tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 07

Controlled Ch. 07


I emailed The Lord as soon as i got downstairs, reported what had gone on at Bert's house and how much i hated my neighbor. On one hand, I was hoping that he would tell me that i didn't have to go through with the meal on Tuesday or go round there again but on the other hand there was a part of me that wanted to be humiliated in such a way and to let the old bastard use me, i thought back to the scene of myself standing in his dirty kitchen my housecoat down to my waist whilst Bert was fondling me. In my hand i could still feel the size and hardness of his cock. I was thinking how nice it would feel sliding into me when all of a sudden my computer beeped to let me know i had a new email from the man who was now in control of me.


You are pleasing me in your willingness to do as i command, but what is annoying me is the fact that you are moaning about this man, your neighbor who you live next to and who will play an important part in your training. The point i am trying to make is that it makes me happy you don't like him, it makes me happier that you hate him, the fact that it makes you shudder with revulsion when this man touches you is music to my ears.

So as punishment for running out on him earlier, you are to go round his house again TONIGHT. You will again wear just your housecoat, only this time before you knock on his door you will undo and open it, so that it is completely gaping at the front. You will tell him that you are sorry for running out on him earlier and that would like to make it up for him by doing any thing he commands you to do.

When Bert has fucked you and came in you, which i'll presume he will, you will try to hold it inside you so that when you get home you'll get that excuse of a husband of yours to clean which ever orifice cum is leaking out of. After he has done this and with his face still wet from your juices, he must then go round to Bert's house and thank him for what he did to you.

Also i have finished looking through all the photo's you sent me. I am very impressed, what a little slut you are, i have all sorts of plans for you, some you will find pleasurable but lots you will not.

Contact me tomorrow to let me know the outcome.

The Lord

Mixed feelings ran through me after i read this, revulsion at the thought of being in Bert's control, a nasty, fat, hairy and dirty old man whom both Dan and myself despised and i'm sure the feeling was mutual, especially Dan i know Bert hated him with a passion. The problem was, i was also extremely turned on by the thought of this man using me and added to that the extra humiliation that Dan would have to suffer as well turned me on even more. Why should i be the one to suffer everything, all this was Dan's idea too.

I called Dan in to show him my new instructions, he came through pretty quickly and read through the email.

"So when are you going to go across?" was the only thing he said, again with a glint in his eye. I don't know whether he had read his part in this but he looked like he couldn't wait for it to happen.

"What do you mean?" I asked him a bit nastily "No, you shouldn't do this or its going too far. No putting your foot down and telling me to stop like any normal husband would do. You cant wait can you."

"I didn't mean it like that" he backed up a bit looking defensive but still eager.

"Well" i said a bit quieter, but with a little menace "I hope you'll like eating Bert's cum out of me because the only time you are going to touch my cunt for a while is when somebody has shot their load up there and you're licking it out, in fact, if things carry on like this i'll be too tired from fucking other people to even think of fucking you." I know i was being too harsh on Dan but looking at his face, he was getting turned on by all this, so i added "Oh and by the way i felt Bert's cock earlier today and it's a lot bigger than yours, he's going to stretch me so much, that i'll doubt i'll feel your little cock in me anyway."

He moaned, I couldn't believe he moaned, he was getting turned on by this. "Do you like the fact that i've already had his big cock in my hand?" I teased him "Do you like it that he has a bigger cock than you? is that it?" i mocked.

Dan just stared at the floor looking embarrassed just like this morning. "You do, don't you? Come on answer me" I reached forward and grabbed his cock, no surprise it was hard, i didn't know how many times he had played with himself today looking at those pictures of me and thinking of the things i had done but he seemed ready to go again, i squeezed him a bit more, he groaned again.

"I can't help it" he whispered "I love you being like this"

I laughed at him "He hates you, you know. A man who hates you and who you hate too is going to use and fuck your wife. He has a big cock too so he'll fill me up more than you ever could, and you know what i'm going to enjoy it, especially when you are eating his cum out of me."

