tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 04

Controlled Ch. 04


Leaving the office I saw Colin standing at the other end of the corridor, he smiled when he saw me which turned into a laugh when I staggered slightly, I was really quite drunk now, I gave out a giggle when he came forward and held my arm to steady me.

"Lets find your friends" he said as he guided me through the door and into the club which was packed full of people. As with most clubs it was quite dark inside with some very loud drum and base music blaring over the speakers. Looking across to the dance floor I realised that although I had a lot of skin showing I definitely wasn't the only one, some of the outfits that girls had on left very little to the imagination.

Clearing a path for me Colin led me to a table near the bar where I saw Simon and Ian chatting away to each other, they both smiled and stood up when they saw me being led over to them. "Here she is gentlemen, I'll just go and get you a bottle of champagne and some glasses" Colin said as he walked back to the bar

Ian had a double take at my new attire "Kirsta," he said "You look even better now sexy. Did you have a nice time back there?"

I sat down gratefully and just grinned

"We'll take that as a yes then shall we?" said Simon.

Colin returned then with the champagne and three glasses "I'll leave you in the hands of your friends now Kirsta, thanks for the fun time. I hope we see you again" So saying he turned and walked back in the direction of the office.

"You dirty bitch" Ian said jokingly, whilst handing me a glass "You had both of them?"

I smiled and started to explain what had happened. Whilst I was doing this Simon grabbed the camera and looked through the photos. "Christ, you looked like you had loads of fun" he said passing the camera over to Ian who started to go through it. Simon grabbed the bottle and started to top my glass up again.

I tried to pull my glass away so he spilt some. "No more for me I've had loads and feel pissed" I said

He pulled my hand back sharply and said "Nonsense it's free, now be a good girl and drink up because I want to dance with you before we go back to my place"

Even though I was pissed I could see that Simon was getting more forceful and dominant the more he drank whereas Ian was looking very much the worse for wear, his eyes looked really heavy. Leaning forward he handed me back the camera, which I put back into my bag.

I had just enough time for a couple more mouthful's of my drink before Simon grabbed my hand and pulled me up "Come on then my slut, let's dance" he said, before pulling me behind him towards the dance floor.

We must have danced for about 20 minutes or more, with Simon copping a rough feel whenever he could and making me grind my ass towards his crotch area as he mauled my tits from behind. At one point he even undid the button on the front of my jacket and pulled it open completely exposing them, much to the appreciation of the other lads on the floor. For a couple of minutes he wouldn't let me do the button back up, it was only when one of the bouncers came across that he relented and I was able to cover myself up again.

I was very hot and sweaty when we at last headed back towards our table, only to see Ian asleep in his chair. Simon nudged him once but got no response "He always does this" Simon laughed turning to me and grabbing my arm and bag "Come on then slut, it's time to go and have some fun."

"What about Ian" I said

"Leave him" He replied "He'll be fine. Anyway if he can't keep awake then he's not going to be much good to you, is he. Now let's get out of here, Damien's his mate he'll look after him"

He pulled me along behind him towards the exit leaving Ian asleep at the table. As we neared the exit Simon put his hand behind me and up my skirt so he could grab my ass, which must have let anybody see what he was doing as well as the fact that I obviously wasn't wearing any knickers, but I was too pissed to care really. I was also looking forward to going to Simons place so he could fuck me, hard hopefully.

Colin was at the door as we were leaving he smiled at me and told me Damien had told him, that anytime I wanted to come back, I was to ask for him and he would make sure I was looked after properly. I told him that I was sure he would see me soon.

Simon started pulling me along again up the street "Come on slut, Taxi ranks up here. I can't wait to get you back to my place"

As we walked up the pedestrianised area of town towards the road Simon kept a firm grip on my arm, I don't know whether he thought I would run away or the fact that he was beginning to turn a bit nasty, probably due to the drink he had consumed. But he was definitely starting to worry me a bit, although it must be said it was also turning me on a lot as well, I do like a dominant man.

We reached the taxi rank which although there were about four cars, there weren't any other people waiting. Simon stopped then guided me to a spot about 30 foot away with me facing the cars he grabbed my arms and pulled them to my sides he then undid the button on my jacket, he didn't pull it open but it definitely gaped a bit. Looking into my eyes he almost snarled "Stand here, and don't move, I'm going to sort out the taxi"

I just nodded and kept my arms at my side, it was a good job it wasn't windy else my jacket would be flapping everywhere, as it was you could see a good proportion of my breasts. I watched as Simon went to the first taxi and started to speak to the driver. They both turned and looked in my direction, and then I saw the driver shake his head in a negative gesture. Simon then went to the next taxi whose driver had got out and was staring in my direction. He was an Asian guy who must have been in his fifty's at least; he also didn't look to clean. I started to shiver slightly and not from the cold either, it didn't need a rocket scientist to figure out what was being talked about and when the driver started to smile I knew that I was going to have to pay for the taxi in one way or another.

