tagMind ControlControl, Sam, Control Ch. 03

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 03


Sam awoke with a feeling of excitement and fear. He’d been inside his conquest before, of course, but he’d never allowed himself to merge with them and create the 3rd stage. None of them had ever kept his interest before, not like her, and he felt the sweat of the unknown on his brow. So this is what is feels like to be alive, he thought.

He opened his mind and very cautiously entered Susan. The mind had always been an interactive television to him before, limited choice and primarily casual entertainment, but now he had some measure of editorial control he felt unsure. If in doubt, take your time old son.

Susan had been awake for 2 hours trying to compile in her head everything that had happened. How she could explain it to Gary when she could not even explain it to herself?

Inside she felt as though she were in the eye of some insidious storm, for whilst she had remained the same everything around her had been twisted into an unrecognisable landscape. Her thoughts echoed inside Sam’s head as he poured himself a cup of coffee and waited for the morning’s entertainment to begin.

The train may have been some delusion but last night….her eyes drifted to the bathroom door and she shivered…..that was no illusion. Someone….something had happened to her in there and it had a sentience which made her fear it that it had not been a chance encounter.

Sam whispered softly to the empty room, as the snake spoke to Eve.

"Maybe it is just delusions, maybe I’m losing my mind?"

Maybe it was delusions, she thought, though if that were the case she needed some professional help before she lost her mind completely. She did not feel mad although, with the way her feelings had been in flux recently, she did not know what she was feeling right now.

Her heartbeat began to settle and her fear began to recede as her thought drifted to Debbie again. Mind you if that changing-room was madness bring it on girl! Flashes of Debbie’s pussy began to fill her mind as the naughtiness of the showers made her spread her legs and explore her wetness.

Sam showered as he kept her in view. This was a pleasant surprise for he’d only intended to keep her calm until lover-boy woke up. He’d known she had a wicked side but she had begun to embrace her sexual freedom much faster than he could have dared to hope for.

Susan placed a single finger inside her vagina and began to rub her clitoris softly. She was stunned by the ocean she found waiting for her and also by the crackle of pleasure that arched through her images of Debbie. Those shining Hazel eyes, that perfect rear when she bent over, the sight of her fingers as she washed her pussy just too slowly to hide the secret thrill.

Susan felt the room melt as the passion warmed her skin, making the world into just one supreme crusade for intense, sweet release. As she built further she saw Debbie slip from her mind ; replaced by the man she had encountered last night. How could she have forgotten that dream?

Her heart raced her to the finishing post as she suddenly saw, smelt and tasted the vivid images from a few hours ago. It was the most intense dream she’s ever had and it still felt so real even when replayed for a second time.

Good for you sweetheart, Sam thought as he felt the warm water wake him gently, focus on everything that made your heart sing and remember how Gary was not involved. He could feel she was about to reach an incredible climax and, whilst tempted to enjoy it with her, Sam decided a little more aversion therapy would be of more use.

A simple wave of his hand was enough to nudge Gary awake. His hangover hit him almost as fast as the realisation that Susan was masturbating next to him, groaning like he had never heard before even when they were making love. Gotta love the male ego, thought Sam with a smile, here it comes….


Her name echoed inside her private pleasure dome and reverberated until every image on ever pain had been shattered, leaving her naked, alone and robbed of her chance to feel Heaven. Her anger was only contained by her breathlessness as she hissed her reply


Gary was taken aback by her vehemence but did not let it show

"What are you doing?"

Inside she screamed ‘finding the release and comfort you were to drunk to give me’

Before she remembered that she needed to talk to him. She mellowed as her unspent passion began to hide her adrenaline into more diplomatic places.

"I was just playing with myself, love, that’s all"

"I’ve never seen you get that high before. What were you thinking about?"

She was too savvy not to know that he meant ‘who’ with his ‘what’. Oh great, he’s getting insecure about it. His question brought some of the images flooding back to her and she found it hard to tell him a lie

"You and how you looked last night"

Gary smiled and held her as she died inside. Of all the things to tell him, you had to tell him that his actions last night made you horney today? She had salved his ego at the cost of resurrecting her fears, causing her to feel unsure at the very time she needed to be clear with her words.

