tagBDSMControl Ch. 1

Control Ch. 1


"Shit!" She slammed the door and stalked into the house. He heard her stomp into the living room and heard the rustle of her coat as she tore it off and flung it onto the chair.

He walked out of the kitchen and smiled at her, spatula in hand. "Hi, love. Apparently it was another rough day?"

"I hate dealing with these people! Another lost re-fi and I've had it with loser idiots who walk in with no credit refs. How the hell am I ever supposed to make a living?"

He turned and smiled. "Time to do it," he thought to himself. After checking the dinner he had prepared in hopes for a pleasant evening, he turned the stove and oven down and grabbed up the scarves lying on the kitchen counter. The handcuffs were in his back pocket, just in case.

"Love of mine, I have a little problem. Can you help me out?" he asked. "I need for you to face the window and put your hands at your sides for a second." He walked up behind her and put his hands on her broad shoulders, rubbing the hard muscles. She instantly relaxed as he pushed his thumbs against the sides of her spine and rubbed all the way up her neck to the top, under her hair. Then he drew his hands back down. She kicked off her heels and was suddenly slightly shorter than him. Her hands were at her sides.

Gently, he reached down and held a wrist. With the other hand, he slipped a looped end of one of the soft silk scarves around it and tightened it. "What are you doing, Bill?" She was surprised at the feel of the silk and even more surprised when he slipped the other looped end around her other wrist.

"Research," he said. "Story I'm writing. We're going to do a little plotting for a short time."

Surprised, but intrigued, she allowed him to lead her to the bathroom. "Go pee, my love. We're going to do something a little different tonight," he said quietly. His voice surprised her. She turned and looked at him and saw the soft smile on his face. "Don't, under any circumstances, try to get out of that scarf, though. You know how expensive it is."

She was curious now. "But how do I…."

"You'll find a way. Just no cheating." He watched her walk in and stood for a moment as she closed the door behind her.

"This is ridiculous," she thought. "What the hell is he up to?" She finally loosened her skirt and managed to sit, hiking her arms up behind her. The loops around her wrists were tight, but did not hurt. She heard him walk back to the kitchen as she finished and stood, flushing the toilet. She called out to him. "Bill! I can't get my skirt back on! What do I do now?"

"Just come on out as you are, hon. You won't need it tonight." He stayed in the kitchen, picking out plates as she finally opened the door and walked out. "Go ahead and sit at the table. I'll bring the food out. Use the piano bench. You'll be more comfortable there."

"How do I eat this way? And I'm hungry!"

"I'll help you, Laura. Not to worry," he said as he brought out the plates. Smiling at her, he walked back into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Care for some food?" he asked.

She was famished and nodded, curious and slowly being drawn into his little scenario. He sat next to her on the bench and cut up their steaks. He poured some wine and lifted a glass to her lips. She drank a bit, feeling the coolness in her mouth and then feeling it warm as she swallowed it. He followed with a bite of steak and then ate some of his own.

"We're going to play a little game tonight, Laura. I've been working on it all day and we'll just see where it leads. Tonight, I do all the work for you. And I called the office for you. If it lasts longer, you're taking a day off tomorrow."

"What?" she asked. "I can't take a day…"

"Hush," he interrupted her holding a finger to her lips. "It's time for us to do a little something about our relationship."

She struggled a bit, now concerned. "Bill, are you nuts? What are you doing? And take this scarf off!"

"Stop that, sweet. You'll just make the knots tighter and I don't want to hurt you. Just relax." He put another bite to her lips and held the glass up for her. "Tonight, you are going to learn just how beautiful you are. It's also time for you to learn a few things. Important ones."

She moved uncomfortably now. Even though they had spent many evenings naked together, she was suddenly embarrassed to be sitting so close to him without a skirt. "What's going on? You're acting really weird, you know."

"Actually, I've been thinking," he replied. "Our relationship. It's good, you know. But you have no real idea how good it could be. For days now, I've been trying hard to find out what we're missing and suddenly something clicked." He chewed slowly, thoughtfully. "Every day, I ache for you. I want you. I hate the fact that we're not always able to share each other. Then I realized that it's time that one of us needs to be in charge of this."

"What do you mean, 'in charge'?" she asked, surprised at the look on his face. "I thought that we were together to share everything." She faced him now, even more uncomfortable.

"Every day, I love you," he replied, smiling. "But I'm having a tough time showing it. Tonight, I'm going to share the whole picture with you. This evening, you're going to learn that when you walk into this house, our relationship is all that matters. And I think that you'll have to learn to call me Sir. From now on, I'm in charge in this home."

Shocked, she choked on the bite she was chewing. He patted her back, smiling at her. Again, he lifted the wine glass to her lips. "Eat, love. Then we'll get started."

They finished the meal in silence. He cleared the table as she thought about his words. Something in her rebelled, not wanting to allow this to continue, but at the same time, she wondered at his sudden change and was curious. She was even maybe a little bit excited. Her nipples were hard at the thoughts and she thought about the times that she had seen this happen and heard of these things happening. She'd even participated on the net but had never known the reality of it. What did it all mean? Perhaps, if she played along, she might find out.

After the table was cleared, he talked. "I care for you. You are a part of me. We have always loved each other and our lives and duties are shared completely. But at least one of us has to be the expert in our romance. One of us has to be in charge. I'm taking that responsibility. Your job is to allow me to do that. Safe Sane and Consentual, love. Been doing some research. I won't make you a slave, but I will have you respect me. Your job is to remember that. And the best sign of respect is to show it by calling me 'Sir'. Especially when we're together. This is a shared, private thing."

