tagMind ControlControl, Sam, Control Ch. 04

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 04


The phone woke Susan up the next morning and she cursed as she looked over at the clock. She had taken some leave from work to try to work through the pain she felt from Gary leaving her, so a call at 8am was not welcome. She stumbled into the front room and sleepily answered the phone.


"Sorry to disturb you at such an early hour, Susan, but I have some news about Gary"

The moment that Sam mentioned his name she became wide-awake.

"I have a friend in the police and they have been keeping me up to speed with the formal missing-persons hunt. There has been a sighting of Gary in Madison and I am making a few calls to check it out. He seemed in good spirits and was with both his sister and an unknown lady when they checked into a Hotel."

Sam could feel her jealousy racing to the surface before being forced back into her heart.

"Keep me informed please"

"Will do. On another note I think you should not contact Gary's family at the moment. I'm sad to say that they seem to be blaming you for his taking off and until we can prove it was nothing to do with you..."

"I understand"

"Ok, talk to you later"

Sam put his mobile phone away and looked over at Debbie's house from his car. He'd nicely primed Susan and now it was time to focus, come on Deb make the call.

The phone rang again as Susan was walking back to bed. She turned and picked it up once more.


"Hello Susan, its Debbie. How are things?"

It was a simple question but it opened the floodgates to half an hour of anger, tears and fear as Susan poured her resentment about Gary over her friend. Debbie listened, shocked at how he could have treated her so badly, and tried to comfort her as best she could.

Susan felt at ease with her and, as she calmed down, she slowly became aware of how aroused she had become by Debbie's voice. A sudden remembrance of the scent of Debbie's knickers washed over her and made her feel at peace.

"I was ringing to ask if you fancied coming swimming later? I know a great pool and I was thinking it would be nice to meet, but now I would more than understand if you were not in the mood"

Susan felt electrified by the suggestion. A chance to spend some time with her sexy friend, in a swimsuit, sounded just the kind of distraction she needed. If Gary could find fun with some other woman, so could she.

"That sounds like a really nice idea, Debbie, thank you. I need to get out of the house and relax anyway, there is no point in moping around here all day"

They made arrangements to meet at lunch as Sam started his car and sped away to his office.

The pool was busy when they entered a few hours later. Office-workers had poured in for a quick swim during lunch and the pool was a sea of heads. As they paid and went into the changing area Susan's heart was racing, all inhibitions replaced with the excitement of seeing that body one again.

She felt cheated as she saw the rows of changing cubicles and sullenly went into one next to Debbie. She sat there for a second or two panting with her frustration, knowing that Debbie was stripping off and that she could not see, before realising that she needed to get changed too. Hurriedly she fumbled her way into her swimsuit and then exited the cubicle, to stare transfixed at Debbie as she stood before her.

Debbie was wearing the skimpiest of swimsuits and the tightness around her chest and crotch left little to the imagination of the viewer. As she turned to lead the way to the pool, Susan saw her muscular rear call to her eyes as it held them captive until they were in the water. It was a relief to Susan to get wetness outside of her swimsuit as well as inside her pussy.

As they began to swim, Sam drank slowly from his coffee as he surveyed the pool from the public gallery. He wanted to give them a little time to bond again and that gave him a bit of time to let his mind wander. He spotted a young man in the water who was with swimming his girlfriend across the width of the pool.

The man was of medium build whilst his partner was very average in most respects. Her face was nothing to attract a second look and her figure would have benefited from the loss of a few pounds. She was enough to serve what Sam had in mind however.

Sam closed his eyes as the pair rested in the water by one side of the pool. The man felt a soft current of water, slightly warmer that the rest, begin to move smoothly over his tight trucks. His penis registered it immediately, for it felt like a soft and warm finger slowly stroking each ball before working it's way slowly up and down his increasingly firm shaft.

The man froze and then looked down into the water to see nothing. His girlfriend got out of the water.

"I'm just off to use the restroom, Peter. I'll be back as soon as I can"

Peter had decided to enjoy the current and was pleased not to have to move just yet.

"Ok Julie"

As Julie left, Peter felt himself becoming increasingly uncomfortable as his penis grew in such a tight place. Surrounded as he was he had to be subtle, but he placed his hands under the water and pulled his trunks away to allow his erection to stand straight, the head about 2 inches outside but still covered by the pool.