Simon came back over to me "Our new friend over there is going to give us a ride back to my place, only I don't want to pay him, so you are."

Stupidly I said "But I told you I don't have any money"

"Nor brains really either, but you do have a mouth. You should count yourself lucky really the first guy I spoke to, would only do it if he could fuck you, but I don't want you to be too used before I get to have you. This guy you only have to let him touch you up a bit and give him a blowjob. It's a good deal really, now come on you're sitting upfront, with Ali or whatever the fuck his name is."

Grabbing my arm yet again Simon didn't give me anytime to object as he pulled me towards the taxi. The one half of my jacket flapped open revealing my naked breast, I tried to pull it closed again but Simon snapped "Leave it, and get in" shoving me towards the front of the taxi. I got in the front seat quickly shoving the empty food wrappers that were in the front foot well out of the way. The car smelt stale, even with the two tree shaped air fresheners that were hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Simon got into the back seat and leaned forward just as the taxi driver was getting in. "Now be nice to the guy, and pass me the camera. We must get some nice pictures of you being a slut, so your husband can wank over them, mustn't we?" he said leaning back in his seat.

I couldn't believe it, here I was about to be payment for a taxi ride with a dirty, smelly and ugly looking old Asian man, and what was I doing, getting my camera out of my bag so someone could take pictures of it. The worst thing though was how turned on I was. I actually wanted it to happen even though I shuddered at the thought; it was something I could not control. It could be put down to the alcohol I had consumed, but I knew it was something else as well, a feeling of not being in control of anything that was done to me. It was that, which I had always craved.

Turning towards the back and passing the camera to Simon, I moaned as I felt a rough hand grab at my breast with fingers pulling and twisting my nipple. I turned back to see the taxi driver grinning at me with his mouth full of discoloured teeth.

"You like? Yes?" he said as he continued to pull on my nipple. I just moaned even more and closed my eyes whilst my legs squirmed against each other.

I heard Simon laughing "I told you she was up for it mate, didn't I? Now come on there is a secluded car park at the back of my place where she will give you your payment. Let's go, your mates are staring."

Opening my eyes, I looked towards the side window, only to be confronted with the faces of the two other taxi drivers staring in and laughing, so I quickly closed my eyes again. The driver let go of my nipple, started the car and drove away.

For a while the driver concentrated on the road, but after a while I felt his hand on my leg just above my knee, which he then started to move upwards. Simon leant forward again "Open your eyes bitch and whilst you're at it, open your legs and guide his hand to your cunt, as long as he doesn't crash of course. I'm sure you want him to play with you don't you?"

For an answer I opened my eyes and looked down to see this wrinkled brown hand caressing my thigh, I pushed my ass forward in the seat whilst opening my legs and pulling my skirt up slightly, then grabbing hold of his hand I placed it over my pussy. He immediately started to push a finger into me whilst his thumb started to rub my clit in circles; I was soaking again and very close to cumming.

"You do like, yes?" he asked repeating his earlier question.

"Oh God! Yes!" I moaned, his thumb was working wonders on me now, I found myself grabbing his arm so he would have to keep his hand there. Unfortunately he had to pull free to change gear as we turned into a side street, but I soon grabbed his arm again and guided his hand back.

I heard Simon laughing in the back "What a slut, see I told you she was up for it didn't I?"

"She is one hot woman, my friend. Her pussy is very wet." The driver said, as he continued playing with my pussy. "Perhaps you let me fuck her as well, yes?"

"A deal's a deal" Simon said "A blow job for the ride only, but you have given me an idea though, I'll think on it."

That was it I let out a loud moan and came on the taxi driver's hand. Simon laughed again but I couldn't help it, being talked about like I was only a piece of meat to be passed around and bargained for, felt amazing I couldn't believe how much it turned me on. I always knew I loved to be submissive but it was being taken to new levels tonight. I didn't want it to stop either, my pussy; in fact, my whole body was on fire. Dimly I heard Simon telling the driver to drive between some buildings to the car park at the rear of the flats.

Pulling up at the furthest corner of the car park, which was indeed dark, the driver turned off the engine and got out. Simon got out as well then opened my door "Payment time, slut" he said pulling me out of the car. "Take that jacket off and go round and pay the nice man who just made you cum."

Before I had chance to take my jacket off though, Simon practically ripped it off me then pushed me around the car to where the driver was waiting eagerly, with a big smile on his face.

