tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 03

Controlled Ch. 03


I looked at Simon after Ian had left, his fingers were back on my clit and a small moan escaped my lips before I could say "What's this Damien like and what did Ian mean a small service?"

Simon carried on playing with me and he leant forward and kissed me again before answering "To tell you the truth I don't know him that well, only what Ian has told me, I've only met him a couple of times. He's about 6'6" and a very big guy, very sure of himself and he has a scar that runs down the side of his face which make's him look really mean."

I was getting close to orgasm now, whilst trying not to show everyone in the pub what was being done to me "He loves girls like you according to Ian, married I mean. He say's they're always up for more than single women"

As he was saying all this he was smiling and his fingers were moving faster and more urgent until with a gasp I came. Simon laughed and took his hand away and put his finger in my mouth so I would suck it clean. "That's good" he said "I've never made a girl come in the middle of a crowded pub before. You do realise that those couple of guys sitting at that table over there could see everything that happened don't you?"

I looked across at the table almost opposite and saw a couple of men laughing and staring under the table and realised that they would be able to see straight up my skirt "Oh god! You could of least have told me" I said playfully punching him on the arm.

Laughing Simon said "It seemed more fun to let them watch. Anyway I'd put your jacket on if I were you Ian's back"

I looked just as Ian got to the table "Come on" he said "Damien can't wait to see you"

I was getting nervous again now "What have you said?" I asked Ian

"I told him everything, what else. He really got a kick out of it and has promised us all free entry to the club and even a bottle of champagne if you're good. So come on sexy get your ass into gear we have to go."

Putting my little jacket back on, I had almost forgot I might as well had been topless for the past half hour or so "I can't believe you told him everything"

"I felt I had to really, it was just too good to keep to myself"

As we were leaving we had to walk past the men who had been watching me "Mmmm, nice one darling" I heard one come out with. I just turned and flashed them a smile as I walked out the door into the street.

Ian reached out and took hold of my jacket before taking it off "I don't think this is necessary, do you?"

I gasped as my breasts were on display again, it was getting chilly so my nipples became instantly erect "No, please don't do that. I may see some people I know and what about if we see any police"

Ian just carried on walking and said "You don't have to worry about police, I'm sure they've seen worse. As for people you may know, well I suppose that is a chance we'll have to take, it's not far anyway. Simon I think a few more photo's walking down the street will be in order as well, don't you?"

We were walking down a side street but it still had quite a few people walking down it, I was getting quite a lot of looks, whistles and calls from some of the groups of lads "My thoughts exactly" Simon said "Lets stop here a second so I can get some good shots"

We'd stopped right by a couple of parked cars, there was still a steady stream of people going past, and surprise surprise they were still staring at me and calling out things like "Nice tit's darling", I was really getting embarrassed now but fortunately there was nobody I saw who I knew.

"Come on Kirsta, go and lean back on the front of that car" Ian said pointing to a rather flashy looking Porsche 911 "You can pretend to be a model"

"What about the cars owner" I said "Won't he mind"

"Don't worry about it, it's Damien's car and I'm sure he wont mind as long as he gets a couple of pic's as well, I'll use my phone then I can Bluetooth him them"

"Hold on a minute" I said "I don't want every Tom, Dick or Harry having pictures of me"

"Don't worry, it'll will only be me and Damien, oh and Simon I promise. Now get your sexy ass over there and pose sexily. Remember you have to what we want you to do."

Feeling resigned but very apprehensive I walked to the front of the Porsche and lay back on the bonnet, looking towards the Ian and Simon who had already started taking photo's, I smiled and posed as sexy as I could in the circumstances. "Come on Kirsta" Simon said "Push your tits together, and play with your nipples"

We had started to get an audience by this time, a few lads had wandered over and stood watching me and cheering, as I did as I was directed. "Couple more Kirsta" Ian said "But this time I want you to lift the front of your skirt up, so we can see what you've got"

I couldn't believe it, here I was in the centre of town, albeit down a side street. Lying back on a car playing with my tit's whilst people were looking on. I know I was well on my way to being pissed, but I couldn't help the fact that I was loving it. I was embarrassed as hell but God why was I turned on so much. Closing my eye's I reached down to the front of my skirt and slowly lifted it to above my waist. I heard a loud cheer from the onlookers.

