tagMind ControlControl Ch. 03

Control Ch. 03


Josh made it home before four and put the cum-seasoned roast in the oven. He watched TV for an hour or so and heard his Mom drive up.

“Hi, Mom,” he said as she walked through the door.

“Oh good, I can smell the roast. You didn’t forget,” Julie said. It had been a long day at the diner and Julie was ready to spend a relaxing evening doing nothing that is until after supper was finished. She had not given much thought to last night but several times resisted an urge let her hand massage an itch between her legs.

Supper was good and Josh smiled when his Mom commented on the odd but good taste of this particular roast. Josh helped with the dishes and they soon retired to the den to watch TV. Josh was bored and decided it was time to do another experiment. He looked over as his Mom.

“Mom you are getting very sleepy,” Josh projected this thought to his mother. He once saw a movie where a mad hypnotist took control of people like this.

His mother began to yawn.

“You are going to sleep,” he thought looking at his Mom.

Julie suddenly felt very tired and sleepy. So tired in fact that she drifted off. As she slipped into sleep the last thing she saw was her son Josh staring at her with a strange smile.

“You are now in my control and will do whatever I say. You will not remember anything that happens. Do you understand?"

“Yes,” he mother mumbled in her sleep.

“Get up and removed your clothes.”

Julie was in a kind of dream state floating around not fully aware of anything as she stood up. She had a strong desire to be free and felt her clothes were too heavy on her. As she removed her blouse it felt good. As she removed her bra her breast were free and she felt her nipples harden into brown buds. Soon all her clothes lay in a pile on the floor. She now stood completely naked before her son’s stare and she felt free as a bird.

“Danced for me,” Josh said in a normal voice. He had earlier found he could both project thoughts or just vocalize his commands depending on the situation. He was continuing to explore the possibilities of the powers he possessed.

Deep within the dream Julie felt like dancing and began to swirl around feeling light and free. Her body floated through the clouds.

“Make it nasty sex dancing,” Josh added.

Julie’s dream changed and she felt a rush of erotic urges flow through her body. She felt her muscles tense as she became sexually charged. Her hips began to pulsate to her own internal music of desire. Her hands went to her breasts where she massaged and squeezed them. Her nipples were very hard and she felt the sting as she pinched them and pulled on them. Her hand flowed down her stomach to the lower patch of hair that hid her pussy. She rubbed through her crack and found that most sensitive part. Her clit was hard with passion and she massaged it feeling the sparks fly through her soul. She hunched to her own hand as she swirled back and forth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned in her dream as Josh’s watched his Mom danced better than any stripper he had seen on the Internet.

“Say something dirty. Do nasty sex talk,” Josh commanded.

Julie’s erotic dream continued and she began to talk all the things she was feeling. It was vulgar but she loved it.

“Oh my pussy is so hot and wet. I love to play with my pussy and rub my clit. I want to fuck and fuck and fuck. Oh my finger are wet with my cum and I licked them clean only to put them back into my cunt.”

Josh could not believe his Mom could talk like this and could not believe how much it turned him on.

“Ohhhhhhhh Gooooood,” Julie cried as she began to cum again and again. Finally exhausted she slumped down on the couch next to Josh.

Josh had already unzipped his pants and was holding his cock. During these summers month he masturbate everyday but this summer it was usually more than once.

“Mom, go down between my legs and suck my cock,” he said with growing excitement.

Josh had never been with a girl. He had kissed Eleen Jackson at the computer party last year and felt very clumsy when he did it. He was shy and even though he was nice looking had never been good with women. Now here he was going to get a blow job from his beautiful Mom.

Julie in some forgotten dream had a tremendous urge for a large candy cane and it appeared to her growing out of the trunk of a tree. The cane was not very large, four inches but Julie knew it would taste great. Julie knelt down in front of the tree noticing the candy cane’s mushroom looking head and allowed her lips embraced it. And it was good, so good that she took it all the way in her mouth and sucked on it. Then she found another surprise. The candy cane was a vessel filled with sweet nectar. She felt it explode into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. The sweet juice filled her mouth and as she swallowed all of it not missing a drop.

Josh watched as Julie slid off the couch and moved to kneel between his legs. Here she took his dick and moved her mouth toward it. Josh was loving it. His Mom was going to suck his cock. She began by licking the pre-cum off his purple head, and her tongue explored the little hole. She took the entire cock into her mouth and he could stand it no longer.

“Oh mom, eat my cum,” he said as he began to shoot his load into her mouth. Julie ate every bit of it.

Josh recovered in a few minutes and looked down at his Mother who continued to nurse on his now limp dick. What a sight.

“Get up Mom and put back on your clothes,” he commanded. When she had dressed he said, “Sit down on the couch and you will awaken and not remember anything that happen. Do you hear me?”

“Yessss,” she whispered.

Julie awakened slowly remembering a very strange dream. Josh sat on the couch next to her watching TV. Julie felt strange indeed. The dream had been very erotic and she noticed her vagina was wet. So wet she could feel the dampness on her panties. What was going on with her, she wondered. She also had the strangest taste in her mouth. It tasted both like peppermint and like something she had not tasted in a very long time. She blushed thinking she had never liked the taste of her husband’s cum and hated it when he wanted her to suck him. Why should she be tasting this? And why did it taste so good? She was really beginning to wonder about her own mental state. So at this point she decided it was definitely time for bed.

“Good night, Josh,” she said attempting to sound normal. She felt unsteady as she stood up.

“Are you feeling okay? I noticed you dozed off,” Josh asked.

“It was just a hard day a work,” Julie explained but wondered what was going on with her.

As she left she thought she saw a strange twinkle in her son’s eye.

When she was alone in her bedroom she attempted to remember what she had been dreaming. Everything was mixed up as dreams often are. As she undressed for bed she noticed her nipples were tender feeling tingly. As she touched them they felt good. As she removed her panties she noticed the wet area in her crotch. It looked like she had either peed in her pants or really came hard in them. From the way her body felt as she took a shower she decided she had not peed in them. And to her amazement as she washed her body her hand again moved between her legs and she had a very conscious feeling as she massage her sex button. She quickly found herself sitting in the bottom of the shower as warm water ran over her, with three fingers in her pussy and the other hand rubbing her clit. When she finally dried off and went to bed she was totally spent.

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