tagBDSMControl Me, Dominate Me, Love Me

Control Me, Dominate Me, Love Me


It was six months into our relationship that I knew I wanted him to own me. To control and to dominate me.

He was the sweetest guy; a gentle lover and we enjoyed good conversation.

Soft lips, strong hands, and gentleness to his sensuality that I could and would awaken at the most unusual times.

Slowly I gave up control to him, letting him decide our intimacies.

Our love play.

He knew about my ex's, I had been as honest as I could without wanting to hurt him.

I knew about his.

Now a year on, and I was a different person.

Oh, to family and friends I was still the same person. Beautiful, polite, charming, with a hint of sarcastic wit.

But in the bedroom, I would do whatever he asked of me.

Tonight, he had me wear the new red corset, and thong he had bought for me. My hair was tied back, and I was tied to the bed spread-eagle.

He read stories to me before touching me.

Erotic stories.

After reading, he would touch me to see how wet I had become. He liked playing with my pussy then, feeling the wet, and warmth of me, spreading it over my body.

He took pleasure in seeing me squirm under him, against my bonds, as he ran his fingers, wet with my fluids over my breasts, down my belly and back to my wet folds. Then his fingers would be at my lips and he would make me suck them.

Tonight however, after the story, and while he played with me, he asked about my day.

"And what did you buy?"

"I bought silk ties, the bras you told me to get, the lubricant."

"Did you see anyone?"

"Lots of people," I replied, purposely misinterpreting the question.

He squeezed the sensitive nub and I cried in slight pain.

"Any one you know?"


He squeezed again.

"Aagh," I gasped.

"Liar," he said.

"I saw Daniel."

Daniel was one of my ex's, the guy I had been seeing, just before Darien.

"And what did you do?"

"We talked."

He now pushed a finger into me, and I gasped as he thrust it in and out.

"About what, little Bird?"

"Him, me, us, you, all sorts."

He pushed a second finger in and asked if I was going to see him again.

"I said I'd meet him for coffee tomorrow."

"Good little Bird," he cooed.

Another finger, he sped up, he moved harder and faster, knowing this was how I liked it.

"Did you want him?"

"No," I cried.

He hurt me again, just a little.

"You did, didn't you?"

"A little," I admitted.

"I want you to see him," he said, to my surprise. "I want you to bring him here."

"Why?" I asked.

"I have my reasons." He removed his hand, and lay on top of me and in one smooth thrust, completely sheathed himself in me.

When I finished my shower the next morning, I found that Darien had chosen my clothes.

The red bra, and a red sundress. No underwear?

I looked at him, enquiring.

He didn't answer, just helped me dress, and sent me on my way.

Daniel was waiting nervously for me at the coffee shop, and I understood his nerves.

The dress was low cut, and form hugging. He would be able to see the lack of underwear.

"Susie," he greeted me.

"Hey," I replied.

He ordered our coffees, and we drank, talking about nothing in particular.

I could see his eyes on my chest, noticed the quickness of his breath.

I was reminded of how I had always felt around him, constantly turned on. We could have been talking about rubbish, poverty, computers, anything and I would still want him to touch me, to enter me, to have me.

After I was finished, I stood up to go.

He grabbed me hand and kissed me before I could say anything.

"Please, let me touch you?" He begged, "I've missed you."

I wordlessly led him to his car. He unlocked it, and we hurried inside and kissed again. He tasted like cherries, just like I remembered.

I pulled away, and gave him directions to my flat.

We drove in silence, not even touching all the way there.

When we arrived, I unlocked the door, and led him inside.

With it closed, Daniel pushed me against it, pulled my dress up and plunged two fingers into me, closing his lips on mine.

We pressed our bodies together, and he pushed further.

We heard a low chuckle of amusement and quickly pulled away.

Darien stood at the doorway to the lounge, wearing a pair of black pants and nothing else. His crouch was engorged, and straining against the fly.

"Isn't his interesting?" He asked, his voice low and seductive.

I didn't know what to do, so I stayed where I was.

"Poor little Bird, so confused," Darien said. "How about you come sit down." It wasn't a question. My body recognised the voice of its master and obeyed, until Daniel grabbed my arm and held me back.

"What's going on here?" He demanded.

"I told Susie to bring you back here. I wanted to meet you, and present a challenge."

"What are you talking about?" Daniel was confused.

"She has a little fantasy, I know she'd never be able to act on it on her own. So I took the liberty of organising it."

Darien told me to wait in the bedroom, while he informed our guest as to what would happen today. I was nervous, but knew the consequences that I'd face if I disobeyed, so I followed his instruction.

I'd only ever disobeyed him once, and I had been unable to move for a week after. I swore to him and to myself that I'd never do it again. I can push the boundaries to receive 'punishment', but never will I outright disobey him.

He always knew.

I waited, sitting on the bed with crossed legs. To calm myself I meditated, a practice Darien insisted on. Mind, his idea why I should do it was different from mine. His idea was, quite rightly that if the mind was calm, the body would also become calm, and it would heighten the experience, especially if it was something new. I enjoyed it still, because it was the one place I could go that was truly mine. I could send my mind anywhere and Darien would never ask where. It was an unspoken agreement. I had given up control to him, but he knew that even in my surrender I would be defiant without something that was my own.

So there I waited.

Minutes went by and there was nothing but silence.

While I had told Darien a number of fantasies, I didn't recall being bored to death to be one of them.