"Come on then Kirsta, lets go" Ian called "Sorry lads show's over."

There were a few groans from my audience but all good natured and when I stood up they even gave me a round of applause and a few cheers. My face was really hot and I was blushing like mad but I still managed to smile as Simon came and put his arm round me. Catching up with Ian he turned and asked "So come on then. How turned on are you?"

"That was incredible, I've always thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but that was something else." I don't know why but I felt great, the thought of all those people seeing me, all of me. Then cheering and clapping afterwards gave me a massive boost of confidence "I'm so horny" I continued "that I could fuck you both in the middle of the street and not care"

Ian and Simon just burst out laughing at that "That's my girl. Keep that thought in mind as we're here now" Ian said pointing to this pretty non-descript blue door on the side of a building, he knocked five times "Tradesmen's entrance for us, Damien wants to see you in his office before we go into the club." As he was saying this the door opened and one of the biggest black men I had seen was standing in the doorway.

He reached out and grabbed my hand pulling me gently towards him "You must be Kirsta" He rumbled. He had a very deep voice which reminded me of Barry White the singer in a way "For once Ian wasn't lying, when he said how sexy you are."

When he smiled he showed off a set of strong and very white teeth, which changed his face from very mean with the scar, to one that was quite friendly but still had the look of someone not to mess with. Hard to describe but he was a very black, black man, definitely no mixing of race with this one. He was as I said very big and powerful, not overly defined like a body builder, but he had one of those big rugby player type of builds, that I had always fancied.

Standing back he let Ian and Simon come in as well then he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me deeply, reaching behind me he lifted my skirt at the back and started to roughly caress my naked ass. I just groaned and melted into his embrace. I had never been with a black guy before but it was something I always wanted to try.

Pulling back he looked at Ian "Pass me the camera, then go through the door over there" he said pointing down the hallway "On the other side you'll find Colin guarding the entrance to the club. Tell him I sent you, he knows, and he'll take you to the bar and get you some free drinks organized. I'll send Kirsta back to you in a while. I owe you one mate."

Simon looked a bit unsure but Ian grabbed him "Come on mate let's get a drink. We'll see you soon Kirsta. Have Fun!" as he said this he led Simon through the door.

I was feeling unsure about this and I think Damien must have noticed because he put his arm round me again and said "Don't you worry, my little darlin', you gonna be fine and safe with me. Let's go to my office and we can have a drink to relax."

He guided me down the hallway to another door opposite the one Ian and Simon had just gone through. Inside the doorway was what must be Damien's office,. It was nicely decorated with a desk and a large brown leather sofa against the wall, sitting on the desk was an ice bucket with an open bottle of champagne, beside this two glasses.

"Take a seat on the sofa whilst I pour us some champagne" He crossed to the desk put the camera down and poured the champagne. I sat down in the middle of the sofa, right on the edge. Damien came over carrying the glasses and bottle which he put down by the side of the sofa. Handing me my glass he sat down and pulled me in close to him "Drink up sexy and tell me about yourself, is everything Ian told me true?"

"That all depends really on what he told you, but I take it he told you all about mine and my husbands fantasies and the fact that I've agreed to do whatever this writer guy tells me to do." I said cuddling into his big chest and sipping the champagne

"To tell you the truth when he first told me I didn't believe him, in fact even when he said he would go and get you, I still didn't. It was only when I saw your antics on the CCTV when you were sprawled over my car, did I believe. Nice show by the way, you sure looked like you were having fun." He was stroking my hair at this point and I was feeling more and more relaxed. I think the champagne was helping too because I had almost finished my glass already

"I couldn't believe I did it to be honest, but I felt great afterwards must have been all I had to drink and the fact that I was feeling very horny. Speaking of drink" I said holding out my glass

"My you are thirsty" he filled up my glass again. I noticed he had hardly touched his. "Lean back my darlin' and let me undo that lovely top your wearing, lets face it I don't think you need it to cover your modesty"

I leant back into the sofa and moved my hands to the side while he started to undo my blouse starting at the top and slowly working his way down until he pushed both sides away completely baring my breasts. I closed my eyes and started to moan as he lowered his head and started to suck and nibble on one and then the other of my nipples. I put my hand on the back of his head and held him there for a while enjoying the effects of his ministrations whilst still sipping at my champagne.