He came. I was rubbing his cock and mocking him and he came, his knees gave out and he slumped to the floor. I just laughed at him as he hung his head down.

"You had best go and clean yourself up, I'll finish making lunch." I said

Dan slunk away, so i went into the kitchen and finished making the lunch. It was ready on the table by the time Dan came back downstairs still looking a bit sheepish. I walked over to him and gave him a big hug before leading him to the table. We talked a little bit over lunch with Dan apologizing for being so turned on by the humiliation and me saying it was alright i just didn't know that he was like that, but that i rather enjoyed it.

The rest of the afternoon passed quite quickly we had opened a bottle of wine over lunch and was well into the second bottle by about five, when i decided it was about time i got ready to go round to Bert's. I headed upstairs got undressed again refreshed my make-up and put my housecoat on. I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about what was to happen to me over the next couple of hours, fortunately the wine had done it's trick and i was feeling a bit less nervous about it.

Heading downstairs i saw Dan waiting at the bottom by the door he looked me over and pulled me into a hug.

"You look beautiful" He whispered in my ear "I love you"

"I love you to" I replied disengaging myself from his arms and opening the front door "Well here goes, see you soon"

I stepped out into the early evening and headed straight over to Bert's house, it was a nice warm night and there were a couple of people walking up and down the street, I had attracted a couple of looks from them as i was in my housecoat. When i got to Bert's front door i did a quick look around, hoping that people weren't looking, but a couple of teenagers near the end of the road were definitely staring in my direction. I waited a moment but they didn't seem interested in anything else, so i resigned myself for what was about to come, i undid the belt on my housecoat and let it open at the front before i knocked on Bert's door. I could see out the corner of my eye the teenagers nudging each other and pointing at me.

Fortunately Bert came and opened the door quite quickly, standing there again with no top on and scruffy jeans still undone, pubes and hairy belly sagging out. His expression of surprise to see me standing there with my housecoat gaping fully open with nothing underneath turned quickly to sly amusement.

"Hey whore" he said "I knew you wouldn't be able to keep away after you felt my cock, should i ask what you want or is it obvious" he was making no move to let me in.

I looked at him and a feeling of revulsion washed over me, the sweat glistening on his hairy belly and the slyness in his eyes as he stared at me, was making me feel ill. I wanted to get into his house quickly as after casting a furtive glance up the street i could see the teenagers had started to walk down the road towards me to get a better look.

"Hi Bert, i just wanted to apologize for running out on you before, i wanted to come back to apologize to you properly, to do what you want me to. So can i please come in?" I pleaded, looking towards the steadily approaching teenagers again.

Still making no move to get let me in he smiled and also looked at the teenagers "To do what i want you to?" he asked "What do you mean by that?"

"Anything Bert, anything you want me to do, i'll do" I started to move forward but he held up his hand and stopped me whilst laughing at my eagerness to get into his house.

"Wait a minute, whore" he said. I could see his eyes looking beyond me for a moment then he looked down at me again. "I'll tell you what, cunt. Those two lads over there have just walked down here to see what you've got, i'll let you in if you go over to them and give them a nice big kiss each, then you can come back and we'll have some fun."

I was trapped and he knew it i turned my head round and saw them at the end of the path about ten foot away. I looked back at Bert and saw no give in his stare. I looked down at myself and then started to fasten my housecoat before turning round to the boys.

"I said they wanted to see what you've got" Bert snapped at me yanking the belt open again "Leave it fucking open bitch, now go over, give them a kiss and let them look. Oh and say thank-you to them after."

Tears came into my eyes as i turned towards the boys at the end of Bert's path who seemed to be waiting for me. I looked them over not able to guess the ages of them probably between fifteen and eighteen. I walked quickly over to them with my housecoat flapping behind me, the look of shock on their faces quite apparent.

"Hi" I said then grabbed hold of the younger looking one pulled him to me and kissed him deep on the mouth, he was so shocked that he never even moved even with my nakedness pressing against him. His face was bright red when i released him and his eyes were wide open, he looked younger than i thought maybe fourteen, god what was i doing?

