tagBDSMControl Ch. 2

Control Ch. 2


For Ritz. Crackers in bed are okay.

She woke. Stretching, she looked out the window to a beautiful, bright day. For a moment, she panicked, thinking that she was late for work until she remembered the previous night. Oh, what a feeling! She'd never cum so hard! Bill was so attentive and so absolutely wonderful and the fear that she had felt was exhilarating!

She heard Him in the living room (He was suddenly a capital letter in her mind) and rose slowly, heading for the bathroom. she yawned and stretched again, feeling every nerve and muscle. This was certainly the best she'd felt in a very long time. She wondered if the play of the evening before would continue. What would her role become? Was she to be a slave or would Bill lose interest? She certainly hoped not. The attention she'd received was amazing. She almost felt guilty about the climaxes she'd reached without being able to return the favor, but then remembered. He'd told her that she was the one to receive the focus. This was by His choosing. Her time to please Him would come.

Finishing in the bathroom, she discovered clothing laid out for her. Bill stood in the doorway. "My love, we'll shop today. We'll pick and choose things together. Then we'll come home and play with our new toys." He grinned at her. Obviously, this game would continue, at least for the day. She relished the thought.

"Where are we going, Bill?" Laurie began putting on her clothes. "Um, did you forget the underwear?" she asked as she walked to the dresser.

"No underwear, love. We'll pick some things out for you when we get there."

"Bill! I can't have that! No underwear?" She was mortified at the thought. Nude around the house was one thing. But in public? Never!

"Laurie, I said, no underwear. Perhaps you didn't learn very much last night? This will be a rule. You will wear what I choose." The sound in his voice made her pause, mid-retort. "And you will call me Sir when we are in the store. It's very important."

She held her tongue, wondering what type of place this was. "Yes, Sir," she said quietly, putting on the knee-length skirt, heels and blouse that He'd picked for her. She looked at herself in the mirror, gave her dark hair a shake and smiled. Bill knew how to pick clothes that showed her off. She looked great!

They left the apartment and walked toward the elevator. Bill held her arm and they stepped in. Just as the door closed, a neighbor slipped through. He stared at the two of them and smiled, then turned away. As he did, Bill's hand dropped slowly down her back to her waist. She felt His fingers spread wide, cupping the cheeks of her ass and rubbing her as He did. She turned, looked at Him wide-eyed and tried to move away. He held her firmly, smiling and continuing to rub. Dampness formed. She actually was beginning to enjoy his touch as the elevator reached the bottom floor. The neighbor turned as they exited, raising an eyebrow and then grinning at them. Laurie blushed, embarrassed at the look.

"Bill," she whispered angrily. "Stop this! What are you doing?"

"I do believe that m'lady is a bit shier than we thought." He chuckled, obviously enjoying His play. "Remember this, my love. You are mine. You love my attentions. I enjoy giving them."

She caught herself. He was right. She thrilled quietly at the thought as they walked to their car. This was going to be fun. She was rapidly forgetting herself, her work. She held his hand as they walked, squeezing it every so often, wondering where they were going.

The drive was short and they arrived quickly at a toy store that Laurie passed often on her way to work. Normally, she avoided even looking at it, finding the thought too embarrassing. Toys? What the hell were vibrators sold for, even if they were advertised as "massagers"? She'd found that the occasional time when she wanted something like that, her hand was more than sufficient. Well, not sufficient, more like a poor substitute. The touch of a man. That was what she needed. Even that had become less interesting of late, but she felt a certain thrill at the turn that her sex life had taken after last evening. Now that was exciting. A little fear was good. A little bit of excitement seemed to be what her life needed now. And Bill seemed to be more than willing to give it today.

They entered the store. A salesman smiled at them and moved toward them. "Right on time, Sir." He looked at Laurie. "She's a lovely lady. Is she ready?"

Bill looked at Laurie, appraising her. "I'd say that she is ready for something. Perhaps we'll find out how much."

Laurie looked at the two. What had just happened? What had Bill been doing lately? He seemed to know just what he was going to be doing here, and she began to wonder if this was the right thing to do.

They walked further into the store, past the different toys and she saw that the salesman was leading them into a back room. It turned out to be a very private room, quiet, dimly lit and filled with a display of different items, including an array of vibrators, some small floggers, a couple of different crops and several different paddles. Other items were there as well. Leather goods, undergarments, some incredibly sexy and some just plain frightening. Laurie looked harder at the display. Her eyes widened at them as she wondered what they might be for. What was going on? She was concerned, bothered more than a little curious about the different items laid out.

"Bill, what have you been doing lately? I don't know if I want to be here."

"Ah, the lady is concerned," said the salesman. "Not to worry. We're here at your Husband's request, with a few items that He requested from our shop."

Bill wandered around the room, picking up a crop and slapping it down, then picking up a vibrator, flicking it on, then turning it off. He smiled and turned to Laurie. "We'll just browse for a bit, won't we love?"

The salesman nodded. "When you're ready, please just call me."