He felt the current change slightly, tugging him slowly towards a filter that must be the source, he thought. We moved with it and felt the current intensify, swirling all around his shaft and head with soft, licking movements. Sam drank his coffee as he watched the show unfold below him.

Peter turned to face the filter, unleashing a new intensity as he felt he balls being circled with feather finger. His shaft was being slowly pulled and then pushed, as the water ebbed and flowed, masturbating him with incredibly delicate movements whilst slowly enticing him to place his penis right on the filter.

Sam saw Julie returning and decided to make this interesting. He recalled the way in which Susan had suckled on him in the hotel that night and merged it with the water around Peter, creating all the movements and nearly all of the sensation. Susan gave great head, thought Sam, and it seemed a shame not to spread the fun.

Peter almost groaned aloud as his penis was sucked free from his trunks before being treated to a cascading series of flows and counter-flows. He saw Julie coming back to him and remembered, with disgust, the half-hearted and teeth-filled blow-jobs she had given him in the past.

Julie sat on the edge of the pool, slightly puzzled by the fixed and breathless expression Peter was wearing.

"You ok?"

Oh god am I?!?!, he thought.

"Yes, fine" he said in a voice that was as calm as he could make it, given that he was halfway to orgasm by now.

Julie chatted about her mother completely oblivious to the fact that "Susan" was blowing her boyfriend off under the water. Peter tried to avoid her eyes and he made small-talk, all the time mixing a desire that this would never end with a hunger to experience his first ever oral-only orgasm.

Sam admired Peter's self-control and the way he was able to bluff Julie, keeping his cock in "Susan's" willing mouth whilst telling his girlfriend that he loved her. He could see that Peter was enjoying the ability to get away with the deception almost as much as the sex and, as a kindred soul, Sam silently saluted him.

Sam gave him his release and Peter stiffened, cried out in the most intense pleasure of his young life and then relaxed again. When he opened his eyes he saw Julie looking at him as the water washed his semen away and suddenly returned to normal, leaving his softening penis to slowly wash back into his trunks.

"Sorry love, I stubbed my foot" Peter said, looking ashamed whilst feeling like a king.

Debbie and Susan had been swimming for 20 minutes by the time Sam focused back on them. He caught up quickly by accessing their short-term recall and discovered that they had been talking about Gary. Only natural and, to Sam, very useful as well. He began to focus on both women, subtly increasing their heat-rates and adrenaline whilst slowly reducing their inhibitions. He could tell he was pushing at an open door and smiled to himself.

They were resting in the water by the side of the pool where Peter was now walking away with Julie. Susan was telling Debbie of her pain again when Debbie said

"You've suffered a lot, Sue, and you do not deserve it"

Susan saw Debbie reach over to her and embrace her. Their breasts met and made Susan gasp as she responded by puling Debbie closer, so that her aching pussy could touch that of her friend.

Debbie felt the touch of Susan's vagina between her legs and Sam made sure she became aroused. He saw her scour the bible for the passages that forbade homosexual feeling and he highlighted for her that they mentioned men only. He then linked it to the experiment with the dildo and her body melted into high arousal as she remembered how intense that had been. Her mind had, in a split second, decided to allow this to proceed for a while. As long as she remained a virgin, that is unpenetrated by a man, she felt secure from hell.

The embrace had become less formal and softer as both women became lost in the peace that they felt. Susan felt comforted for the first time since her strange experiences had began whilst Debbie felt she could relax, without fear of having to keep her emotions locked away in case they over-stimulated someone.

"This is nice" Susan said, softly.

"Yes it is"

Debbie was shy but trying to hide it. Susan saw that and realised that Debbie might feel the same as she. Her heart pounded anew as she casually said

"Gary used to hold me like this when he did that thing he liked to do"

"What thing?"

Susan answered by stroking Debbie's back with a single, gentle, finger. Debbie moaned soflty before whispering:

"That feels wonderful, it must have felt good when Gary did that. I cannot allow my David to do much as it gets him hard and then I have to calm him down again"

"Why is his getting hard a problem?" Susan asked as she subtly widened the area of stroking, to take in Debbie's firm arse.