Sam dressed as he closed his mind. He had work to do and the weeds were set to grow without his help, if he knew Gary like he thought he did. He’d decided to get the edited hightlights from Susan later and at the same time to give her some space, enough to lower her guard again and to see what she would try on her own.

Sam left 10 minutes later and heard the sounds of raised voices coming from 1412 as he passed by. He reached for his mobile and dialed the number that Susan had obtained for him yesterday.


The voice was hurried as, looking at the time, he had hoped it would be

"Hello, sorry to disturb you but I was on the train to Lexington yesterday and I saw you leave one of your notebooks on the seat as you left. In the crush I could not catch you up but I did overhear you and another lady swap numbers so I thought I’d call you. If you don’t need it or anything then I’m sorry…."

"…errrm…ok, thank you. I was not aware I’d lost one but then I have a few to keep track of."

"I assume you are a student given that the notes are all based on essay titles. I’d be happy to swing by your University today and drop them off if you are going to be in"

"Thank you, are you sure? It’s very nice of you Mr?"

"Mr Grant, Samuel Grant, and it’s no trouble at all. Which Uni. are you at?"

"The main one, of 14th street"

"I know it. Ok, I’ll drop the book off this morning on my way to work. Who should I ask for?"

"Debbie Mitchell, I’m in 1st year law. Thanks again Sam, see you soon"

The phone went dead and Sam entered the hotel lobby. Approaching reception he skimmed over a copy of the local telephone book.

Debbie Mitchell… right number….there you are, my sweet. He noted the address and entered the city rush hour.

Sam arrived at the University an 30 minutes later. He knew by then that lectures should have started and that he would have a couple of hours to prepare before he met Debbie. First thing was first, however, and that was to get past reception.

"Can I help you?"

The receptionist had spotted him as he entered the door and it took him off-guard for a second.

"erm…yes, thank you. My name is Samuel Cody and I have just moved into Lexington from upstate. I am about to finish my year-out and I hoped to complete my degree here next semester."

The receptionist looked at him with a side-ways glance. Not too many students turned up in a business suit, even when they were accepted, but hey maybe this one had standards? She laughed to herself.

"Ok Mr Cody, we have a prospectus here if you would like to take one away"

"Thanks but I was hoping to talk to someone if I could?"

Ok, so this was going to be the stubborn-type. Never mind she could fob him off with Mr Deakin.

"That’s fine, I’ll just ring Mr Deakin who is the admissions director and see if he is free"

As she reached to pick up the phone, Sam placed his hand in his pocket.

"Odd, I seem to have no dialling-tone from this desk. I am sorry, Mr Cody, would you mind waiting here whilst I use another phone down the hall?"

Sam shook his head and gave her a sweet smile before sitting down.

Deakin was hard to reach and it had taken her 10 minutes before she could ask him to come downstairs. When she returned to see reception empty she cursed the impatience of people these days and then turned to use the hall-phone again.

Sam was on the second-floor by then. He opened his mind to Debbie and felt her presence guide him to her lecture-hall, before he peered in to see her sat on the third row back. Some 60 other students surrounded her, in various states of interest as the lecturer talked about the nuances of Walker Vs The People, 1848.

Sam walked down the hall a while and found a chair to sit in. He could feel a strangeness about the connection to Debbie which surprised him for, even though it took a while to become solid sometimes, this was a vagueness between stages one and two of which he had previously been unaware. He could see through her but not hear her surface thoughts, could feel her heartbeat but not her pussy.

Time to experiment, my friend. He closed his eyes and moved towards the breasts that had so thrilled him in the gym, starting with the softest lick of her cotton shirt. Debbie was too engrossed in the lecture to notice as Sam penetrated that flimsy layer to see her bra, straining against the odds to contain the treasure beneath. He also saw the 3-inch silver crucifix.

He placed his hands around the back of her bra, underneath the shirt but not touching the skin, and then swiftly undid the clasp. Debbie felt the pressure on her breasts flee as he bra sprang open but, enclosed as she was by 5 students on each side, she could do little more than curse to herself and make a mental note to fix it once the lecture was over.