He turned to leave, shutting the door behind him. Laurie glared at Bill. "What the fuck are you doing?" she hissed. "This isn't a place I want to be!" Bill smiled at her. "Your training starts now, love. One thing that you won't be doing is sassing me. But first, let's look around. Go ahead. Pick a few things out."

Laurie wandered around the room. She was mortified at what Bill was asking her to do, but a little bit excited, too. She picked up the crop that he'd been handling. Felt it. Soft. Long. Very flexible. She wondered how it would feel on her and…. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING! This was not what she wanted! And yet…. How would it feel? Shyly, she turned to Bill, Who was watching intently. She looked at him curiously, hypnotized for a moment. He held out His hand. She gave Him the crop. Instantly, she regretted it. But could not take it back. Would not.

She sighed and turned away quickly. She could not stop looking. She wandered through the room. A large vibrator sat on a table. She was damp, thinking of the room, the toys, their purposes. This was amazing. Slowly, her mind opened. She began to caress the vibrator as she thought. She'd never tried one. What would happen? Flicking it on, she felt it's long, soft shaft buzz in her hand. She moved it back and forth, feeling the end as it vibrated, enjoying the sound it made. Bill moved behind her and put His hands on her shoulders. She started at his touch, shaking her head. Gently, he took the vibrator from her hand, urging her on.

Finally after several more minutes, she stopped. He nodded, watched her move away from the tables and displays, and went to the door. Opening it, he waved the salesman back in. "I think we're finished. Now we'll need some instruction."

"Excellent, Sir. I'll be very happy to help you with that. Where would you like to begin?"

Bill thought a moment. "Well, I'm a novice. So is Laurie, although she's done very well so far. But today, she was still not quite reacting the way she should. What would you recommend?"

The salesman looked over their purchases. "The crop is an excellent choice, Sir. It can be used to punish and generally is an excellent aid in gaining cooperation, although the hand is also a very useful item in that area. Would you like a little instruction?"

"Absolutely. Perhaps you could give us a demonstration? Laurie will be happy to allow you to show us on her."

Laurie started at this. "What? This is ridiculous! I…." "Shush, love. I need to learn and you need to be taught as well. Now what did we discuss before?"

She thought a moment. Bowing her head, she stammered, "Yes, Sir."

The salesman led her to a low bench. "Down on your knees, ma'am. Slip your hands into these cuffs. They won't hurt, but it's for your own protection."

Slowly, she walked to the bench. This was foolish, she thought, but there was no way out of it. Kneeling, she allowed the salesman to slip her hands into the soft cuffs and tighten them. She was nervous, but thought, if she'd cooperate, this little bit would be over. She hardly thought of the crop. Nothing more than a toy, she figured. And how could it possibly hurt through the skirt?

The salesman had her bend over the bench. "Now, sir, the crop can hurt a lot, so it's important to find the right places that will give just enough pain for the lesson, but not so much that you harm your lady." Pointing at her rear, he showed him. "The middle areas are best and won't hurt quite as much. Down below, just at the base of her ass is a very sensitive area that can give quite a bit of pain, but can also be incredibly erotic. You might try that, too."

"Lift her skirt and show me," commanded Bill. "But Bill!" cried Laurie. "What?" He asked. "You haven't learned yet?" "Ma'am," the salesman's voice was quiet. "You really must call him Sir in the store. It denotes respect and you have already agreed that he is your Master, have you not?" "But I didn't agree to this! I'm His, not some slut off the streets!" She was embarrassed at the thought and struggled with the cuffs. They tightened almost painfully around her wrists. She began to panic even as the cuffs tightened completely. "Oh, god, what did I do?" A tear dripped down.

Suddenly, Bill was there in front of her, holding her face in his hands. "Don't struggle, love. It will make it harder. You must be punished. I don't really know how. Stop moving. I love you." Softly, he caressed her face, held her chin and kissed her. Moving away from her as she slowly stopped struggling, he looked up at the salesman. "Show me now."

"First, Sir, you must make certain that she knows why she is being punished. It's important that she know or the lesson will be lost. She has given you the right to punish as you see fit, within limits, of course. The next step is to assure her, as you're doing, that you love her. Then, the crop is used."

Standing at her side, the salesman lifted her skirt over her back. He looked at her exposed rear, smiling slightly. "A very nice ass, ma'am."

Laurie was humiliated. To be laid across a bench, then to be exposed to a stranger! This could not be happening! She became angry at the thought. Suddenly, Whap! She jerked. Pain shot through her. She felt a hot line across her ass now. Whap! Again the crop laid down a thin line and tears began to drip down her cheeks. Thwap! She shook now, crying and whimpering at each stroke.

"You see, Sir, the crop is an excellent tool. If used correctly, it becomes a wonderful method for punishment. And feel the welts. See how bright red they are against her lovely skin. They form just right. They'll fade quickly, though. Would you care to try?"