I then grabbed the older looking one, pulled him to me and kissed him as well. He had had a bit more time to get over his shock, i could feel his hand go between my legs and his fingers shoved roughly into my pussy. After a few seconds which felt longer I released him.

Looking at his hand i could see my juices glistening on his fingers, I looked at them both "Thank-you boys" I said with a smile, then turning quickly so that my open housecoat swished round showing them my ass, I headed back towards Bert, who was laughing out loud at something behind me, a quick glance round and i saw the older looking boy holding his fingers under the other lads nose whilst laughing. I don't know what it is with boy's but they can be really gross sometimes.

When i got to Bert he also reached down and shoved a couple of fingers inside of me "You must have liked snogging underage boys, by the feel of this cunt of yours, you're soaked you dirty slut" he snarled, pulling me against him with his other hand. "Now don't take all day come in here cunt"

He pulled me through the front door and pushed me roughly down the hallway towards his kitchen kicking the door shut with the back of his foot he shouted "Now go into the kitchen, take that robe off and kneel on the floor facing the hallway whilst i go and take a piss"

I turned round just in time to see him open the downstairs toilet door, he stepped through not bothering to shut the door, a couple of seconds later i could hear him pissing very loudly into the toilet. Looking around his kitchen again i noticed that it was dirtier than before, also that there were quite a few empty beer cans on the side which probably accounted for his need to take a piss.

I slipped the housecoat off my naked body and lay it on the back of one the dining chairs around the table looking down at myself i could see that i was covered in goose-pimples and my nipples were standing out like bullets. I lowered myself to my knees facing out into the hallway as he had commanded me too and although i was repulsed and in fear of him when he finished taking a leak, i found that i was eager as hell and it wasn't just my pussy that was wet know my inner thighs were covered in my juices as i though about what was to happen in the next few minutes.

I heard the toilet flush and straight away he walked out and down the hallway towards me a big grin on his face, what attracted my eyes though was the fact that he hadn't bothered to tuck himself back into his jeans, his cock was hanging out and swinging back and forth, i could see drops of piss still clinging to the end of it as well. The big thing that i noticed though was the size of him, i thought earlier that he was as big as Damien from last night but i was wrong he was bigger, it was soft at the moment but as big as Dan's was hard, easily seven inches long and thicker as well.

He laughed "Stop gawking at it you snooty bitch, clean that piss off with your mouth and tongue"

I mustn't have moved quick enough because he reached down grabbed one of my nipples and pulled hard making me squeal with the pain of it. With his other hand he forced his piss coated cock into my mouth making me gag.

Still holding onto my stretched nipple he said "You are supposed to do what i want you to, cunt so move faster next time, now swirl that tongue around my knob and clean me good because then i am gonna fuck the shit out of you."

I almost came then, the pain, the abuse and the humiliation working through me like nothing has before, my tongue was already working over the end of his cock cleaning all the salty tasting piss off it. Within a few more seconds my hand had reached up and grasped his now hardening cock as i started wanking him off into my bobbing mouth, my other hand had moved between my legs and i had started to play with myself as he continued to pull and squeeze my sore nipple ruthlessly, in no time at all i had an orgasm.

He yanked his cock out of my mouth and i felt a stinging slap to the side of my face "You fucking whore" He shouted kicking me backwards so that i fell onto my back knees spread open. "Who the fuck told you to cum, you filth slut" He pushed his bare foot towards my gaping cunt and started to force it inside of me roughly stretching me and hurting me.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" i sobbed trying to scoot backwards away from his foot "Please stop that, it's hurting me"

He just glared down at me lying helpless on his kitchen floor his cock at full length now easily ten inches long perhaps longer as he continued to force his foot into me, until at last he succeeded in forcing all his toes into me with a good part of his foot as well, I screamed with the pain of it.

"That feels nice bitch" He laughed slowly wanking his big cock, whilst looking at my pussy stretched around his foot. "You know, my ex wife could never take all of my cock, but looking at your snatch i'm sure you could" he was fucking me with his foot now the pain was still severe but i was becoming used to it now. He laughed again "Well to be honest you are going to take it all wether you can or not"

With a few more thrusts with his foot he pulled it out of me with a squelching noise and a lot of relief from me. He stepped away and removed his jeans and rather stained underwear "Stay where you are bitch, on your back and keep your eyes open."

