, and you're cool."

"Oh my God you just made me blush!" Christie said as she was literally turning red.

We looked at each other for a moment with looks that friends don't normally share. I found myself thinking about how sweet it would be if my cum were on her lips. I hadn't cum in a girl's mouth in years let alone on her lips and with all the porn I watch anymore I was missing it deeply. I looked at my cell phone and realized I had to go meet my study partner so I told Christie it was great to see her and gave her my number and told her to call me tomorrow if she wanted to go to the cook out with me.

The next day was Saturday and I woke up with a raging hard on. I decided I would get up and go get a massage so I could relax the rest of the day. After I made breakfast I drove over to Convoy Street where all the Asian massage parlors were and spent my normal hundred dollars and walked out with a smile on my face. As I was driving back home my cell phone rang and it was a number I didn't recognize.


"Hey Kevin! It's Christie."

Even though I had just came minutes earlier I felt my cock stir again.

"Hey Christie! What's up?"

"You still want to take me to that cook out?"

"Yeah you wanna go?"

"That's why I'm calling."

I gave her my address after we talked and she agreed to drive over to my place in an hour and we would go together in my truck. I drove home and quickly showered again and got dressed for the cook out. If by some chance I got lucky I didn't want her to know I had been to a massage parlor earlier in the day so I had to get the oil off me.

Christie showed up at my apartment a little while later and after some brief small talk we got in my truck and went to Rick's house for the cook out. On the way there Christie asked me not to abandon her since she didn't know anyone there. When we got there around 2PM the cook out was going strong and over 20 people were already there drinking and socializing.

We had a great time. Talk revolved around the usual topics. Eventually we got around to the car business and Christie and I monopolized the conversation as we told people the proper way to buy a car. She thought my friends were cool and all my friends liked her, too. It was amazing what a great time we were having.

When the sun started going down I realized that a few more drinks would keep me from being able to drive home so I told Christie I was ready to go and asked her if she was. She said yes and we started the drive back to my place. We listened to music on the way and didn't talk much. I love to jam out when I drive. After I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the truck I turned to her.

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