He pulled away smiling and said "You are beautiful, pass me your glass so that you can take your top off completely"

I passed him my glass then leant forward and removed my top, laying it on the other side of the sofa. I feel bad thinking about this now but Dan my lovely husband had never entered my mind for at least the past two hours. I was in my own world, a world of sensations and fantasy, I needed sex really badly by now. I had some relief in the pub but I needed to be fucked hard and needed it soon.

As I turned back round there was a knock on the door. Damien handed me back my glass, refilled by the way. "Don't cover up it's only Colin, he's going to take a few photo's for you and your husband" he told me then called "Come in".

I was facing the door when Colin came in, his eyes going straight to my chest. With a visible effort he turned to Damien "All sorted boss" he said.

"Great" Damien said "Isn't she beautiful?"

"She sure is boss, nicest for a long time. Is this the camera on the desk?"

"Yeah that's the one. Make sure you get some good pictures for the lady" Turning to me Damien said "Colin is going to be our photographer, he does it in his spare time, so he is quite good really. Just pretend he isn't there."

I was completely mellow now my glass was empty again and I couldn't have cared less if half the club was looking on I was that horny. I just smiled at him.

"I think it would be best if you stood up and removed your skirt now. When you do I want you to turn your back to Colin and then bend over at the waist and kiss me keeping your legs straight. Is that ok."

For an answer I stood up quite quickly and with only a little bit of a stagger I undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor around my ankles. All the time I could hear the camera clicking off as Colin was taking photo's. I turned round then bent at the waist as directed and started to kiss Damien knowing that my ass was sticking out well and most of my soaking pussy was on display.

"Right, Now I want you to walk to the middle of the floor and get down on your knee's"

I walked to the middle of the floor and got to my knee's side on from Colin facing Damien as he stood up and walked over to stand in front of me. There I was naked and kneeling in front of this huge fully clothed black guy I had only met less that twenty minutes ago whilst his employee was taking pictures, I couldn't get over it, it was like a dream, a very kinky dream at that.

"Time for some fun" Damien said "I want you to undo my belt and trousers to get my cock out, I then want you to slowly wank me off while you lick and suck the end."

I didn't need no encouragement I was straight at his belt almost frantically tugging at it, so I could get to his cock. After managing this I quickly undid his trouser button and zip, then pulled his trousers and underwear down. I was not to be disappointed either as I tried to encircle his cock with my hand. It was large and had good girth, there must have been 2 inches remaining from the tip of my thumb to my finger as it was wrapped around his cock, the length too was good at least 9 inches about the same as one of my ex boyfriends but this was definitely thicker. I started to stroke it up and down whilst lowering my mouth onto the head of it and sucking while flicking my tongue over it.

Damien had turned his head to Colin "Look at the bitch go" he laughed "I hope you're getting this"

"Sure boss, she looks great"

"I want you to open your legs a bit Kirsta, reach down with your other hand and start to play with yourself" Damien said whilst holding the back of my head and pushing more of his cock into my mouth.

I quickly complied and started rubbing my clit with wild abandon, it wasn't long before I came. I had to sit back else I would have collapsed in a heap it was that powerful. I still had hold of Damien's cock I looked at him and when I had calmed a bit said "Sorry about that"

He just smiled and said "It's alright you looked like you needed that." He removed my hand from his cock and went and sat down on the edge of the sofa "Right you little slut. I want you to come over hear and sit on my cock. But I want you to face away from me so that Colin can take some good shots of you putting my cock in that lovely cunt of yours. So when you're ready slut."