Sam could see her eyes dart to her chest and knew she was distracted. Timing it with her breathing he broke the chain holding the crucifix and it dropped into the waist of her skirt then, with a little help, it entered her panties and came to rest just inside her pussy. The two arms slightly held the lips apart whilst the stem rested against her clitoris.

Debbie froze as she felt it drop and tried to compose herself when it had finally come to land. Her first instinct was to move a little, let it drop down her leg and to the floor, but when she began to wriggle it seemed to have made matters worse. Instead of falling out it had flattened and when she had moved back to where she started she felt it penetrate her, with the arms now on her clitoris and the stem on her g-spot.

Debbie was horrified at the symbolism of it all but it seemed that nothing short of removing her panties, hardly a current option, was going to move it. She decided to tough out the rest of the lecture and then wait until everyone had left the hall.

Sam was enjoying looking at her breasts almost as much as her visible, if subtle, discomfort at her current situation. He savoured it for a minute before withdrawing and kneeling before her, his hands spread to touch the wooden bench where she was sitting. Focusing some of his energy on the bench he began.

Debbie felt a very slow vibration running through the bench she was sitting on, as if someone were drilling something nearby and the affects were shaking her part of the room. She assumed it was a passing truck and tried to pay it no heed but it grew and, worse, it was making the lightweight crucifix vibrate even faster.

She had played with a vibrator before but they had always been so heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Suddenly she was feeling a featherweight vibration that was stimulating her clitoris and G spot at the same time and the sensation was incredible, yet her guilt, shame and confusion caused her to freeze.

Debbie leant forward to try to move the vibrations away to a safer area but to no avail. As she did so she noticed that the women on either side had also reacted to the vibrating bench, spreading their legs slightly and leaning forward to enable their pleasure to begin. Unlike her, however, they were feeling nothing but a mild, cheap thrill. She was building and becoming more animated because of it.

Sam took this moment to grab some of her loose pubic hair himself and eat it. The current proximity seemed to allow stage two to finally become established and he entered her mind on a fishing trip.

He was assailed by links to the bible and it was clear Debbie was an active Christian, currently feeling a lot of religious guilt over her joy. He was aware of just how close to climax she was and so he slowed down the vibrations, just enough to keep her enslaved but insufficient to give her release, whilst he hunted through her other surface thoughts.

The pleasure linked to a vibrator she had at home….which was hidden from David, her boyfriend of 2 years…..whom she did not allow to touch her because she was saving herself for marriage. Sam had never met a virgin who was 18 before and, for a small second, he wondered if he should be here.

Since when did you have pity for one of them? What is the matter with you? About time this poor girl had some fun, anyhow.

Debbie felt the vibration slow and almost felt disappointed, despite herself. She hoped it would ease enough to allow her to leave the hall but instead it began to intensify again, this time moving slowly in and out of her vagina as it moved. It had very little physical impact, remaining pressed against her g-spot and clit, but psychologically it struck her that this was the first time she had felt something move that way inside her. She was hypnotised by the steady rhythm and the vibrations that teased her ever closer to the edge.

Sam moved inside her panties to enjoy the sight, sound and smell of her orgasm as he gently allowed her to find sweet release. Debbie sat back in a controlled yet rigid movement, eyes screwed closed, as she enjoyed her silent freedom.

Her mind was a flood of emotions, guilt, pleasure, excitement, bewilderment and fear. She needed to get out of there and she did, as soon as her breath returned and allowed her to make her excuses. She passed the empty chair down the hall and went to the ladies toilet to recover, whilst Sam shadowed her and stayed in contact.

20 minutes later she felt composed enough to leave. Sam knew she was feeling so guilty about what had happened in there that she intended to go to the Friday evening service tonight, something she rarely did. First however, having forgot them in her rush, she needed to go back into the lecture hall and collect her bag and books.

When she had them she went downstairs out into the street, where she ran into a man who was wearing a business suit. She said

"Oh, I’m sorry"

"No worries, I should not be here as it is. I’m late. Did you just come from inside there?"

"Yes, why?"