Then the intercom buzzed.

"I want you to put the blindfold on."

My breath quickened. Of all the fantasies I had, only a few involved the blindfold. Suddenly I was very nervous.

I did as I was told.

It buzzed again.

"Lie down on the bed, on your back."

I again did as instructed.

The dark made my heart race.

The door shortly opened. I heard nothing else, but knew that someone was entering.

Suddenly there was weight on the bed, to my left.

Was it Darien? I wondered. He often favoured that side.

But then I felt weight on the other side.

Which was Darien, my mind screamed at me, which was my Master.

Then a hand took my left arm and pulled it above me, tied it to the bed, and then the same happened to the right. Despite the differences in Daniel and Darien's skin and hand types, I still couldn't tell which was which, or even if it was those two men. They wore gloves, tight, fitting, I thought, of synthetic leather. I knew the feel of that fabric. I had worn enough of it over the year.

I breathed deeply, to try and calm myself, but when I felt cool metal against the breast of my dress, it caught in my throat.

It was a knife. Slowly it cut the dress and bra away. My breasts would be exposed.

There was a gasp, but in my panic I couldn't tell from which side.

I heard someone whisper, "So beautiful", then a low chuckle.

Damn this panic. Then a glove-covered hand touched my right foot and slid up my leg, my thigh, to my hips, by belly, then caressed my breast, my neck, back down.

The torture, the exquisite torture, it was driving me to chills, to sweet chills. I knew I was getting wet, turned on. This was after-all, my fantasy.

Suddenly another hand touched my pussy, the gentle wet, was getting attention. But still, I had no idea who it was.

A finger entered, and a gasp escaped my lips. Another soon followed.

Then there was a hand at my anal hole, one finger covered in lubricant, pushed in and I gasped at the uncommon intrusion. Darien rarely touched me there.

I found that I was moving in slow gyrations, to match their movements, and they adapted to each other, through me. One would speed up, and I with it, the other would follow. Desire built up, need, pressure.

My breathing became loud, ragged, a gasp, a cry and I exploded in orgasm. But the hands, the fingers didn't stop to let me recover, they carried on, riding the waves with me.

After I had cum at least twice more, maybe it was three, the fingers at my pussy left, the one at my rear follows suit. Then there was a mouth at my pussy, lapping up the juice that was flowing. It sent tingles down my spine and I tired to wriggle away and into the tongue at the same time. My legs wrapped around the head, and the hair was soft against my legs. I knew that this had to be Daniel.

My Darien has course hair that would scratch me.

The tongue worked me into another orgasm, and another.

Then it left and hands gently pried my legs apart. The strange thing was that from how my legs were being held, there was one at each side.

Realisation hit me like a hammer.

There were three of them.

Then I felt it; the body of another man, mysterious number three, who entered me too quickly. Who took his own pleasure, who fucked me without mercy.

Without a condom I realised.

But instead of swearing at him, instead of fighting him off, I loved it. I loved having no control. That was something that made Darien and I the perfect match. He loved having control over my body.

My legs were released, and I wrapped them around him, whoever he was.

I arched up to meet his thrusts as best I could, considering my arms were still tied behind me.

Desire pulsed through me, as I fucked, and was fucked.

Then he stiffened, gave a cry I didn't recognise, and exploded into me.

He withdrew silently, but brushed my lips with a gentle kiss.

My hands were being untied, but I heard Darien's voice tell me not to take the blindfold off. I felt one body lie on the bed beside me, and the other two helped me until I was straddling him, his cook at my entrance, and I heard my master tell me to have him. I felt this cook enter me, hands guiding mine to the bed-head for leverage, and I moved.

I rocked, taking my pleasure of this man, this body that I had known.

We speed up, lust becoming undeniable, and moved as one.

A hand at my back pushed me forward slightly, and I felt a ready cook at my rear. I welcomed it; the pain of his entry quickly became pleasure, as the three of us fucked faster and faster. Then I lost whatever control I had had, and I was being fucked harder and harder, the men withdrawing and suddenly re-entering me, but cradling my body, so I wouldn't fall when I finally came.

But these two didn't know me that well, because although I grew exhausted with the fucking, and the pressure built, I didn't cum.

I rarely do during sex.

But they both did, in a final thrust, the man behind me grunted, and spilled his load into me, and the one beneath me did the same. One rolled off me, and I fell to the bed, off the other.

We were all panting when I heard Darien. "Did you cum my sparrow?"

"No," I gasped, trying to control my breathing.

The men to either side of me were obviously surprised, but my master laughed.

He came to me, and as I suspected he would, he didn't enter me, but lay his swollen cock between my pussy lips, and moved. Instantly, I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved with him. Then it came, and it was so intense I was shuddering in his arms. With me recovering, he told the other two to wait in the living room for him.

Then he himself took the blindfold off, and asked me if I had enjoyed that little fantasy.

I told him that I could tell him how much I enjoyed or show him.

I'm sure our unrestrained cries had the other two men hard again, but now I was once again Darien's woman.

After our lovemaking, he raised himself from the bed, a sheen of sweat covering his body. "I'll go and tell them you enjoyed today."

"May I ask who the third was?"

"You can ask, but then you'll never be able to face my mother again without blushing."

So his brother or father.

Either way, I didn't care. I was so tired, all I wanted was sleep.

"Rest, my love. Hopefully soon, we'll have that child we want so much, and I hear that sex during early pregnancy can be exhilarating."

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