The Prisoner is held in place by the cold metal chain locked to her collar. Barely holding herself up off the ground, she keeps her eyes leveled on her Mistress' boots. Screaming out in pain as the whip cracks against her red welted skin. Her chest heaving with each rigid breath. A swift kick lands hard against her ribs, her arms giving way as she gasps for air, hitting the floor with a hallow smack. Her body letting out one final shudder as her mind slips into the sweet blackness of unconsciousness.

Awakening a few hours later she cringes, as every movement sends a shattering pain through ever nerve in her body. Coughing up a bubble of blood, she shudders, clutching her ribs. A groan escapes her dry cracked lips as her eyes grope for anything familiar. Her eyes stop on the boot of her Mistress. The soft tapping of her boot drilling into her sanity. Screaming out and shaking her head frantically she jerks up, the chain slamming her back down against the cold concrete. Groaning she lays motionless, her eyes fixated on the spikes that stare back from the ceiling.

Slowly walking over the Mistress drags the tip of her boot down the prisoner's chest and stomach. Watching with fascination as her body tenses up. A wicked smile playing across her black stained lips, as she applies force over the prisoner's stomach, gasping, she tries to squirm away. The Mistress frowns for a brief second before bringing her foot back and sending another sharp kick against the girl's ribs. Coughing up another small bubble of blood she rolls over onto her stomach, curing up in a tight ball.

Laughing softly to herself, the Mistress leans down and gently pets the girl's tangled brunette hair. A whimper escapes her as she slowly falls against the Mistress. Quiet tears turning into sobs as the Mistress takes her into her arms, rocking her gently. Lightly kissing the top of the girl' head, she brushes the matted hair out of her prisoner's face. Smiling softly as she wipes away the fallen tears. Slowly all that is left is a whisper as the Mistress softly purrs in the girl's ear, soothing her fears.

Tilting the girls head up the Mistress lightly kisses her lips. The girl takes a deep breath as the Mistress' tongue flickers quickly across her lips. Running her hands down the girl's body, gently at first. Working her way down to the welts and raking her nails across them. Bringing forth a scream as she presses her lips harder against the girl's, biting down. Licking up a bit of the vicious blood she has drawn. As she pulls away from the girl, the girl instantly curls up in a tight ball, not daring to sob.

Standing up quickly, the Mistress walks over to the wall. reaching up, she retrieves a riding crop from it's secure resting place. Testing it against her hand first, she lets out a moan as the leather streaks across her skin. Cracking it against the wall she smirks as the girl cowers, hiding her head against her arms.

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