"It’s just that I am looking for a Debbie Mitchell, she’s a student here and I was meant to bring her a book of notes she dropped this morning. I ended up being late for work and now I am looking for her"


Sam feigned surprise

"Debbie….? Wow, small world! That’s saved me a hunt. Here you go"

He handed her a book of notes he had taken from her bag. Debbie looked at it and Sam could here her think "I could have sworn I packed this today?" before, in her hurry to move on, she just accepted it as deja vue

"Thank Sam, you are an angel! See you around"

She hurried off to grab some lunch as Sam thought, see you later.

Sam had changed into casual clothes by the time he arrived to the church. He timed his arrival to be 5 minutes after Debbie had gone inside, with a stick-insect man he presumed to be David. He then entered and smiled as the vicar welcomed him

"Hello, it’s always nice to see a new face"

"I’m new to this district. Pleased to meet you, I am Samuel Grant."

"Welcome again Mr Grant, I am sure you will find this church to be a friendly one"

As the conversation with the Priest continued, Sam enhanced Debbie’s hearing and made her focus upon it. As Sam’s name was mentioned she instinctively turned round and, recognising a face that had helped her today, smiled at him.

Feigning surprise, Sam smiled shyly back and then made a slow walk towards her.

"Hi again. Hey, I don’t suppose I could sit with you two tonight could I? My old church is not a formal as this one and I am afraid I am going to look a fool"

Sam knew he had guessed right with his approach as he felt the wave of empathy wash over Debbie.

"Sure, Sam – we were all new once, don’t worry"

Sam knew enough church from his childhood to fake most of it. The rest he simply looked at Debbie and she helped him through. He kept a respectful distance from her and waited for his moment to happen.

40 minutes into the service the vicar stood up and offered communion to the congregation, finishing with the words

"Although we are many we are one flesh, for we all drink from the same cup"

The congregation began to file forward as Sam ensured he was between Debbie and David. As the shuffled forward he took out his handkerchief to stifle a cough, whilst placing inside his mouth some of his own pubic hair and semen which he had ground to the finest powder.

They approached the altar and Sam knelt down with Debbie alongside him. David was forced to move to the far end as Debbie had taken the final place. The Vicar moved along the row.

"The body of Christ"

He presented each person with a piece of bread. Sam took it and lodged it in his gum, away from the hair.

"The blood of Christ, shed for you"

He presented each person with a chalice, which they sipped and then said "Amen". The Vicar stood over Sam

"The blood of Christ, shed for you"

Sam took a sip and in an imperceptible move he washed it over the hair, before releasing it back into the chalice.

The vicar stood over Debbie

"The blood of Christ, shed for you"

She took a sip and said "amen".

Sam felt the DNA enter her system and said "amen"

The late cry made the Vicar and Debbie look at him. He adopted a sheepish "sorry, I’m new look" and they thought nothing more of it.

The service continued for another 20 minutes but Sam was only half-listening. He was trying to fine-tune stage 3 inside Debbie as she sang but her conscious state made it hard to do without causing suspicion. Nonetheless, he felt sure that he would have enough in a few hours to make her act on something already within her.

After the service Sam thanked Debbie and David for their friendship and left on good terms with them. He needed to check on Susan.

Finding her would have been hard in the old days, given his limited range, but thanks to a silent mobile-phone call he was able to get enough linear trace on her mind. She was eating at a diner in downtown and, when he arrived, he soon knew why.

Gary had listened with incredulity to her when she had tried to be honest. He was never the most sensitive man but when she described having an intense orgasm on the train and being spanked in the bathroom by an invisible force (she had left out Debbie for she thought that unconnected) he had swung between jealousy and laughter. All he kept saying was that she needed to see a doctor, she was clearly either delusional or that this was some wacky way to tell him that she was having an affair, and to call him when she’d come to her senses.

Susan was eating alone tonight with a heavy heart. Sam was truly shocked to find that this bothered him. Anyway, he thought, that was the story so far and it meant he had a busy night ahead. She had seen the doctor and he had suggested it was stress-induced erotic fantasia, requiring a few days rest and then a repeat visit, so she intended to stay home all weekend. Sam knew where to find her and that is all that counted right now…..but his heart was heavy as he saw her face from afar.

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