"Bill," she said, rolling her eyes. "This is ridiculous. I love you. Just untie me, let me put my arms around you and show you how much I love you. Then we'll relax on the sofa, watch some TV and talk."

"I've talked enough. Now it's time for you to understand," he said gently. "Stand up. We're going to the bedroom."

She thought about objecting some more, but could think of nothing to say. And as she watched him turn and walk down the hallway, there wasn't much else that she could do except follow. Her arms had begun to hurt and she hoped that he would untie her soon.

Bill stood at the bedroom door, another scarf in his hands. "The first thing that you have to do is trust me completely. I'm going to blindfold you now and then help you out of your clothes." He walked behind her and draped the scarf around her, tying it gently, but shutting out all light. "Can you see, Laura?" he asked. Mute, she shook her head. Feelings welled up and she wanted to cry. She was frightened, not knowing what was happening, but she wanted for him to continue. She was surprised at this thought. And a bit excited.

She allowed him to loosen the scarf around her wrists, standing quietly. He moved around in front of her, whispering now that he loved her deeply and that he needed for her to understand. He gently unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off. Then he unbuttoned her bra and slipped it over her shoulders. She felt him pull her panties down, stepping out of them as they hit the floor. Each touch of his hands brought a tingle, enhanced by her blindness. She was frightened still, but the wine and her growing excitement paralyzed her.

Now he led her to the bed, picked up an arm and she felt him tie another scarf around it. He kissed her open palm as he finished and she felt him go to the other side of the bed. The other wrist was also tied, and another kiss followed. The touch of his lips to her palm caused her to twitch. She wanted desperately to grab him now, and roll onto him. Suddenly, she realized her situation, and she struggled against the bonds.

"Stop that, now. You have to trust me. When you're ready, I'll be back. Just relax." She felt him lean away from the bed and leave the room. Thoughts rushed through her. She panicked and cried out for him. Silence followed. She knew that he was in the house, but all shouts brought nothing but quiet. Finally, she gave up and lay on the bed, blind, but thoughtful. What was going on? Why was she being held like this? Was he becoming some sort of maniac?

Then, quite suddenly, she remembered the life that they shared. She knew him. Tears welled up and soaked the scarf as she thought of the love and gentleness and how she had begun to take him for granted. He was always there. He was the one. She knew that he adored her. Love would always be in their lives. She needed his help in realizing that and it began to fill her. Desire for him became almost unbearable. She began to sob now. This was what she had needed. It was all clear now. She wanted for him to take her completely. She began to trust.

She felt him walk into the room. The blindfold lifted. He was there, washing away the tears with a warm washcloth. "Are you ready to trust me now, Laura?" he asked quietly.

She sobbed again, her chest heaving. "Yes" she said.

"Yes, what, my love?" He was so gentle and kind to her.

She paused, thinking. "Yes… Sir" she replied. Another heave, and her breathing began to slow. He smiled down at her.

"Good answer," he said. "Now you get a reward."

Gently, he leaned down and kissed her softly, his lips touching her first, followed by his tongue, touching her now open mouth. She took his tongue into her mouth and felt warmth spread through her. His hands were at her sides as he leaned over her.

He slid his mouth over her cheek and down her neck. She felt his touch and began to tingle. He drew his tongue down her neck and she thrilled at the touch of his hands on her skin as he slowly moved down her body. He moved first to one breast and then to the other. Each little touch of his tongue brought another, slightly greater shock. His breath was cool against her skin and she began to grow wet at the anticipation. They had made love many times before, but this seemed like the first one.

He took a nipple into her mouth and ran his teeth across it slowly, touching the very tip with his tongue as he did. Then, he moved to the other one, doing the same. Her body rose to his, and his hands slipped under her back.

Slowly, he moved down her body, licking and touching, tickling her slightly at each place he touched. She moved up to meet him at each light touch as the warmth inside her grew. Finally, he reached the very top of her pussy and his mouth slid over it. She felt his tongue brush against her now hard clit and then push inside her. She was so sensitive by now that she felt a climax building. Once more, he pushed his hard tongue into her and she came, her hips rising to him, meeting his mouth and pulling his tongue deep into her. She gasped, her stomach tightening and she shook uncontrollably. His strong arms held her up to him and he stopped moving, feeling her climax.

Wave after wave rushed over her. She was lost in the feeling and emotion of it all. Eventually, it subsided, leaving her exhausted. She lay for a few minutes as he watched her now. She smiled finally and looked at him. "Bill, I want you inside me."

"Wrong way to ask, sweetheart. And anyway, tonight is for you. One reward. That's all you get," he replied. He arose slowly as she stared at him, confused for a moment. Then it dawned on her.

"Please, Sir, I'd like for you to be inside me," she said.

"I'm sorry, my love. Not tonight. You have a lot to learn still." He arose, walking around to the side of the bed. He reached the scarves and untied them from her wrists. "Would you like to take the day off tomorrow?"

"Yes, Sir," she said, almost without thinking.

"Good," he replied, smiling. "We'll see if we can learn some more about each other and maybe discover some more good things." He grinned at her, turned and walked out of the room as she stared at him. She smiled, lying quietly on the bed. She began to truly be his.

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