"I'm a Christian and I am not meant to be penetrated outside of marriage"

Sam did his magic inside Susan, causing her to blurt out

"Well you are safe here, it's not as if we could break that rule"

Both women froze for a moment as the proposition was laid naked before them, before Debbie broke the ice with a laugh that melted Susan's heart

"Nope, I guess not!"

Debbie began to copy Susan and stoke all around her back and rear, causing Susan to feel more aroused than she could ever remember. She knew she had to take the lead, for Debbie was so innocent and scared, but she was terrified to ruin this. Yet, she had to move it forward or it might stall.

She placed both hands on Debbie's rear and looked deep into her eyes. The intense desire in those eyes shocked and delighted Debbie as she copied the gesture.

"I guess you cannot allow David to do what Gary used to next"

Susan began to slowly move her hands around Debbie's hips, whilst checking to see if there was any objection to the movement as it proceeded. Debbie felt her heart pound as Susan's fingers began to slowly move towards the front of her hips, then down onto her pussy and then inside her costume before resting on her clitoris.

Susan thought she was completely aroused at this point but it was as nothing compared to the sensations of Debbie copying her actions. When she felt those fingers touch her pussy she let out an audible gasp that was only masked by the noise of the pool.

When she had recovered her composure she whispered

"Would you like to come home with me, Debbie? I can show you a few other things that Gary used to do"

Debbie smiled shyly and nodded before both women left the pool and headed for the changing rooms. Sam stood up and headed for his car.

Both women had made polite, if nervous, small talk as they drove to Susan's house, but that was soon to change. Susan let Debbie and closed the door on another taboo as she took Debbie silently to the bedroom.

"Gary used to take me here as soon as we got in, when he was in the mood."

Susan put her arms around Debbie and looked deep into her eyes.

"Then he used to let it go with the flow"

Susan kissed Debbie softly and the two women began to let their hands explore. Debbie felt Susan's breasts heave under her shirt as she touched them, whilst Susan unashamedly placed her hands inside Debbie's jeans and panties to feel her naked butt.

Debbie felt ashamed that she was so inexperienced.

"I cannot even let David see me naked, though he's pestered me enough"

Susan was beginning to undress Debbie as she fired a series of diverting questions

"Have you ever seen his cock?"

The mention of the word made Debbie blush.

"Yes, from time to time I let him get it out and I stroke it for him"

Susan had now removed Debbie's bra and was kneeling before her, licking her breasts and stimulating her breathing even more.

"Ever sucked on him, Debbie?"

"Oh, that's good Susan...no, I don't think I am meant to allow him to penetrate even my mouth"

Susan unzipped Debbie's jeans before removing them. She lay Debbie slowly onto the bed.

"Has David ever licked you between your legs?"

Debbie felt Susan's fingers working their way slowly up her legs, stroking as they went and sending her senses wild.

"No...ohhh...I won't let him because I know where it would lead"

Susan illustrated her next statement at every turn, causing Debbie to gasp

"Gary used to work his way up my legs and then plant a soft kiss on my pussy, through my panties, before he took them off and pushed my legs gently apart"

Susan lived her fantasy when she saw Debbie's pussy, wide open and only 2 inches from her face. The scent from the changing room, intensified ten fold, stimulated her ever fibre whilst the memories of her friend from the past mixed in. She had always wanted to taste a pussy and this was going to be sooooo good.

"Let me give you what David can't. An orgasm"

Debbie locked eyes with Susan as she felt her tongue inside, moving with a soft warmness that her own fingers could never hope to emulate. Debbie groaned with delight as Susan became more intense, whilst outside the house Sam enjoyed the encounter from both perspectives.

Five minutes passed as Susan ate Debbie out, targeting every part of her vagina as she learned her the things that Debbie particularly liked. Finally, in a scream that would wake the dead, Debbie reached a soul-deep climax.

Covered in pussy-juices, Sandra kissed Debbie passionately as they recovered. Sam made them both feel very sleepy and they decided to cuddle for a bit, once Susan had undressed. Soon they were deeply asleep in each others arms as Sam entered the house and then the bedroom.