I loved being called a slut by this man and I quickly went over and turning my back to him started to lower myself down his body, grabbing his cock when it was close I slowly guided it pat my lips and used my weight to force it into my pussy. I was really moaning again now getting more and more vocal as inch by inch this fantastic cock filled me like I have never been filled. All the time Colin was taking lots of pictures, it was a good job I had a 4gb memory card in the phone.

Damien started to play with my tits and started to pull roughly on my nipples as I slid up and down on his cock, within a minute I had another orgasm which was made even more intense by Damien when he really stretched my nipples hard. It felt like he was trying to pull them off. I collapsed backwards onto him and sat like that for a few moments while he resumed playing a bit more gently with my tits.

All of a sudden he lifted me up and carried me over to his desk where he lay me down across it on my back with my ass almost hanging off the front and my head dangling over the back. He spread my legs and moved in between them and started to shove that lovely cock back into me. Slowly pumping away he said "God you're one of the best fucks I've had in ages. It's time to pay Colin for his services now though, so I want you suck him off, while I carry on fucking you. Is that ok?"

I just moaned even louder which they must have took for a yes because Colin appeared at my head with his cock out and already hard. It was another nice sized cock not as big as Damien's but definitely bigger that Dan's. I just opened my mouth and he started pushing it in. One skill I had mastered was how to deep throat, so it wasn't long before Colin found out and his balls were slapping me in the face as he started to fuck my face. He still had the camera and was taking photo's from directly above.

Damien started to speed up as well but Colin was the first one to cum he held his cock in my mouth and I started to swallow as fast as I could but I still felt some running out the side of my mouth. I came again just before Damien rammed home and filled me with his cum. He must have came loads because I could soon feel it running in between the crack of my ass and dribbling onto the floor. He reached over and grabbed a couple of tissues for me then pulled out. I put my hand with the tissues down there quickly and was amazed at how stretched my pussy felt.

Colin had the camera back out and was taking pictures of me cleaning the cum that was dripping out of me. "There's a bathroom through that door by the desk" Damien said "You're going to need to clean up before you go into the club, don't forget Ian and Simon are waiting for you"

Still naked I grabbed my clutch bag and went through the door into a small bathroom where I cleaned myself up and reapplied my makeup. It was while I was doing this that I remembered Dan, how could I have forgot, he must be worried sick by now checking the time it was 12.45 and I hadn't text him once. I quickly grabbed my phone which I had put on silent, I noticed I had a couple of messages which were from Dan asking if I was ok. So I tapped out a message saying that I was and not to worry. Sorry for not texting earlier but I have been kept quite busy and that he was going to love the pictures that had been taken.

Finishing up I walked back into the office, Colin had gone and Damien was sitting behind his desk on the computer. He looked up smiling "You look gorgeous and that was fantastic I hope you come back here again. Your clothes are on the sofa with one exception, your top I want to keep to remind me of you. I'll give it back when you come and see me again."

I was stunned "You can't keep my top, what will I wear from now on?"

He leant back in his chair and smiled some more "Your jacket has a button on the front of it, I'm sure you will look great in just that and your skirt. Come on sexy try it on lets get a look at you" He stood up and walked over to my clothes grabbed my jacket and handed it to me. Grabbing it out of his hands I put it on, when I tried to sort the button however, and there was only one button, I had to really stretch it before I could fasten it. My breasts were uncomfortable and hardly covered at all. Although when I looked in a mirror I must admit I thought I looked quite sexy in a very slutty way though.

"There you go, you look amazing like that" He was walking back to the computer now "I hope you don't mind but I'm just uploading the photo's off your camera, so if you don't come back, I'll have something to remember you by."

I had put my skirt and heels back on by now, looking down I saw the almost empty bottle of champagne sitting on the floor, picking it up I took a swig straight out of the bottle and walked over to him. Leaning down I gave him a passionate kiss, when I pulled away I said huskily "I'm sure I'll come back, don't worry about that. I've never felt so full before" Smiling I reached in between his legs and gave his cock a gentle squeeze. Just then the computer beeped, Damien took the SD card out, put it back in the camera and handed it back to me.

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