"I want you to make out with him first" Simon said "Got to get some good pictures of this." Seeing my slight hesitation he pushed me forward and into the drivers arms "Come on bitch, start the show" he laughed then there was flash as he started taking pictures.

The driver pulled my skirt up and grabbed my ass with both hands and started squeezing quite hard, making me wince a little. He was a couple of inches taller than me so he bent down and fastened his mouth to mine his tongue going straight into my mouth. His mouth tasted horrible and he was a very sloppy kisser but still I found myself returning the favour and I put my arms around him drawing him in closer, rubbing my body against his and feeling his hardness against me.

I kept seeing the camera flash as Simon carried on taking pictures of us. Pretty soon though the driver released my ass, put his hands on my shoulders and started to push me down "I take payment now lady, you get on knees"

I sank down on to the tarmac, little pieces of grit digging into my knees slightly. When I was in the required position he stepped back and started to unbuckle his belt on his trousers, but before he could finish Simon said "Don't you do that mate. Make the dirty slut do it for you"

Smiling the taxi driver stopped and put his arms to his side and said "Yes, good idea. Come on lady you do it for me."

Simon put his foot up my skirt from behind and started to push me, so that I had to shuffle forward on my knees the gravel digging in even more until I was back in front of him again, I reached up and undid his belt then the button and zip. As I reached forward and put my hand in to get his cock out Simon said "Freeze there a moment but turn towards me, I want a picture of your face as you have a hand in his trousers, and you had better be smiling."

So kneeling on the floor half naked with my hand in an old Asian man's trousers with my fingers around his cock I turned my face to the camera and posed for a picture, I didn't have to try to hard to smile either the degrading position I was in felt great. After Simon seemed happy with the pose I pulled his cock out and started to wank it slowly, he wasn't that big about five to six inches I suppose and his cleanliness was definitely in doubt.

Again Simon was there though to give me a helping hand by putting his foot at the back of my head and saying "Come on bitch, I'm waiting. Start sucking on it, I haven't got all night." He must have been steady on his feet because he took a picture of that as well.

I opened my mouth and guided his cock in, my tongue circling around the head. The taste was pretty much as I expected but I soon cleaned it up. I felt him put his hands on the sides of my head as he started thrusting into my mouth, until my face was mashed up against his pubes, the smell of which was assaulting my nostrils. As he started to thrust in and out of my mouth I reached in between my legs and started to play with myself. It wasn't long though before I heard him grunt as he shoved his cock in as far as it would go I felt him cumming down my throat as he held my head still.

I was close to cumming myself as he pulled out slowly, his cum leaving a string between my mouth and his cock. I was still playing with myself as he fastened his trousers back up, much to the appreciation of Simon and the driver. I stopped however when I heard Simon say "Tell you what mate, give me your card and I'll call you in an hour or so then you can take her back to her husband. You can fuck her for payment this time though."

I just knelt there with my head down feeling totally humiliated. It never even occurred to me to object and in a way even if it did I don't think I would have. The taxi driver sounded slightly shocked though "You mean she not even your girlfriend then? She is married to someone else?"

"Yeah!" Simon laughed "I wouldn't let my missus do what she has done; me and my mate picked her up in a pub back in town. She came out tonight to get fucked, yours isn't the first cock she's had tonight either and her husband knows she is out as well; fucker probably gets off on it. I've been pushing her to see how far she'll go but she hasn't stopped me yet, in fact the worse it is the more she likes it I think." He reached down and grabbed my hair and turned my face towards them, then glaring at me asked "You like being a slut don't you?"

I couldn't move my head so I closed my eyes slightly and said quietly "Yes, I do"

Laughing Simon then turning to the driver "See what I mean, she loves it" Turning back to me he said "And you want this nice man to fuck you, don't you?"

Again with my eyes closed I said "Yes" then I felt a sharp pain as Simon slapped one of my breasts "Not good enough bitch, now look him in the eyes and tell him. Oh and say please this time."

I opened my eyes and looked at the taxi driver and said "Sorry. Yes please."

Simon released my hair, allowing me to drop my head. Turning back to the driver saying "There you go it's up to you, do you want me to call you later or not?"

I don't think the taxi driver needed much time to think about it, when he quickly said "Oh yes, definitely call me and I'll be here" I felt his hand on my breast and he squeezed the nipple quite hard making me draw a breath "I'll see you soon then lady, I can't wait" He then got into the car and drove away.

Simon started to walk away towards the building, before turning back and stopping "Come on, get up off the floor. It's getting cold."

I looked at him and saw my jacket resting on his shoulder, I didn't ask him for it because I knew it would be a waste of time, and so I stood up and bent down rubbing the grit off my sore knees, then started to follow him towards the entrance of the building.

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