He pulled back the covers and looked at them both, implanting a desire to sleep on their backs to allow him a better view. Their nakedness thrilled him, of course, but not as much as the knowledge that he owned them both. Sam undressed and lay in between them for a few minutes, as they placed their arms around him and pressed their soft breasts against his chest.

He looked into Susan's mind and found out where she kept her dildo. He got up and fetched it before opening his mind fully to his two sleeping partners. Debbie was dreaming of flying before Sam changed her dream to being on honeymoon, with David, in a four-poster bed. Susan saw her dream man from the hotel room again, walking into her bedroom and holding her with the softness that Debbie had shown.

Sam removed their dream paralysis but kept them in the deepest of sleeps. Their speech was a little slurred and soft but he heard them well enough.

Debbie saw David standing before her

"Love, now that we are married, I want to ask you to do something for me."

"Anything, it's yours"

"Come here and kneel before me"

Debbie moved from the bed and knelt before Sam as, in her dream, she knelt before her husband. Sam made her eyes open and they stared blankly at his cock, only subliminally taking in what they were seeing but nonetheless helping to send her into intense arousal. "Take me into your mouth and show me your love for me. Suck my seed into your stomach and honour God for giving us this union"

Sam penetrated her mouth as Debbie took his erection inside. She gave head like the inexperienced virgin she was in that regards, but Sam was happy to forgo some of the pleasure in exchange for taking her oral virginity. You may dress in white one day, my dear, but only I will know how your denied David whilst gladly failing to your knees to suck and fuck another man.

As Debbie pleasured him Sam made Susan see her dream man standing alone, calling to her. Susan got off the bed and held Sam from behind as he watched Debbie's head move two and fro beneath his waist. Sam made Susan support him as well as stroke his ass and balls, whilst he made Debbie simply focus on sucking him at the right rhythm.

Sam had all the time he needed and made Debbie work very hard before he came. In her dream, Debbie felt tremendous satisfaction that she had managed to please David and also that she had waited for her honeymoon, despite the temptations. Sam felt Susan support his shoulder as he shot his seed deep into Debbie's mouth before making he swallow and lick every drop hungrily.

As Sam recovered he made them all stay in position. He changed the image in Debbie's head and she was in her room again, praying. He placed his softening penis between Debbie's softly, clenched hands, before getting her to lock her non-seeing eyes with his. He accessed a prayer she often used and she began to recite it.

"Oh Lord, I worship you and turn myself utterly to your control. My future is yours to shape and my body is yours to command, for I exist only to please you and follow your sacred words. Amen"

That's it, worship my cock my angel and pledge your undying devotion to pleasing it, Sam thought with a wicked smile. You have done well, my child, we may make a woman out of you yet.

Sam let the two women return to bed and rest. He knew that too much REM sleep in one go would cause problems for his control, as the mind began to fight to restore the natural balance, and so he waited for 30 minutes. As he waited he looked around the house and read Susan's diaries and letters, hunting for any information which may be useful for the future.

Time passed and Sam drew himself a chair next the bed as he admired his work, before entering their minds again. He replayed their encounter from before they slept and mixed it with the fantasies that each had about the other to create an erotic mist that surrounded them both. They he played with their passion.

Debbie began to slowly kiss Susan as her hands began to wander over her nakednesss. Susan had a part of her which needed to be dominated, something which had become clear to Sam the moment he saw Gary, and this fitted nicely with the strength of character that Debbie had needed to resist temptation.

Debbie took the lead as Susan spread her legs, inviting the soft, probing fingers to explore her pussy. Debbie began to rub Susan's g-spot and she felt the pleasure explode inside her dream, causing her to moan softly as her body began to move in time to the intensity.

As both viewer and director of his own lesbian movie, Sam sat still whilst he made the actresses dance around his vision. Debbie looked magnificent as she bent over Susan, her lips and fingers increasingly abandoned as she increased her intense stimulation of Susan. Inside Susan's mind Sam could feel those fingers and the pleasure they were causing, especially as he guided them to all the places Susan had long-discovered were the most sensitive parts. She was screaming by now, such was the need for releases, but Sam made Debbie slow and tease her for a while. Just keeping her at the edge without gaining sweet release.

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