He then stepped over me with one leg so that he was facing my feet, i looked up and i could see his heavy bollocks hanging down between his legs and past that i could see his hairy, sweaty ass. "Now you posh, snooty bitch, you are going to do something that i have never had done to me before." He snarled down at me then laughed "You are going to first lick and then fuck my ass with your tongue" I could only stare at him as he reached over to the table and grabbed a large bottle of tomato sauce, i looked back up at his ass as i lay there horrified at his suggestion, it looked quite sweaty and none too clean either.

"And to make it fair," He continued "i'm going to force most of this sauce bottle up your cunt and fuck you with it until you cum again"

He started to kneel down over me, the seriously funky smell of his fat, sweaty ass making me want to vomit, i tried to move my head away "Stop moving bitch and get that tongue working, else i'll drag you naked down the street and tie you to a lamppost so anyone can see and have a go with you" so saying he sat down heavily on my face so that his ass cheeks spread over my face.

I started to struggle because i couldn't breathe, he lifted his ass up slightly, laughing "You want air, you start licking" Surrendering to the inevitable i hesitantly stuck my tongue out and started licking the crack of his ass whilst trying to stop myself from throwing up.

"That's it whore, now lick harder and really get that tongue all the way into my ass"

Closing my eyes i started to work my tongue in past his sphincter moving it in and out of his ass. In a few moments i was sickened to find myself getting aroused. I could hear him begin to moan and call me some more names as i continued to lick and fuck his sweaty ass with abandon, the humiliation of it was getting to me really bad. I could feel my pussy getting hotter, when i felt the cold intrusion of the sauce bottle being pushed roughly into me, stretching my already tender pussy as the fat part of the bottle entered me. Bert seemed to be loving it, he kept squirming around mashing my face with his ass and grunting as he started fucking me roughly with the bottle.

If anybody had looked through the window we would have looked quite a sight, I pictured myself lying in this position being used and abused by this old man and after a few more moments i felt myself coming hard and started gasping into his ass. He fucked me with the bottle for a few more moments making me squirm, until he suddenly pulled it out leaving my pussy gaping open. He sat up so that i couldn't breathe again, I was squirming under him trying to extricate myself so that i could catch a breath, all the time i could hear him laughing at me and calling me names.

Bert eventually stood up leaving me gasping on the floor, he walked across to the sink and threw a dishcloth at me then sat down on one of the chairs with his legs open and his large erection sticking up in front of his belly "Wipe your face, slut. Then crawl over here on your hands and knees so that you can give me a nice blowjob, then i'll fuck you like that wanker of a husband of yours never has."

I sat up and grabbed the dishcloth and wiped all the slobber from his ass off my face, then got onto my hands and knees and started towards him.

"Get me a beer out of the fridge on the way, it's thirsty work pleasuring you" he said laughing

The fridge in question was on the opposite side of the kitchen, so still on my hands and knees, i crawled over to the fridge and got him a can of beer out then crawled back over to him and knelt down between his legs, passing the can to him. He reached down and rubbed his hand through my hair "Good doggy " he said "Now get on with it"

I reached forward, grabbed his cock and moved my head down taking it into my mouth as he opened his can of beer and started drinking as i continued to suck his cock making him groan with pleasure. His hand went to the back of my head and started to push down so that i had to take more and more of his cock into my throat. This went on for a few minutes with me gagging and choking before he pulled my head back up.

"Ok whore, stand your ass up and sit on my cock with your back towards me. I want to play with them big tits of yours whilst you take all of me inside you."

I turned and smiled at him, I don't know what came over me but i actually smiled at this horrid fat old man as he held his big fat cock out for me.

He looked at me curiously "You want this don't you?" he asked as i looked down at his cock, my pussy tingling with anticipation of being filled by it. I nodded my head.

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