Laurie was absolutely humiliated. Her bare ass was in the air and her tears were dripping onto the floor as she thought about this strange bastard beating her. She could feel the welts as they rose, crimson against her white skin. Unwillingly, she also felt a strange warmth emanating from her. She tried to hold the anger, but it was being replaced by something else.

Bill took his position behind her. "Sir, before you proceed, you must try this on yourself. We require the Dom to use any instruments on Himself before attempting to use them on His sub."

Bill looked at Laurie as she turned, tears streaming down her face. He felt the crop, warm from her skin, so very soft and flexible. Tentatively, he slapped his side. "Harder, Sir. You must use it as you would on her."

Pulling up his pants leg He slapped his calf. Once more, harder this time, he swung the crop down. It whistled through the air and met his calves, stinging hard. He winced and watched as a red welt arose on his skin, the straight line slicing across both calves. He looked at the salesman in understanding and turned to the kneeling woman.

"I love you, Laurie," He said softly. Thwap! Again, the pain and then the warm feeling. Her pussy began to dampen. She could feel it begin to drip even as the tears flowed down her cheeks. Whap! The sensations were incredible. "Oh, god. Stop this," she said almost to herself. "Does it hurt, my love?" Bill asked. "I'll stop if it hurts you too much." She was silent. She willed herself into anger again, but couldn't help the feelings that were beginning to harden her nipples and make her even wetter. She could not stop! She raised herself this time, expecting another slap from the crop. It came. She was soaked after this one, juices dripping down her legs. The tears continued and her humiliation was complete.

"My love, what have you learned?" asked Bill. "I will call you Sir," she answered quietly, head down. "May we continue this at home, Sir?" "No, love. Not quite yet." He turned to the salesman. "Show me the other spot where this can be used." "Certainly, Sir." He brushed her skin and she jumped, shocked. Could he see how excited she was? "Right here where the crease of her thighs meets her rear. This is an excellent spot."

Bill raised the crop. Laurie heard it whistle down. Smack! Her eyes widened as it hit her skin. Her thighs clenched and she was now absolutely dripping. She felt an orgasm building. A moan escaped her now.

"Apparently, the lady is appreciates the lesson, Sir." The salesman smiled, trying to maintain his own composure.

"Why don't you let me practice with this for a few minutes?" Bill nodded toward the door and the salesman quickly excused himself. Just before leaving, he indicated a bowl of ice cubes. "We often recommend the use of ice to cool the hurt."

Bill turned to His bride. Instead of using the ice, he bent and gently kissed the marks on her. He ran His tongue across each one and then blew on it, cooling her. She stopped crying now and felt the wetness between her legs, her pussy throbbing.

"Enjoying this, my love? I certainly am." "Um, yes, Sir," Laurie replied. She couldn't believe how wet she was, how totally willing she had become. Her eyes glazed. All she could think of was….. "What would you like, my princess?" Once more, the crop smacked her thighs. This time, the moan was loud and Laurie's breath became ragged. "I'd lllike for Yyyyou to fuck me, Sir," she stammered. "Please. Now."

Bill unbuckled His pants. "Here? Now? In the store of all places?"

"I don't care where, Sir. Please. Now." She was so wet. Her nipples ached and she could do nothing about it. Her legs squeezed together, then parted. Bill dropped between her and His rigid cock slid inside her. Her thighs burned as He slipped inside. Deeper into her he went. She accepted Him, pressed back into Him.

"Yes!," she cried. "Farther!" Her eyes closed. She couldn't concentrate on anything but the heat, the stripes across her. "Deeper! " she commanded, backing into Him. Bill was consumed by the passion. He rammed hard into her, feeling her begin to contract. Her muscles contracted, holding him tightly, her thighs squeezing against Him.

She milked Him, contracting around His swollen cock, holding Him in place. He lost complete control now, cumming hard. Gobs of semen erupted into her. She continued to tighten around Him, her hips grinding against His thighs.

Slowly, her muscles relaxed. Bill, still hard, began to slide out. Laurie's eyes opened wide. "Oh, GOD!," she cried. Again, she came. The excitement was too much! Over and over, she pulled at Him, grinding at Him, pulling Him into her.

Finally, Bill slid limply from her. He sat back on his stinging calves, sighing. "You, My Love, are incredible."

Laurie lay over the bench, her breathing slowing. Finally, she was beginning to understand. This was the missing piece of her life. "Thank you, Sir." She smiled. Now she was ready for her training to begin. she would welcome it. her Master would help her. she would be free.

Bill loosened her cuffs. T/they stood slowly, and Bill picked up His pants. "I think W/we've done enough training for today, love. Care to make O/our purchases and go home?"

"Yes, Sir, if You'd like." Laurie smoothed her skirt, now. Energy was returning. She looked forward to more of this.

As T/they left the room, the salesman looked at T/them, smiling. "I hope that we see you again soon," he said, looking at Laurie. "We have many other items that may interest Y/you."

The couple looked at each other, smiled and nodded. Bill paid. Obviously, the day had not ended.

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